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Chapter 583
ER – Chapter 583: Wanted

“Is Shou’er not back yet?”

South Sun City’s county protector residence…

County Protector Lin Tianyang was asking in a deep voice while looking at a Primary Sea Realm monarch who was kneeling in front of him .

This person was at the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm . However, he was now kneeling and shivering like a quail in the face of the county protector . He didn’t even dare to lift his head .

“Reporting to the County Protector, after entering the Latent Shadow Abyss, the County Young Lord has yet to return . ”

“God damn it . ”

Lin Tianyang executed a palm strike through air and sent the 8th level monarch tumbling .

“County Protector please calm down . ”

After standing firmly, the monarch crawled back to his original position .

Lin Tianyang took a deep breath and said, “Get me the monitor crystal . I want to see who entered the Latent Shadow Abyss with Shou’er . ”

In the Emperor Sky Continent, every city would have a class 7 monitor array . The core of the monitor array was a monitor crystal .

The monitor crystal was able to capture images and those images would be wiped out once a year .

“County Protector, the monitor crystal has been brought over . ”

A colorful crystal that was the thickness of an arm was taken out .

After receiving the monitor crystal, Lin Tianyang used his qi to activate it . Immediately after, a screen of light appeared in the air . It was the images of the South Sun City and there were buildings, the traffic flow of people . All the images were extremely clear and distinct .

The images changed rapidly and in a short moment, it fixed at the scene before Lin Shou departed .

“Put all these people on the wanted list of the empire . Anyone who can provide information on them shall be rewarded with one million mid-grade spirit stones . Anyone who can capture one of them will be rewarded with five million mid-grade spirit stones . If they can capture all those people, twenty million mid-grade spirit stones will be given as a reward . ” Lin Tianyang said in a deep voice .


This person was astonished after hearing the orders . One million mid-grade spirit stones would be rewarded just for providing information . Even a regular low-level monarch wouldn’t have more than 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones . It wasn’t hard to imagine how big of a commotion would be created once this wanted list was issued .

The wanted list was first issued in South Sun County and continued to disseminate outwards . Every Primary Sea Realm monarch in the cities that saw the contents of the wanted list, immediately started breathing irregularly and had bloody eyes .

It was one million mid-grade spirit stones . They might not be able to earn this much even if they worked diligently for their entire life .

Furthermore, if they could capture one of them, their reward would be five times the amount, reaching five million mid-grade spirit stones .

With so many mid-grade spirit stones, their path on the martial dao would definitely be much smoother .

South Mountain City, Dongguo Clan’s main hall…

“Father, I know this person . He is Li Fuchen and has quite a good relationship with the Qi Clan’s Qi Junjun . ” In the main hall, Dongguo Junyan and Dongguo Shaonan were present . Most of the Dongguo Clan’s Primary Sea Realm monarchs were also here .

“Then do you know where he is?”

On the host seat of the main hall, Dongguo Clan Head, Dongguo Zhan quickly asked .

No one would blame him for being so eager . The entire Dongguo Clan’s wealth was only a few million mid-grade spirit stones . If they could capture Li Fuchen, then the Dongguo Clan’s strength would definitely double . Furthermore, they would receive attention from the County Protector . It was simply all benefits .

Dongguo Junyan shook his head and said, “Since I left the gathering hosted by the County Young Lord, I have never seen him again . ”

Dongguo Zhan revealed a disappointed expression and instructed . “From now onwards, there must be two monarchs standing by at each city in the South Sun County . As for the counties nearby, each city needs to have one monarch . ”

No matter what, he had to try his luck . Perhaps, there might be something to gain .

After talking, Dongguo Zhan stood up and said to everyone . “I will make a trip to the county protector residence in South Sun City . ”

Since the Qi Clan’s Qi Junjun had a good relationship with Li Fuchen, then it was definitely a source of information .

Qi Clan’s main hall .

“Junjun, if someone asks you in the future, just say that you are ordinary friends with Li Fuchen . Also, if there is a chance, see if you can contact that child . ” Qi Clan Head, Qi Lingfeng said to Qi Junjun .

Qi Junjun bit her lips and nodded . “Yes . ”

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She could feel that the Qi Clan was terrified and also very tempted . Once they found Li Fuchen’s whereabouts, the Qi Clan would immediately make a move .

Five million mid-grade spirit stones was a great temptation for any second-rate monarch-class clan .

‘Li Fuchen, hide as far as you can!’

Qi Junjun didn’t know why Li Fuchen would offend the county protector residence . She had a premonition that it was probably related to the County Young Lord . When thinking that she was the one that recommended Li Fuchen to join the gathering, she was blaming herself a little .

Blue Fir City .

On a main path outside the eastern side of the city, Li Fuchen’s group was walking towards the eastern city gate .

“The Blue Fir City is close to the East River County and is very far from the Purple Mist Mountain . Residing in this place should be fine . ” While sizing up the blue fir trees on the side of the roads, Li Fuchen stated .

Lei Donghai nodded . “Residing in this place has plenty of convenience too . Apart from the extremely rare resources, almost everything could be bought here . ”

If they were to auction 100 high-grade spirit stones, they would at least get a few million mid-grade spirit stones . It was certainly a great sum of wealth that regular pinnacle monarchs wouldn’t possess .

Soon enough, the four of them arrived at the eastern city gate and was about to enter the city .

“Boss, doesn’t that person look like the martial artist on the wanted list?” One of the city guards transmitted a message to the city guard captain .

