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Chapter 545
ER – Chapter 545: Bai Qiuming
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Normally, when a martial artist’s cultivation reached the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm and when they comprehended their extraordinary bone frame pattern until the sixth segment, the martial artist would possess a great master’s strength .

Reaching the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm was easy, but comprehending an extraordinary bone frame pattern to the sixth segment was difficult .

Comprehending the bone frame pattern was different from comprehending the cultivation technique .

The comprehension of the cultivation technique might need several years for a single rank, but there would always be a chance to break through .

But for the comprehension of the bone frame pattern, the further the segment, the harder it was . In a normal situation, the sixth segment would be the Battle Spirit Realm’s comprehension limit . For anything above the sixth segment, one would need to reach the Primary Sea Realm before continuing . However, it was very rare for people to reach this limit .

The comprehension progress of the bone frame pattern was one matter, but the strength of the divine ability that was awakened was also very important .

For some weaker divine abilities, even if the bone frame pattern was comprehended to the sixth segment, they would still be lacking a little to reach the great master level .

While for some incredible divine abilities, even before the bone frame pattern was comprehended to the sixth segment, they might already be at the great master level .

Apart from that, special bone frames and extraordinary bone frames were also different .

A special bone frame pattern that was comprehended to the fifth segment would be equivalent to the extraordinary bone frame pattern that was at the sixth segment .

Take the Red Rainbow Sect’s three direct monarch-class disciples for example . All of them had special bone frames and according to what Li Fuchen found out, the trio’s special bone frame patterns had been comprehended to the fifth segment . However, the awakened divine abilities were different, therefore, there was a strength difference .

In short, a 7-star special bone frame pattern’s comprehension was equivalent to an 8-star extraordinary bone frame .

However, the perception of 7-star special bone frames might not be as good as 8-star extraordinary bone frames . There was also a significant difference in growth potential .

Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame wasn’t considered weak and he had already comprehended the blazing flame bone frame pattern to 5 . 8 segments . If Li Fuchen’s cultivation was increased to the 7th or 8th level of Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen would possess the strength of a great master .

After all, Li Fuchen’s Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had already reached the highest rank .

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“No matter what, I should still comprehend the blazing flame bone frame pattern to the sixth segment as quickly as possible . ”

Once the blazing flame bone frame pattern was comprehended to the sixth segment, there would be a qualitative change . By then, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength would be closer to the great master level .

The Emperor Sky Continent had comprehensive laws and it allowed Li Fuchen to have a much easier time to comprehend the blazing flame bone frame pattern than when he was on the Seven Color Continent .

Li Fuchen’s perception was originally heaven-defying . Now that the difficulty was reduced significantly, Li Fuchen’s comprehension speed was simply doubled .

5 . 9 segments, 5 . 99 segments .

In a blink of an eye, Li Fuchen was already here at the Emperor Sky Continent’s Purple Mist Mountain for four months .

During these four months, Li Fuchen was basically cultivating in seclusion . He would occasionally take a stroll around the Purple Mist Mountain and the vicinity .

On this day, the martial contest stage was bustling with excitement again .

“Hurry up and go to the martial contest stage . Senior Yuan Long is going to challenge Senior Bai Qiuming . ”

“Is that for real? Why would Senior Yuan Long challenge Senior Bai Qiuming?”

The number of Red Rainbow Sect disciples on the Purple Mist Mountain would increase and decrease at different timings . Recently, the number of disciples on the Purple Mist Mountain had reached over a dozen and it was much livelier than before .

In just a short moment, over a dozen Red Rainbow Sect disciples had arrived at the vicinity of the martial contest stage, including Li Fuchen .

‘Senior Yuan Long possesses the 7-star arhat bone frame while Senior Bai Qiuming possesses the 8-star spiritual eye bone frame . It isn’t very possible for Senior Yuan Long to win this battle . ’ Li Fuchen thought to himself .

Yuan Long was one of the three direct monarch-class disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect .

Bai Qiuming was one of the two emperor-class disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect .

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In terms of status, the latter was obviously better .

In terms of strength, the latter was also stronger .

But all sorts of miracles would happen in this world and there wasn’t anything that was absolute .

It would depend on the trump card that Yuan Long had .

On the martial contest stage, Yuan Long stood tall at a height of 2 . 5 meters and looked just like a human-shaped Rage Dragon . On the opposite side was the thin Bai Qiuming .

