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Chapter 561
ER – Chapter 561: Mid-Grade Heaven Stone

“That child’s overall strength is already considered formidable among the monarch-class masters . ”

After returning to Copper Mountain City, the Earth Fire Monarch’s heart was extremely sullen .

He was a 2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch and was actually sent running by a mere Battle Spirit Realm master . This news got out, he would certainly become a laughing stock .

“Hmph, if I didn’t borrow my Green Fire Lantern to Big Brother, I will surely burn that child to death . ”

The Green Fire Lantern was an earth class peak-tier cardinal artifact and was able to release extinguishing green flames . If it was activated by a 2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch like him, it was sufficient to burn a regular 3rd level Primary Sea Realm monarch to death, let alone Li Fuchen .

“I wonder when his Big Brother is coming back, I need to take back the Green Fire Lantern quickly . ”

According to Li Fuchen’s previous plan, he was supposed to sell his heaven stones at the black market before heading to Copper Mountain City’s stone gambling den .

With a change of plan now, Li Fuchen decided to visit the stone gambling den at the county city, South Sun City .

Nine days later…

At the entrance of the South Sun City’s gates .

“Each person has to pay 10 low-grade spirit stones, don’t try to sneak your way across . ”

As the county city of South Sun County, the entrance fee was 10 low-grade spirit stones while the other cities were only two or three low-grade spirit stones . The city might be huge, but it wasn’t able to fit in too many people . The population of the South Sun City was around 200 to 300 million, while the entire South Sun County’s population was up to 10 billion .

Furthermore, the entrance fee of 10 pieces of low-grade spirit stones was only the beginning . The Emperor Sky Continent’s main cities didn’t allow anyone to stay in the streets . Those who stayed in the streets were normally chased out of the city, therefore, one would need to look for an inn to reside in and that would mean another sum of low-grade spirit stones had to be paid .

After entering the South Sun City, Li Fuchen headed straight for the stone gambling den .

It was also ten floors high, but the South Sun City’s stone gambling den was much more stylish .

While glancing and walking through, Li Fuchen arrived at the seventh floor of the stone gambling den .  

The ores here cost at least 300 mid-grade spirit stones for a single piece and it was twice as expensive as the other cities .

“There aren’t any mid-grade heaven stones . ”

After purchasing ten pieces of ores that contained low-grade heaven stones, Li Fuchen headed to the eighth floor .

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Li Fuchen originally thought there weren’t any mid-grade heaven stones on the eighth floor, but when he purchased 11 pieces of ores with low-grade heaven stones, he arrived in front of an unassuming ore that made him hold his breath .

This piece of unassuming ore had a cup-sized heaven stone that was emitting a bright cyan luster .

As compared to this heaven stone, all of the subpar-grade heaven stones and low-grade heaven stones were like crude rocks that weren’t even pleasant to look at .

Mid-grade heaven stone!

No matter how foolish Li Fuchen was, he knew that this was a mid-grade heaven stone .

A fist-sized mid-grade heaven stone would be worth at least a few hundred thousand mid-grade spirit stones . It wouldn’t be strange if the price reached 1 million mid-grade spirit stones .

This mid-grade heaven stone was only the size of a cup, but the value wouldn’t be lower than 200,000 or 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

As for high-grade heaven stone, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to think about it .

High-grade heaven stones wouldn’t be valued with mid-grade spirit stones anymore and would be using high-grade spirit stones to determine the price .

A fist-sized high-grade heaven stone would be worth at least 10,000 high-grade spirit stones .

10,000 high-grade spirit stones would be equivalent to 100 million mid-grade spirit stones .

100 million mid-grade spirit stones was an astronomical number .

The South Mountain City’s Qi Clan was only worth a few million mid-grade spirit stones . A single high-grade spirit stone was more than enough to purchase 30 Qi Clans .

“With this mid-grade heaven stone, there isn’t reason why Flowing Merciless Edge cannot reach the trance stage . ”

Li Fuchen revealed a smile and spent 500 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase this unassuming ore .

On the ninth floor, after walking through half the floor, there was another pleasant surprise as Li Fuchen discovered another mid-grade heaven stone .

This piece of mid-grade heaven stone was the size of a bowl and its purity was slightly superior to the previous mid-grade heaven stone and was at least medium purity .

Li Fuchen reckoned that if this piece of mid-grade heaven stone was auctioned, there wasn’t any problem in increasing his personal wealth by one or two million mid-grade spirit stones .

Of course, mid-grade heaven stones were extremely precious and reserving it his own use was the proper method .

After purchasing 30 over pieces of low-grade heaven stones and two pieces of mid-grade heaven stones, Li Fuchen left the stone gambling den and looked for an inn to reside in .

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On a main street in South Sun City, Qi Junjun and the eminent middle-aged man were walking together .

“Fifth Uncle, I heard that the Purple Sun Auction’s finale item is a heaven class low-tier weapon . I wonder if it is true . ” Qi Junjun stated .

The eminent man replied, “The Purple Sun Auction is only held once every three years and every time, their finale item will be something extremely precious . The previous time, it was a mid-grade heaven stone that was a few feet in size . It is rather normal if it is a heaven class low-tier weapon . But those items aren’t things that we will be able get involved with . Our target is just some earth class peak-tier equipment or cardinal artifacts . ”

Be it the mid-grade heaven stone that was a few feet in size or the heaven class low-tier weapon, those were things that elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs or half-emperors would fight for . Even if a regular Primary Sea Realm monarch had this kind of wealth, they wouldn’t dare to bid for it .