“He does look quite alike . Don’t alert them and let them inside . We will immediately activate the alert array and lock him inside the city . ” The city guard captain swallowed his saliva and was extremely excited .

Even though he knew that the great contribution for finding the wanted fugitive wasn’t going to be on him, no matter how his superior was going to claim the credit, he was still going to receive some benefits . Perhaps, he might even be promoted . This was a chance encounter that would never happen again once he missed out on it .

It was unknown why Li Fuchen felt that the city guards looked a little strange . First, they looked at him with fervent eyes, then they averted their gaze at the same time . It seemed as though they didn’t dare to look at him .

While feeling suspicious, Li Fuchen entered the city .

He immediately released his spiritual awareness .

Outside the city, his spiritual awareness couldn’t penetrate through the arrays as there were too many arrays covering the Blue Fir City . Furthermore, they were all class 7 arrays that were all stacked together . Only Law Phase Realm emperors would be able to see through with ease .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen’s attention was focused on the announcement plaza that wasn’t far from the city gate . The announcement plaza would normally be posted with notices or wanted posters . Right now, there were plenty of people gathered there and most of them were Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

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On one of the walls, Li Fuchen saw his own portrait . It was a vivid and lifelike portrait, even his aura was exhibited distinctively .

Li Fuchen immediately understood . “Hurry up and leave the Blue Fir City!”

Li Fuchen’s voice instantly transmitted into the ears of Lei Donghai and others .

While speaking, Li Fuchen turned and sprinted towards the city gate .


Li Fuchen bounced back . It was unknown when a layer of the array had blocked the exit .

“Li Fuchen, you are wanted by the County Protector . Hurry up and surrender . ”

The city guard captain was still closing the city gate . After seeing Li Fuchen reacting, he couldn’t help but laugh .

Li Fuchen had a gloomy expression . He must not allow the city gate to be closed . In the Emperor Sky Continent, all of the city gates and walls were the toughest things . It was covered with multiple reinforcement arrays . Even a regular Law Phase Realm emperor might not be able to break it in a single attack .

At this moment, Li Fuchen had already stopped using his spiritual awareness . His spiritual awareness might be able to see through arrays, but it was as effective as his spirit soul force .

After releasing the spirit soul force, Li Fuchen could see dozens of red spots on the array . Each red spot represented a flaw . Of course, if it was an extremely high-tiered array, even if Li Fuchen could see the flaws, he wouldn’t be able to blast it open .

It was fortunate that this array was only a class 7 low-tier array . After all, how could a city guard captain be able to control a high-tiered array?

Li Fuchen drew his Red Lotus Sword and stabbed on one of the red spots .


After penetrating the array, Li Fuchen sliced downwards forcefully and made an opening that was as tall as a human .

Swish Swish Swish Swish!

Li Fuchen and the three others exited the opening and the array immediately closed back again .

“Hurry up and close the city gate!” The city guard captain was anxious as he yelled out .

“Get lost!”

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With a swing of the hand, Lei Donghai sent the city guards flying while they were trying to close the gate . All of them had broken ribs as they vomited fresh blood .

After exiting the city, Lei Donghai asked while feeling confused, “Junior Li, what happened?”

Li Fuchen said, “Previously, me and the County Young Lord formed a team with others to enter the Latent Shadow Abyss . After we split up, I encountered you . If I didn’t guess it wrongly, the County Young Lord must have perished or is still stuck in the Latent Shadow Abyss . The County Protector must have issued the wanted orders to capture me . ”

Lei Donghai said, “Since you didn’t kill him, you should be able to explain the situation right?”

Being wanted by the County Protector was a major problem . In the future, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to enter any of the cities and would be trapped in an endless pursuit .

Yuan Long said, “How is he going to explain? As long as the County Young Lord doesn’t return, Li Fuchen would be the suspect . Once he is captured, he will definitely be imprisoned and by then, he wouldn’t be able to seek life or death voluntarily . If you are hoping that the County Protector is a nice person, you better stop dreaming . If he is a nice person, he wouldn’t disregard the rights and wrongs, and issue the wanted order for Li Fuchen . ”

Lei Donghai went into a silent state .

Just as Yuan Long mentioned, as long as the County Young Lord didn’t return, it was impossible for any explanations to be effective . It was the same as Li Fuchen being forced to carry a burden .

Li Fuchen apologized, “I’m sorry for implicating everyone . ”

He had no choice but the call for all three of them to leave with him . Many people had already seen them together and they would surely be treated as accomplices .

Gu Jiuye commented, “We shall face all the blessings and difficulties together . If we aren’t willing to accept some consequences after receiving the benefits, then what is the use for cultivating in the martial dao?”

Lei Donghai had also said, “Junior Gu is right . Junior Li, if you have some respect for us, then don’t say such things in the future . ”

“Alright . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

“There is a large number of monarchs in pursuit . ” Yuan Long turned around to see a huge number of Primary Sea Realm monarchs rushing out of the city gate and chasing after the four of them .

The three others had a change in expressions .

With the speed of Primary Sea Realm monarchs, not much time was required to catch up with them .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, Oblivion . ” Li Fuchen executed his illusion art .

Like rocks falling, there were over a dozen low-level monarchs with weak willpower that swayed and dropped from the sky .

Only mid-level monarchs were able to resist the illusion art .

Li Fuchen frowned . When targeting more people with the illusion art, the effects would be weaker . If he was only targeting a single person, regular mid-level monarchs would also have to spend a short time in the illusion zone .

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