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Chapter 560
ER – Chapter 560: Fending off the Earth Fire Monarch

Once Li Fuchen exited the underground market, he immediately activated his spirit soul ability to conceal his qi presence and mix into the crowd .

After losing track of Li Fuchen’s qi presence, the Earth Fire Monarch wasn’t anxious . He released his spiritual awareness and carefully searched .

A short moment later, the Earth Fire Monarch found Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen sighed . His spirit soul ability to conceal his qi presence would only be effective from a distance . If it was a few hundred miles away where the enemy couldn’t see him visibly and could only use the spiritual awareness to search, the enemy would overlook or only see him as a rock .

But it was too close, it would be very easy to find him by using vision and spiritual awareness, after all, Li Fuchen couldn’t make himself invisible .

They didn’t dare to fight in the city and had left the Copper Mountain City one after the other .

In fact, the Earth Fire Monarch was rather hesitant . If he was Li Fuchen, he would definitely stay inside of Copper Mountain City . Because, once he left the Copper Mountain City, he would be pursued by a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

‘Could it be that he has a trump card to deal with a Primary Sea Realm monarch?’

‘Or could it be that he is very confident with his qi presence concealment ability and thinks I cannot track him down?’

‘I am a Primary Sea Realm monarch, why should I be afraid of him?’

When thinking that he was a 2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch, the Earth Fire Monarch was rather ashamed .

Earlier on, he actually had a trace of hesitation .

He shouldn’t have any hesitation when facing a Battle Spirit Realm master at all .

In the eastern outskirts of the Copper Mountain City, it was desolate and uninhabited .

“Spirit Extermination Finger!”

Without the restriction of the pseudo-class 7 array’s restriction, the Earth Fire Monarch’s qi was no longer restricted . His finger thrust was just like a mountain-sized fire finger that smashed down at Li Fuchen . It seemed like the distance between the duo had been completely neglected .

“Good timing . ”

Li Fuchen stopped running and turned back to slash with his sword .

The scarlet streak clashed with the finger and caused an intense explosion . Boundless qi waves spread out and Li Fuchen was sent flying by over a hundred meters .

“Kid, you have incredible strength but you are overconfident . You think that just because you have a heaven class sword art and you can contest with a monarch? It is a pity that your cultivation level is too low . If you are at the 6th or 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm, I might be apprehensive of you . You better surrender yourself right now . ”

After using a single finger strike to force Li Fuchen back, the Earth Fire Monarch grinned .

That finger strike earlier was just an ordinary move .

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He wasn’t considered formidable among the low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs and his bone frame was only a 6-star bone frame . He was incomparable to 7-star bone frame monarchs, but he was still able to deal with a Battle Spirit Realm great master with ease .

“Is that so? I don’t know if your true spirit is as powerful as your strength? Avian Thorn . ”

As soon as Li Fuchen spoke, he shot out an avian-shaped spiritual awareness from his forehead that instantly buried into the Earth Fire Monarch’s mind .

The Earth Fire Monarch grunted and his expression changed violently .

“Primary Sea Realm spiritual awareness attack?” Earth Fire Monarch was bewildered .

During that moment earlier, his true spirit might not be injured, but he had received an impact . After multiple times, he wouldn’t dare to guarantee that his true spirit wouldn’t be damaged .

“Do you think your spiritual awareness attack is enough to restrict me? You must be delusional, my true spirit is a monarch’s true spirit . Spirit Extermination Finger!”

The Earth Fire Monarch burst out with a yell and executed another finger attack .

This time, the giant finger’s flames were kept within and it was emitting a bright red glow, as though it was covered with a layer of lava .

‘A monarch’s true spirit is truly tough . It is much stronger than a 7-star bone frame’s true spirit . ’ Li Fuchen nodded silently .

“If one attack can’t work, what about three attacks or ten attacks?” Li Fuchen had a solemn expression as he used his sword to block the giant finger .

Fresh blood secreted out as Li Fuchen flew backwards .

