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Chapter 568
ER – Chapter 568: County Young Lord

Within a group of escorts, there was a slightly plump and awes-inspiring youth that walked into the South Sun Garden .

County Young Lord, Lin Shou .

If the South Sun County was a nation, then the county young lord would be a prince . The prince had the status as the person with the highest authority apart from the county lord .

Lin Shou had calm eyes and no one could see what he was thinking . He swept a glance at everyone . “It doesn’t matter who is at fault here . I shall forgive you people once . Follow me to the core garden!”

While speaking, Lin Shou led the way and headed to the core garden .  

Behind him, a large group of people followed .

Wang Daochang and Tao Hai glared at Li Fuchen before following .

Qi Junjun said in a soft voice, “This person is the son of the County Protector, Lin Shou . It is said that his strength is only at the pinnacle master level, but he has several earth class peak-tier cardinal artifacts and one pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact . He is known to be invincible below the Primary Sea Realm . Perhaps, only heaven-class masters can compare with him . But he is a rather placid person and isn’t as domineering as Tao Hai and Wang Daochang . It will be fine if you just give him respect . ”

Several earth class peak-tier cardinal artifacts and one pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact?

Li Fuchen was rather speechless . Earth class peak-tier cardinal artifacts were worth 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones while pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifacts were exaggerated as it was impossible to obtain one without 2 million mid-grade spirit stones . No wonder he was the County Protector’s son, he was so wealthy that the value of his cardinal artifacts were already equivalent to a third-rate monarch-class clan’s wealth .

The core garden was several times more beautiful than the outside . The flowers here were all earth class and there were plenty of earth class high-tier flowers . Just the flower fragrance was enough for Li Fuchen to feel that his qi was growing and his spirits were feeling relaxed .

The core garden had a building complex and they were actually pavilions connected by long hallways . In the center was a giant garden plaza .

After sitting down in the most luxurious pavilion, the County Young Lord Lin Shou waved his hand and said, “Don’t be so courteous, take a seat . Serve the tea and desserts . ”

As the County Young Lord, Lin Shou’s wealth was naturally extraordinary . As the beautiful attendants served the tea and desserts, Li Fuchen noticed that the value of these tea and desserts weren’t inferior to famous teahouses . With so many individuals enjoying them, the amount of low-grade spirit stones spent was at least 100 million low-grade spirit stones .

After everyone sat down, Lin Shou said, “I invited everyone for the gathering for three reasons . Firstly, it is to get acquainted with everyone . Secondly, is to exchange martial arts’ experiences . Thirdly, it is a little of my personal matter and it wouldn’t be too late to talk about it later . ”

After looking around and seeing everyone’s reactions, Lin Shou said, “For this gathering, I have prepared four Spirit Ascension Elixirs . During the exchange of strength, anyone who can win four consecutive rounds can obtain one Spirit Ascension Elixir . If anyone can defeat my personal guard, Lin Hu, I will reward that person with the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir . ”

“Monarch Dao Golden Elixir?” Everyone gasped for a breath of cold air .

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The Monarch Dao Golden Elixir was a earth class peak-tier elixir and could help with the breakthrough to the Primary Sea Realm .

Even for a 7-star or 8-star bone frame, it wasn’t that easy to break through to the Primary Sea Realm . It was only possible after many years of accumulation .

8-star bone frames were still fine, but 7-star bone frames would normally need 10 years of accumulation before being able to step into the Primary Sea Realm .

As for the Monarch Dao Golden Elixir, it could shorten this accumulation time by several times .

The sooner one broke into the Primary Sea Realm, the larger the potential . There were many individuals who used up most of their innate potential when breaking into the Primary Sea Realm . As a result, they would only be able to reach the mid-levels of Primary Sea Realm in their life . If they could become monarchs earlier, it meant that reaching the high-levels of Primary Sea Realm wouldn’t be a problem .

If one could break through to the Primary Sea Realm early and also have a heaven class low-tier cultivation technique, then it wasn’t impossible to step into the Law Phase Realm one day and become an emperor .

“The County Young Lord is indeed incredible . He can even bring out a Monarch Dao Golden Elixir . ”

“The County Protector is also considered the upper echelon of the Red Moon Empire and are able to meet Concoction Monarchs . A single Monarch Dao Golden Elixir isn’t considered anything . ”

Concoction Monarchs were people that were even more respectable than Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Of course, most of the time, Concoction Monarchs were also Primary Sea Realm monarchs . After all, some of the elite Concoction Grandmasters were already Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Everyone’s breaths were rather erratic and were unconsciously looking at Lin Hu who was standing beside Lin Shou .

After sensing that Lin Hu was a Primary Sea Realm monarch, everyone looked as though they were splashed with a bucket of cold water and had thoroughly awakened .

What a joke . Defeating a Primary Sea Realm monarch was difficult even for monarch-class masters . Only heaven-class masters were able to do it with ease .

Furthermore, the precondition was that the opposition was a regular low-level monarch .

“Only the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm?” There were a few who looked tempted .

They were considered formidable among the great masters . If Lin Hu was at the 2nd level of Primary Sea Realm, their chances of winning were very slim . But Lin Hu was only a 1st level monarch and as long as they didn’t fight to kill, there were still chances to win .

“Haha, I, Wu Mang am only a 6-star bone frame . I shall take the first round and entertain everyone!”

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A figure landed at the garden plaza and it was a youth with a tall and sturdy body .

Among the crowd, most of the people were 6-star bone frames and there was only a small group of 7-star bone frames .

Wu Mang reported that he was a 6-star bone frame and it was no doubt a small scheme . He was a 6-star bone frame and if you went and defeated him as a 7-star bone frame, there wouldn’t be anything surprising .

