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Chapter 576
ER – Chapter 576: Valley

The sword qi ripple seemed like it emphasized on lethal power, but its attack range was very wide . The sword qi attacked like a water dragon soaring into the air and charging at Li Fuchen .

Tss Tss Tss…

The air was bursting with electric arcs as the scarlet threads interweaved and blocked the sword qi ripple .

If this was a regular sword qi ripple, Li Fuchen would have sliced it apart in a single sword .

But the sinister youth’s sword qi ripple contained intense sword intent . When two sword intents were clashing, it was hard to determine a victor within a short period of time .

To be serious, Li Fuchen had a slight advantage .

Inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, the effects of qi were greatly reduced and it was impossible to purely use qi to attack from a distance . One had to use their comprehended laws and intents to blast their qi through the air .

If they were on the outside, Li Fuchen’s sword intent would still be superior to the sinister youth’s sword intent . However, the sinister youth’s qi was stronger and it would compensate or even overwhelm this difference . It was a pity, inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, the sinister youth’s sword intent was inferior, and with the suppression from the chaotic laws, it resulted in this evenly matched situation .


Two different sword qi exploded at the same time . The shockwave produced didn’t just contain two different sword intents, it also contained the chaotic laws of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

Li Fuchen tasted blood in his throat while he flew backwards .

As compared to Li Fuchen, the sinister youth didn’t have a good time either .

With a dark face, the sinister youth’s hand suddenly appeared with a small blade . He then tossed it out and the small blade turned into a rain of blades that enveloped Li Fuchen .

It was obvious that the small blade was an earth class peak-tier cardinal artifact . Inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, earth class peak-tier cardinal artifacts had lethal power that was beyond regular 2-star generals .

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen drew in the air with the Red Lotus Sword and extended a layer of sword barrier .

Sky Ring Sword Armor, heaven class defensive sword move .

Cling Cling Clang Clang .

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The rain of blades were all blocked by the sword barrier and weren’t able to advance .

“Such strength!”

Yuan Long, Lei Donghai, and Gu Jiuye were all extremely shocked .

Bai Qiuming and Chu Wu might be formidable, but they didn’t exceed the limits of an 8-star bone frame .

Li Fuchen was just a 6-star bone frame but his improvement speed was even beyond 8-star bone frames .

“Only top-notch 8-star bone frames are probably able to compare with this improvement speed . ” Yuan Long took a deep breath and had a complicated expression .

Lei Donghai nodded . “The top-notch 8-star bone frames have exceptional perception and are able to create heaven class martial arts . Junior Li’s perception is obviously not weaker than those top-notch 8-star bone frames . ”

The bone frame determined a person’s quality in all aspects .

Among those aspects, cultivation speed and perception were the most important .

The difference in cultivation speed was basically very minor and it wouldn’t be significant . However, the difference in perception differed greatly .

It was very normal for a top-notch 8-star bone frame to have a perception that was twice as superior as regular 8-star bone frames .


The sinister youth waved his hand and fused all the small blades into a giant sword . He then slashed it viciously at the sword barrier .


The sword barrier collapsed and just as Li Fuchen was about to get hit, the Wind Thunder Wings flashed and Li Fuchen dodged the giant sword .

“I have tested my strength enough . ”

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes and executed two spiritual awareness attacks .

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The sinister youth had already activated his spiritual awareness defense secret technique . It was a 7-star secret technique and it was enough to withstand spiritual awareness attacks from mid-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

However, Li Fuchen spiritual awareness attacks were too powerful . The first spiritual awareness attack had ripped through his spiritual awareness defense, while the second spiritual awareness attack entered the crevice in the spiritual awareness defense and smashed on his true spirit .

After vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, the sinister youth backed off . “Nobody Yang shall admit my defeat today, the next time I see you, I will certainly kill you . ”

With an increasing speed, the sinister youth vanished in the shadowy wilderness .

