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"Sea Wave Crush!"

The Cloud Shifting Kick Style was stronger under the effects of water. The same could be said for the White Wave Technique.

On the lake, Nie Ming used his sole to abruptly step on the surface of the lake. Under the cover of the splashed up water, Nie Ming sent a leg sweep at Li Fuchen.

This kick was ferocious like no other, the lake's wave added to the kick force, increasing the might of the kick.

"Nie Ming sure is smart. Who didn't know that venues with water would help bring out the full potential of the White Wave Technique and Cloud Shifting Kick Style." A tall and righteous looking young man commented while smiling.

Another youth on his side: "You can only blame the stupidity of Li Fuchen who actually fought against Nie Ming on the lake."

All of them had acknowledged Li Fuchen's ability.

At the Qi Realm, bone frames weren't too influential yet. Only after reaching the Origin Realm would the significance of the bone frames be reflected.

Although Li Fuchen's bone frame quality was one of the weakest, he had an exceptionally high perceptive sense.

This allowed him to demonstrate earth-shaking abilities, his pace of improvement may even surpass the outer sect's 10 prodigies.

"Storm Flash."

Li Fuchen's body suddenly turned fuzzy. On the lake, there seemed to be a condensed storm sweeping across horizontally. Nie Ming's kicks couldn't even touch Li Fuchen's side.

Storm Flash was the first move of the Cyclone Kick Style. It prioritised the body's form and footwork, and was the essence to start learning Cyclone Kick Style. With the mastership this move, it allow the user to have the speed of a gale.

Swoosh, swoosh…

On the lake, big waves undulated, as Li Fuchen was flashing around Nie Ming at such a high velocity that his movement trajectories were untraceable.

With no signs of appearing behind Nie Ming, Li Fuchen landed a palm strike using his Stone Shattering Palm.

Both his Cyclone Kick Style and Stone Shattering Palm were cultivated to the trance stage, that allowed Li Fuchen's execution to be as quick as lightning and without any intervals.

Right at the crucial moment, Nie Ming turned around using his hands like a steel lock and caught hold of Li Fuchen's Stone Shattering Palm.

With a boom sound, the water surrounding them was blasted upwards. Nie Ming was knocked backwards violently, as his lower leg was submerged into the lake.

Whereas Li Fuchen stepped back around seven steps, as if nothing happened.

A slight suction sound could be heard…

Just when Nie Ming thought he was safe. Li Fuchen sucked up a lump water with his palms, and shot them at Nie Ming as though they were hidden weapons.

It was right at this moment that Nie Ming realized he had no other options than to draw his wooden sword.

Pa pa pa!

Water balls the size of an egg were successively struck down, with the dance of the sword style, not a single water ball was missed out.

"I have to admit, your combat ability is much stronger than I imagined. But I, Nie Ming, will not allow myself to lose."

Propelling himself forward with both his legs, Nie Ming darted towards Li Fuchen with a slash!

This slash was like a wave-formed ripple, the sword force covered a large range. Cooperating with the water splashes in mid-air, it gave off an illusion that the wind and rain merged and was unblockable.


Li Fuchen wasn't complacent. Once he drew his sword, he immediately executed the Touch of Red Jade.

As Li Fuchen drew a semi-circle in mid air, the splashes that were scattered all over the sky started to pull together under the influence of some invisible force. They were all gathered around the Li Fuchen's wooden sword. With the blazing sword force of Li Fuchen's sword intent, the water instantly evaporated into a pale red mist, then viciously attacked Nie Ming.

Using your opponent's strength against themselves.


Nie Ming was in shock. The pale red mist shrouded his vision, making him blind. His only option was to retreat, an unconditional retreat. He knew that if the pale red mist caught up to him, he would have no chance to win.

"Junior Guan Xue, it seems that we all underestimated him. No wonder he was so confident."

Not knowing when, Guan Xue, the delicate girl, and the phoenix eyed lass arrived on the other side of the lake.

