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Chapter 572
ER – Chapter 572: Chu Wu’s Strength

During the journey, the six of them were attacked by berserk corpses multiple times .

The weakest of the berserk corpses were comparable with elite masters . Each punch and kick would possess powerful law power . Some of the formidable berserk corpses even reached the strength of a great master and were only slightly inferior to 1-star generals .

The most terrifying berserk corpses were as powerful and as tough as one could imagine . Even Xiong Dao who was a 2-star general would need to attack with over a dozen rod moves before killing it .

According to Lin Shou, the berserk corpses were separated into five classes .

The low-class berserk corpses were comparable to elite masters; mid-class berserk corpses were comparable to pinnacle masters; high-class berserk corpses were comparable to the great masters . There were also the stronger peak-class berserk corpses and Berserk Corpse King .

Low-class berserk corpses required more than one slash from Qiao Yu who was a 1-star general . Mid-class berserk corpses would require five to six rod strikes from Xiong Dao before dying . High-class berserk corpses would need over a dozen rod strikes from Xiong Dao . It was no wonder Lin Shou would say that 1-star generals would be facing certain death if they went deep into this Latent Shadow Abyss .

“Chu Wu, are you trying to treat me as a laborer? You will deal with this berserk corpse . ”

They encountered a few more berserk corpses again . Among them was a mid-class berserk corpse . After Xiong Dao eliminated the low-class berserk corpse, he left the mid-class berserk corpse alone .

After all, if he wanted to eliminate a mid-class berserk corpse, his arm would be numb for a period of time .

“You people naturally have to do more work at the initial part . It will be hard for you to do anything during the later part . ” Chu Wu said emotionlessly .

Xiong Dao raised his brows and glared . “Stop your ravings and eliminate this mid-class berserk corpse first . ”

Xiong Dao wanted to use this chance to see Chu Wu’s strength .


The mid-class berserk corpse didn’t have much rationality . When Xiong Dao backed away, it immediately headed for the closest Chu Wu .


The saber was unsheathed and there was a flash of saber light, before a massive skull flew into the air .

The one who made the move was obviously Chu Wu .

Xiong Dao would need at least five to six rod strikes before killing a mid-class berserk corpse . However, Chu Wu merely used one saber move to decapitate the berserk corpse .

Xiong Dao looked rather unpleasant as the power of this saber slash was significantly stronger than him . Was this the strength of the northern top five generals?

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“Such power . ” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

In his opinion, Chu Wu’s saber slash actually had the strength to kill Lin Hu .

Even if Li Fuchen was a fool, he could obviously see that Chu Wu cultivated a heaven class saber art or a heaven class saber move .

The Red Rainbow Sect’s collection was rather impressive . Apart from the heaven class sword art, Red Rainbow Sword Art, they also had a heaven class saber art, and a heaven class palm art . This was something second-rate monarch-class clans couldn’t compare with . Only first-rate monarch-class clans would barely be able to contest with monarch-class sects’ foundation .

“No wonder he is one of the northern top five generals . ” Lin Shou praised .

Qiao Yu and Leng Xue had also revealed shocked expressions .

They were only 1-star generals . Even though they believed that they were rather formidable among 1-star generals, they knew that they were far inferior to Chu Wu who was a pinnacle 2-star general .

Subsequently, Xiong Dao no longer complained about Chu Wu . It was just as Chu Wu said, such a minor situation should be handled by them .

However, Xiong Dao was rather gloomy . Among everyone, apart from Chu Wu and Lin Shou, he was the strongest and he would always be dealing with the mid-class berserk corpses . He even had to deal with high-class berserk corpses too and it was taking a toll on him .

He glanced at Qiao Yu and Leng Xue . This duo’s strength was mediocre, but it was fortunate that they were adept at combination art . When they worked together, they were almost able to compete with 2-star generals .

However, berserk corpses weren’t 2-star generals and to deal with berserk corpses, one would need sufficient attack power . It didn’t make a difference if the duo worked together or not .

Ultimately, Xiong Dao placed his attention on Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s strength was certainly stronger than Qiao Yu and Leng Xue . He would only use one sword to deal with a low-class berserk corpse .

But Li Fuchen was rather low profile and never dealt with any of the mid-class and high-class berserk corpses .

“Li Fuchen, are you also waiting to utilize your strength during the later part?” Xiong Dao sneered .

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “I noticed that you were rather proactive earlier on and didn’t want to fight over with you . ”。

Xiong Dao intentionally wanted to perform earlier and was doing his best . Right now, he felt that it was rather strenuous and no longer wanted to fight on the frontline .

Xiong Dao replied unhappily, “I am tired, is that okay?”

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He wasn’t really tired, but the Latent Shadow Abyss was extremely dangerous and he had to reserve some strength for later .

“Alright, we will take turns to deal with mid-class and high-class berserk corpses . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

The berserk corpses on the wilderness were all scattered out and they finally encountered another mid-class berserk corpse after a long time .

Li Fuchen stepped forward and drew his Red Lotus Sword before swinging out a scarlet and bright thread .


The mid-class berserk corpse’s head tilted and its neck was severed halfway through .

It was no different from a decapitation .

