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Chapter 563
ER – Chapter 563: Wind Thunder Wings

The auction continued and precious items were revealed one after the other, inviting competitive bids .

“Auction item no . 65 . Earth class peak-tier artifact armor, Red Lotus Armor . It is evaluated at 2-star and it is a set with the Red Lotus Sword . The person who forged them is the renowned Smith Monarch Red Flower . The starting price is 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

As the auctioneer Luo Qiong finished his words, the bids started .

No one bothered if the Red Lotus Sword and the Red Lotus Armor were a set, since it didn’t affect the functionality of it .

Especially monarchs who weren’t swordsmen . They weren’t interested in Red Lotus Sword but were very interested in the Red Lotus Armor .

“15,000 . ”

“18,000 . ”

The price of the Red Lotus Armor was climbing quickly and it was already close to 20,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

“25,000 . ” Li Fuchen wasn’t going to give up on the Red Lotus Armor .

Since the Red Lotus Sword and the Red Lotus Armor were a set, when used together, they would exhibit power that was better when used individually .

Therefore, Li Fuchen added 7000 mid-grade spirit stones in a single bid .

“Who is that? So aggressive!”

“People sitting in private rooms are mostly Primary Sea Realm monarchs . ”

“You are wrong . When the auction started, I saw a young Battle Spirit Realm master entering that private room . ”

“A Battle Spirit Realm master dares to contest for the Red Lotus Armor? What is his background?”

When Li Fuchen made the bid, it caused a commotion .

Everyone believed that Li Fuchen had a powerful background . It was impossible for a Battle Spirit Realm master to have so many spirit stones if he didn’t have any background .

During recent times, offending a youth master was worse than offending a monarch .

Recently, a mid-level monarch killed a youth master .

It turned out that the youth master was an emperor-class disciple from a monarch-class sect . As a result, the monarch-class sect activated all their monarchs to investigate . Ultimately, the mid-level monarch and his clan members were all eradicated overnight . Back then, even the city lord residence which was maintaining the order didn’t dare to interfere as they were afraid of infuriating this monarch-class sect .

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Not far away from Li fuchen, in another private room, there was a 5th level Primary Sea Realm monarch who looked ugly and fierce that had made a bid .

“30,000 . ” Li Fuchen was determined to obtain the Red Lotus Armor .

“Damn it . ”

The ugly monarch crushed the teacup in his hand and stopp bidding .

No one else bid as well .

30,000 was too high a price .

During the auction, the final bid of an item would only be 150% of the starting price .

When it was 200% of the price, it was already overpriced .

Anything more was already beyond overpriced .

Only those popular auction items would be bought at an overpriced value . But twice the starting price was already the limit and anything beyond that was simply a waste of spirit stones .

“Auction item no . 82 . Earth class peak-tier cardinal artifact, Sun Ring . This ring is extremely rare . When qi is poured inside, the Sun Divine Needle can be shot out . If it is used by a Battle Spirit Realm master, it can produce a power that is enough to kill low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . If used by a Primary Sea Realm monarch, it is enough to kill a mid-level Primary Sea Realm monarch . The starting price will be 30,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

Luo Qiong’s face was filled with confidence . He believed that this Sun Ring would definitely cause an uproar .

“35,000 . ”

“40,000 . ”

“45,000 . ”

As expected, when the extremely dazzling Sun Ring appeared in everyone’s eyes, there was chaos . Even some of the mid-level monarchs had revealed interested expressions .

If a Battle Spirit Realm master wore this ring, the master would have a method to kill low-level monarchs .

If a low-level monarch wore this ring, it would mean there was a method to kill mid-level monarchs .

If a mid-level Primary Sea Realm monarch was to wear this ring, the monarch would have more variation in moves . During crucial moments, the ring might just be able to overcome the enemy and achieve victory . After all, there were moments when cardinal artifacts were much more reliable than qi .

When one was within the Qi Forbidden Array, qi wouldn’t be able to be released from the body but cardinal artifacts were able to execute attacks .

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“50,000 . ”

“What is 50,000 considered? I bid 55,000 . ”

“I, the Golden Spear Monarch, is offering 60,000 . Anyone who dares to contest with me is considered as a disrespect to me . ”

The Golden Spear Monarch was at 4th level Primary Sea Realm and was considered famous in South Sun County .

Most importantly, the Sun Ring might be good, but it wasn’t especially effective for mid-level monarchs, therefore, he dared to act rampantly .

“Golden Spear King, the others might be afraid of you, but I, the Wind Saber Monarch, aren’t afraid of you . 62,000 . ”

“Wind Saber Monarch, one day, I will beat you up into the Crazy Saber Monarch . ”
(TL note: In this statement Wind and Crazy has a similar sound in Chinese)

The Golden Spear Monarch had a malicious expression and did not continue bidding .

His entire wealth was around 600,000 mid-grade spirit stones and most of them were in the form of useful items . In terms of pure mid-grade spirit stones, he had less than 200,000 and there wasn’t a need for him to offend the other side for this ring .

Of course, if this Sun Ring wasn’t an earth class peak-tier cardinal artifact but a pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact, he would even fork out his entire wealth to purchase it .

However, with his strength and personal wealth, he still wasn’t qualified to contest for a pseudo-heaven class cardinal artifact .

“Everyone doesn’t have to be anxious . The next few items are also earth class peak-tier cardinal artifacts . Auction item no . 83, earth class peak-tier cardinal treasure, Wind Thunder Wings . This is a flying cardinal artifact and can increase the flying speed of a martial artist . The top speed is almost comparable with mid-level monarchs . The starting price will be 40,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

If the appearance of the Sun Ring was enough for low-level monarchs to go crazy, then the appearance of the Wind Thunder Wings had made the low-level monarchs lose all control .

