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Chapter 571
ER – Chapter 571: Latent Shadow Abyss

“Let me give an introduction, this is Chu Wu, Red Rainbow Sect’s emperor-class disciple and a 2-star general . He is one of the top five generals of the northern Red Moon Empire . ”

Lin Shou stood up and introduced Chu Wu to Li Fuchen and the others .

For this trip to the Latent Shadow Abyss, Chu Wu was the most important factor .

The others might not know of the strength of the top five generals in the north, but Lin Shou knew very clearly .

The number of northern 2-star generals were at least 80 if not 100 . To become the top five generals among so many individuals was obvious to prove Chu Wu’s strength . He was probably able to kill weaker low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“You are Chu Wu? Let’s spar when we have the chance . ” Xiong Dao grinned .

Chu Wu said, “I’m afraid that I cannot control my strength and kill you . ”

“3-star generals might not be able to kill me . ” Xiong Dao raised his brows and said confidently .

Lin Shou introduced the four others, “Chu Wu, they are Xiong Dao, Qiao Yu, Leng Xue, and Li Fuchen…”

Chu Wu nodded indifferently and didn’t say anything .

“Since everyone is here, then let’s depart!”

Lin Shou waved his hand and a large shop that was over a dozen meters in size had appeared in the sky . The ship had an array pagoda and it was emitting a murderous qi that was comparable with Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Even the air in the core garden had become chilly .

Everyone understood in a single glance that this was a class 7 low-tier, small-sized battleship .

The construction cost of a class 7 battleship was extremely expensive . The construction cost of a class 7 low-tier, small-sized battleship would be at least 5 million mid-grade spirit stones and when operating the battleship, mid-grade spirit stones were also required .

When looking at this class 7 low-tier, small-sized battleship, even Chu Wu couldn’t help but squint his eyes .

The County Young Lord didn’t have his status for show . Even though his strength wasn’t formidable, with the aid from his artifacts, he was able to suppress weaker low-level monarchs .

After boarding the battleship, Lin Shou used his thoughts to turn the battleship into a stream of light and fly in the sky .

The class 7 low-tier battleship was very fast and wasn’t slower than a regular low-level monarch . After one month, everyone arrived at a large canyon .

It was an immensely huge canyon and it was at least 10,000 miles long . The width was up to a few hundred miles and it had immeasurable depth .

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According to what Lin Shou said, this canyon was actually a crevice that was opened up by a great battle between saints . There were plenty of such crevices and there were even bigger ones .

“The Latent Shadow Abyss is inside this crevice . There are basically many levels of Latent Shadow Abyss in each of the crevices and this Latent Shadow Abyss is of a rather low grade . The laws are more ‘accommodating’ to Battle Spirit Realm, but if the Battle Spirit Realm master’s strength is’t at the 1-star general level, it would result in almost certain death . Only 2-star generals had the ability to protect themselves . ”

The crevice was immeasurably deep and when one looked into it, the darkness felt as though it was going to swallow the spirit soul .

The crevice had plenty of smaller crevices and those smaller crevices were the various entrances to the Latent Shadow Abyss .

Lin Shou spoke and controlled the battleship to fly into a smaller crevice that was closer to the left .

The small crevice looked rather small, but as the battleship got nearer, Li Fuchen realized that the crevice was several miles in length and over one mile in height .

“There are so many people?” Qiao Yu frowned after scanning with his spiritual awareness .

Inside the small crevice, there were buildings, restaurants, teahouses, inns, and all sorts of shops . It was just like a gathering place for humans and the people inside this place were all Battle Spirit Realm masters . They numbered at least 8000 if not 10,000 .

Lin Shou explained, “The Latent Shadow Abyss might be extremely dangerous, but there are many who are willing to risk their lives . After all, as long as one could find one high-grade spirit stone, they would be able to live easy for half their life . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . To seek riches in danger was a very common thing .

Furthermore, the cultivation of martial dao was supposed to be undaunted by perils .

When the battleship landed, Lin Shou stored it .

The Latent Shadow Abyss had chaotic laws and the larger the commotion, the higher the chance of attracting danger . Therefore, unless it was crucial, it was best not to utilize the battleship .

After all, the battleship was too big and it would cause too much commotion to fly in it .

In the middle of the buildings, there were several teleportation platforms and each of them were busy operating . There were people leaving or arriving through the teleportation platforms .

Lin Shou said, “The teleportation arrays here are connected to the nearby cities . The Latent Shadow Abyss has chaotic laws and the further you teleport, the easier it is for accidents to happen . Therefore, it is only for short distance teleportation . ”

In fact, even if the laws of the Latent Shadow Abyss weren’t chaotic, it still wasn’t possible to connect to 660 cities in the Red Moon Empire .

A higher continent class would mean a higher cost when constructing a teleportation array . There were some important materials that were basically nowhere to be found, especially the teleportation array’s core material, the spatial crystal .

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The foreign monarch-class sects had to use the resources of an entire continent to construct a connecting teleportation array to the Emperor Sky Continent . The Red Moon Empire might be wealthy, but it was still inferior to some individuals and some factions . It was impossible to use the entire empire’s resources to make a teleportation array that was a higher grade than the foreign monarch-class sects . The amount of resources required were something that even an empire couldn’t afford . Furthermore, spatial crystals were rare in every continent, therefore, without any spatial crystals, it would be useless even if there were endless resources .

