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Chapter 601
ER – Chapter 601: Skull Blood Curse

When they were almost reaching the top of the mountain, dozens of rocks moved by themselves and formed a rock person . The rock person then spoke, “Lass Xiao Yu, why are you looking for me?”

“Lass Xiao Yu?” Li Fuchen looked at Shangguan Yu .

If Shangguan Yu was a woman impersonating a man, Li Fuchen’s top-class spiritual awareness would have exposed it . However, Li Fuchen couldn’t even see any signs at all .

Shangguan Yu said in an angry tone, “Uncle Fan, didn’t I tell you not to expose my identity?”

The rock person laughed and said, “I forgot . ”

Shangguan Yu helplessly transformed her figure and appearance . At the next moment, a graceful and remarkably beautiful woman with sharp facial features appeared in front of Li Fuchen .

“Li Fuchen, I didn’t wish to hide it from you intentionally, I hope you don’t mind . Let me reintroduce myself, I am Shangguan Yu . ”
(TL note: The two Yu are different . She introduced herself as 玉 which is jade, now she introduces herself as 瑜 which is luster of gems)

Li Fuchen smiled bitterly and said, “It doesn’t matter . ”

Apart from a palace on the peak of the mountain, there was a pavilion . Inside the pavilion, a middle-aged man was drinking tea .

“Come over!” The middle-aged man said .

Shangguan Yu and Li Fuchen went over to the pavilion .

When Li Fuchen looked over, the Incantation Martial Emperor looked to be much more ordinary than he had imagined . Had it not been for the unique illusory qi presence because of the incantation mark dao, he didn’t look different from an ordinary person .

“Take a seat . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor smiled .

The duo took their seats . On the stone table, the teapot grew two legs and arms to serve tea for Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu .

The Incantation Martial Emperor looked at Li Fuchen and frowned while saying to Shangguan Yu . ” Lass Xiao Yu, your friend is cursed . Do you want me to help remove his curse?”

“Curse?” Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu looked at the Incantation Martial Emperor with surprise .

The Incantation Martial Emperor said, “Curses are the most treacherous in the incantation mark dao and it is also the most difficult to cultivate . I am rather confident in removing regular incantation marks, but if it is a curse, I am not even 10% certain . Of course, I have to look at what kind of curse you have been inflicted with . ”

While speaking, the Incantation Martial Emperor’s forehead appeared with an ancient incantation and it released a unique qi presence which enveloped Li Fuchen .

After one breath, the Incantation Martial Emperor said, “It is a kind of blood curse . Did you two offend the Blood Emperor?”

The Incantation Martial Emperor didn’t look good . Shangguan Yu was too reckless and actually sought trouble with the Blood Sift Union . Back then, he had also launched an attack on the Blood Sift Union with the other Law Phase Realm emperors, but weren’t able to do anything .

The Blood Sift Union’s Vice Union Leader, the Blood Emperor wasn’t especially powerful . However, his blood curse was extremely outstanding . There was a low-level emperor who was inflicted with his blood curse and took over a few dozen years to slowly eliminate the blood curse power .

Shangguan Yu wasn’t happy as she said, “The Blood Sift Union is going around to capture body refinement monarchs . Are you guys not going to bother?”

The Incantation Martial Emperor said, “We are not disregarding them, but the timing isn’t right yet . Apart from the seven major emperor-class factions in the Emperor Sky Continent, there aren’t many factions that can be a threat to the Blood Union Sift . Do you think a dark emperor-class organization can be eradicated that easily?”

After speaking, the Incantation Martial Emperor looked at Li Fuchen and said, “I still need to study this blood curse . During this period of time, you shall stay here . ”

Studying of curses was beneficial to increase his cultivation realm too .

Li Fuchen said, “The members of the Blood Sift Union will be able to sense the curse on my body and will not let things go that easily . ”

The Incantation Martial Emperor laughed involuntarily . “Don’t worry . This is the Incantation Mountain . Let alone the Blood Sift Union, even a great emperor wouldn’t be able to deal with me for a short while . ”

The Incantation Martial Emperor was rather confident .

