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Published at 2nd of August 2020 10:34:46 AM
Chapter 573


ER – Chapter 573: Berserk Corpse King

“We have to charge out, otherwise, there will be more berserk corpses . ” Chu Wu stated .

Lin Shou nodded . “That’s right, don’t hold back anymore and attack with your full strength . Chu Wu will be the arrowhead for us to charge out of the berserk corpse herd . ”

If they charged out, there was a chance to survive, if they didn’t then death would be awaiting for them .

After taking a deep breath, Chu Wu took the lead and charged into the berserk corpse herd .


The saber light crisscrossed and decapitated at least four to five low-class berserk corpses .

Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen followed closely behind .

Xiong Dao had also cultivated a heaven class rod art but the proficiency wasn’t of a high stage . It probably wasn’t even at the sub-perfection stage .

However, the heaven class martial art wasn’t at the heaven class for no reason . Even if it wasn’t at the completion stage, its power wasn’t something an earth class peak-tier martial art could compare with .

When executed at full strength, two low-class berserk corpses had their heads burst open instantly .

Li Fuchen didn’t use his Bronze Sword Essence yet . He executed his Flowing Merciless Edge and used the scarlet thread to slice each of the low-class berserk corpses’ heads into two halves .

In the face of his Flowing Merciless Edge, beheading and dismembering didn’t make a difference .

But as compared to Lin Shou, Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen’s attack power were inferior .

Lin Shou swung his right hand continuously and shot out silver lights .

Once the silver light struck at the berserk corpse, the corpse would collapse like it lost its spine .

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In terms of attack power, even Chu Wu was slightly inferior .

Furthermore, Lin Shou’s attack range was far beyond Chu Wu .

Li Fuchen could see that the silver light wasn’t part of Lin Shou’s personal strength . It should be the power from an earth class peak-tier cardinal artifact or a pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact .

The Latent Shadow Abyss didn’t restrict long range attack, but it was very difficult to execute long range attacks .

In order to execute long range attacks, one would need an intent that was strong enough, meaning that the laws had to be powerful enough to counteract the Latent Shadow Abyss’s chaotic laws .

Of course, even if the long range attack could be executed, the distance was very limited .

On the other hand, cardinal artifacts contained powerful laws and could actually counteract with a portion of the chaotic laws . During the time at the underground black market, Li Fuchen had witnessed how a cardinal artifact was able to ignore the Qi Forbidden Array and attack from long range .

Qiao Yu and Leng Xue probably didn’t learn any heaven class martial arts as they immediately burst out with extraordinary power .

Qiao Yu’s extraordinary power was the blazing flame power, while Leng Xue’s extraordinary power was the icy cold power .

The coincidental thing was that the divine abilities they awakened were of the same type . One of them had the Heart of Blazing Flame and the other had the Heart of Icy Cold .

This type of divine ability was able to increase overall combat strength and not to execute a formidable attack .

“Yin Ying Ice Fire Sword Formation!”

After they yelled, the duo combined their swords and a blazing sword light and icy sword light were weaved together . A large net was scattered that had a fatal power which was superior to Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen .

“I have underestimated them . ” Xiong Dao curled his mouth .

Roar Roar Roar…

The six of them charged out of the cave at an extreme speed and they were cutting through the herd .

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But halfway through the herd, their speed reduced significantly .

There were too many berserk corpses and apart from a huge number of low-class berserk corpses, there were plenty of mid-class and high-class berserk corpses .

Even Chu Wu had a hard time dealing with all of them .


Chu Wu brandished his saber and had been stopped for the first time .

In front of Chu Wu was a peak-class berserk corpse .

A high-class berserk corpse had the strength of a great master while a peak-class berserk corpse could compete with monarch-class masters .

A monarch-class master had the strength of a 2-star general .

With its extremely tough defense, even if Chu Wu was one of the northern top five generals, he wasn’t able to eliminate this peak-class berserk corpse immediately .

“Chu Wu, step aside . ”

Lin Shou suddenly roared and swung his right hand to throw out a silver light short pike .

At the crucial moment, Chu Wu ducked down and avoided the silver short pike .


Subsequently, the peak-class berserk corpse’s chest was blasted out with a large hole and was sent flying .

Pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact .

No matter how silly a person was, they knew that Lin Shou had used the power of a pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact .

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Pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifacts contained extreme power and when utilized by Battle Spirit Realm masters, it could burst out with strength that was comparable to 3-star generals .

Of course, this didn’t mean that Lin Shou could compete with 3-star generals . Cardinal artifacts were ultimately external power and it couldn’t be executed as one pleased . If Lin Shou was to fight with a 3-star general, he would never be a match .

Peak-class berserk corpses might have the strength of a 2-star general, but it was only their attack power that reached the 2-star general level . Their reaction speed was far slower than 2-star generals and would be easily sent flying .


There wasn’t just one peak-class berserk corpse in the herd . When Lin Shou killed the peak-class berserk corpse, two other peak-class berserk corpses attacked from the sides .

“I will deal with the one on the left . ” Chu Wu knew that he had to reveal his true capability .

The 7-star secret technique burst out and caused Chu Wu’s qi presence to increase drastically . When he cleaved, the saber light was light purple in color and had a dense flow of radiance .


The peak-class berserk corpse that arrived was sent flying by the cleave and had smashed into a group of berserk corpses at the back .

On the other side, Lin Shou did the same thing and sent the other peak-class berserk corpse flying with a silver short pike .

Lin Shou’s face turned pale for a moment before he yelled out, “Hurry up and break out . ”

The usage of pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifacts required a lot of qi, and it was fine if Lin Shou was only shooting out regular silver lights . But if he had to shoot out silver short pikes, the required qi was dozens of times more and even if he was at the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm, he would only be able to use it a few times .

The six of them formed an arrow formation and was charging through the berserk corpse herd . During this period of time, Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen were contributing a lot as they ran on both sides and had repelled attacks from countless berserk corpses . Chu Wu only had to cleave a path ahead .

“Be careful . ”

The one speaking was Li Fuchen .

It was unknown why Li Fuchen had brought out the Wind Thunder Wings and when he flapped his Wind Thunder Wings, he was soaring in the sky .

There was a flash of black light below .

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

Chu Wu wielded his saber and retreated with a turn . There was a blood wound on his right shoulder .

Xiong Dao’s chest caved in a little while he was blasted off like a cannonball .

Lin Shou’s body flashed with a myriad colors and was unscathed but he was sent flying very far away .

Qiao Yu and Leng Xue were in the worst condition .

They didn’t have time to execute the Yin Yang Ice Fire Sword formation and one of them had his chest punctured, while the other had the head ripped off .

After tossing away the head in the hand, the Berserk Corpse King emitted a dark qi presence and revealed a sinister grin while turning around .

“This strength is already comparable with regular 3-star generals . ” Lin Shou’s heart turned cold .

He was fortunate enough to see a 3-star general making a move . That 3-star general was rather weak or might not have used his full strength . In short, that 3-star general was still inferior to this Berserk Corpse King .

“Such a fast speed . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t paying attention to the Berserk Corpse King’s attack power but the speed .

The Berserk Corpse King had intense law power and extraordinary charging speed . If Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness wasn’t exceptional enough, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge that attack in time and would be blasted off like Xiong Dao .

“Damn it . ”

Vomiting a mouthful of blood with small pieces of shatter innards, Xiong Dao swayed as he stood up and had bloodshot eyes .


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