In terms of their physique, it seemed like Yuan Long could send Bai Qiuming flying with a single slap .

However, in everyone’s eyes, Bai Qiuming was definitely an extremely horrific existence . All of them predicted that Senior Yuan Long could only last a few moves .

Three moves or ten moves?

Despite the case, Yuan Long was also a great master and he wasn’t just a normal great master .

“I mentioned that I will give you an opportunity to challenge me . I didn’t think that you would use that opportunity so quickly . ” Bai Qiuming, who had pure white skin and an indifferent expression, spoke coldly .

Yuan Long grinned, “Who knows what will happen until I give it a try?”

Emperor-class disciple was an enormous mountain that suppressed everyone from above . Yuan Long wasn’t willing to yield to anyone . So what if his opponent had an 8-star bone frame? Yuan Long believed his hard work would allow him to surpass anyone .

“Make your move then! If you can withstand ten moves from me, it will be an easy matter for you to become a 1-star general in the Red Moon Empire . ” Bai Qiuming stood with his hands behind his back and looked down at Yuan Long with cold eyes .

That’s right, he was looking down .

Even though Yuan Long was half a body taller than Bai Qiuming .

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“Arhat True Effigy!”

Yuan Long roared out and instantly burst out with his arhat power and executed his divine ability, Arhat True Effigy .

Yuan Long’s body was rapidly expanding and in the blink of the eye, he grew from 2 . 5 meters to 100 meters . He stood there like a giant .

Yuan Long’s body was also emitting a golden halo while revealing traces of immortality .

The Arhat True Effigy was a body refinement divine ability and it allowed Yuan Long to have a burst of strength that was several times more powerful . The current Yuan Long was already beyond a demon of the great master level .

“Previously, you were only able to grow until the height of 80 meters . This time, you are at 100 meters?” Bai Qiuming raised his brows .

Yuan Long grinned and spoke with a thunderous voice, “Previously, my arhat bone frame pattern had yet to be comprehended to the fifth segment . ”

“It also means that you have comprehended it to the fifth segment now . No wonder you dare to challenge me . ” Bai Qiuming’s doubts had been clarified .

Body refinement martial artists were extremely powerful and when a body refinement bone frame pattern was comprehended to the fifth segment, Yuan Long already possessed the strength to look down on regular great masters .

“Receive a fist from me . ”

Yuan Long didn’t waste any time and blasted his mountain-sized fist at Bai Qiuming .

Before the fist reached its target, the merciless fist pressure had already solidified the air within a few miles . If regular Battle Spirit Realm masters were within the fist pressure’s range, they would probably shatter into pieces and wouldn’t have any chance of survival .

“This fist’s power is far beyond Senior Lei Donghai and Senior Gu Jiuye!”

Li Fuchen who had witnessed Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye’s moves was very sensitive to the strength difference . Detailed observations were his spirit soul’s instinct .

Bai Qiuming shook his head and slowly pressed out with his right hand .

Bai Qiuming’s palm looked ordinary to everyone .

But in the eyes of Yuan Long and Li Fuchen, Bai Qiuming’s palm had reached an unbelievable stage .

In Yuan Long’s eyes, Bai Qiuming’s palm was covering the entire sky and it was simply covering the sun .

In the eyes of Li Fuchen, Bai Qiuming’s palm contained an intense illusory qi presence .

“This is an illusion art!” Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted .

The East Unicorn Continent had a few sects that were adept at illusion arts too, but they were inferior .

Bai Qiuming’s illusion art was undoubtedly of an extremely high martial class .

Apart from that, Bai Qiuming’s 8-star spiritual eye bone frame was an illusion technique bone frame or ocular technique bone frame, therefore, it was very compatible with illusion arts and could enhance them greatly .


There was a huge palm print on Yuan Long’s chest as he flew out of the stage .

“Senior Yuan Long is defeated . ” Li Fuchen let out a sigh .

No one understood the horror of illusion arts more than him .

In fact, Bai Qiuming’s palm didn’t have formidable power and was barely at the great master level . Logically, it wouldn’t have been able to injure Yuan Long .

However, this palm had the illusory qi presence and it caused Yuan Long to have an illusion and believed he was injured .

The subconsciousness had a great impact . Once you believed that you were injured, then you would really be injured .

In other words, Yuan Long wasn’t defeated by this palm’s power, he was defeated by himself, by the illusion of his subconsciousness .

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