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Chapter 586
ER – Chapter 586: Beheaded


Previously, Li Fuchen didn’t know the power when a heaven class sword move was used together with a heaven class artifact sword, now he knew .

If the nature power that the 5th level monarch controlled was a world, then Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword of the world-extinguishing sword to destroy the world .

When the scarlet thread sliced across the void, the amber-like qi world collapsed . Immediately after, the sword qi turned into dazzling red light and slashed at the enemy .

“How can his sword qi be this powerful . ”

The 5th level monarch raised his right hand and formed a shield to block the red light .

His bone frame was the 7-star thick earth bone frame and his qi was thick like a mountain . With the Sky Flipping Palm that could be used for both offense and defense, monarchs within the same realm might not be able to break through his defense .

“Kid, you killed my Second Brother, I am going to kill you!”

On the other side, the monarch with the shaved head lashed with a barbed whip which twined at Li Fuchen like a sinister python .

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

Li Fuchen’s body seemed to be surrounded with an invisible barrier . When the barbed whip twined around his body, there was a burst of sharp metallic clashes .

“Die . ”

Li Fuchen appeared above the shaven monarch with a flash of his Wind Thunder Wings and slashed down .

“No!” The 5th level monarch slammed his palm at Li Fuchen from a distance .


The shaven monarch was just a step behind the bearded monarch . He was also split into two and was thoroughly dead .

Immediately after, the mountain-like palm slammed at Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen didn’t have time to brandish his sword, he could only use his left index and middle fingers to point at the palm .


Li Fuchen flew backwards while his qi blood flared .

Without the Joint-Heaven Sword, he would never be a match for the 5th level monarch . But now that his body refinement was at the completion level of Battle Spirit Realm, it was hard for the 5th level monarch to even hurt Li Fuchen .

“Damn it, I, Hun Shan will crush you into pieces to take revenge for my Second and Third Brothers!” Hun Shan was about to go crazy .

His second and third brothers might not be his blood brothers, but they went through thick and thin . Originally, Hun Shan thought this was their lucky day, but his second and third brothers had died as a result, while he wasn’t able to stop Li Fuchen .

“Why do you need to take revenge? You just have to go and accompany them . ”

When treating friends, Li Fuchen had always confided in them with his utmost sincerity . When treating enemies, Li Fuchen only had cruelty .

“I shall deliver death to you!”

Hun Shan burst out with his thick earth power like a madman and slammed the Thick Earth Giant Palm at Li Fuchen .

The divine ability, Thick Earth Giant Palm was much more tyrannical and heavier than the Sky Flipping Palm . When the palm strike was executed, even the void was being pressured and it didn’t allow any escape .


A scarlet thread blocked the giant palm and there was an astonishing qi wave in between the two of them .


When the giant palm and scarlet thread exploded at the same time, there was a qi wave that engulfed the entire place .

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Boom Boom Boom Boom…

Hun Shan continuously executed the Thick Earth Giant Palm, while Li Fuchen continuously released the scarlet thread . The battle was extremely intense .

Lei Donghai held his breath when he looked at the sky that was covered with scarlet threads and giant palms . He believed that if he was in Li Fuchen’s place, he wouldn’t be a match for Hun Shan and wouldn’t even last a single palm strike .

“Junior Li’s strength?”

Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye opened their mouths so wide that they forgot to close it up .

How could there be such an incredible 7th level Battle Spirit Realm master in this world?


One of Hun Shan’s arms was sliced off, then it was his thighs, and finally his head .

Hun Shan’s attack power might be on par with Li Fuchen, but in terms of spiritual awareness, Hun Shan would never be comparable with Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen took such a long time with Hun Shan because he wanted to test his strength .

After keeping Hun Shan’s storage bag, Li Fuchen let out a breath . “A heaven class low-tier artifact sword is indeed incredible, but it uses too much qi . With my current strength, there isn’t any problem if we encounter mid-level monarchs, but if we encounter high-level monarchs, even if I can withstand for a period of time, it will be bad if I exhaust my qi . ”

“Junior Li . ” Lei Donghai and the others flew over .

“Junior Li, you are able to kill mid-level monarchs now?” Yuan Long quickly asked .