When Li Fuchen was flying back, Li Fuchen executed three Avian Thorns .

The Earth Fire Monarch originally wanted to follow up with another attack, but his face turned pale as the qi that he gathered to execute the finger art was all scattered .

“Avian King Thorn!”

An extremely violent bundle of spiritual awareness emitted the chirps of a thousand avians while crashing into the Earth Fire Monarch’s mind .

“Ahhh!” This time, the Earth Fire Monarch finally let out a miserable grunt .

He felt his mind was going to split apart .

7-star spiritual awareness secret techniques were extremely precious and even emperor-class factions might not have them .

He had only learned a 6-star spiritual awareness secret technique, the Awareness Congeal Technique .

This secret technique wasn’t considered a spiritual awareness defense secret technique and was a spiritual awareness enhancement secret technique .

When attacked by Li Fuchen’s Avian King Thorn, the Earth Fire Monarch’s spiritual awareness was torn apart and the shallow spot on the surface of his true spirit had been revealed .

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If the true spirit was a person, this small spot would only be a slight wound and it wouldn’t be significant .

It was a pity that the true spirit was connected to the spirit soul and even a trace of damage would bring huge pain .

When in pain, it was impossible to concentrate on combat .

“Who exactly are you?” The Earth Fire Monarch had a grave expression .

Such powerful spiritual awareness attacks would mean that Li Fuchen had cultivated a 7-star spiritual awareness attack secret technique, otherwise, it would mean that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was extremely powerful and was comparable with formidable Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

No matter which possibility was it, it was a threat to the Earth Fire Monarch .

“It isn’t important who I am . The important thing is that our battle has no significance . ”

Li Fuchen might be able to restrain the Earth Fire Monarch for now, but Li Fuchen wasn’t that naive to believe that the Earth Fire Monarch didn’t have any ability to fight back .

Primary Sea Realm monarchs had attributes that were all at the monarch-class .

Monarch-class masters might be able to contest with low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but there were certain attributes that would be weaker than low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“No significance? You are too naive . ”

The Earth Fire Monarch reached out and grabbed . Fire dao qi gathered from all directions and in the blink of the eye, fire dao qi was accumulated within the radius of a few miles, causing the air to turn scarlet in color . It was just like a giant piece of amber .

Control of the power of nature .

This was the Primary Sea Realm monarch’s most fundamental ability .

By using this powerful ability, Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to suppress people weaker than them with ease .

“I did forget about it . ”

Li Fuchen felt his body getting several times heavier and his qi circulation was much slower, in fact, his qi was having signs of scattering .

If a description must be given, then Li Fuchen was just like a mosquito that fell into liquid amber and it was very strenuous to move around .

“Again . ”

The Earth Fire Monarch was gathering more fire dao qi .

When dealing with a Battle Spirit Realm great master with formidable strength, the best method was to use heaven and earth power to suppress .

The great masters and monarch-class masters merely had powerful attack power but their environment adapting ability was many times or even ten times inferior to the Primary Sea Realm monarch .

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“You want another one?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with a dreadful luster .

The Avian King Thorn was shot out and buried into the Earth Fire Monarch’s mind .

During this period of time, the Earth Fire Monarch had used the fire dao qi to create multiple clones, but when scanned through by Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, the fake clones and the true body were obvious in a single glance . The clones were basically useless .

“Ahh!” The Earth Fire Clone yelled out miserably .

The Avian King Thorn was considered an enhanced signature move and it was 30% more lethal than the Avian Thorn . Even the Earth Fire Monarch who was a 2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch couldn’t withstand it .

“I don’t believe that you can execute this spiritual awareness attack multiple times . ” Earth Fire Monarch had endured it forcefully .

In the Earth Fire Monarch’s opinion, it was already praiseworthy for someone to execute spiritual awareness attacks for three to five times . Even if Li Fuchen could execute the spiritual awareness attack for over ten times, it would only damage his true spirit, therefore, he felt that he could still endure it .

