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Chapter 585
ER – Chapter 585: Absolute Heaven Sword Art

When Li Fuchen’s body refinement reached the completion level of the Battle Spirit Realm, it didn’t give him more strength, but it gave Li Fuchen double the defense .
(TL note: I am using initial, sub-completion, completion, and perfection levels for body refinement levels, instead of stages . I feel it will be more in line with the 1st to 9th level for cultivation levels)

If Li Fuchen was to fight with Lei Donghai again, the latter would never be able to injure Li Fuchen . Even a mid-level monarch might not be able to injure Li Fuchen within a short period of time .

“Is Li Fuchen planning to continue dual cultivation?” Lei Donghai had a shocked expression .

It was already extremely difficult for a person to walk on one path, there was basically no one trying to walk on two paths at the same time .

Unless a certain path had already reached the limit and it was difficult to make any more advancement, one would then choose to advance on the other path .

Lei Donghai shook his head and realized that he couldn’t understand Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen had already broken his understanding towards prodigies . It wouldn’t be exaggerating for Li Fuchen to be addressed as a monster .

“I wonder who will be the dictator of the Emperor Sky Continent in ten years or a hundred years later?” Lei Donghai suddenly had a trace of expectation . He was looking forward towards the distant future and to see how far could Li Fuchen reach .

99 . 5%

99 . 7%

99 . 9%

Sword pattern was also a manifestation of the sword dao laws . As such, when comprehending the sword dao laws within the heaven stone, it allowed Li Fuchen to also comprehend the Joint-Heaven Sword patterns faster .


When Li Fuchen comprehended the second seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword to 100%, the Sword Spirit that was in a hibernation state had awakened .

“You have comprehended the sword patterns on the second seal so quickly? Not bad, you are qualified to wield this sword . ” The Sword Spirit’s voice echoed in Li Fuchen’s mind .

“Senior Sword Spirit . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile and greeted him .

The Sword Spirit said, “Since you have already comprehended the second seal’s sword patterns, I shall aid you in unlocking the second seal . ”


The chains broke and in the next moment, a horrific sword intent rushed into the sky as though it was going to destroy the world .

In the face of the sword intent, Li Fuchen felt as if he arrived in a world of shattered glass . It seemed like nothing in this world was able to stop the Joint-Heaven Sword’s attack .

Lei Donghai and the others were suddenly awakened from their seclusion . They looked towards Li Fuchen’s cavern room with bewilderment .

The sword intent was too powerful and they were instinctively fearful .  

The sword intent penetrated the mountain and rushed straight through the clouds . A crack instantly appeared in the sky and it looked like the sky’s wound .

In the nearby mountain, there were three Primary Sea Realm monarchs that were flying .  

“Damn beast, it is so crafty and can actually hide underground . ” The mid-level monarch who was the leader said in a gloomy tone .

The trio was here to hunt a rare class 7 low-tier demonic beast . They originally thought they were going to earn a good amount, but they didn’t expect for the prize that they had in their hands to fly off . As a result, all their efforts were in vain .

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“Big Brother, hurry up and see . ” A low-level monarch with a small beard pointed at the sky and suddenly said .

“I see it . ” The mid-level monarch’s eyes burst out with fervid flames .

“Big Brother, that must be the emergence of a cardinal artifact . ” The other low-level monarch with a shaved head was in ecstasy .

Within this sword intent, they could feel a qi presence of an artifact sword .

In the Emperor Sky Continent, experts were everywhere and there were countless artifacts .

It was very frequent that monarchs and emperors would perish due to all sorts of reasons . The artifacts that they had on them would naturally be void of an owner . But artifacts had spirituality and didn’t wish to be left alone . After a certain period of time, they would release powerful qi presence to attract experts to contest for them .

Without hesitation, the three monarchs flew straight for the mountain .

While grasping the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen closed his eyes as streams of information surged into his mind .

Soon enough, the information was rearranged and an article of words appeared in his mind .

“Absolute Heaven Sword Art, heaven class low-tier sword art . To take the intent to destroy heaven and earth, to carry out the acts to destroy heaven and earth . A single slash to break the laws, a single slash with boundless sword dao…”

After reading the words, Li Fuchen’s face revealed a delighted expression .

As expected, after unlocking the second seal, the Joint-Heaven Sword turned into a heaven class low-tier artifact sword . The sword art contained within was naturally also a heaven class low-tier sword art . Li Fuchen felt that this heaven class low-tier sword art, the Absolute Heaven Sword Art was probably the most fearsome heaven class low-tier sword art . The sword intent was too horrific and actually felt like it could slice the void . What was the void? It was the great dao’s outer coat . It couldn’t be seen or felt, it could only be vaguely felt .

All things in heaven and earth were enveloped by the void .

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After letting out a turbid breath, Li Fuchen looked at Lei Donghai and the others . Just as he was going to explain, his eyes suddenly turned stern .

“Sky Ring Sword Armor . ”

The Joint-Heaven Sword drew in the void and covered the four of them with a layer of sword intent .

Immediately after, the mountain collapsed and three figures entered the group’s vision .

There was a 2nd level monarch, 3rd level monarch, and a 5th level monarch .

If it was in the past, Li Fuchen could only smile bitterly . It wasn’t a problem to deal with one mid-level monarch, but it was a little forceful to deal with three monarchs . Apart from him and Lei Donghai who were able to last for a moment, Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye wouldn’t be able to withstand at all .

But now, Li Fuchen only had battle intent .

With the Joint-Heaven Sword, he had nothing to fear .

“Kid, these three monarchs arrived in time to offer a tribute to the sword . ” The Sword Spirit said in a lazy voice .

“Senior Sword Spirit, you just have to wait and see . ”

Li Fuchen launched himself forward to the three monarchs .

“Senior Lei, stay back . ” A voice transmitted into Lei Donghai’s ear .

“Alright . ” Lei Donghai was originally going to make a move, but he stopped .

“Big Brother, isn’t this person the wanted criminal in South Sun County?” The monarch with the small beard had recognized Li Fuchen .

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“He really is . ” The 5th level monarch grinned as though he had found a treasure .

A cardinal artifact with the addition of five million mid-grade spirit stones . This day was probably the three brother’s lucky day and all their luck might have been used on this day .

“Kid, hand over your sword and surrender yourself . ” The 5th level monarch said in a cold voice .

“Both the sword and person are here . If you are capable enough, come and take it yourself . ” Li Fuchen replied .

“You are courting death . ” The 3rd level monarch with the small beard drew his battle saber and cleaved at Li Fuchen .

“Die . ” Li Fuchen flashed and avoided the saber light . He then rapidly brandished his Joint-Heaven Sword .


A scarlet and bright thread appeared and seemingly slashed through the void . It then sliced through the small bearded monarch’s waist .

Subsequently, the monarch with the small beard was split into two . Fresh blood was spurting out violently and had splattered on the monarch beside .

“Bastard, you killed my Second Brother, I will kill you!”

The 5th level monarch revealed an expression of disbelief and was immediately furious afterwards . He raised his right hand high up and grabbed . Boundless qi gathered into a giant amber and enveloped Li Fuchen .

With his cultivation at the 5th level of Primary Sea Realm, his control of the nature power was something that Lei Donghai couldn’t compare with . If it was any other 7th level Battle Spirit Realm master, they would be immobilized by the pressure and wouldn’t be able to resist .

Weaker Battle Spirit Realm masters would simply be crushed into a pulp of blood .

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