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Chapter 574
ER – Chapter 574: Scattered

“Attack together . ”

Lin Shou consumed an elixir which replenished his depleted qi at a very fast speed . At the same moment, Lin Shou swung his left hand and used a large net to cover the Berserk Corpse King .

Earth class peak-tier cardinal treasure, Sky Net .

This kind of net was able to capture a low-level monarch once it hit . The more the captive struggled, the net would become tighter and it would be harder to circulate qi .

As a County Young Lord, his foundation wasn’t something that Li Fuchen and others could compare with .

“Go back . ”

Chu Wu’s battle awareness was exceptional and when Lin Shou released the Sky Net, he knew that he couldn’t allow the Berserk Corpse King to escape the range of the Sky Net . He flashed over and used a light purple saber light to cleave the Berserk Corpse King as though he was trying to cleave the world apart .

“Flowing Merciless Edge . ”

Activating the Bronze Sword Essence and pouring the bronze sword qi into the Red Lotus Sword, Li Fuchen then slashed a scarlet thread at the Berserk King Corpse .

How could he not see that Lin Shou’s Sky Net was everyone’s only hope for victory . Once it didn’t capture the Berserk King Corpse, the consequences would be severe .

“Earth Dipper Battle Body!”

Xiong Dao believed that his regular strength wasn’t comparable with Chu Wu and might not be comparable to Li Fuchen too . Therefore, he quickly burst out with his thick earth power and thick earth divine ability .

The thick earth divine ability, Earth Dipper Battle Body was similar to the Heart of Blazing Flame and Heart of Icy Cold . It was able to increase overall combat strength, but it was mainly to increase the physical power . Physical power didn’t mean that it was qi blood power, sometimes, it was the combination of other power and qi blood power . It would also produce an extreme physical power .

The rod was emitting a bright yellow halo . When Xiong Dao struck with his rod, the yellow halo swelled it and was like a giant rod shadow . It then smashed down at the Berserk Corpse King’s head .

The trio had the strength of 2-star generals and they weren’t ordinary 2-star generals . Their combined attack was probably too powerful for a 3-star general to receive directly .

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But the Berserk Corpse King was ultimately not a 3-star general and he was even stronger than an ordinary 3-star general . His defense was way tougher than 3-star generals too .


There was a loud sound and the trio were sent flying backwards . The Berserk Corpse King was sluggish for a moment, but still escaped the Sky Net .

When the Sky Net contracted back into a metal ball, Lin Shou gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone, the Berserk Corpse King isn’t something we can contest with . Let’s rely on our own fate! I hope to see everyone again . ”

As the County Young Lord, Lin Shou couldn’t possibly stay behind to risk his life . Furthermore, it was useless to risk his life and it would only result in another corpse .

Lin Shou’s body burst out with a colourful barrier as he smashed a path out of the berserk corpse herd .

Apart from the Silver Light Wrist Protector and the Sky Net, he still had plenty of defensive cardinal artifacts . By using these artifacts, as long as he didn’t confront the Berserk Corpse King, he still had a huge chance to survive and it was also why he had the confidence to visit the Latent Shadow Abyss .

Lin Shou had already started to escape, therefore, Li Fuchen and the others naturally weren’t going to stay behind to die . Chu Wu and Xiong Dao started to breakout from the left and right while Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry and hovered in the high altitude .

By using the flight cardinal artifact, Wind Thunder Wings, Li Fuchen was able to glide in the air for a short period of time .

At this moment, Lin Shou and the others were a little envious of Li Fuchen .

If they knew they would be in this situation, they would certainly obtain a flight cardinal artifact before coming here .

Especially for Lin Shou who had such a status, it wasn’t difficult to find a flight cardinal artifact, it was merely time consuming .

It seemed as though the Berserk Corpse King could see that Xiong Dao was the weakest . He turned into a black light and instantly caught up with Xiong Dao .

Xiong Dao couldn’t escape far enough, as he had been obstructed by the berserk corpse herd . Moreover, he was blocked by a peak-class berserk corpse at the front and instead of advancing, he was actually forced to take a few steps back .

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Seeing that the Berserk Corpse King was charging over, Xiong Dao burst out with ferocity and turned around to prepare for a fight to death .

Xiong Dao was never a person that was afraid of death . Even if he was to die, he wasn’t going to give the Berserk Corpse King a good time .