“I, Huang Tao, also have a 6-star bone frame . Let me try your skills . ”

A slender figure jumped up and fought with Wu Mang .

Both of them wanted the Spirit Ascension Elixir, therefore, they weren’t going to hold back . After a dozen moves, they started bursting out with extraordinary power and executed divine abilities .

Boom Boom Boom…

The garden plaza was enveloped in an array and the qi forces from their attacks weren’t going to leak out . But the battle was still very intensive .

Ultimately, Wu Mang was superior and had won the first spar .

First round, second round, third round…

Wu Mang was indeed formidable . He only had 6-star bone frames, but he wasn’t considered weak among the pinnacle masters . In just a short moment, he had already won three rounds and if he won another one, he would obtain a Spirit Ascension Elixir .

“Yuan Zhuo . ” Another figure leaped onto the garden plaza .

After seeing this person, Wu Mang’s expression turned stiff while he silently said, ‘Not good . ’

Yuan Zhuo might also be a 6-star bone frame, but he had the 6-star darkness bone frame . Furthermore, he had awakened the extremely powerful divine ability, Darkness Sky Canopy .

Without any waste of time, Yuan Zhuo immediately executed the Darkness Sky Canopy . A black dome covered Wu Mang .

Once the black dome vanished, Wu Mang vomited fresh blood and was laying on the ground as he was already defeated .

“He is actually the same as Wang Heilong and has awakened the Darkness Sky Canopy . ” Li Fuchen was rather surprised .

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The Darkness Sky Canopy was definitely an extremely high grade divine ability and far superior than his Heart of Blazing Flame . People who awakened this divine ability were basically invincible among the 6-star bone frames .

For the next three rounds of spar, Yuan Zhuo defeated his opponents easily . With his Darkness Sky Canopy, the opponent would turn into deaf and blind people, therefore, they couldn’t even resist .

“Great . This is a Spirit Ascension Elixir . ” With a swing of the hand, a jade bottle flew to Yuan Zhuo .

“Thank you, County Young Lord . ”

After receiving the jade bottle, Yuan Zhuo’s face flashed with delight .

“Kid, get up here . ”


There was a flash of a shadow as Tao Hai appeared in the middle of the garden plaza .

He glared at Li Fuchen while concealing his murderous intent .

He might have suffered earlier, but he believed that if he was on guard, Li Fuchen would have a hard time trying to injure his true spirit . Apart from that, his strongest attack was his divine ability . If he didn’t execute his divine ability, his strength was only at the pinnacle master level . His strength would only reach the great master level after executing his divine ability .

“Li Fuchen, be careful . Tao Hai’s divine ability is called Trident and it is extremely powerful . ”

Qi Junjun revealed some of Tao Hai’s information .

Li Fuchen nodded and flashed before appearing opposite of Tao Hai .

“If only your spiritual awareness attack is incredible, you better kneel down and admit defeat!”

Tao Hai might be speaking like this, but he had already executed his spiritual awareness defense secret technique in advance . At the same moment, his soft water power burst out and an absolutely powerful qi presence enveloped Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen sneered . Previously, he had only attacked Tao Hai with his ordinary Thorn of Spiritual Awareness . If he had executed the Avian Thorn or the Avian King Thorn, Tao Hai would suffer severe true spirit damage and become unconscious . He wouldn’t possibly be standing here .

“Don’t worry, I don’t need to use my spiritual awareness attack to deal with you . ” Li Fuchen replied .

“Courting death . Trident!”

The soft water power burst out to the extreme and divine ability patterns were produced . Tao Hai’s hand appeared with an extremely dense trident that was made with the soft water power .

Wielding the giant trident, Tao Hai smashed at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen was rather surprised when he felt the spatial zone becoming heavy .

The divine ability, Trident didn’t just contain the water dao laws, it obviously contained a force law, otherwise, this trident wouldn’t be able to affect the spatial zone and felt like a giant mountain crushing down .

To deal with Tao Hai, Li Fuchen didn’t need to be so serious . He brandished his sword casually and produced a sword light that contained traces of sword intent from the Flowing Merciless Edge . The trident was severed and Tao Hai’s body was left with a blood wound .

“Impossible!” Tao Hai looked down on his blood wound and was filled with disbelief .

“A single sword to defeat Tao Hai?” Wang Daochong’s scalp went numb as this was the first time he felt his bones getting chilled .

Tao Hai might not be an incredible great master, but he was still a great master . To defeat Tao Hai with a single slash, one would need the strength of a top-notch great master .

Top-notch great masters were definitely 1-star generals in the Red Moon Empire .

“Great, this slash is incredible . ” Lin Shou’s eyes lit up .

“This Spirit Ascension Elixir is yours . ”

Li Fuchen had yet to win four rounds, but Lin Shou didn’t care and still gave Li Fuchen a Spirit Ascension Elixir .

“Thank you, County Young Lord . ” After receiving the Spirit Ascension Elixir, Li Fuchen replied in a neither obsequious nor supercilious tone .

Originally, Li Fuchen planned to fight three more rounds, but since he already obtained the Spirit Ascension Elixir, he naturally didn’t have to stay . He flashed and returned to his pavilion .

The rest of the people didn’t think of challenging Li Fuchen as there wasn’t a need and there wasn’t a possibility of winning .

The fight for the final two Spirit Ascension Elixirs was extremely intense . Those who possessed 7-star bone frames were all formidable individuals . There were some that weren’t weaker than the Red Rainbow Sect’s three monarch-class direct disciples and were also incredible great masters .

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