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Chapter 600
ER – Chapter 600: Incantation Martial Emperor

Li Fuchen wasn’t a match for a mid-class half-emperor . Even if Li Fuchen used his spiritual awareness attack and illusion attack, it wouldn’t be of much use .

Shangguan Yu naturally knew this situation, therefore, he immediately burst out with his qi spirit .

Shangguan Yu’s qi spirit was very strange . It was unlike a qi spirit from a cultivation technique or a martial art, it was his own qi spirit .

This qi spirit didn’t have any form but it was extremely condensed . Li Fuchen believed that even if his giant dragon spirit was several times stronger, it wouldn’t be as powerful as Shangguan Yu’s qi spirit .

When the qi spirit enveloped that mid-class half-emperor, it was hard for him to even move .

“Bloodline qi spirit . Who exactly are you?” The high-class half-emperor with the black mask was shocked and couldn’t help asking .

Body refinement bone frame allowed someone to innately possess qi power . A body refinement bloodline allowed someone to innately possess qi spirit .

Those who possessed both were known as generational prodigies in the body refinement world .

At the next moment, the high-class half emperor let out a fervent expression . If he was able to offer this person to the Blood Emperor, the Blood Emperor would certainly help him to break through to the Law Phase Realm . The others might not know, but he knew clearly that the Blood Emperor absorbing essence blood to cultivate was only on the surface . His true objective was to absorb the spirituality in the essence blood . Of course, the essence blood was still required .

A person who possessed both the body refinement bone frame and bloodline should have an outrageously powerful essence blood spirituality . From the Blood Emperor’s explanation, he vaguely understood that only if the ancestor was a saint, it would then be possible to pass down the bloodline .

In other words, one of Shangguan Yu’s ancestors was most probably a saint .

After a burst of yell, the high-class half-emperor slashed with his sword and launched a storm of sword lights that engulfed Shangguan Yu .

Shangguan Yu executed a left palm strike at the storm of sword lights . He then formed a blade with his right hand and executed a chop at the mid-class half-emperor .

Pfff Tss!

That mid-class half-emperor didn’t even have time to scream before being split into two . Even his artifact armor was split apart .

Shangguan Yu let out a groan as he had been sent flying by the high-class half-emperor, causing a trace of blood to flow out from the corner of his mouth .


The high-class half-emperor threw out a blood-colored metal ball which opened into a huge blood net to envelop Shangguan Yu .

At the same moment, there was a qi field that was similar to a qi spirit that spread out .

Quasi-heaven class cardinal artifact .

The Blood Sift Net thrown out by the high-class half-emperor was actually a quasi-heaven class cardinal artifact . It was one class superior to the Blood Sift Net used by the other masked men .

If it was an ordinary Blood Sift Net, Shangguan Yu would be able to escape it easily . However, this Blood Sift Net wasn’t just bigger, it contained a qi field, making it impossible for Shangguan Yu to dodge in time .

“Heaven and Earth Extermination . ”

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen slashed at the Blood Sift Net, giving Shangguan Yu some extra time .

This extra time allowed Shangguan Yu to dodge the Blood Sift Net .

“Damn kid . ” The high-class half-emperor was enraged as he cleaved at Li Fuchen .

This cleave might be a casual swing of his sword, but with his cultivation of 9th level Primary Sea Realm, the sword qi contained destructive power . Even the air was polluted by the sword qi and was filled with killing intent .

“Sky Ring Sword Armor . ”

Li Fuchen swung his Joint-Heaven Sword and produced a layer of sword barrier to block the sword qi .

Bang Boom!

The sword barrier was burst open and Li Fuchen was sent flying while vomiting blood . It was fortunate that he wasn’t in any life danger .

“No wonder he is a high-class half-emperor . ”

Li Fuchen took the opportunity to put a distance between himself and the foe . He then continuously executed spiritual awareness attacks .

The high-class half-emperor had a change in expression . He had already put up his spiritual awareness defense, but Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was still able to rip his spiritual awareness defense and affect his true spirit . It made it hard for him to concentrate fully on the battle .

“Black Snake Drill!”

Shangguan Yu executed his palm move and sent out a dragon-like black snake qi power at the high-class half-emperor .

The high-class half-emperor didn’t dare to be careless and could only temporarily give up on killing Li Fuchen . He then continued to fight with Shangguan Yu in close combat .

After all, Shangguan Yu was a body refinement monarch and he wasn’t . If he was carelessly hit by the attack, he wouldn’t just be suffering light injuries .

After extending his spiritual awareness up to 10,000 miles and glancing around, Li Fuchen noticed they were surrounded with masked men . He immediately transmitted a message to Shangguan Yu, “End it quickly, I will create an opportunity for you . ”

While speaking, the spiritual awareness attacks were more insane and they were accompanied by illusion attacks .

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The high-class half-emperor was suffering an indescribable pain . Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attacks and illusion attacks might not be able to threaten him, but it distracted a lot of his attention . It was hard for him to fully concentrate on the battle with Shangguan Yu .

It was a very helpless sensation .

“I just have to endure a little more . ” The high-class half-emperor could only console himself .

“Meteor Fall . ”

At this moment, a dazzling stream of light was shot at the high-class half-emperor .

Meteor Fall contained extremely speed and power which was also able to affect the void . Meteor Fall might not contain any void dao laws, but it produced a similar effect as void dao laws as it caused the void to become sluggish .

To be more elaborate, Meteor Fall was able to affect the flow of time .

Time stood at the paramount and there were plenty of paths to connect to time . Speed and power were definitely one of the paths .

