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Chapter 550
ER – Chapter 550: Qi Junjun
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“Big Sis, I am begging you, just lend me 1 million low-grade spirit stones . I promise that I will not go stone gambling again . ”

“I have already heard you say this more than once or twice . I have 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, but not 1 million . ”

“If you don’t have spirit stones, why are you drinking at the 15th floor of the Soaring Rain Restaurant?”

“Xiaoguang, don’t cross the line . In the past, I have always visited the Soaring Rain Restaurant every half a month . Since you started stone gambling, I can only visit here once every two months . Furthermore, I would only order those low grade liquor . ”

At the stairs, there was a loud chatter as a young man and woman arrived on the 15th floor and entered a private room .

Fine liquor and desserts that were worth 750,000 low-grade spirit stones allowed Li Fuchen to eat for a very long time .

The quantity of these foods and drinks weren’t much and their effects weren’t as good as the Red Rainbow Sect’s precious liquor and desserts, but they were still worth 750,000 low-grade spirit stones . After eating and drinking for some time, Li Fuchen felt a little tipsy, and this sensation was rather comfortable . For a person at the Battle Spirit Realm who also had a body refinement at the perfection level of Reincarnation Realm, it was basically hard for Li Fuchen to get drunk . If it was ordinary liquor, Li Fuchen would be able to drink for a month and wouldn’t possibly get drunk .

Li Fuchen didn’t use his cultivation to expel the feeling as he was only slightly tipsy .

Jingle jingle .

Li Fuchen shook the bell at the side .

In a short moment, the waiter entered the private room .

“Sir, do you need anything else?” The waiter was extremely respectful .

Li Fuchen’s expenses weren’t cheap . For the first order, he spent 230,000 low-grade spirit stones . For the second order, he spent 750,000 low-grade spirit stones . The total spending for the two orders were close to a million . It was very rare to encounter such a huge spender and as the dedicated server for Li Fuchen, the waiter would be able to earn a few hundred low-grade spirit stones as a reward .

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“Help me to pack up some liquor and desserts . ”

Li Fuchen had ordered close to two million worth of liquor and desserts as he planned to have them during the future trips .

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, it was fine since he was only spending extravagantly once in a while . After all, those tens of millions of low-grade spirit stones were simply kept without much purpose .

“Sure thing!” The waiter was rather excited . This time, his reward would probably reach up to 1000 low-grade spirit stones and it was already more than half a month of his rewards in normal times .

Li Fuchen opened the door of the private room and was preparing to settle the bill at the first floor .


On the opposite side, the pair of siblings had also opened their private room’s door . A handsome youth and a peerless beauty wearing light blue clothes had also walked out .

‘What a beauty!’ Li Fuchen sized up the duo and was rather surprised .

This young lady’s appearance was comparable with Su Muyu and Bai Lingshuang . She was merely a little inferior to Yan Qingwu .
(TL note: If you forgot them
Su Muyu – the one with the scythe from Eternal Spring Valley
Bai Lingshuang – the one with the Ice Mirror divine ability
Yan Qingwu – the one with the curved saber from Heaven Fiend Sect and the second person to leave the East Unicorn Continent after Li Fuchen)

This was just a city in the Red Moon Empire .

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Su Muyu and Bai Lingshuang were the top-class beauties from their respective continents .

“Big Sis, in terms of innate talent and background, that Dongguo Shaonan are comparable to you . In my opinion, you can try to get along with him . ” The handsome youth disregarded everyone in the vicinity and spoke to the blue-clothed young lady .

The blue-clothed young lady raised her brows, “Xiaoguang, tell me, what kind of benefits are you receiving from Dongguo Shaonan . ”

“Big Sis, am I that kind of person? Look at what you are saying . ” The handsome youth sounded rather unhappy .

“What should I do with you…” The blue-clothed young lady glared while panting with rage and didn’t bother about the handsome youth anymore . She then started to shift her attention to Li Fuchen who had just walked out from the private room .


Originally, she only took a casual glance, but soon enough, she was attracted by Li Fuchen .

As compared to Li Fuchen, the youth elites in the South Mountain City were seemingly significantly inferior to him .

It wasn’t in terms of appearance, but in terms of aura .

If the handsome youth elites of the South Mountain City were all shining with radiance and had noble aura, Li Fuchen was much more reserved like an ocean that had immeasurable depth .

