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Chapter 570
ER – Chapter 570: Chu Wu

“18 Gale Palms!”

Forcefully stopping his body from flying backwards, Lin Hu was infuriated and had executed the finishing move of his earth class peak-tier martial art . The whole sky was covered in giant palms of gale .

It was also an earth class peak-tier martial art but when executed by Primary Sea Realm monarchs, it was brutal and exquisite . Every portion of strength was used flawlessly and it didn’t give off any majestic yet impractical feeling .

Lin Hu believed that this palm should be enough to suppress Li Fuchen .

“Incineration Sword . ”

When facing Lin Hu’s dominant palm strike, Li Fuchen’s Flaming Snake Sword drew across lightly .

Without any sound or presence, hundreds of scarlet blisters appeared in the sky .

Bang Boom!

Lin Hu’s 18 Gale Palms progressed half way and made contact with the blisters .

The blisters exploded continuously and layers of incinerating sword qi headed for Lin Hu .


After vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, Lin Hu flew backwards again and his right arm was trembling a little .

“Lin Hu, you lost . ”

Lin Shou immediately stopped Lin Hu while smiling .

People who could defeat Lin Hu were at least 2-star generals . Lin Shou who possessed plenty of cardinal artifacts had a strength that was close to a 3-star general . Now that he had multiple 2-star generals with him, this trip to the Latent Shadow Abyss would definitely be much more successful .

Lin Hu might be unreluctant, but he didn’t dare to defy Lin Shou . He cupped his fist and returned back to Lin Shou’s side .

Lin Shou laughed . “Brother Li’s sword art is truly astounding and I have never seen anything like that . This Monarch Dao Golden Elixir is yours . ”

Lin Shou swung his hand and a jade bottle flew towards Li Fuchen .

In his opinion, Li Fuchen was definitely an 8-star bone frame and should be an emperor-class disciple from a certain monarch-class sect . After all, he already had information on all the 8-star bone frames in the county .

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An 8-star bone frame from a monarch-class sect was someone that Lin Shou was naturally willing to get associated with .

After all, this world was a world where the strong ruled supreme . Even with the Red Moon Empire as the backer, monarch-class sects weren’t that easy to get along with .

After receiving the jade bottle, Li Fuchen didn’t even look at it and simply stored it inside his storage bag and cupped his fist . “Many thanks, County Young Lord . ”

Lin Shou restrained his impulse to recruit Li Fuchen and announced, “The sparring might have ended but the gathering isn’t over yet . There is plenty of great food and drinks, let’s interact with one another . In the future, when we venturn in the martial world and enter dangerous places, we might be able to rely on one another . ”

It was obvious that Lin Shou was adept at controlling the atmosphere . The gathering which was in a rather dull atmosphere had suddenly become lively with a single statement from Lin Shou .

However, it was mainly because his words were reasonable too .

The Emperor Sky Continent was too huge and it wasn’t a bad thing to make some friends .

At the later part of the gathering, the sky was getting dark .

A voice was transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ear . “Brother Li, when the gathering has ended, please don’t leave first . I have something to discuss with you . ”

As expected .

Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised at all . He wouldn’t believe it if someone said that Lin Shou was hosting this gathering purely for everyone to enjoy .

No one would spend such a large amount of spirit stones and so many precious elixirs to host a gathering that wasn’t useful to them . Unless, the opposition had already reached the pinnacle of martial dao and was simply enjoying life .

“Sure . ” Li Fuchen nodded in agreement .

When the gathering ended, everyone started to leave .

Qi Junjun knew that Li Fuchen had something to discuss with County Young Lord Lin Shou, therefore, she had also taken her leave .

When everyone left, the massive core garden was only left with Lin Shou, Lin Hu, and Li Fuchen . Lin Shou then invited Li Fuchen to come over .

Lin Shou poured a cup of tea for Li Fuchen before speaking, “Brother Li, I actually have my own personal agenda for hosting this gathering . I wonder if Brother Li heard of the Latent Shadow Abyss . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head . He had only arrived at the Emperor Sky Continent not long ago and there were plenty of things he didn’t know .