Li Fuchen’s Meteor Fall was already at the trance stage and its power was actually beyond Heaven and Earth Extermination . In terms of its lethality, it wasn’t inferior to Heaven and Earth Extermination, and it was very hard for enemies to dodge it .


The high-class half-emperor’s qi protection was pierced through and his body had a blood hole .

This blood hole wasn’t fatal, but it caused the high-class half-emperor’s qi to leak out and it was rather difficult for him to gather his qi .

“Five Forms Emperor Fist, Champosaurus Kill!” Shangguan Yu’s qi power was circulating frenziedly and gathering at his right fist .

In the air around Shangguan Yu, there was a visible Champosaurus image .

The Champosaurus image had an ancient aura as though it had walked out from an ancient and desolate place . Its body was emitting an intense murderous and destructive aura .

Heaven class body refinement fist art .

During the crucial moment, Shangguan Yu executed the heaven class body refinement fist art .

Executing the heaven class body refinement fist art required a lot of qi power . Even if it was Shangguan Yu, he could only execute it twice within a short period of time . After executing it twice, his qi power would only have 10% remaining .

This was also why he had only executed at this moment .

After all, if he wasn’t able to deal severe damage to the enemy, he would be in danger with insufficient qi power .

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“It is almost done . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t expect for Shangguan Yu to have cultivated a heaven class body refinement fist art .

Li Fuchen didn’t know the power of a heaven class body refinement fist art, but he knew that when comparing heaven class martial arts of the same tier, body refinement arts were much stronger than qi cultivation arts .

Since Shangguan Yu cultivated a heaven class body refinement art, it meant that the high-class half-emperor was done for .


The void shuddered as the Champosaurus image smashed onto the high-class half-emperor .

At the next moment, the high-class half-emperor’s body burst with blood and it looked as though he was a bucket of blood that had crumbled .

“Heaven and Earth Extermination!”

Striking while the iron was hot, Li Fuchen executed the Heaven and Earth Extermination .

The Heaven and Earth Extermination contained void dao laws and didn’t have much conflicts with the Champosaurus Kill . The sword qi swerved within the gaps and sliced on the high-class half-emperor .

“I am not willing to resign to this!” After letting out a mournful yell, the high-class half-emperor was burst into pieces .


After keeping the high-class half-emperor’s storage bag, the duo left hastily .

“Even the Vice Group Leader got killed . Could the target be a peak-class half-emperor?” The black-masked men that rushed over said with deep voice .

The Blood Sift Union had a total of 18 groups and each of the group leaders were peak-class half-emperors, while the vice group leaders were high-class half-emperors .

In their opinion, even a peak-class half-emperor might not be able to kill a high-class half-emperor in such a short period of time .

After doing everything they could, the duo finally arrived at the main city of the Dragon River Seat, the Dragon River City .

After spending a few hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones, the duo teleported to the Sky Light Seat’s main city, Sky Light City .

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After exiting the Sky Light City, they headed east and after traveling for around 20,000 miles, Li Fuchen saw a tall mountain .

This mountain didn’t look grand, but it was extremely steep . It was just like an unsheathed sword that was pointing straight at the sky .

“This mountain is called the Incantation Mountain, it is one of the few marvel mountains in the Emperor Sky Continent . It innately contains the mysterious laws and a senior of mine is residing in the Incantation Mountain . He is called the Incantation Martial Emperor and is extremely proficient in the incantation mark dao . If he cannot dispel the incantation mark from your body, then there is probably no one in this Emperor Sky Continent that can help you . ” Shangguan Yu said .

Li Fuchen raised his brows .

He knew about marvel mountains and they were superior to the famed mountains . In the entire Emperor Sky Continent there were less than 100 marvel mountains and they were all under the control of emperor-class factions or Law Phase Realm emperors .

Li Fuchen didn’t think that Shangguan Yu’s senior was actually a Law Phase Realm emperor .

He did wonder about it . In fact, Li Fuchen suspected if Shangguan Yu had an extremely influential background, otherwise, it was impossible for him to possess earth class peak-tier body refinement technique and even heaven class body refinement art .

‘Incantation Martial Emperor? Could he possibly use incantations to kill the enemy?’ Li Fuchen was rather curious about the Incantation Martial Emperor .

Shangguan Yu carried on saying, “The Incantation Martial Emperor might only be a low-level emperor, but on the Incantation Mountain, even great emperors will not be able to kill him . This mountain has already become his cardinal artifact that can greatly enhance his incantation power . ”

Soon enough, the duo arrived at the foot of the Incantation Mountain .

“Open sesame . ” Shangguan Yu spoke .


A large door appeared in the air of the Incantation Mountain . Through the large door, Li Fuchen was able to see the scenery on the Incantation Mountain .

“Let’s go in . ” Shangguan Yu led Li Fuchen into the large door .

When the duo entered, the large door closed .

Before Li Fuchen could ask, Shangguan Yu said, “The Incantation Martial Emperor made it so that the incantation array could identify my spirit soul presence . The door will only open if I am the one that said ‘Open sesame’ . It will be useless if others say it . ”

Li Fuchen nodded .

Regular arrays were already incredible, but it was obvious that the incantation array was even more incredible and unfathomable .

On the way up the mountain, Li Fuchen saw plenty of odd lifeforms . There were grass people, stone people, wind essence lifeforms . Even when leaves dropped down, they would grow a pair of legs and jump around .

Shangguan Yu said, “The Incantation Mountain contained concentrated incantation mark presence . That’s why many of the lifeless materials could also become active . But once they leave the Incantation Mountain, they will turn back into their original forms and would become lifeless again . ”

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