Li Fuchen didn’t give chase as the sinister youth’s speed was extremely fast . It was obvious that he had a cardinal artifact that increased speed . It was impossible to catch up within a short period of time .

“Many thanks, Junior Li . ”

Yuan Long and others came over with gratified expressions . Even Gu Jiuye pulled down her hood to reveal her graceful and beautiful face . She nodded to Li Fuchen as an expression of thanks .

Li Fuchen responded, “We are all disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect . There isn’t a need to say words of thanks . . ”

Lei Donghai lamented, “It is said that the Latent Shadow Abyss is dangerous and without the strength of a 2-star general, it is almost certain death to enter this place . I didn’t believe it at first, but now I do . ”

During this period of time, the trio were in miserable states . To them, the berserk corpses’ defense were too tough . Even the weakest low-class berserk corpse would take them several attacks before killing on . The trio had to work together in order to contest with a mid-class berserk corpse . If they encountered a high-class berserk corpse, the trio could only escape as they weren’t a match . As for peak-class berserk corpses, the trio had yet to encounter any, otherwise, they wouldn’t have the chance to meet with Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen sized up Lei Donghai and asked with a surprised tone, “Senior Lei, you are about to break through?”

Previously Lei Donghai was already at the peak level of Battle Spirit Realm and if he was to break through again, he would naturally progress to the Primary Sea Realm .

Lei Donghai nodded and said, “After consuming the Blaze Star Herb, my cultivation reached the extremity of the Battle Spirit Realm . I just lack a little to break through . If I can obtain enough high-grade spirit stones, it is definitely possible to break through to the Primary Sea Realm within a short period of time . ”

When breaking through to the Primary Sea Realm, one required ample accumulation . For regular 7-star bone frames to break through to the Primary Sea Realm, they would need at least five years . Lei Donghai had consumed nearly half the Blaze Star Herb, therefore, the timing was reduced by 70% . After all, the Blaze Star Herb was a heaven class herb and its value was even above the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir . It was especially because the Blaze Star Herb contained concentrated great dao presence and it was very beneficial for Lei Donghai to comprehend the Primary Sea Realm .

In response, Li Fuchen simply took out 20 pieces of high-grade spirit stones . “Senior Lei, these 20 pieces of high-grade spirit stones are a gift for you . I hope that you are able to break through to the Primary Sea Realm soon . ”

“So many high-grade spirit stones?” Lei Donghai’s eyes were wide open while his breaths became irregular .

In fact, he was confident he could break through to the Primary Sea Realm with 10 pieces of high-grade spirit stones . Now that he had 20, he felt that he had 90% chance to break through .

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“How can I accept this . ” Lei Donghai blushed with shame and didn’t accept it immediately .

Back when Li Fuchen helped him to obtain the Blaze Star Herb, Lei Donghai only gave one piece of leaf and 3000 mid-grade spirit stones to Li Fuchen . Now that he thought back about it, he was shortchanging Li Fuchen . After all, if Li Fuchen wasn’t around, it was impossible for him to obtain the Blaze Star Herb .

There wasn’t any harm if there wasn’t any comparison . Right now, Li Fuchen was actually giving him 20 high-grade spirit stones as a gift . Li Fuchen was simply and excessively generous .

Li Fuchen said, “If Senior Lei feels that it is inappropriate, you can just compensate me in the future . ”

To Li Fuchen, using 20 high-grade spirit stones to enhance his relationship with a future Primary Sea Realm monarch was definitely worth it .

Of course, even if Lei Donghai didn’t reciprocate in the future, Li Fuchen didn’t mind too . Since 20 high-grade spirit stones were nothing much to him . Inside his wrist protector’s spatial zone, there were up a thousand high-grade spirit stones .

