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Chapter 584
ER – Chapter 584: Living in Seclusion

“Haha, this person is mine . If anyone dares to contest with me, the Scarlet Ghost Monarch shall take his life!” A mid-level monarch with the fastest speed was saying in a sinister voice .

“Scarlet Ghost Monarch, normally, I, the Blood Saber Monarch will give way to you . This time, I won’t . ” The mid-level monarch carrying a blood-red saber on the back said in a zealotry voice .

If he was able to capture Li Fuchen, he would be able to obtain five million mid-grade spirit stones . It was a wealth that he might not be able to accumulate even if he worked hard for his entire life .

“Scarlet Ghost Monarch, Blood Saber Monarch, I, the Wind Shadow Monarch shall go ahead . ”

While the Scarlet Ghost Monarch and Blood Saber Monarch were talking, a shadow suddenly overtook them .

“Wind Shadow Monarch, you are courting death . ” Both of them attacked .

The Wind Shadow Monarch had a 7-star nimble wind bone frame and was extremely fast . He was probably comparable with high-level monarchs .

A ghost claw and blood-red saber light were blasted at the Wind Shadow Monarch .

Without a choice, the Wind Shadow Monarch had to conduct evasive moves . Once he started evading, his speed became slower .

Seeing that the trio was getting closer, Gu Jiuye quickly said, “Senior Yuan, Senior Lei, Junior Li, I have a 10,000-miles teleportation talisman . Come closer to me . ”

“10,000-miles teleportation talisman . ” Lei Donghai’s eyes lit up .

The 10,000-miles teleportation talisman is considered a cardinal talisman and could only be used once . Its rarity wasn’t inferior to earth class peak-tier cardinal artifacts . It was already close to a quasi-heaven class cardinal artifact . It was to be used for escaping during crucial moments .
(TL note: I have been using pseudo . I will now use quasi as recommended by a reader . Thanks)

The Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have such cardinal talismans and Gu Jiuye probably found it in some dangerous place .

In response, the trio went closer to Gu Jiuye .

Subsequently, Gu Jiuye took out a jade talisman and poured her qi in .


There was a burst of blinding radiance before the four of them vanished without a trace .

“Damn it, it is a teleportation talisman . ”

The Wind Shadow Monarch and the others were dumbfounded .

The teleportation talisman was something even they didn’t have . Only top-notch class 7 Talisman Masters could refine those, and they had a status that was comparable with Law Phase Realm emperors . Regular people wouldn’t even be able to see them .

The 10,000-miles teleportation talisman functioned just like its name . It was only able to teleport within 10,000 miles and it was random .

There was over 7000 miles between the Blue Fir City and this large piece of land . There was a pillar of light before four figures appeared .

Without any hesitation, the four continued to flee . This place wasn’t far away from the Blue Fire City and it was still rather easy to encounter a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

After fleeing for one entire month, the four of them arrived in the mountains of the East River County .

After eliminating a class 6 high-tier demonic beast, the four occupied a cavern that belonged to the demonic beast .

“Senior Yuan, Senior Gu, do your best to break through to the Primary Sea Realm as quickly as possible . If you don’t have enough high-grade spirit stones, I still have quite a bit . ” While speaking, Li Fuchen turned to Gu Jiuye and said, “Senior Gu, your 10,000-miles teleportation talisman isn’t cheap . Here are 100 high-grade spirit stones . Just take it . ”

Li Fuchen handed 100 high-grade spirit stones to Gu Jiuye .

“Alright . ” After pondering for a moment, Gu Jiu didn’t decline to accept it . Her foundation wasn’t as firm as Yuan Long and would probably need more high-grade spirit stones to break through .

Afterwards, the four of them each found a spot in the cavern before sitting down cross-legged and starting their cultivation .

Li Fuchen’s cultivation was now at the initial level of 7th level Battle Spirit Realm . He wasn’t in a hurry to increase his cultivation .

A meal had to be eaten in bites, similarly, cultivation had to be taken one step at a time .

In the past few months, he had already broken through by three levels and it was a little too fast .

“Let me create the 34th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique first . ”

After taking out the mid-grade heaven stone, Li Fuchen started to comprehend the law powers from the heaven stone .

As days went by, Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye’s cultivation were getting close to the limits of the Battle Spirit Realm . Lei Donghai had stabilized his cultivation at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm and was now attempting to comprehend his bone frame patterns .

His thunder hammer bone frame patterns were only comprehended to slightly more than fifth segments . There was still more to be comprehended .

He wasn’t like Li Fuchen who had already comprehended the blazing flame bone frame patterns to the sixth segment and there was nothing else left .

“Senior Lei, here are some subpar-grade heaven stones and three low-grade heaven stones . ”

On this day, Li Fuchen took out some heaven stones and handed them to Lei Donghai .

“Heaven stones?” Lei Donghai’s lit up .

The heaven stones were a very important reason as to why the martial artists on the Emperor Sky Continent were superior to those on the Seven Color Continent .

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On the Seven Color Continent, regular 7-star bone frames wouldn’t be able to reach the great master level . But it was rather normal in the Emperor Sky Continent .

Time continued to elapse…


The intense fire dao laws spread out and Li Fuchen was enveloped in a layer of scarlet flames .

The scarlet flames were so concentrated and instead of saying it as a fire, it looked more like a semi-liquid state .

34th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s strength was probably at the heaven class master level .

“Such powerful qi waves . ” Lei Donghai looked towards Li Fuchen’s direction .

“Senior Lei, why don’t we have a spar?” Li Fuchen walked out of the cavern .

“Sure . ” Lei Donghai wished to know what level Li Fuchen’s strength had reached .

In the high altitudes above the cavern, Li Fuchen and Lei Donghai were standing in the air .