“Then I shall trouble senior . ”

Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief as he had been living fearful days and it was great that he found a safe place to live temporarily .

This place was a massive underground palace and there was a large prison on this underground palace .

The prison was filled with a large quantity of body refinement monarchs . There were initial level monarchs, sub-completion level monarchs, completion level monarchs, and there were even a few perfection level monarchs .

In one of the rooms, Yuan Long was locked up on the wall by chains on each of his limbs .

The chains were special and after getting locked up, the body wouldn’t be able to exert any strength .

“Blood Emperor, you despicable and shameless person . I, the Bone Emperor trusted you so much and treated you as a partner . You actually plot against me and trap me in this place . ”

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“I curse that you will die a miserable death and let demons feast on your heart . ”


As the horrific roars echoed in below the prison, and even the array’s restriction couldn’t isolate the voice .

Yuan Long sighed . After being imprisoned for a few days, he found out that there was another prison underneath this prison . That prison only held a single captive and it was a Law Phase Realm emperor .

Even a Law Phase Realm emperor was imprisoned . Yuan Long felt despair and knew that if things carried on, he would probably die in this prison .

“Li Fuchen!”

Yuan Long’s mind involuntarily appeared with Li Fuchen’s image .

Everytime Yuan Long thought of Li Fuchen, there would be a trace of hope from his despair .

If he was able to see the sky again, it must be because Li Fuchen rescued him .

He didn’t know why he was so confident in Li Fuchen, he just felt that Li Fuchen was different from everyone .

Above the prison in the palace’s main hall .

The Blood Emperor who was wearing a blood-colored mask was quietly listening to his subordinate’s report .

“Two of them? One of them who has the Skull Blood Curse is only a low-level monarch?” The Blood Emperor’s eyes flashed with doubt .

The Skull Blood Curse that he put inside the blood servant token was meant to plot against combat emperors or even Law Phase Realm emperors . He had never expected a low-level monarch to refine the restriction inside and activate the Skull Blood Curse .

“This world truly isn’t simply, as there are plenty of exceptional people . This person should be the rumored soul practitioner, just like the Soul Emperor . ”

As a Law Phase Realm emperor, the Blood Emperor knew a lot about the Emperor Sky Continent’s emperors, especially the continent’s no . 1 emperor, the Soul Emperor .

The Soul Emperor was an innate soul practitioner and his spirit soul was exceptionally powerful . His true spirit and spiritual awareness was also exceptionally powerful . It was said that the Soul Emperor even enslaved a demon overlord . Demon overlords weren’t able to move freely in the Emperor Sky Continent, therefore, no one was certain . But someone once saw the Soul Emperor at the boundless ocean, commanding a demon overlord to fight for him .

“Interesting, a soul practitioner . It is worth it for me to personally make a move . ”

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The Blood Emperor developed a huge interest in Li Fuchen .

“Where is he now?” The Blood Emperor asked .

The black-masked subordinate replied, “Lord Blood Emperor, that person is currently on the Incantation Mountain . ”

“Incantation Mountain . ” The Blood Emperor’s face turned grave .

The Incantation Emperor wasn’t easy to deal with .

The Incantation Emperor might be a low-level emperor, but in the Blood Emperor’s opinion, the former was harder to deal with as compared to mid-level emperors .

Mid-level emperors might be more powerful, but there were times when the victory wasn’t decided by strength . It was especially so for the Blood Emperor who cultivated the incantation marks .

Furthermore, the Incantation Mountain gave the Incantation Martial Emperor the strength of a peak-class emperor and it was just inferior to a great emperor . If the Blood Emperor went over, he would just be humiliating himself .