Qi Junjun nodded . Her Qi Clan was merely a first-rate clan in South Mountain City and if their clan was put out in the Red Moon Empire, they would only be a third-rate monarch-class clan . This Purple Sun Auction had attracted attention from all over the South Sun County, let alone the third-rate monarch-class clans, there were also plenty of second-rate monarch-class clans and there were also many monarch-class sects that were also participating as well .

Snow Dance Restaurant, one of the top ten restaurants in the South Sun City .

At the highest floor of the restaurant, inside a private room…

Red Rainbow Monarch and Three-Eyed Saber Monarch were drinking wine .
(TL note: I always used liquor previously, I shall start using wine here)

“What great wine, everything I drink the wine in this place, I will remember my youth days . ” Three-Eyed Saber Monarch put down his wine cup and said with emotions .

Red Rainbow Monarch laughed and said, “Life is filled with joys and sorrows, it is the same for wine . ”

Three-Eyed Saber Monarch nodded . “Tasting wine is just like tasting life, but life isn’t like wine . During this Purple Sun Auction, there will be plenty of monarchs and it will not be easy to bid that heaven class low-tier artifact sword easily . We will probably offend some powerful foes . ”

Red Rainbow Monarch lifted his wine cup but he didn’t drink it, instead, he said in a slow pace, “Heaven-class equipment is also rare in the Emperor Sky Continent . Every time one appears, it will cause a storm of blood . But if I manage to obtain a heaven-class artifact sword, even if I encounter a half-emperor, I have nothing to fear . ”

In fact, even if the Red Rainbow Monarch didn’t have a heaven class low-tier artifact sword, he didn’t really fear half-emperors . He couldn’t win them, but he could simply leave . However, if he had the heaven class low-tier artifact sword, with his strength, he would be considered formidable even among half-emperors .

Li Fuchen knew nothing about the Purple Sun Auction .

He was currently immersed in the comprehension of the mid-grade heaven stone .

The profound heaven and earth laws contained within the mid-grade heaven stone was too concentrated . Li Fuchen felt he was just like a newborn baby crying for food while absorbing all these profound laws .

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Fire dao laws .

Sword dao laws .

Wind dao laws .

These were the three laws that Li Fuchen comprehended the most .

Mainly because Li Fuchen’s sword arts contained these three laws .

Of course, the three types of laws had a difference in strength .

The fire dao laws and the sword dao laws were on par while the wind dao laws were significantly weaker than the two other laws .

For the rest of the profound laws, Li Fuchen had also passively comprehended plenty of them . They might be far lesser than the three laws, but as compared to those 7-star prodigies’ comprehension, Li Fuchen was probably superior to them .

“Flowing Merciless Edge!”

When the fire dao laws and the sword dao laws were comprehended to a certain extent, Li Fuchen had an inspiration and as he put his right index and middle fingers together to form a sword and gently drew across the air .

A scarlet and bright streak appeared which didn’t scatter for a long time .

Trance stage .

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s Flowing Merciless Edge had reached the trance stage and the sword intent was rather flawless .

At this same moment, Li Fuchen’s combat strength had reached the monarch-class master level . He was now able to confront regular low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

If Li Fuchen coordinated his attacks with his spiritual awareness attack and illusion art attack, he would almost be able to suppress the low-level monarchs .

“Incineration Sword . ”

Next was the Incineration Sword . Li Fuchen stabbed with his sword finger and produced a scarlet blister in the air .

Before this, the blister would instantly explode, but this time, it didn’t explode for a long time and quietly floated in the air .

Trance stage .

The Incineration Sword was originally at the sub-perfection stage and had jumped by two stages, immediately reaching trance stage .

Subsequently, Sky Ring Sword Armor had also jumped two stages and reached trance stage .

With three heaven-class sword moves at trance stage, Li Fuchen’s combat strength was unprecedentedly powerful .

If Li Fuchen was to face the Earth Fire Monarch right now, even without using his spiritual awareness attacks and illusion art attacks, Li Fuchen was confident he could contest or even suppress the Earth Fire Monarch .

“Meteor Fall!”

After the three heaven-class sword moves reached the trance stage, it wasn’t the end yet . Li Fuchen’s mind exploded with inspiration and the Meteor Sword Intent had finally reached the heaven-class . He pointed with his sword and a dazzling sword qi drew across the air and shot on the courtyard’s array .


A small hole was penetrated in the courtyard’s array and had nearly shattered .

“Time slowed down?” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

The instant when Li Fuchen executed Meteor Fall, he felt that time had slowed down a little .

He was clear that time didn’t slow down, it was the sword qi that was too fast and so extreme that it caused a false sign that time had slowed down .

His spiritual awareness was comparable with an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch and if he felt that time had slowed down, then a regular low-level Primary Sea Realm monarch would only find the effect even more exaggerated .

Of course, the exact situation would only be clear after testing it .

Three days later, Li Fuchen exited from seclusion .

“Purple Sun Auction? Heaven class low-tier weapon?”

After obtaining information about the Purple Sun Auction, Li Fuchen raised his brows .

He had close to 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones with him and these spirit stones were only taking up space and not beneficial for him .

The way of truth was to use these spirit stones .

“The heaven class low-tier weapon isn’t something I should covet for, but I can contest for earth class peak-tier artifact swords . ”

The difference between earth class high-tier and earth class peak-tier weapons was only one tier, but they were two different worlds .

Earth class high-tier equipment could be bought at any city, but earth class peak-tier equipment could only be found on auctions . If Li Fuchen possessed an earth class peak-tier artifact sword, even if his heaven-class sword moves weren’t at the trance stage yet, his combat strength would have reached the monarch-class master level .

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