No one knew that she had learned an aura observation technique . No matter how the opposition was able to conceal, she would be able to see if the opposition was extraordinary . It was also because of this reason that she didn’t bother about that so-called Dongguo Shaonan . In her eyes, Dongguo Shaonan was only impressive on the outside but useless on the inside .

‘If I didn’t learn the aura observation technique, I wouldn’t be able to see his true strength and would treat him as an ordinary person . ”

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The blue-clothed young lady developed a trace of curiosity towards Li Fuchen .

She had never seen anyone with an aura like Li Fuchen . Even a Primary Sea Realm monarch from the South Mountain City would have an aura that was much more inferior to Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen’s aura was reserved yet unimaginably dominant and imperious . Such an imperious aura seemed unapproachable like the heaven dao while also pure and sharp like the sword dao .

‘Perhaps, only Law Phase Realm emperors would have an aura that was comparable with him? Could he be the legendary 9-star bone frame?’ The blue-clothed young lady thought silently .

“Does this brother frequently visit the Soaring Rain Restaurant? This young lady is called Qi Junjun . ”

She was rather certain that South Mountain City didn’t have someone like Li Fuchen . If he was from this place, he wouldn’t be unknown . It was a coincidence that this was her first time taking the initiative to speak with another man, therefore, the handsome youth was flabbergasted .

“Big Sis!” Just as the handsome youth was about to speak…

“Shut your mouth!” Qi Junjun transmitted a voice to berate the handsome youth .

The handsome youth quickly shut his mouth but no matter what he did, he wasn’t able to see anything special about Li Fuchen . Why would his elder sister take the initiative to greet first? His elder sister, Qi Junjun was the South Mountain City’s no . 1 beauty, even in the South Sun County, there was no one else as pretty as his elder sister .

“Li Fuchen . I am not a resident of the South Mountain City . This is also my first visit to the Soaring Rain Restaurant . ” Li Fuchen replied .

‘Li Fuchen!’

Qi Junjun’s eyes lit up . If she didn’t have her aura observation technique, she would only feel that this name sounded great .

But with the aura observation technique, she felt that Li Fuchen’s name was truly too wonderful to be described with words .

Floating dust, floating dust . It had a feeling like it was simple like the dust, but it was also imperious and transcending like the heaven dao .
(TL note: Fuchen means floating dust)

“I wonder where Brother Li is planning to visit next? This young lady is a descendant of the South Mountain City’s Qi Clan and I am very familiar with the South Mountain City and very willing to be a guide . ” Qi Junjun didn’t know what was happening to her as she was never so interested in men .

Li Fuchen laughed, “I think it is fine . I am planning to visit the stone gambling den to understand more . ”

“Xiaoguang, didn’t you want to visit the stone gambling den too? Let’s go together, your elder sister can also find out what exactly is stone gambling . ” In fact, Qi Junjun had visited the stone gambling den before, but the odds of getting a heaven stone was too low, therefore, she rarely visited the place .

The handsome youth’s mouth opened widely as he didn’t know what to say as he felt like crying but didn’t have tears .

Previously, Qi Junjun wasn’t disdainful of even bothering about stone gambling . Right now, she actually suggested visiting the stone gambling den . Was heaven’s laws still in place?

The handsome youth grunted and said, “The stone gambling den isn’t an ordinary place . That place is separated into three sections . The low grade section’s heaven stone ores are selling for at least 5000 low-grade spirit stones . The mid grade section is selling for at least 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . As for the high grade section, it is selling heaven stone ores at beyond 100 mid-grade spirit stones . You better reconsider if you wish to visit or not . It is very common for people to invest everything and lose everything . ”

“I am just taking a look to understand more, I might not gamble . ” Li Fuchen shook his head .

After reaching the ground floor, Li Fuchen and Qi Junjun were preparing to settle the bills .

“Young Lady Qi, your total spending is 80,000 low-grade spirit stones . ” The Soaring Rain Restaurant’s chief shopkeeper smiled and stated .

“Charge it to the account then . ” Qi Junjun said .

For descendants of the major clans, expenses within the city could be charged to the account first before settling it by the end of the month or year . It was much more convenient to do it like this .

“Sir, your total spending is 2 . 98 million low-grade spirit stones . I can make the decision to remove the 80,000 low-grade spirit stones . You just need to pay 2 . 9 million low-grade spirit stones . ”

When it was Li Fuchen’s turn to settle the bill, everyone was stunned .

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