In terms of attack power, Li Fuchen’s sword move wasn’t much different from Chu Wu .

Most importantly, Chu Wu’s cultivation was already at the peak level of Battle Spirit Realm while Li Fuchen was only at the 5th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

Of course, the gap between the duo wasn’t as significant as four levels .

From that saber slash earlier, Chu Wu’s saber art probably wasn’t at the trance stage yet .

However, Li Fuchen’s Flowing Merciless Edge was already at the trance stage .

This was something that Chu Wu couldn’t compare with .

Lin Shou had already witnessed Li Fuchen’s strength, therefore, he wasn’t surprised .

But Xiong Dao and the others were rather surprised .

Just from this sword move, Li Fuchen’s strength was at least at the 2-star general level .

“You are really putting on a disguise!” Xiong Dao twitched his mouth and admitted that Li Fuchen wasn’t weaker than him .

Xiong Dao might need five or six rod strikes to kill a mid-class berserk corpse, but it was mainly because the rod was a blunt weapon . The berserk corpse had tough defense and was rather resistant to blunt weapons .

It was the same as using a rod to strike at a tree which was inferior to using a blade to slice a tree .

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If the opposition was a person, then the rod’s lethal power was much more significant . They might look unharmed on the outside, but the inside was probably shattered .

The concept of time within the Latent Shadow Abyss was rather unclear and it was unknown how much time had gone by . The group travelled from a wilderness to a mountain range .

The mountain range was very desolate and it was barren, and void of any vegetation . It gave off a very spacious and illusory feeling .

After eliminating a few waves of berserk corpses, the six of them arrived in front of a pitch-black cave .

After scanning inside with their spiritual awarenesses, everyone, including Li Fuchen, had eyes that lit up .

The cave wasn’t deep and was only around over a hundred meters . At the end of the cave, all six of them sensed that there were high-grade spirit stones and there were quite a lot of them .

“There are a total of 17 berserk corpses and there might be peak-class berserk corpses . Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen will be at the front, Chu Wu will follow behind . If there are any high-class or peak-class berserk corpses, Chu Wu will deal with them . ” Lin Shou instructed .

Hearing the instructions, Chu Wu nodded .

Chu Wu agreed to form a team with Lin Shou because he knew that Lin Shou had pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifacts and Lin Shou’s strength wasn’t inferior to him at all . Only such teammates would guarantee that Chu Wu could enter deep into the Latent Shadow Abyss . It wasn’t his style to fight those trivial battles in the outer regions .

Therefore, he still had to listen to Lin Shou’s arrangements .

Under Lin Shou’s arrangements, Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen stood side by side and entered the cave first .


The berserk corpses roared out loudly before an intense battle started .

The six of them had rather good luck as there wasn’t any peak-class berserk corpse among the 17 berserk corpses . There was only one high-class berserk corpse .

This high-class berserk corpse was only able to withstand two blades from Chu Wu’s saber art .

After arriving at the end of the cave, everyone held their breaths .

On the walls of the cave, there were dozens of crystals with dazzling halos that were embedded .

These crystals were actually emitting the presence of the great dao .

High-grade spirit stones!

Only high-grade spirit stones would contain such intense halo and only high-grade spirit stones would contain the presence of the great dao .

Dozens of high-grade spirit stones would be equivalent to hundreds of thousands of mid-grade spirit stones .

It might not sound a lot but the crucial point was that high-grade spirit stones didn’t appear on the market . Those who wanted high-grade spirit stones would need to try their luck on the auction or to search for them in exploration sites .

“There should be more high-grade spirit stones than these . ” Lin Shou swung his hand and shot out a silver light .


The cave walls collapsed into dust and more high-grade spirit stones appeared .

After everyone tidied up the place, they realized there were a total of 101 high-grade spirit stones .

According to the distribution method, Lin Shou took 30% which meant 30 high-grade spirit stones . The rest of the 71 high-grade spirit stones, Chu Wu took a share of 25 pieces, Xiong Dao and Li Fuchen received 15 pieces each, while Qiao Yu and Leng Xue obtained 8 pieces each .  

“So these are high-grade spirit stones?” While holding onto a piece of high-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen revealed traces of surprise .

The spirit qi within the high-grade spirit stone was like a torrential river that was surging with extreme violence, and they were extremely pure . There was basically no impurities and the most crucial part was the great dao presence in the high-grade spirit stones that were greatly beneficial to cultivation .

After obtaining the high-grade spirit stones, everyone prepared to leave the cave .

“Not good, we can’t exit . ” Qiao Yu’s face changed .

Outside the cave, it was unknown when a large group of berserk corpses had surrounded the place and blocked up the cave .

Chu Wu said in a heavy voice, “There is a black berserk corpse that is standing furthest away . He is controlling the berserk corpse herd . ”

“Controlling the berserk corpse herd?”

Lin Shou said with an agonized expression, “If he is really controlling the berserk corpse herd, then he is definitely a Berserk Corpse King . Only Berserk Corpse King will develop a trace of spirit wisdom . ”

Berserk corpses were actually walking corpses and didn’t have any spirit wisdom .

Berserk Corpse Kings were different as they developed spirit wisdom and was considered another kind of lifeform .

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