Lei Donghai took a few deep breaths and received the high-grade spirit stones in a solemn manner . “Junior Li, I shall not say any superfluous words . In the future, if you need me, just tell me . If I, Lei Donghai says ‘no’ even once, I shall be struck by thunder and my path on the martial dao shall stop there and then . ”

Merely 20 high-grade spirit stones wasn’t enough for Lei Donghai to make such a harsh oath, after all, even if he didn’t have these 20 high-grade spirit stones, he was confident that he would be able to progress in another year or two . He made this harsh oath because of his admiration towards Li Fuchen and his sincerity to be friends .

Li Fuchen laughed and didn’t say anything . He could feel Lei Donghai’s resolution in those words . In fact, it was because he felt that it was worth it to have Lei Donghai as a friend, therefore, he gave 20 high-grade spirit stones as a gift . If it was those cold and heartless individuals, he couldn’t be bothered with them .

Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye were rather envious of Lei Donghai, but the duo knew that Li Fuchen was only one step away from progressing while they were still far away . It was useless even if they had high-grade spirit stones now, unless the number of high-grade spirit stones was above 50 pieces .

“Junior Li, do we look for a path out or continue staying here?” Yuan Long suddenly asked .

Li Fuchen felt that Yuan Long had a hidden meaning in his words . “What is Senior Yuan’s plan?”

Yuan Long said, “We encountered that person earlier because of a certain place . An intense great dao presence can be felt in that place and according to my conjecture, there should be a large number of high-grade spirit stones inside . ”

“A release of great dao presence?”

Li Fuchen frowned . High-grade spirit stones might contain the great dao presence, but even if hundreds of high-grade spirit stones were placed together, it was impossible for someone to detect it . Unless, one was very near them . If Yuan Long could feel the intense great dao presence from a distance, there were at least 1000 high-grade spirit stones or thousands . Of course, it might also be a peak-grade spirit stone .

If one high-grade spirit stone was equivalent to 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones, then one peak-grade spirit stone was worth a million or millions mid-grade spirit stones .

To be accurate, peak-grade spirit stones weren’t considered spirit stones anymore . They were actually the treasures of heaven and earth .

Even Law Phase Realm emperors desired them greatly .

Of course, that was only a small possibility . Li Fuchen didn’t believe that this layer of Latent Shadow Abyss was able to produce peak-grade spirit stones .

Lei Donghai said, “Junior Li, that place has plenty of berserk corpses . It is better not to take the risk . ”

“It is fine to just take a look . ” Li Fuchen pondered before replying .

Riches were found in danger . Most importantly, he didn’t fear Berserk Corpse Kings and could escape unscathed .

“Alright then, I will lead Junior Li there . ” Lei Donghai volunteered to lead the way .

Li Fuchen said, “If there are a large amount of high-grade spirit stones, I will share a portion with everyone .

Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye looked at each other before leading the way for Li Fuchen with Lei Donghai .

How could there be rewards without risks? They too desired the high-grade spirit stones, otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken the risk to enter the Latent Shadow Abyss . Since there was a chance to obtain a large amount of high-grade spirit stones, they were naturally reluctant to give up .

With the guidance from the trio, Li Fuchen arrived outside a valley .

“The great dao presence is coming from here . ” Lei Donghai pointed at the dark and abstruse valley .

Li Fuchen nodded and said, “I will go in and take a look . Wait outside for me . ”

“Junior Li, we are willing to enter together . ” Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye stepped forward .

With a flap of the Wind Thunder Wings, Li Fuchen soared into the air and stated, “All of you can’t fly . If you enter, it will be certain death . Don’t worry, as long as I have profits, I will not shortchange all of you . ”

He knew what the duo meant . They wanted to contribute a little and that way, Li Fuchen would have to share the high-grade spirit stones with them .

While speaking, Li Fuchen flashed and entered the valley .

“Yuan Long, Junior Gu, let’s wait outside! I believe Junior Li’s character . If there are rewards, he will not forget us . ” Lei Donghai said to Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye .

Yuan Long laughed helplessly .

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