The Sun Ring merely had the power to kill mid-level monarchs, but it didn’t mean that having the Sun Ring would allow one to contest with a mid-level monarch .

However, the Wind Thunder Wings were different . With the Wind Thunder Wings, even if one couldn’t win a mid-level monarch, one could swiftly flee . Useless, one was so unlucky to encounter a mid-level monarch that was specialized in speed .

“50,000 . ” 

“60,000 . ”

“70,000 . ”

Bids were constantly being offered . The Golden Spear Monarch and the Wind Saber Monarch were also bidding .

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Both of them were only at the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm . The things that low-level monarchs required were also similarly useful for them .

“100,000 . ” A cold voice echoed .

Everyone looked up and realized it was from the private room that bought the Red Lotus Sword and Red Lotus Armor .

The bidder was indeed Li Fuchen .

He didn’t really care about the Sun Ring . He was now at the monarch-class master level and in the hands of a Battle Spirit Realm monarch, the Sun Ring would only have the power of a monarch-class master level, therefore, it was useless for him .

By the time he progressed to the Primary Sea Realm, his strength would probably reach the mid-level of Primary Sea Realm and it meant that he didn’t need the Sun Ring at all .

Therefore, he wasn’t going to spend such a large amount of spirit stones to purchase something he didn’t really need .

But the Wind Thunder Wings were different .

Speed had always been his shortcoming .

In fact, for those absolute prodigies who could exceed levels and realms in combat, speed was all of their shortcomings .

Attack strength could be enhanced by weapons and martial arts .

However, there weren’t a lot of items that could enhance speed .

“Isn’t this too exaggerating . 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones is one billion low-grade spirit stones . It is already equivalent to half the clan wealth of some unrated monarch-class clans . ”

“It is truly infuriating to compare with others . I don’t even have 2000 mid-grade spirit stones and that person can casually offer 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

In the ordinary seats, many of the Battle Spirit Realm masters were showing jealous expressions .

“110,000 . ” A low-level monarch made the bid with a deep voice .

If it was some other items, the price of 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones would have frightened off everyone .

But the Wind Thunder Wings were too important for a low-level monarch .

“These people are insane . ”

The Golden Spear Monarch pondered and didn’t make a bid . He only had slightly over 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones on him now . Using them to purchase the Wind Thunder Wings wasn’t worthwhile . Of course, if his cultivation was at the low-level of Primary Sea Realm, he might go all out for it .

The Wind Saber Monarch didn’t make a bid either as the price was too high and it wasn’t worth it .

“130,000 . ” Li Fuchen continued to raise the bid .

“Damn it, damn it . ”

In a private room at the corner, there was a large man with a tiger beard that was behaving violently . He was a 1st level Primary Sea Realm monarch .

To participate in this auction, he had sold off most of the artifacts that he didn’t really use so that he could purchase something that was extremely useful to him .

Without a doubt, the Wind Thunder Wings were of great use to him .

He was only at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm and among the monarchs, he was definitely a bottom feeder . This Wind Thunder Wings would allow him to escape regular mid-level monarchs . When venturing outside, it also allowed a faster speed of escape .

It could also be said that the Wind Thunder Wings would increase his survivability by several times .

“I don’t care who you are, if you snatch my artifact, you will need to pay the price . ” The tiger-bearded man gritted his teeth .

In the end, Li Fuchen used 130,000 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase the Wind Thunder Wings .

Inside the private room, Li Fuchen observed the light blue wings that were emitting electric arcs . ‘With the Wind Thunder Wings, my shortcoming in speed is considered to be complemented . ’

The Wind Thunder Wings were obviously a cardinal artifact that was constructed with feathers of a demonic beast’s wings . If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, these feathers belong to a mid-tier demonic beast king, otherwise, it wasn’t so easy to reach the speed of a mid-level Primary Sea Realm monarch .

The next few cardinal artifacts were all earth class peak-tier and there was a defense cardinal artifact that even mid-level monarchs were competing for . The final price was higher than the Wind Thunder Wings and had reached a shocking 150,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

“Auction item no . 100 . 7-star secret technique, Heaven Monarch Battle Qi Dao . This secret technique can allow Battle Spirit Realm masters to have insane qi bursts that exceeds their physical limits . It can allow Primary Sea Realm monarchs to exceed one level in combat . The starting price is 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones . ”

The 100th auction item was actually a 7-star secret technique .

To a monarch-class sect, 7-star secret techniques weren’t considered anything and they would have at least one or two qi enhancement secret techniques . But for the rest of the factions in the Emperor Sky Continent, 7-star secret techniques were generally in the hands of first-rate monarch-class factions or emperor-class factions . It was very rare for second-rate monarch-class factions to possess 7-star secret techniques .

Therefore, when this 7-star secret technique appeared, the price was increased frenziedly and quickly reached the sky-high price of 200,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

7-star secret techniques were different from cardinal artifacts .

Cardinal artifacts had limits, while 7-star secret techniques didn’t have any limits for the Primary Sea Realm .

This Heaven Monarch Battle Qi Dao was useful for 1st level Primary Sea Realm monarchs and was also useful for 9th level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Therefore, the price was far beyond any earth class peak-tier cardinal artifact .

Ultimately, the Heaven Monarch Battle Qi Dao was bid down by a high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch from the Sima Clan, that was one of the five major second-rate monarch-class clans from the South Sun County . Its final bid price was 280,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

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