“Is that so?”

Li Fuchen shot out bundles of Avian King Thorns and the sharp-pitched chirpings didn’t stop before .

After over a dozen spiritual awareness attacks, the Earth Fire Monarch’s expression had changed .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness wasn’t just superior in quality, it was actually comparable with formidable Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Even Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness’ intensity was comparable with incredible Primary Sea Realm monarchs and might even be superior .

‘Impossible?’ The Earth Fire Monarch didn’t dare to believe this fact .

Even people who possessed spirit soul aptitude couldn’t logically possess so much spiritual awareness . From the looks of Li Fuchen’s face, it was obvious that a dozen spiritual awareness attacks wasn’t his limit .

How could the Earth Fire Monarch know that Li Fuchen had devoured the true spirit of a Primary Sea Realm monarch and a demonic ruler’s demonic beast spirit . The intensity of his spiritual awareness was at least an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch .

If Li Fuchen’s cultivation level wasn’t so low and couldn’t utilize the full potential of his spiritual awareness, a single attack was enough to turn the Earth Fire Monarch into a retard .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, fall . ”

Just as the Earth Fire Monarch was distracted by the intense pain, a pair of giant pupils appeared in his vision . Subsequently, he felt his spirit soul departing his body and being dragged into a bright world .

“Hahaha, a mere Battle Spirit Realm great master actually dares to fight me . There are so many mid-grade spirit stones and heaven stones!”

“I finally advanced to the 5th level of the Primary Sea Realm . ”

“Heavens truly adores me . I, the Earth Fire Monarch, actually have the chance to become a Law Phase Realm emperor . ”

“Red Moon Emperor, you actually disrespect me, it seems like your days as the emperor is at its end . ”

In the bright world, the Earth Fire Monarch had overflowing qi and his cultivation was constantly progressing . In just a short moment, he had progressed from an ordinary Primary Sea Realm monarch into a powerful Law Phase Realm emperor . He was actually able to stand on an equal footing with the Red Moon Emperor on the Emperor Sky Continent and was even able to suppress the Red Moon Emperor .

The fire dao qi had scattered and Li Fuchen appeared in front of the Earth Fire Monarch in a flash .

The Flaming Snake Sword slashed and produced a scarlet streak .


A finger blocked the scarlet streak .

At the crucial moment, the Earth Fire Monarch woke up .

His forehead was drenched with sweat and the Earth Fire Monarch could feel nothing apart from fear .

If the Earth Fire Monarch’s body didn’t instinctively feel the crisis, he might not have awakened from the illusion . If he wasn’t able to wake up, he would already be dismembered into pieces .

Li Fuchen didn’t just have an incredible spiritual awareness attack, his illusion art attack was also horrifyingly powerful . It was truly heaven defying .

“A pity . ” Li Fuchen flew backwards .

He knew that Primary Sea Realm monarchs were hard to kill, but he didn’t think they would be so difficult to kill .

“Kid, I have remembered your face . I shall let you off today . The next time I see you, I will make sure you shall die without any burial place . ”

Without any hesitation, the Earth Fire Monarch retreated frantically and turned into a light of fire before vanishing without a trace .


Li Fuchen was a little flabbergasted .

‘Didn’t the Earth Fire Monarch escape too quickly? Wasn’t he going to try and kill me again?’

How could Li Fuchen know that the combination of his spiritual awareness attack and his illusion art attack were too shocking for the Earth Fire Monarch .

If it was purely powerful spiritual awareness attacks, the Earth Fire Monarch wouldn’t have given up so easily .


After forcefully exhaling, Li Fuchen’s face flashed with confidence .

He had just fended off a 2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch .

This 2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch was considered weak as he didn’t cultivate any heaven class martial art or 7-star secret technique, while his bone frame seemed to be a rather low grade too .

However, he was still a Primary Sea Realm monarch for a reason and the ability to control the nature power within heaven and earth was already incredible .

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