Lin Shou explained, “The Latent Shadow Abyss is said to be the product of a great battle between two saints that happened countless years ago . That time, the Emperor Sky Continent had yet to awaken its continent willpower . There was a day when two saints arrived at the Emperor Sky Continent and had fought for a cardinal artifact . That battle had nearly ripped the Emperor Sky Continent and caused a displacement of the laws in the underground, resulting in the formation of the Latent Shadow Abyss . No one knows how many levels the Latent Shadow Abyss had, but everyone knows that each level is extremely dangerous . However, because of the great battle between the two saints, some of the spirit stone ore vein had been ripped out and those include the high-grade spirit stones ore vein . I hosted this gathering with the objective to invite competent teammates and explore the Latent Shadow Abyss to search for high-grade spirit stones . ”

High-grade spirit stones were 10,000 times more valuable than mid-grade spirit stones .

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The amount of spirit qi was a few hundred times more than the mid-grade spirit stones while the spirit qi purity was also around ten times higher than the mid-grade spirit stones . If Primary Sea Realm monarchs wished to cultivate the Law Phase Realm, high-grade spirit stones were necessities . However, high-grade spirit stones were generally in the extreme depths of the underground and those depths were hard to reach even for Law Phase Realm emperors . Unless, there was a continental earthquake that happened every few years that could shake these high-grade spirit stones ore veins to the surface or closer to the surface . Otherwise, it was basically impossible to obtain high-grade spirit stones .

“High-grade spirit stones . ” Li Fuchen’s was stirred .

He naturally knew the value of high-grade spirit stones .

A single mid-grade spirit stone could exchange for 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, similarly, a single high-grade spirit stone could exchange for 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

It also meant that a single high-grade spirit stone was worth 100 million low-grade spirit stones .

But the exchange wasn’t so simple .

Due to the rarity of the high-grade spirit stones, no one would be willing to sell them .

This year’s auction had even appeared with a heaven class low-tier artifact sword, but there weren’t any high-grade spirit stones .

Li Fuchen didn’t believe that those elite monarchs didn’t possess high-grade spirit stones .

It must be due to the fact that they didn’t have enough high-grade spirit stones for themselves, therefore, they weren’t willing to sell it .

After all, the heaven class low-tier artifact sword was ultimately used on the outside, while one’s own cultivation realm and level was of the utmost importance .

“Since the Latent Shadow Abyss is so dangerous, wouldn’t it be certain death for a Battle Spirit Realm master to enter it?” Li Fuchen was puzzled .

Lin Shou laughed . “The Latent Shadow Abyss’s laws are extremely chaotic . There are some places that even Law Phase Realm emperors would face grave danger if they entered . There are places that limit the cultivation and entering would activate an immense danger . The level I wish to go in the Latent Shadow Abyss is most suitable for Battle Spirit Realm masters, if Primary Sea Realm monarchs entered that place, their chances of survival would be lower than Battle Spirit Realm masters . ”

“So that is the case . ” Li Fuchen was enlightened .

“Does County Young Lord wish to invite me to the Latent Shadow Abyss?” Li Fuchen might already know of Lin Shou’s objective, but he still had to ask .

Lin Shou nodded, “That’s right . The Latent Shadow Abyss is extremely dangerous and without the strength of a 2-star general, it is basically useless to enter the place . Even if a large number of Battle Spirit Real masters were used to form battle formations, it would also be in vain . There are countless dangers in that place and it is hard to know when danger might arise . Battle formations weren’t able to be maintained consistently, therefore, one could only rely on individual martial strength . ”

If battle formations could be used, he wouldn’t need to invite Li Fuchen . The Red Moon Empire’s battle formation was extremely powerful and even the county battle formation was also fearsome . Let alone 2-star generals, those battle formations were able to fight with 3-star generals .

