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Chapter 575
ER – Chapter 575: Li Fuchen’s Strength

Li Fuchen was able to collect so many high-grade spirit stones because of his abnormally incredible spiritual awareness . It was able to extend very far out .

Of course, if elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to enter this layer of Latent Shadow Abyss, they would be able to collect a large number of high-grade spirit stones too . It was a pity that no Primary Sea Realm monarchs would dare to enter this layer of Latent Shadow Abyss, after all, no matter how many high-grade spirit stones there were, it still wasn’t as important as one’s life .

“Arhat True Effigy . ” Shadows and figures moved around in the wilderness as a great battle was in progress .

On one side of the battle was a sinister youth wearing green pelt armor, on the other side, there were three individuals, two men and one woman .

In normal situations, the side with more numbers would definitely have the advantage . However, at this moment, the side with more individuals was actually in danger .

Among the trio, there was a robust and powerful youth who was around 2 . 5 meters tall . He had suddenly expanded and extended up to 100 meters . Immediately after, he blasted a fist at the sinister youth .

The sinister youth’s weapon was a slender sword and as he brandished it, a thread like sword qi slashed out . It instantly turned that 100-meter giant’s fist into blood mist .

“Thunder Divine Hammer . ”

The youth who had the thunderous qi presence produced a giant thunder hammer and smashed at the sinister youth .


There was a burst of golden radiance and a black-haired young lady appeared behind the sinister youth . She thrust at rapid speed while radiance weaved together .

The sinister youth grinned and turned around . His sword qi was like a spiralling storm which didn’t just split the thunder hammer, it had also repelled the black-haired young lady’s divine ability .


The youth and the black-haired young lady vomited fresh blood and were both sent flying .

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“It is Lei Donghai and the others . ”

From far away, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness noticed the situation over here .

‘This person’s strength is probably comparable with Chu Wu . ’

After shifting his spiritual awareness away from Lei Donghai and others, he concentrated on the sinister youth and thought to himself .

If the trio were disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect, Li Fuchen wouldn’t bother . But now, Li Fuchen had to do something .

The Wind Thunder Wings flashed while Li Fuchen flew towards the battlefield .

“Who is that?” The sinister youth looked up and saw Li Fuchen flying over .

“Junior Li?” Lei Donghai said with astonishment as he and Gu Jiuye recognized Li Fuchen .

“Yuan Long, we are saved . Junior Li is adept at using spiritual awareness attacks . With him around, that person wouldn’t have a good time even if his strength is far superior to all of us . ” Lei Donghai transmitted a message to Yuan Long who had transformed into a 100-meter giant .

Yuan Long was skeptical . The opponent was a 2-star general and should be one of those top-notch 2-star generals . If the three of them weren’t a match for him, regular spiritual awareness attacks probably wouldn’t work .

“If you people are hoping for him to rescue you, I advise you to turn that thought away . ”

After sensing that Li Fuchen’s cultivation wasn’t high in level, the sinister youth let out a grim smile .

He was a renowned 2-star general in the northern side of the Red Moon Empire . Apart from the northern top five generals, there was almost no one else that was a match for him .

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In fact, he was confident that he could contest with the northern top five generals .


The sinister youth slashed his sword at Lei Donghai .

In response, Lei Donghai quickly took out an artifact shield and blocked the slash .


The artifact shield flew back and crashed onto Lei Donghai . He felt as though his body was going to shatter while he vomited fresh blood violently .

“Let’s see how many slashes you can withstand . ” The sinister youth was preparing to slash the second time .

“Avian King Thorn . ” Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness attack which instantly buried into the sinister youth’s mind .


Like a tiger that suffered an injury, the sinister youth let out a miserable yell .

If it was just a regular spiritual awareness attack, the sinister youth had nothing to fear . Even if it was a 7-star spiritual awareness secret technique, he was confident that he could still resist it . But Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was so powerful that it was terrifying . He was doubtful if a mid-level monarch’s spiritual awareness attack would be as powerful as Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack .

“Sword of Brightness . ”

Grasping the opportunity, Gu Jiuye used her divine ability, Sword of Brightness, to envelop the sinister youth .


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A sword wound appeared on the sinister youth’s shoulder .

“Fist of Arhat!”

Subsequently, a fist that was the size of a small mountain had smashed on the sinister youth and sent him flying .

“Good, very good, I have underestimated you . ”

The sinister youth used force to stop his body from flying back, before he glared at Li Fuchen .

“Senior Lei, Senior Gu . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t look back at the sinister youth, instead, he greeted Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye .

Lei Donghai wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and said in a grateful tone, “Junior Li, thanks . If you are not here this time, this world might not have me, Lei Donghai anymore . ”

The trio were a little overconfident and believed that if they worked together, they would be able to explore the Latent Shadow Abyss .

They didn’t expect that the dangers in the Latent Shadow Abyss would be much more severe . They didn’t just have to deal with the endless numbers of berserk corpses, they also had to deal with those formidable 2-star generals .

The trio were basically running for their lives for the whole journey and couldn’t even find a single high-grade spirit stone .

“Junior Li, I am Yuan Long . ”

Yuan Long was rather shocked by Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack and had made the initiative to greet Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen replied, “Senior Yuan, it is an honor to meet you at last . ”

“What are you talking about honor? With just your spiritual awareness attack earlier, Junior Li’s strength is already not weaker than us . ” Yuan Long didn’t put on any airs, after all, the current situation didn’t allow him to do so .

When the sinister youth saw that Li Fuchen didn’t even look at him, his face turned stern . “Sword Qi Sway . ”

He brandished his sword which released a sword qi that was like the rain . It swayed with the wind and covered a range of 100 meters with sword qi .

“Incineration Sword . ”

Li Fuchen also wished to know what level was his strength at, therefore, he didn’t use his spiritual awareness attack and fought with his sword .

Without any sound, a cluster of scarlet blisters appeared . When the sinister youth’s sword qi slashed over, it broke layers of blisters . When all the blisters were burst open, the sword qi’s power was almost left with nothing and couldn’t even break Li Fuchen’s sword qi protection .

“Such strength!” Lei Donghai’s eyes contracted .

Lei Donghai remembered the last time he met Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen’s strength was only at the pinnacle master level and there was still a gap before reaching great master level . But in such a short period of time, Li Fuchen’s strength had increased several times and was at least at the monarch-class master level . Otherwise, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to directly confront the sinister youth .

‘His attack power is weaker than Chu Wu, but their styles are different . Chu Wu emphasizes on the saber art’s lethal power, while this person emphasizes on the sword art’s attack range . ’ Li Fuchen thought silently .

“Sword Qi Divine Surge!”

The sinister youth didn’t expect that Li Fuchen wasn’t just incredible with his spiritual awareness attack, he also possessed such combat strength . Especially Li Fuchen’s sword art that was seemingly more exquisite, otherwise, it was impossible for the sword move’s power to block the sinister youth’s sword move .

A stronger heaven class sword move was executed . It was just like a ripple of sword qi that was like a dragon which charged at Li Fuchen . This sword emphasized on lethal power and he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would still be able to block it .

“Flowing Merciless Edge . ” Li Fuchen exerted his full strength to brandish his sword .

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