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Chapter 569
ER – Chapter 569: Fighting Lin Hu

When the last two Spirit Ascension Elixirs found their owners, Lin Shou said, “Since all four Spirit Ascension Elixirs are already given out, there is only the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir left . Anyone who is confident with their strength can challenge my personal guard, Lin Hu . As long as you are slightly superior, this Monarch Dao Golden Elixir belongs to you . ”

“County Young Lord, Lou Jiye wishes to try . ” A handsome youth with long hair arrived on the stage .

Lou Jiye was the no . 1 youth expert of the Lou Clan which was one of the major second-rate monarch-class clans . He was actually the no . 1 youth expert of the Lou Clan in a few centuries . His strength had reached the great master level a few years ago and he had the 7-star saber dao bone frame . His overall strength was far superior to Tao Hai and Wang Daochang .
(TL note: Alright, five major second-rate monarch-class clans so far: Sima Clan, Taishi Clan, Tao Clan, Yun Clan, Wang Clan, Lou Clan . I think the author forgot the number of major second-rate monarch-class clans so I shall no longer write ‘five major’)

“Please give me some pointers . ” Lin Hu moved instantaneously and stood directly opposite of Lou Jiye .

Lin Hu stood with hands behind his back while looking composed and confident .

After all, he was a Primary Sea Realm monarch and even if he was a 1st level monarch, no great masters were comparable to him .

“Dark Night Cleave!”

Lou Jiye didn’t dare to be complacent and immediately burst out with his saber dao power before executing his saber dao divine ability, Dark Night Cleave .

Dark Night Cleave was a crescent-shaped black saber light . The saber light looked as though it had its own consciousness and when Lou Jiye waved his right hand, the saber light was rapidly expanding and had turned into an eight-meter black arc that cleaved at Lin Hu .

Lin Hu didn’t execute his divine ability . He was only a 6-star bone frame and his divine ability wasn’t as formidable as his martial arts .

Clenching his right fist, Lin Hu blasted a fist at the black arc .


Even the void seemed like it was distorted . The black arc was extremely tough, it might have cracked after receiving the fist, but there were still parts where it was connected . It looked just like glue and also countless strands of lines that were connected .


Lin Hu raised his brows and increased his fist force by several times .

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The black arc still ended up in an explosion .

Excreting some blood from the corner of the mouth, Lou Jiye soared into the sky and executed another Dark Night Cleave at Lin Hu .

His Dark Night Cleave was an extremely powerful saber dao divine ability and if it struck at Lin Hu, it was enough to injure him .

Lin Hu grinned and sneereed while his right fist flashed with chilly radiance . His fist looked like it had punched through the void and had immediately shattered the Dark Night Cleave, resulting in a rain of light .

“Wind, come forth . ”

Lin Hu used his left hand to grab at the empty air . The wind dao qi were gathering in a frenzy above the South Sun Garden . In the next moment, Lou Jiye felt that he was immersed within a swamp as all of his movements were two times slower .

Control of the nature power .

This was the symbol of strength for Primary Sea Realm monarchs and it was also the Primary Sea Realm monarch’s trump card for dealing with lower realm martial artists .


After executing another fist, Lou Jiye was sent flying .

Lin Shou’s face revealed disappointment . Lou Jiye might be formidable but he was still lacking .

“Sima Heng is here to receive teachings . ” A lightning bolt rushed at Lin Hu .

Sima Heng, the no . 1 prodigy of the century in the Sima Clan . He possessed the 7-star wind thunder bone frame .

The wind thunder bone frame might not be comparable with the saber dao bone frame, but the wind thunder divine ability awakened by Sima Heng might not be inferior to Lou Jiye’s saber dao divine ability .

Most importantly, Sima Heng was several years older than Lou Jiye, therefore, he had comprehended more of the bone frame patterns than Lou Jiye .

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“Wind Thunder Massive Breakthrough . ”

After a violent roar, Sima Heng slammed his palm on Lin Hu .


A giant thunderous whirlpool was suddenly formed .

This thunderous whirlpool didn’t just contain the thunder dao laws, it also contained the wind dao laws . When two laws were combined, it formed an unbelievable wind thunder pattern and it was absolutely violent . It felt like the end of the world .