Thus, in the entire Red Moon Empire, only county cities, province cities and the imperial city were connected by teleportation arrays . The rest of the cities didn’t have teleportation arrays . If the Latent Shadow Abyss didn’t produce high-grade spirit stones, a teleportation array might not be constructed here . After all, each teleportation array required a spatial crystal and it wasn’t worth it .

“Hurry up and stop him . That person has two high-grade spirit stones!”

In the depths of a small crevice, there was a pitch-black whirlpool and all of a sudden, two bloodied figures rushed out from the whirlpool . The one at the back was yelling out to everyone .

“High-grade spirit stones?”

“Two of them?”

“Haha, I am going to get rich . As long as I can stop him and obtain one of the high-grade spirit stones, I don’t have to fret for the rest of my life . ”

After hearing the statement, many of the Battle Spirit Realm masters had rushed out .

However, Li Fuchen realized that these people couldn’t fly and could only run . Furthermore, they were all trying to get to close range and didn’t attack from a distance .

Lin Shou explained, “This place might only be the entrance of the Latent Shadow Abyss, but the chaotic laws are leaking out . No flight or long-range attacks are possible in this place . If a Primary Sea Real monarch comes here, it will cause the laws to become more chaotic and form all sorts of crises . As such, many of the advantages could be used and there wasn’t a need to fear the threats of a Primary Sea Realm monarch . ”

When Lin Shou was speaking, that figure that was being surrounded had suddenly brought out a glowing gem and crushed it . There was a burst of dazzling radiance and within the range of a few hundred meters, it wasn’t even possible to see five fingers . At this moment, a figure rushed to the teleportation platform and tossed out a mid-grade spirit stone before teleporting out of this place .

“Damn it . ”

No one was able to stop that person and everything was very disappointed with the outcome .

Two pieces of high-grade spirit stones were the same as 20,000 mid-grade spirit stones . Furthermore, this was the market price and if brought onto the auction, a single high-grade spirit stone could be sold for 15,000 or 20,000 mid-grade spirit stones easily .

Just as everyone was feeling disappointed, another person walked out of the whirlpool .

“Stop him, that person might have high-grade spirit stones too . ”

Anyone who emerged from the Latent Shadow Abyss were everyone’s targets .

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

However, everyone underestimated this person’s strength .

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This person was able to emerge from the Latent Shadow Abyss unscathed and was extremely formidable . According to Li Fuchen’s estimation, this person was formidable even among the 1-star generals . That person basically used one move to deal with each individual . In just a few breaths, over ten Battle Spirit Realm masters were killed .

After detecting the presence of Li Fuchen and his group, the person looked rather apprehensive and quickly left through the teleportation array .

“Come, let’s go in too!”

One or two high-grade spirit stones weren’t valuable enough in Lin Shou’s eyes . He required much more high-grade spirit stones .

Led by Lin Shou, the group of six individuals entered the pitch-black whirlpool .

It was a dusky and strange world .

The sky was tangled with shadows and surrounding mountain peaks were like giant shadows that were wiggling and transforming . Even the grass and trees on the ground were like slender shadows .

When stepping on the ground, the six of them didn’t feel like they were stepping on something solid .

Lin Shou said, “According to the speculation, when the two saints battled, one of the saints was a master in the shadow dao laws . It is why the shadow dao laws are very powerful in the Latent Shadow Abyss and are intertwined with other laws, creating a weird disorder . ”


When Lin Shou finished talking, the small stalk of shadow grass suddenly shot at Li Fuchen .

While sword intent was contained in the fingers, Li Fuchen pinched the shadow grass .


When attacked by the sword intent, the shadow grass turned scattered .

“Inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, there are plenty of things that don’t have an actual body . They are all formed by the laws . ” Lin Shou spoke while staying calm .

“I see . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

Roar! Roar!

The Latent Shadow Abyss was massive but Li Fuchen and the group had only walked a small segment of road, before they heard an abnormal roar .

This roar didn’t sound like a demonic beast nor a demon . It sounded like a roar from a human but it was filled with chaos and brutality .

“Be careful, it seems like a berserk corpse . ” Lin Shou’s eyes turned serious .

Soon enough, the roars got closer .

‘It isn’t far from us…’

Li Fuchen scanned with his spiritual awareness . This place didn’t allow the spiritual awareness to scan far away, but Li Fuchen’s exceptional spiritual awareness allowed for a considerable range .

His spiritual awareness could sense an entirely black humanoid monster with iron skin that was running over .

In just a few breaths, the humanoid monster arrived in front of everyone .

“Let me do it . ”

Qiao Yu kept his iron fan and drew a silver sword that was glittering with frosty light . He then slashed at the humanoid monster .


Sparks burst out and the humanoid monster was unharmed . It was fortunate that the humanoid monster didn’t have powerful strength and was sent flying by the slash .

“Such tough defense . ” Qian Yu looked unpleasant .

Lin Shou said, “The berserk corpse is formed from the corpse of the martial artist . It is infected by an abnormal law, making the physical body extremely durable and it is very difficult to kill . Its strength isn’t especially powerful though . Of course, there are extremely powerful berserk corpses in the deeper parts of the Latent Shadow Abyss, that are superior to 2-star generals . ”

“It is merely a berserk corpse . ”

Xiong Dao chased over and smashed his rod on the berserk corpse’s head .


The berserk corpse’s head had broken open and it collapsed on the ground lifelessly .

“It isn’t that tough . ”

Xiong Dao might be speaking like that, but he was silently rubbing his right arm . The recoil from his rod had numbed his right arm and it made him feel a little afraid .

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