“Forget it, continue waiting . The Incantation Martial Emperor isn’t able to neutralize my Skull Blood Curse . Once the Skull Blood Curse has corroded deeper, I will influence him to exit the mountain . ” The Blood Emperor’s eyes flashed with dangerous light before he waved his hand and dismissed the black-masked subordinate .

When residing at the Incantation Mountain, Li Fuchen didn’t have anything better to do and started creating the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

Perhaps when he created the higher ranks of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, it might not be as mystical as heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques that allowed martial artists to progress to the Law Phase Realm . However, with each higher rank he created, he would be one step closer to a heaven class low-tier cultivation technique . Of course, his current Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had a power that was already comparable with heaven class low-tier cultivation technique . After all, he had also fused in the sword dao laws and it was only lacking in mystical aspects .

For the 36th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, Li Fuchen was contemplating on how to fuse in more sword dao laws .

He was striving to achieve an equal proportion of fire dao laws and sword dao laws .

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be considered a true fire sword dao cultivation technique .

“You are inflicted with the Blood Emperor’s Skull Blood Curse . This blood curse can constantly develop and the further it develops, the demand for qi blood will be increased, until your entire body’s qi blood is completely extracted and when you turn into a skeleton . Therefore, the name of the Skull Blood Curse . ” The Incantation Martial Emperor was explaining to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s expression changed . This Skull Blood Curse was indeed very hard to deal with . Right now, it was only at the initial phase and with his Primary Sea Realm qi blood, Li Fuchen was still able to hold on . When it was at the late phase, Li Fuchen might not be even able to last for a single day .

“Senior, is there a method to suppress it . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t mention removing it . If the Skull Blood Curse was so easy to remove, it wouldn’t be called a curse .

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The Incantation Marital Emperor said, “After investigating for this period of time, I did find a method to suppress the Skull Blood Curse . But it will only be able to suppress it temporarily . Once enough time passes by, the Skull Blood Curse will develop to a certain extent and will break out from the suppression . ”

While speaking, the Incantation Martial Emperor formed a hand seal and chanted something before slamming his palm on Li Fuchen’s back .

Li Fuchen felt his back turning cold for a moment before something spread out .

Once the Incantation Martial Emperor withdrew his palm, Li Fuchen scanned his back with his spiritual awareness .

On his back, the Skull Blood Curse was surrounded by a simple and unadorned incantation . The incantations linked together to form a unique incantation mark and trapped the Skull Blood Curse inside .

“This is my Clear Heart Demon Lock and it has a certain restraining effect on curses . However, the Skull Blood Curse is supported by your qi blood and my Clear Heart Demon Lock will not be able to seal it forever . ”

It was too difficult to sever the link between the Skull Blood Curse and Li Fuchen’s qi blood . If it was severed, it was the same as removing the curse . It was something that the Incantation Martial Emperor couldn’t do yet .

“Many thanks, senior . ” Li Fuchen’s face revealed delight .

“Continue staying here . I will study this Skull Blood Curse properly . ”

The Incantation Martial Emperor had his own persistence and he didn’t believe that he couldn’t neutralize the Skull Blood Curse . ”

Li Fuchen said, “Senior, I wonder if I can learn incantation marks?”

Li Fuchen wanted to learn incantation marks . He didn’t hope to walk far on the path of incantation dao, but he only wanted to learn more to prevent being cursed again and becoming helpless .

Li Fuchen guessed that if he was able to become slightly proficient in the incantation dao, he might be able to eliminate the curse with his sword dao .

The Incantation Martial Emperor said, “The incantation marks aren’t that easy to learn . But it is possible for you to learn it . This is an incantation mark foundation . If you can comprehend 10% of it within a month, I can accept you as a nominal disciple . ”
(TL note: I used write-in disciples previously, but I feel nominal disciple is better)

The Incantation Martial Emperor didn’t wish to accept any personal disciple yet .  

If he accepted a personal disciple, he would need to strive to impart his incantation dao knowledge . He wasn’t that generous yet .

“Thank you, senior . ” Li Fuchen said with gratitude .

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