It could be said that the trump card of the city lord residences and the county protector residences were the battle formations . ”

“How will the treasures be distributed inside the Latent Shadow Abyss . ”

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If there weren’t any high-grade spirit stones inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, Li Fuchen wasn’t going in, however, it was different if high-grade spirit stones were in there . ”

With high-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen would be able to break through to the Primary Sea Realm at a faster pace .

Lin Shou stated, “I will take 30% of all treasures while the rest will be distributed according to contribution . ”

An equal distribution was impossible . Firstly, he was the County Young Lord and also the team leader . Secondly, he possessed plenty of cardinal artifacts and his strength was comparable to a 3-star general .

Furthermore, even if he agreed, the rest of the people wouldn’t agree .

After all, who didn’t wish to contribute more and obtain more treasures .

“Alright . ” Li Fuchen didn’t have any opinion for this distribution rule .

“Since Brother Li agrees, we will be departing in one week . ” Lin Shou let out a breath of relief .

The treasures inside the Latent Shadow Abyss weren’t that easy to obtain and he was rather afraid that Li Fuchen wouldn’t agree .

One week later, at the core garden of South Sun Garden…

Lin Shou and Li Fuchen were drinking tea in the pavilion while waiting .

Shortly after, an imposing youth walked into the core garden .

This youth had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear . His arms were thicker than most people’s thighs and his eyes had a reserved brilliance, but emitted immense pressure . If one didn’t use the eye to see properly, one would think that a ferocious beast was walking over slowly .

Lin Shou said, “Li Fuchen, let me introduce you to Xiong Dao, an emperor-class disciple from the Sky Sea Guild . He has the strength of a 2-star general . His rod art is forceful and powerful, normal individuals wouldn’t be able to block it . ”。

Li Fuchen sized up Xiong Dao and nodded silently .

All emperor-class disciples weren’t simple . Lin Shou might have plenty of cardinal artifacts and was comparable to 3-star generals, but it wouldn’t be easy for him to suppress a 2-star general . After all, power that didn’t belong to oneself wouldn’t be as efficient to use .

“Greetings to County Young Lord . ” Xiong Dao cupped his fist .

Lin Shou nodded and said, “Xiong Dao, take a seat!”

He didn’t introduce Li Fuchen as it wouldn’t be too late to give an introduction after everyone arrived .

After sitting down, Xiong Dao didn’t look at Li Fuchen and started to eat and drink while minding his own business .

Soon enough, two individuals arrived together .

It was a man and a woman .  

The man was handsome and elegant . He was wearing a long robe and wielding an iron fan .

The woman was charming and beautiful, she was wearing green clothes .

“Qiao Yu, Leng Xue, the two of them are both 1-star generals and are a couple . They come from the Heaven Dipper Cult and are part of the eight monarch-class direct disciples in the Heaven Dipper Cult . ”

Lin Shou introduced the duo .

Xiong Dao glanced at them without saying anything . 1-star generals were nothing in his eyes and it wasn’t the same even if he didn’t know them .

Li Fuchen nodded slightly to the duo .

He had heard of the Heaven Dipper Cult and it was a half-emperor faction . But they weren’t from the South Sun County .

If they were the top monarch-class disciples from the Heaven Dipper Cult, their strength was probably superior to Lou Jiye and Sima Heng .

Without speaking about others, the Red Rainbow Sect’s three monarch-class direct disciples were also 1-star generals . Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t know if the trio were still 1-star generals now .

In short, generals were the standard of strength in the Red Moon Empire .

After the duo went to their seats, everyone continued to wait .

When Xiong Dao was almost impatient, a figure arrived slowly .

This was an extremely dashing youth and when he arrived, the atmosphere of the core garden changed . Xiong Dao stared at the youth with serious eyes .

Lin Shou laughed heartily and said, “Chu Wu, you are late . ”

“Chu Wu?” Li Fuchen’s face flashed with astonishment .

Of the two emperor-class disciples in the Red Rainbow Sect, there was a person called Chu Wu and Li Fuchen’s intuition told him that they were probably the same person .

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