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"Nie Ming lost, unimaginable…"

"This Li Fuchen, at the very least could rank in the 200s of the outer sect's top 500 disciples."

"Yeah, the battle on the lake should have been advantageous for Nie Ming. Li Fuchen's combat ability was better than expectations."

The viewers began to discuss spiritedly.

"Li Fuchen, let me try out your skills."

From a crowd not far from the lake, the shadow of a figure shot out. With the distance of 5 meters between the figure and Li Fuchen, the new challenger suddenly leapt and brandished his sword downwards from above.

This sword move was just like a soaring dragon, the sword trajectories' bends and straights complimented each other, aggressive without restraint as it soared across the skies.

Peak-tier, yellow class - Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

"Its the 3rd ranked fighter of the 7 Experts under Fang Liehai, Mei Ruolong, ranked 198 among the top 500 disciples."

Someone identified the new challenger.

"Go back to where you came from!"

With a swing his wooden sword, it only took an instant to lock the challenger's wooden sword. Li Fuchen swung his right arm and Mei Ruolong was helplessly returned to the direction he came from.

"The sword has a suction effect. What an unconventional sword move."

Many of the onlookers applauded for Li Fuchen.

"How dare you…"

Mei Ruolong's face darkened, his opponent timed that counter perfectly. Not a moment too soon nor too late, exactly pinpointed at the weakest link of his attack. Had it not been so, that mere suction wouldn't have been able to deal with him.

With his foot bursting on the lake, Mei Ruolong dashed forward at a slanted angle.

When closing on to Li Fuchen, with a shake of his wooden sword, three spirited sword shadows appeared out of nowhere and caged Li Fuchen.

This incomparably exquisite sword move was called Triple Cloud Dragon Form, and was the second sword move of Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

"Merely a sub-completion peak-tier, yellow class sword art, this isn't enough to cope with me."

The strength in Li Fuchen's arms sharply increased, he then raised his wooden sword and gave an outrageous cleave!


The remarkable cleave easily neutralised Mei Ruolong's Triple Cloud Dragon Form.

"Now, your turn to take one of my blades."

Li Fuchen took a big step forward and once again cleave at Mei Ruolong.

Shao Shang Sword Style, with simple and straightforward sword line, it produced a forceful and mighty sword force. When executed by Li Fuchen who had a tremendous 5000 kg strength, it was like adding wings to a tiger, extremely overwhelming.

(TL note: Adding wings to a tiger - Meaning to make an already strong existence even stronger)

Mei Ruolong didn't anticipate Li Fuchen's sword move to be so domineering and quick. He couldn't dodge in time and if he were to block this attack, he reckoned he wouldn't be able to withstand the sword force.

"Insolent! Go back!"

Right at this moment, a silhouette flitted across and stood in front of Mei Ruolong as he stopped Li Fuchen's Shao Shang Sword Style with a wave of his sword.

The lake got blasted apart, and the water that sprayed out was mixed with qi force within. It felt as though millions of arrows were scattered in all directions.

As the waves undulated, the distance between the two was slowly drifting further.

Li Fuchen focused his eyes and saw that it was a handsome youth who blocked his blade. He had an average height, but gave off a noble and tyrant presence that looked down on everyone.

"Its Fang Liehai!"

The spectators all gasped.

Fang Liehai, one of the 10 prodigies of the outer sect. Ranked 12 in the top 500 disciples. He possessed a 4 star extraordinary bone frame and was also the young master of the city lord in charge of Shanhai City. Which is one of the main cities within the Cang Lan region. He is used to being doted on by everyone, and his noble status could even rival with the sons and daughters of the inner sect elders.

"How good is Li Fuchen exactly? Not only did he defeated Nie Ming, he suppressed Mei Ruolong too. And to be even when facing against Fang Liehai."

"Fang Liehai certainly hasn't gone all out yet. If he had, Li Fuchen wouldn't be his match."

"True, afterall, Fang Liehai is ranked 12 in the outer sect. The difference between 12 and 100+ isn't just a level or two, but multiple levels."

Within the outer sect's top 500 disciples, each disciple was largely different from than next in terms of strength. But after the rank of 100, the difference in strength wasn't that much apart.

