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Published at 6th of July 2020 10:48:54 AM
Chapter 547
ER – Chapter 547: Flowing Merciless Edge
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It wasn’t that easy to upgrade the Flowing Flame Sword Intent . The only thing Li Fuchen could do now was to use the three moves from the Flowing Flame Sword Art as a reference to create the fourth move .

This new Flowing Flame Sword Art’s move didn’t just contain the essence of the Flowing Flame Sword Intent . It was also fused with the fire dao laws and sword dao laws . Once it was successfully created, it would undoubtedly be a heaven class low-tier sword move .

Even the weakest heaven class low-tier sword move was still a heaven class sword move and its power was far beyond earth class peak-tier sword moves .

On a deserted mountain at the vicinity of the Purple Mist Mountain, there was a figure standing there and would constantly brandish the sword that burst out with a flaming sword light that was like flowing water .

When creating the fourth move of the Flowing Flame Sword Art, Li Fuchen had one concept in his mind . This move must be flexible and also fiery .

The fire dao laws were naturally not as gentle . While the sword dao laws were naturally supple .

This was the moment when the benefits of cultivating countless sword arts would be displayed .

Countless sword moves were flashing through Li Fuchen’s mind . These sword moves only contained traces of useful information that would be taken out and blended into the fourth move of the Flowing Flame Sword Art .

The fourth move of the Flowing Flame Sword Art was getting increasingly complete and increasingly powerful through time .

Of course, during this process, Li Fuchen would deviate from the main path but with his capability, he was quickly able to correct it and eliminate those seemingly practical but useless sword dao essences .

“No, it isn’t flexible enough . ”

“No, it isn’t fiery and tyrannical enough . ”

“No, it is overly neutral and mild . ”

Li Fuchen went through constant refinement and rejection .

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In Li Fuchen’s mind, if this move was able to emit a flaming sword light that was gossamer-like, then it would be considered a success .

Right now, it was still a flaming sword light that was like flowing water and it was only slightly superior to the Flowing Flame Edge .

While immersed in the sword art, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to feel the elapse of time .

In his eyes, apart from sword art, there was nothing else .

“This child’s perception is probably superior to even us . ”

From far away, there were two vaguely visible figures that had appeared out of nowhere .

One of the figures was actually the petite Elder Han .

The other figure was naturally an inner sect elder from the Red Rainbow Sect .

As Primary Sea Realm monarchs, they were able to control nature to a certain degree . They had changed the refraction of the surrounding light and blocked out any spiritual awareness from detecting them .

If they weren’t willing, great masters wouldn’t be able to sense their presence .

Elder Han nodded and said, “We might be Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but our perceptions are only comparable with the emperor-class disciples at the Battle Spirit Realm . This child’s perception is obviously above regular emperor-class disciples . ”

The higher the cultivation, the higher the perception . The perception of a Primary Sea Monarch was naturally beyond a 7-star bone frame Battle Spirit Realm master . Only 8-star bone frame Battle Spirit Realm masters could be compared with them .

If it was a Law Phase Realm emperor, only the legendary 9-star bone frame Battle Spirit Realm masters would be a match .

As for saints, they were existences that were beyond mortal . No one knew how superior their perception was . Perhaps they would be able to create a horrific heaven class martial art with a thought in their mind .

Li Fuchen might be immersed in the creation of a sword move, but his powerful spiritual awareness allowed him to vaguely sense that someone was peeking at him .

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Li Fuchen didn’t recklessly release his spiritual awareness as he knew clearly that the people peeking at him should be Primary Sea Realm monarchs and they were from the Red Rainbow Sect . Li Fuchen intentionally slowed down his sword move deduction as he didn’t wish to attract too much attention .

After a moment, when the peeking sensation had vanished, Li Fuchen exhaled a breath of relief and continued to create the sword move .

“The Flowing Flame Sword Art’s path is to turn flame into water . My newly created move must be able to turn flame into threads . ”

Water and threads were both very flexible but threads were much more extreme .

When thinking about it, if the horrific fire dao sword light was compressed into a thread, how powerful would the burst of power be? With Li Fuchen’s guesses, the power would at least be several times stronger than the Flowing Flame Sword Art .

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen’s flaming sword light was getting thinner after each day .

Thickness of a wrist .

Thickness of two fingers .

Thickness of one finger .

Thickness of a chopstick .

When the sword light was compressed to the thickness of a chopstick, the power was already extremely fearsome .

When Li Fuchen brandished his sword, heaven and earth felt as though it was going to be sliced open . The sword light was also able to extend to an extremely far distance .

“Just with this sword move, even if I don’t stack with secret technique, my qi cultivation strength is already close to the great master level . ”

Li Fuchen’s sword intent was extremely condensed and his eyes were sharp .

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As compared to the first three moves of the Flowing Flame Sword Art, the fourth move’s power was increased by at least twice and it was better than what Li Fuchen expected .

To be serious, the current fourth move of the Flowing Flame Sword Art was already considered a quasi-heaven class sword move .

“It is a pity that when executing this sword move, I cannot stack the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi and the Bronze Sword Essence even if I wanted to . Once I stack them, I will not be able to execute this sword move . This sword move is very demanding on mental concentration . Transmuting the divine flame red rainbow qi into the bronze sword qi is already my limit, I cannot further stack on the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi, I cannot even blend the blazing flame power in . ”

Li Fuchen felt it was a pity . If he could stack the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi and blend in the blazing flame power, his qi cultivation strength would reach the great master level .

Great masters were able to cross moves with weaker 1st level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . The great masters might not be able to defeat the opponent, but they wouldn’t immediately collapse .

“There is no need to hurry, my current strength is already rather competent . I am already able to confront Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun right now . With the combination of my spiritual awareness attack, I can even defeat regular great masters . ”

Previously, Li Fuchen was able to defeat Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun because of his spiritual awareness attack .

Without his spiritual awareness attack, he would never be a match for them .

Right now, he had the combat strength to contest with Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun . If he utilized his spiritual awareness attack, he would naturally be much stronger than before .

The sword light was getting thinner .

From the thickness of a chopstick, it was gradually becoming as thin as a needle .

But after reaching this stage, Li Fuchen was stuck .

“Should I eliminate this trace of sword dao essence or that trace of sword dao essence . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

This sword move contained hundreds of different sword art essences and each sword art essence contained countless more sword dao essences . A trace of sword dao essence might seem minute, but it was able to cause a chain of effect within the sword move’s structure .

Everything in the world was basically made up of the tiniest substances and if any of it had a problem, it would influence the thing’s existence .

This consideration took three days .

Within these three days, Li Fuchen stood still like a stone statue .


The wind blew past and the falling leaves looked as though they were dancing .

An extremely condensed sword intent suddenly burst out and had turned all the falling leaves into ashes .

“Now I see… So this is the case . ” Li Fuchen was suddenly enlightened .


Li Fuchen drew the Flaming Snake Sword and slashed at the opposite barren mountain .

Without any sound or presence, a scarlet crystal sword thread sliced the top of the mountain .

The surface of the mountain had an extremely thin sword scar . In normal situations, this sword scar wouldn’t be noticed . However, this sword scar was emitting a magmlike scarlet red radiance .


The sword scar burst open and there was a long and narrow opening on the center part of the mountain . Subsequently, magma burst out in all directions and the scorching sword intent had changed the weather of the sky .

“I shall name this sword Flowing Merciless Edge!”

Once this sword was brandished, it represented destruction which was merciless .

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