“Junior Li, be careful now . ” Lei Donghai held up his giant hammer and gave a warning .

“Senior Lei, just make your move . ” Li Fuchen nodded . Even if he wasn’t able to defeat Lei Donghai, he still wouldn’t be defeated in just a few moves from Lei Donghai .

“Take this!”

Lei Donghai’s speed was extremely fast and in a flash, he appeared on Li Fuchen’s right side before smashing with his hammer .


Li Fuchen drew his Red Lotus Sword and blocked the giant hammer while a scarlet thread appeared .


The two of them both flew back . The only difference was that Li Fuchen had flown back by a few hundred meters, while Lei Donghai had only flown back by one hundred meter .

“Such power . ”

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Lei Donghai was very shocked . His hammer strike earlier already contained 80% of his strength . The current him wasn’t the person that had just broken through . His qi was very stable and his hammer art was also stronger than before .

“Receive another hammer strike from me . ”

Lei Donghai brandished his giant hammer and smashed at Li Fuchen with countless giant hammer shadows .

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

Li Fuchen blocked everything flawlessly and didn’t give Lei Donghai any chance .

“Heaven class master, Junior Li must be a heaven class master . In the Red Moon Empire, he is undoubtedly a 3-star general . ”

Lei Donghai was extremely shocked in his heart .

The level of a 3-star general was something that was hard for 8-star bone frames to reach .

In the Red Moon Empire, there might not be more than ten, 3-star generals . Li Fuchen who stood in front of him was one of them .

“Junior Li, be careful . World of Violent Thunder . ” Lei Donghai executed his finishing move .

It was also a finishing move, but this current execution was more than 10% or 20% superior to the previous move . There was a surge of inexhaustible thunder that transformed into a giant hammer, it then smashed at Li Fuchen at an extreme speed . The thunder patterns on the hammer gave off an indestructible and lightning fast feeling .


Li Fuchen was sent flying over a thousand meters and his body was covered in electric current . He had suffered some light injuries .

“World of Violent Thunder is incredible indeed . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance as he said, “Senior Lei, receive my Meteor Fall too . ”

The Red Lotus Sword moved from bottom to the top and after shaking a little, it turned into a stream of light and assaulted Lei Donghai with a speed that was far beyond Lei Donghai’s attack .

In the face of this dreadful speed, Lei Donghai was surprised when he realized that his senses had a delay . The surrounding air felt as though there was a flowing stream that made him feel uncomfortable .

“What sword move is this?”

Lei Donghai roared to forcefully get rid of the unfavorable condition before using his hammer to match the stream of light .

As the world was filled with radiance, there were scorching qi waves that could be felt .

After being knocked back by the qi waves, Lei Donghai looked down and saw a sword wound that had appeared out of nowhere . The sword wound was shallow and didn’t really injure him, but it already meant that the sword move had broken through his defense .

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“Junior Li, I, Lei Donghai seldom admires someone . Bai Qiuming and Chu Wu might be incredible, but it is because they have 8-star bone frames . While you rely on your 6-star bone frame to obtain such strength . I will never be able to catch up with you in this lifetime . ” Lei Donghai praised .

Li Fuchen said, “Senior Lei is too excessive . Right now, you are walking ahead of me . ”

“It is only for now . I believe that in a few years, you will also step into the Primary Sea Realm . By then, not even ten of me will be a match for you . ”

After creating the 34th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, Li Fuchen transferred his concentration onto the Joint-Heaven Sword .

The sword patterns on the second seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword was harder to comprehend as Li Fuchen went further . He had already comprehended to the 99% mark, however, every trace of advancement would need all of his energy .

He was certain that once he unlocked the second seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword, it would definitely be a heaven class low-tier artifact sword . By then, he wouldn’t just comprehend a heaven class low-tier sword pattern, he would also be able to learn heaven class low-tier sword art . As such, he would be able to contest with Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

The current him might be able to defeat or even kill those weaker low-level monarchs, but if he encountered a mid-level monarch, it would still be rather difficult .

If Li Fuchen encountered a low-level monarch like Lei Donghai, he might not even be a match if he didn’t make use of his spiritual awareness attacks and illusion art attacks .

One week later, Li Fuchen broke through again .

It wasn’t the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern that broke through, it was his body refinement level .

His body refinement level had been stuck at the perfection level of the Reincarnation Realm for a very long time . This time, it had naturally broken through, mainly because of the long time of accumulation and also the studying of the human body anatomy from the jade scroll . It had opened up a large door towards a higher realm .


When he circulated his dragon elephant power, a giant dragon spirit rose up .

As compared to the giant elephant spirit, the giant dragon spirit was more than two times stronger .

Li Fuchen had a feeling that the current him might only be at the initial level of Battle Spirit Realm, but in terms of strength, he was already superior to those body refinement martial artists who were at the sub-completion level of Battle Spirit Realm .

For the next period of time, Li Fuchen had been increasing his body refinement level while comprehending the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword patterns .

It was very easy to increase his body refinement level . He simply had to use body refinement elixirs and would be able to advance quickly . As for the impurities, he just had to eliminate them with the Mortal Calamity power .

Before going on the trip, Li Fuchen had already prepared a large number of body refinement elixirs . There were earth class high-tier and earth class peak-tier body refinement elixirs, he had also prepared a large quantity of class 6 demonic beast essence blood and class 7 low-tier demonic beast essence blood .

As a result, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level had reached the completion level of Battle Spirit Realm in just a short period of time . His body refinement strength had improved greatly and was now at the great master level .

‘If I wish to continue increasing my body refinement strength, the earth class high-tier body refinement arts will not be enough . ’ Li Fuchen said to himself .

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