Outside the ranks of 100, who was better or weaker would only be clear after a fight.

Afterall, the results weren't just based on whose foundation was better. There were other factors like impromptu situations and live combat ability.

But those disciples that were above the rank of 100 were different.

Top 100 disciples were considered the elites among the outer sect disciples. Those disciples that could reach rank 100 and above, all were at the peak of the Qi Realm.

Be it their foundation or combat ability, they were the cream of the crop.

As of for disciples better than rank 12, they were at yet another different level.

They were considered the overlord of the Qi Realm disciples and could instantly beat down anyone.

It didn't matter if Fang Liehai gave his best or not, everyone regarded Li Fuchen with high value now.

Had he been replaced by anyone else, Fang Liehai would have settled them in one blade.

With both his legs planted firmly on the surface of the lake, Fang Liehai raised his brows, "Not bad, you actually withstood that blade which contained 30% of my strength."

Li Fuchen: "Same to you."

"Keke!" Fang Liehai chuckled, "Do you have an exaggerated opinion of your own ability? Or is your brain not working properly? I, Fang Liehai, isn't someone that you can judge."

Li Fuchen laughed lightly, "You may be strong, but it isn't absolute strength. I think you are overconfident."

"Is that so?" The corner of Fang Liehai's mouth drew back, his eyes flashed with a dangerous glow.

"Fang Liehai, the outer sect isn't ruled by you. Let the matters of today rest as it is!"

Seeing that Li Fuchen and Fang Liehai were both about to make their first move, a young man who was filled with righteousness ambled along.

Fang Liehai leaned his head to the side, and with a serious tone, "Gao Changtian, are you going to meddle in this matter?"

Gao Changtian, similarly one of the 10 prodigies of the outer sect, was a person of righteousness and didn't allow for the bullying of the weak. Even the faction that he established was mainly for protecting the weaker disciples.

"Naturally." Gao Changtian replied in an unyielding tone.

Fang Liehai was obviously holding back his anger, "Gao Changtian, don't mess with me. I didn't bother with you in the past, but if you insist on hindering me today, I will show you no mercy."

Gao Changtian raised his hand, gestured for Fang Liehai to bring it, "I sure would like to see what kind of mercy you were giving me in the past."

Since the years they entered the Cang Lan Sect, their views had always been objectionable.

But their abilities were about even. One was ranked 12 and the other ranked 10, neither one would be able to gain the upper hand.

"You're seeking death!"

Fang Liehai was angered as he revolved his ninth rank Iron Shell Technique, a terrifying aura was released. At the same time, the sword in his hand was coated in a layer of pale black qi, the density of the qi was far superior than Nie Ming's and Mei Ruolong's.

"Should I be afraid?"

Gao Changtian revolved his Elder Jade Technique, and a refined aura was emitted as it clashed with Fang Liehai's. The sword in his hand was covered in a layer of a greenish-white qi.


As the qi of both these experts clashed, traces of an explosion caused by the qi colliding could be heard.

"Amazing, so this is the strength of a prodigy!"

"The battle between two prodigies is a grand occasion. The last time it happened was roughly half a year ago."

The spectators began to comment.

Observing at the qi of both these prodigies, Li Fuchen's eyes had signs of battle intent.

The abilities of these two were indeed admirable, as they were both at the peak of the ninth rank for their entry techniques.

Even though the Cang Lan Sect's entry techniques were peak-tier, yellow class techniques. As long as one was willing to put in the time and effort, reaching the highest rank was still possible.

But that was with the condition that the disciple had a 4 star bone frame. Those that were below the 4 star bone frame, would probably be unable to reach the ninth rank even with the help of the technique pill.

Generally, cultivation techniques were progressed in steps.

Everyone had to begin with foundation techniques.

Followed by their clan's high-tier, yellow class technique. Then the sect's entry technique.

With every upgrade of their cultivation technique, accumulation of cultivating experiences, and the unblocking of the meridians, that also meant the increase in speed of cultivation.

Had anyone begun with a high grade cultivation technique, they wouldn't be able to do anything with it.

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