In the sky above, Li Fuchen drew his sword and slashed a scarlet thread on the Berserk Corpse King, and caused it to stagger . Xiong Dao’s rod was smashed down viciously and had sent the Berserk Corpse King flying .

Xiong Dao looked up at Li Fuchen and was silently grateful .

If Li Fuchen didn’t make a move just now, Xiong Dao would have been dismembered by the Berserk Corpse King .

Grabbing the opportunity, Xiong Dao’s combat boots suddenly emitted light and his speed had increased drastically . He then changed another angle to break out .

The Berserk Corpse King might have spirit wisdom but the wisdom level wasn’t very high . Li Fuchen’s action had completely infuriated him . The Berserk Corpse King’s back suddenly extended out with black flesh wings, before he soared into the sky

“Not good . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t expect that the Berserk Corpse King could also fly . With the Berserk Corpse King’s speed, how could Li Fuchen be a match?

The Wind Thunder Wings were flapping hard and releasing wind and thunder while Li Fuchen escaped frantically . Immediately after, Berserk Corpse King started a pursuit .

“This Li Fuchen is an incredible person . ” Xiong Dao had remembered the gratitude he had for Li Fuchen while also feeling worried for Li Fuchen’s safety .

The Wind Thunder Wings gave Li Fuchen a huge boost in speed . If one didn’t look carefully, they would think it was a flickering thunderbolt .

However, the Berserk Corpse King that was chasing behind was even faster and was simply like a black lightning .

Li Fuchen turned around and shot the Avian Thorn at the enemy .

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The Berserk Corpse King didn’t react at all and his speed didn’t reduce .

“It doesn’t work . Spiritual awareness attacks are useless against him . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

“I wonder if illusion arts would work?” With a pair of eyes that flickered endlessly with colors, Li Fuchen glanced at the Berserk Corpse King .

The Berserk Corpse King shook his head and his speed was reduced .

“Is it effective?” Li Fuchen’s face flashed with delight .

The effects might be subtle but it was fine as long as there were effects .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, Oblivion . ” Li Fuchen executed the Thousand Illusion Eyes’ signature move .

The illusion qi from the Thousand Illusion Eyes’ signature move was much stronger than the regular Thousand Illusion Eyes . This time, the Berserk Corpse King was significantly slower than before and its qi presence was much weaker too .

“The Berserk Corpse King had developed a spirit wisdom and as long as a lifeform had spirit wisdom, it would be enchanted . However, the Berserk Corpse King’s spirit wisdom is too simple and is just like a newborn child . Even if I can enchant him, the effects aren’t impactful enough . ”

Li Fuchen immediately thought of the crucial problem .

Even if the Berserk Corpse King was affected by the illusion art and had reduced his combat strength, Li Fuchen didn’t think about using his individual strength to eliminate the Berserk Corpse King .

The Berserk Corpse King’s defense was extremely tough and even if he stood there for Li Fuchen to attack, Li Fuchen still wouldn’t be able to do much .

Li Fuchen increased his speed and left the Berserk Corpse King as far behind as possible .

“I finally got rid of him . ”

Within the depths of the Latent Shadow Abyss, Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness and started to search for high-grade spirit stones and the path to return .

According to what Lin Shou said, there should be more than one entrance and exit to this layer of Latent Shadow Abyss .

But some of the exits were extremely dangerous and might be an entrance to another layer of Latent Shadow Abyss .

Li Fuchen had already forgotten how to go back to the original entrance .

The Latent Shadow Abyss had chaotic laws and without a special cardinal artifact to determine the direction, it was basically impossible to return through the original route .

After all, this wasn’t the outer region of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

“Let me search for more high-grade spirit stones first . ”

Since the Berserk Corpse King was affected by the illusion art, Li Fuchen obviously didn’t have to worry about his life being in danger .


Beside a lake, Li Fuchen leaped and dove into the bottom of the lake .

At the center of the lake, there was a giant rock, and it was embedded with hundreds of high-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen touched the giant rock and absorbed the entire rock into his wrist protector’s spatial zone .

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen felt that he had already been inside the Latent Shadow Abyss for around seven or eight days .

During this period of time, he had found a total of around 1000 high-grade spirit stones . The reward was immense and if this news got out, it would cause a huge commotion .

After all, 1000 high-grade spirit stones was equivalent to 10 million mid-grade spirit stones . Even if an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch would only have a personal wealth of so much .

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