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Chapter 620
ER – Chapter 620: Reverie Island

After his spiritual awareness activity reached the extremity, Li Fuchen started to analyze the light spot . The light spot obviously contained a fo that could distort spiritual awareness and avoid detection . It was truly mystical .

Li Fuchen guessed that it must be the composition of the light spot that caused a field to be produced .

After some effort, Li Fuchen broke open the field and his spiritual awareness entered the light spot . The interior was a honeycomb structure and it looked very complicated .

“Perhaps, I can study this spiritual awareness imprint . ” Li Fuchen suddenly had an idea .

The structure of the spiritual awareness imprint was both difficult and also simple .  

It was difficult because even if one could see the structure, it was very hard to imitate, after all, this wasn’t just a pile of mud .

It was easy because if one’s spiritual awareness was powerful enough, after several attempts, there was a chance to succeed in imitating it .

After remembering the structure, Li Fuchen broke the light spot from within . The light spot shattered silently .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen helped Shangguan Yu to eliminate her light spot .

There was a stream of sweat that flowed down as the black-armored Poison Rain Combat Empress had a change in expression . “My spiritual awareness imprints have been removed . ”

“Didn’t you say that the opposition wouldn’t detect it?” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor asked anxiously .

The Poison Rain Combat Empress said, “There are no absolutes in this world . It is a failure this time . ”

She didn’t understand how her spiritual awareness imprints were exposed either . However, it was rather reasonable, if the target was that easy to deal with, would the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor require her help?

The Slanted Land didn’t just have a slanted surface, its gravity was also slanted . The further down it was, the stronger the gravity force . With such strong gravity forces and such a smooth surface, if one didn’t use qi, it was basically impossible to stand still .

When the gravity was more than 1000 times as compared to the Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu had felt the pressure .

Two times the gravity was equivalent to endure two times the body weight . 1000 times the gravity was equivalent to 1000 times the body weight . Furthermore, be it the exterior or the interior, the amount of pressure was the same . The human body has plenty of fragile spots like the heart, eyes . Those spots were significantly weaker than the flesh and bones . It wasn’t possible to compare them .

It was fortunate that the two of them were body refinement monarchs . They might be feeling the pressure but it wasn’t uncomfortable for them .

1500 times… 2000 times… 3000 times…

When the gravity reached 3000 times, the duo felt their qi power and sword energy rapidly declining .

“Those are spatial crystals!”

The duo looked at the bottom of the Slanted Land and saw a group of people in an intense battle . At the center, there was a stone pillar that was firm like steel . There were plenty of crystals embedded in the stone pillar and they were emitting white light and traces of spatial waves .

The spatial crystals had plenty of uses . It wasn’t just used for the construction of teleportation arrays, it could also be grinded into spatial crystal grains to create teleportation talismans . Those Array Masters proficient in spatial arrays could even create boundaries or paradises in the array .

In the market, a bean-sized spatial crystal was worth around 1000 high-grade spirit stones, but there wasn’t any supply at all .

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“Let’s go and snatch some!” Shangguan Yu rushed over while Li Fuchen followed closely .

The spatial crystals were strategic items and even Law Phase Realm emperors required them . If they didn’t snatch it now, when would they have the chance again .

Boom Boom Boom!

People who were contesting for the spatial crystals were all half-emperors or peak-class monarchs . There weren’t any combat emperors, therefore, when Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu joined the fray, they were like tigers that entered a herd of sheep . They injured multiple people without any problem .

“Those are combat emperors . Everyone work together!”

After feeling the threat from Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu, the people who were originally in a battle to death, had no choice but to work together .

“Black Jade Shade . ”

Shangguan Yu executed her body refinement divine ability and created a layer of black qi power barrier to envelop herself and Li Fuchen .

Clang Clang Clang…

The toughness of the black qi power barrier was shocking . Everyone worked together and still couldn’t break it . Instead, a few of them were severely injured by Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .


They might be unwilling, but they weren’t fools . If they continued fighting, they would just be looking to suffer . After a few breaths, everyone, including those injured people had left this place .

“They are rather tactful . ” Shangguan Yu was in a rather pleasant mood .

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On the stone pillar there were a total of six spatial crystals . Four were sizes of beans, while two were the size of a thumb . Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen each received a share of three pieces .

As the spatial crystals were dug out the originally firm stone pillar couldn’t withstand the gravity in this place and instantly crumbled . After a short period of time, it fused back into the surface of the ground .

The Slanted Land was extremely spacious and there were basically no ends . Furthermore, due to the chaotic spatial awareness in the Void Grand Canyon, the range of the spiritual awareness was extremely limited . It wasn’t like the outside world where it was unrestricted . That’s why even Li Fuchen couldn’t extend his spiritual awareness to a very far away place .

On this day, the duo were walking around and there was a distortion in the spatial zone before they instantly vanished .

When they reappeared again, they were above a stream of water that was flowing in the sky .

“Spatial displacement?” Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu were shocked .

As compared to the Wind Thunder Abyss, the Void Grand Canyon’s environment wasn’t as harsh but it was truly bizarre .

The stream of water was long and endless . Even the width of the stream was seemingly boundless .

Above the stream were islands and most of them were barren . There were only some islands that had concentrated qi presence from plants, those islands were filled with earth class herbs and heaven class herbs .

“This Void Grand Canyon is truly a treasure trove . ” While standing on an island, Li Fuchen praised .

Just a moment earlier, he and Shangguan Yu each obtained a heaven class low-tier herb, Blue Ice Herb .

The Blue Ice Herb might be an ordinary heaven class low-tier herb and wasn’t comparable with the Rootless Flower nor the Thunder Calamity Herb, it was even inferior to the Wind Thunder Herb, but it was still a heaven class herb and contained heaven class laws and medicinal effects .

“The Void Grand Canyon was actually a spatial hidden domain that was produced from a slash by a saint . After countless years, the spirit qi in here didn’t scatter and along with the saint’s power, it was normal for precious natural resources to appear . ”

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Shangguan Yu was very interested in saints and didn’t know when she could also become like a saint . Just by raising their hands, saints were able to produce power that could destroy lands .

At the beginning, the duo didn’t pay attention to the barren islands, but when they arrived on one of the barren islands, they noticed some heaven class ores . They then decided to work a little harder and didn’t miss out anything as long as it was an island .

Silver Void Iron, Supreme Gold, Muddled Copper, Heaven Essence Birth Copper…

The barren islands didn’t have many heaven class cores, as there were only remainders after people searched through the islands . However, when the remainders accumulated, it was still a significant amount .

A few days later, the duo had even heaven class ores to forge a heaven class weapon . Of course, this was mainly due to Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness .

The spiritual awareness might be restricted within the Void Grand Canyon, even regular half-emperors and combat emperors would only be able to extend their spiritual awareness to a few dozen miles . However, Li Fuchen could extend his spiritual awareness over a thousand miles .

“That is the Reverie Island!”

From far away, the duo saw an island emitting illusory radiance .

There was a giant stone door on the island and there was a swirling halo in between the stone door . One would be able to see glimpses of a paradise within .

The Reverie Island was said to be connected with a saint’s garden . There were people that obtained heaven class mid-tier herbs from within . There was an incident when a person obtained a heaven class high-tier herb and because of that heaven class high-tier herb, there was a small-scaled war between emperors on the Emperor Sky Continent .

In front of the stone door, there were around seventy or eighty people gathered . Lü Luo and Zi Yi were also there .

Apart from those people, Li Fuchen noticed a familiar face… Evil Monarch .

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