Even a heaven class master would only be able to kill regular low-level monarchs . Li Fuchen’s artifact sword might look formidable, but Li Fuchen was only at the 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm and there was still more room to improve .

Lei Donghai said, “Junior Li is already able to create a heaven class sword move and has also created the 34th rank of a cultivation technique . Killing a mid-level monarch isn’t a big deal . ”

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There might be Battle Spirit Realm masters that were stronger than Li Fuchen, but those people must have cultivated heaven class martial arts or even heaven class cultivation techniques . Unlike Li Fuchen, who self-created his heaven class martial art and heaven class cultivation technique .

Li Fuchen stated, “We cannot stay in this place for long . We need to change places . ”

The capability of a County Protector was too much . Even the people in the East River County had recognized him . Once a large number of Primary Sea Realm monarchs surrounded them, it would be hopeless even if his strength was doubled .

This time, the four of them hid in one of the dangerous places in the East River County, the Thousands River Pool .

As for places where people gather, even a village was a place where the four of them couldn’t visit . Regular martial artists might not have the strength to pursue them, but they could disclose the information .

The Thousands River Pool was said to be a convergence of thousands of rivers . The rivers were tangled and complicated . Even a person familiar with the river routes would lose their way easily .

Within the Thousands River Pool, there were water beasts that lurked within . It was said that in a certain place of the Thousands River Pool, there was a demonic beast ruler hibernating, but it was unknown if it was true .

Li Fuchen and the group were temporarily residing in a short mountain beside a river .

“Senior Yuan, Senior Gu, to prevent any unexpected incidents, the two of you have to break through to the Primary Sea Realm as quickly as possible . ” Li Fuchen suggested to Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye .

Among the four of them, Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye were the worst in strength . If they encountered any danger, Li Fuchen and Lei Donghai were afraid they wouldn’t be able to take care of the two of them .

“Alright . ” Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye were also in a very urgent state .

In the past, they were always facing enemies of the Battle Spirit Realm, but now, they were facing Primary Sea Realm monarchs and they weren’t even qualified to get involved . They had to rely on Lei Donghai and Li Fuchen to protect them .

“That’s right . Senior Yuan, this is a scroll that contains information on human anatomy . It might be useful for you to break through to the Primary Sea Realm . ”

Li Fuchen took out a jade scroll from the storage bag and handed it to Yuan Long .

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Yuan Long was immediately delighted after seeing the contents in the jade scroll . “This is indeed useful to me . I am truly foolish and should have searched for such human anatomy knowledge earlier . ”

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “I have also obtained it by chance . It is normal for Senior Yuan to not think about it . ”

If Li Fuchen wasn’t trying to create the 34th rank of his cultivation technique, he wouldn’t have searched for such things .

“With this human anatomy information, I have greater confidence in progressing to the Primary Sea Realm . Let’s not talk for now, I will go and study it . ”

Yuan Long quickly went into seclusion .

He was a body refinement martial artist and his cultivation was about qi blood and qi power . The high-grade spirit stones’ spirit qi was extremely pure and it could be transmuted into qi blood and qi power . However, sharpening the ax wouldn’t delay the time required to chop wood . If he was to study the human anatomy knowledge that he had just obtained, he would have a much easier time to progress later on .

Lei Donghai and the two others went into seclusion, while Li Fuchen looked for a nearby spacious place to practice the sword .

The Absolute Heaven Sword Art was a completed heaven class low-tier sword art . As compared to his created heaven class sword moves, the Absolute Heaven Sword Art was much stronger and the sword intent was much more complete .

With the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen cultivated the Absolute Heaven Sword Art with a speed that was more than twice as fast as when he created the heaven class sword moves .

In just three days, Li Fuchen had cultivated the Absolute Heaven Sword Art to the completion stage .

One week later, it had reached the perfection stage .

Half a month later, with the help of the mid-grade heaven stone, Li Fuchen had pushed the Absolute Heaven Sword Art to the trance stage .


When facing the river flow, Li Fuchen slashed .


A crack appeared in the void and the river had instantly shattered like glass like it was out of alignment .

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