The three of them seemed to be in contemplation, and the one who spoke was the phoenix eyed lass.

Guan Xue: "Yes, looks like the two of us would continue to cross each other's path. I just hope our paths will not be overly intertwined."

Although she was astonished by Li Fuchen's ability, she didn't forget to keep her manners in check.

That was because she too, similarly hid her true ability.

After consuming the cultivation pill, the White Wave pill, her White Wave Technique had broken through to the eighth rank. But since she had been here for a full year and was unable to attain the ninth rank, she could only receive 30,000 contribution points as a reward.

If she had the eighth rank White Wave Technique, she would only be able to reach the rank of 300 or 400.

But because her 4 star water bone frame was extremely compatible with the White Wave Technique, it helped greatly increase the power of the technique. Which was why her actual abilities weren't as simple as they looked.

After watching how Nie Ming fought, she had complete confidence of winning against Li Fuchen.

In fact, her talent for the sword arts was much more exceptional than her talents for cultivation techniques.

The delicate female disciple couldn't help but ask, "Senior Guan Xue, was he really like what you described him to be in the past?"

For the past few days, Guan Xue had been giving them information about Li Fuchen.

The Li Fuchen of the past had a somewhat good perception, but it wasn't so crazily good.

The current Li Fuchen may even be as good as the 10 prodigies, there was a possibility that he may be even stronger than them.

They knew for a fact that some normal bone frame disciples could ignore the restriction of the bone frame and could actually reach the Earth Realm.

And people like them typically had an extreme perception that even surpassed 3 star bone frames during the early development stages.

But those people were just able to barely surpass 3 star bone frames. Li Fuchen's perception surpassed even 4 star bone frames.

No, most 4 star bone frames disciples were not even up to Li Fuchen's standard.

What these 3 didn't know was that before Li Fuchen's soul spirit turned green, his perception had already exceeded 4 star bone frames.

The current him's perception was at least at the level of a 5 star bone frame, perhaps even higher..

Guan Xue didn't speak, she was in doubt of whether this man was still Li Fuchen.

"This Nie Ming does indeed have quite a good combat ability. It's a pity that I am stronger."

Li Fuchen's ability exploded too quickly, even he couldn't grasp what his current level was at.

Dealing against Nie Ming, he only utilized 50% of his true strength.

Except for his cultivation and technique ranks, he overwhelmed Nie Ming in every other area.

"Tiger Fang Cross Slash!"

A simple Tiger Fang Cross Slash when in the hands of Li Fuchen felt so divine.

With a flash of the pale red cross slash, the pale red mist was immediately split apart,

Nie Ming continuously retreated, his blood boiled.

"Not good. If this keeps up, my loss is imminent. I have no choice but to use this move."

Nie Ming gritted his teeth, revolving the White Wave Technique to its extremity. A thick and dense pale blue qi flowed along his right arm onto the wooden sword.

An oscillating wave sound could be heard, when the splashing water surrounding the sword, it was attached onto the sword, further increasing it's might.

"Raging Crash!"

Taking in a deep breath, Nie Ming swung his sword horizontally. The sound of the wave was broad and vast, and also carried an abundance of sword force.

Peak-tier, yellow class sword art - Raging Wave Sword Style!

Facing the impending sword qi and broad wavelike sword force, Li Fuchen had a slight change in his expression.

This sword move sure was majestic, just like a huge tide approaching. If the both of them were equal in strength, Li Fuchen would have been subdued by this sword force.

With the second move of Red Jade Sword Style, Li Fuchen executed the Killing of Red Jade to forcefully break his opponent's sword move.

The Killing of Red Jade was using the opposite force of the Touch of Red Jade, expulsion.

With the expulsion of his sword force, the air shook, creating a vacuum effect in the air for a moment.


A lump of water swelled up like a huge balloon and ruptured soon after.

As if struck by lightning, Nie Ming's body bent backwards and was sent crashing.

As for Li Fuchen, he merely stepped back for a dozen or so steps.

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