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Chapter 621
ER – Chapter 621: Goat of Ashes

The Evil Monarch’s cultivation was stronger now and had reached the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm . Li Fuchen couldn’t imagine how the Evil Monarch cultivated . Was an inheritance truly able to make a person advance so rapidly in such a short period of time? There might be some other reason .

Li Fuchen was shocked, but the Evil Monarch was even more shocked .

The last time they met, Li Fuchen was still at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm . Right now, Li Fuchen was already at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm .

The Evil Monarch had a subtle feeling that his bloodline was very suitable for that senior’s evil dao inheritance and when complimented by the precious resources that the senior left behind, it enabled him to have such a fast progress in cultivation . However, Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed was actually faster than him .

After taking a glance at Li Fuchen, the Evil Monarch withdrew the arrogance in his heart .

When Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen appeared, they didn’t attract a lot of attention as they were all concentrated on the stone door .

It wasn’t an easy task to pass through the stone door and enter the saint’s garden . There was a demonic beast inside of the halo that was between the stone door . It seemed like it was sleeping now .

The demonic beast had the body of a goat, the claws of a ferocious beast, three tails and a head that was filled with horns . By taking reference to the forest beside the goat demonic beast, the size of the demonic beast was around a few miles and it wasn’t considered very big .

However, it was only a facade . Someone once entered the halo of the stone door and realized that his body had shrunk down to the size of a speck of dust . The goat demonic beast merely let out breath to turn him into ashes .

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, this demonic beast should be the legendary Goat of Ashes!” Lü Luo frowned and stated .

“Overlord beast, Goat of Ashes!” Someone exclaimed and everyone looked at him .

The person explained, “The Goat of Ashes is an overlord beast and when it is borned, it already possesses the strength of a demonic beast ruler . After turning into an adult, it would become a demonic beast overlord . However, from what I know, a true Goat of Ashes should have five tails and not three . This Goat of Ashes probably isn’t an adult . ”

“It doesn’t matter if it is an adult or not . A single breath from a demonic beast ruler is more than enough to kill all of us . ” Someone commented .

“But someone once entered the saint’s garden . ” Another person stated his suspicion .

Zi Yi who was standing beside Lü Luo said, “This Goat of Ashes is now in a hibernation state . As long as we don’t alert it, and don’t get blown by its breath, we should be able to enter the saint’s garden unscathed . ”

“That is probably the only method . ” Everyone agreed with Zi Yi’s opinion .

Of course, it was mainly because they didn’t wish to miss out on this chanced opportunity .

The entrance of the saint’s garden would move at any time . It was here today, but it might change to another place tomorrow . If they missed out on this chance, they might regret it for the rest of their lives .

Everyone here were basically formidable individuals among the Primary Sea Realm monarchs . But without any special conditions, most of them wouldn’t reach the Law Phase Realm in their lifetime .

The Emperor Sky Continent had plenty of monarchs and were counted in at least a few hundreds of thousands . As for Law Phase Realm emperors, there were only around 100 of them .

In others words, among thousands of monarchs, there would only be one that could reach the Law Phase Realm . This was a number that didn’t consider the lifespan . If lifespan was also calculated, then there would only be one Law Phase Realm emperor among 10,000 monarchs .

It was imaginable how difficult it was to reach the Law Phase Realm .

But if one was able to enter the saint’s garden and obtained a legendary heaven class herb, one might be able to break one’s own limits .

“Forget it, if I die, so be it . I, the Iron Hand Monarch has never been afraid of death . ” A stalwart 8th level monarch walked out from the crowd and with a flash, he plunged into the halo .

Within an instant, the Iron Hand Monarch’s body turned into a size that was as small as a speck of dust . If one didn’t observe carefully, it was hard to even detect him .

Just as Zi Yi predicted, the Goat of Ashes was in a hibernation state and was subconsciously breathing .