“Come then . ”

Lin Hu’s eyes burst with radiance as he smashed with a massive violent wind fist .

Boom Bang!

The qi forces were like raging waves that crashed one after the other . Within the qi forces, Lin Hu and Sima Heng were constantly stepping back, but it was very obvious that Lin Hu’s strength was superior to Sima Heng . Sima Heng took a few dozen steps back while Lin Hu only took a few steps back .

“Wind, come forth . ”

It was still the control of nature power . Lin Hu gathered the wind dao qi in the sky above the South Sun Garden and put the pressure onto Sima Heng .

“Such intense pressure . ” Sima Heng’s face changed violently .

He believed that his extraordinary power was denser than Lou Jiye and should be able to resist the nature power that Lin Hu controlled . However, he realized that he couldn’t resist it and when immersed into this thick wind dao qi, he couldn’t move freely .

Sima Heng was sent flying with a fist .

“If they cannot even defeat Lin Hu, then they will only be ordinary individuals in the Latent Shadow Abyss . ” Lin Shou sighed .

After taking a glance, Lin Shou raised his brows . Originally, he thought that Li Fuchen would challenge Lin Hu, but from the looks of it, it didn’t seem that Li Fuchen was planning to go on the stage!

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“What is your name, brother? Why aren’t you challenging my personal guard?” Lin Shou questioned .

Everyone looked at Li Fuchen in response .

Everyone was also rather curious . For the strength that Li Fuchen displayed, he was definitely stronger than Lou Jiye and Sima Heng . It was possible for him to defeat Lin Hu . Could it be that Li Fuchen wasn’t interested in the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir?

That wasn’t possible . Everyone desired the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir and even 8-star bone frames wouldn’t ignore it .

Li Fuchen was interested in the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir . Even if he believed firmly that he could enter the Primary Sea Realm monarch with an extremely fast pace, he would definitely be faster with the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir .

But he had a premonition that the Golden Dao Monarch Elixir wasn’t going to be that easy to obtain .

It wasn’t because he couldn’t defeat Lin Hu, but he didn’t know how to answer the County Young Lord’s request after defeating Lin Hu .

“My name is Li Fuchen . Since County Young Lord called for me, then Fuchen shall accept the request . ”

After speaking, Li Fuchen flashed and appeared opposite of Lin Hu .

Since it wasn’t possible for him to refuse the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir, then he would just accept it .

He had never thought about losing to Lin Hu intentionally .

If he had to lose to Lin Hu intentionally, he would rather refuse the fight .

“This fellow is truly arrogant . ” Tao Hai mocked .

He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could defeat Lin Hu .

As a great master, Tao Hai could see that Lin Hu had yet to use his full strength when sparring with Lou Jiye and Sima Heng .

“Good, if you can fight only with Lin Hu, this Monarch Dao Golden Elixir shall belong to you . ”

Lin Shou had lowered the requirement because defeating Lin Hu was too difficult, therefore, it was fine to just come to a draw with Lin Hu .

It was fortunate that before this, Lin Shou had already invited some formidable great masters and there were some 2-star generals within the group .

While looking at Li Fuchen, Lin Hu was rather unhappy .

In his opinion, when Li Fuchen didn’t plan to come onto the stage, Li Fuchen was merely trying to attract the County Young Lord’s attention .

Lin Hu revealed a cold smile and said, “Be careful now . ”

This was his first time making the first move .

Furthermore, he had immediately gathered a large amount of wind dao qi and used his field power to oppress Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen drew the Flaming Snake Sword and slashed in return .

It was visible to the eye that a scarlet and bright thread appeared in the air . The thread was extremely sharp and tough . It was able to slice the compressed wind dao qi into two . Immediately after, the thread appeared in front of Lin Hu .

Lin Hu raised his brows and smashed his fist onto the thread .


There was a violent explosion and a figure flew out .

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that it was actually Lin Hu .


Everyone was dumbfounded when they gasped for cold air .

Lin Shou’s eyes were emitting light as he silently thought: ‘Yet another 2-star general . This trip to the Latent Shadow Abyss will definitely have considerable rewards . ’

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