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However, the Goat of Ashes was too powerful and everytime it inhaled, the surface of the ground turned into ice . Everytime it exhaled, there would be a terrifying blazing flow of air that would turn the ground into lava .

The Iron Hand Monarch waited for an opportunity and when the Goat of Ashes inhaled all the way, he sprinted across frantically before it could exhale .


The Goat of Ashes finally exhaled . The Iron Hand Monarch was lucky but also unlucky . His speed wasn’t fast enough and his right leg was turned into ashes by the breath . The intense pain nearly caused the Iron Hand Monarch to yell out .

Stepping on the ground with a single foot, the Iron Hand Monarch quickly vanished from everyone’s eyes .

“The Iron Hand Monarch made it across, there is a chance!” Everyone’s eyes lit up .

If the Iron Hand Monarch had also perished, they might reconsider if they wanted to enter the stone door .

But after seeing the Iron Hand Monarch getting across, they didn’t consider it anymore .

As for the scene where the Iron Hand Monarch lost a leg, they simply ignored it . If they could enter the saint’s garden, they were able to accept a loss of one leg .

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Everyone rushed into the halo one after the other, including Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

There was a change in spatial zone as the group of people arrived in front of a canyon .

Inside the canyon that was the Goat of Ashes who laid down there with its body that was several tens of miles long . There was only a passage that was a few miles in width .

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Above the Goat of Ashes were layers of blazing air currents and no one was willing to fly over from above .

Everyone held their breaths and didn’t dare to emit a sound . If the Goat of Ashes was awakened, none of them would survive .

Everyone exchanged glances before rushing over .

They couldn’t relax knowing that someone was ahead of them . If someone couldn’t make it and let out a miserable shriek before death, then they would be done for .

“Li Fuchen, this a speed up talisman, take it . ” Shangguan Yu handed a jade talisman to Li Fuchen .

A speed talisman enabled a person’s speed to increase drastically for a moment . The faster the original speed, the better the effects of the speed up talisman .

This speed up talisman was extremely precious and Shangguan Yu only had two .

“Thanks . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t refuse . He knew that his speed wasn’t the fastest among the crowd, but of course, he wasn’t the slowest either .


Crackle Crackle!

The Goat of Ashes took a deep breath while the temperature in front of its head had declined by thousands of times . The surface of the ground formed a large piece of ice before it started to crack . It was a scene that was truly hair-raising .

When the inhaling sound vanished…

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Swish Swish Swish…

Everyone instantly burst out with speed as they rushed to the other side .

Li Fuchen’s cultivation might only be at the 3rd level of Primary Sea Realm, but his cultivation technique was a heaven class low-tier blazing sword dao technique . His qi intensity wasn’t inferior to any 8th or 9th level monarch . Along with the cardinal artifact, Wind Thunder Wings, his speed was at least above average . He might not be especially fast, but he wasn’t the last person either .

As for Shangguan Yu, her speed was considered top-notch and there were only a few individuals that were faster than her .

Most of the people were already halfway across and the Goat of Ashes started to exhale .

The blazing heat wave was like the inferno . Li Fuchen felt as though his body was on fire and this was even when he cultivated the blazing sword dao cultivation technique which had a certain level of resistance .


The ones that were the slowest didn’t have time to scream as they were instantly turned into ashes .

When the blazing heat wave surged, three more individuals were turned into ashes .

“I am reaching the other side!” The Blood Finger Monarch’s eyes were revealing ecstasy .


All of a sudden, the Blood Finger Monarch felt an intense pain . He turned back and could see the blazing heat wave surging at terrifying speed and had smashed into his qi protection . In a split moment, half his body had turned into ashes . The pain was something he could tolerate, but the fear of watching his body disintegrating was something unbearable .

“If I die, how can I allow you people to continue living . ” The Blood Finger Monarch gathered all his remaining strength and yelled out loudly .

“Not good!” At the front, Li Fuchen and the others cursed out in their hearts while they frenziedly increased their speed .

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