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Chapter 543
ER – Chapter 543: Purple Mist Mountain
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Emperor Sky Continent, Purple Mist Mountain .

The Purple Mist Mountain wasn’t even considered a mountain range in the Emperor Sky Continent and was only a rather famous mountain .

All those cultivation mountains would either be in the hands of emperor-class factions or extremely powerful monarch-class factions .

It was already extremely praiseworthy for the Red Rainbow Sect to control a famous mountain . There were some weaker monarch-class factions who were only able to occupy the foot of those rather impressive mountain peaks .

The Purple Mist Mountain didn’t have a lot of occupants . Most of them were the Red Rainbow Sect’s inner sect elders, there were very few disciples and outer sect elders .

After all, only pinnacle masters were allowed to come to the Emperor Sky Continent and the Red Rainbow Sect only had 20 over pinnacle masters, three great masters, and two emperor-class disciples . The total was less than 30 .


There was a blinding radiance that rushed into the sky and a figure appeared on the Purple Mist Mountain’s teleportation platform .

“Such powerful suppression . ”

Li Fuchen felt as though his entire body was immersed in a sticky fluid . Every motion or every breath would need to use up several times more effort to maintain himself .

This was the second time he was experiencing such a sensation .

The first time was when he just arrived on the Seven Color Continent .

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“The East Unicorn Continent is a thin gas, the Red Copper Continent is concentrated gas, the Seven Color Continent is liquid, while the Emperor Sky Continent is dense liquid . ”

These were the sensations that Li Fuchen experienced on each of the continents .

“Welcome to the Emperor Sky Continent’s Purple Mist Mountain . ”

There was a distorted black light before a petite black-clothed elder appeared in front of Li Fuchen .

“Greetings Elder Han . ” Li Fuchen recognized the petite elder .

This petite elder was Inner Sect Elder Han who bestowed the heaven class low-tier bone frame herb, the Star Call Herb to Li Fuchen .

“You are very good . You have become a pinnacle master in such a short period of time . ”

Elder Han had great expectations of Li Fuchen . Apart from the bone frame, he felt that Li Fuchen wasn’t inferior to an emperor-class disciple and there were certain aspects that Li Fuchen was actually superior .

“I thank Elder Han for the compliments . ” Li Fuchen replied humbly .

Elder Han said, “In any continent, the mountains are the places with the most concentrated heaven and earth qi . It is a pity that the Purple Mist Mountain isn’t a mountain range and is just a slightly famous mountain . You can pick an empty spot in the Purple Mist Mountain to construct your own courtyard . You can choose to cultivate in seclusion, of course, you can also choose to venture out to train yourself . ”

If the Purple Mist Mountain was a mountain range, each individual could pick their own mountain . But the Purple Mist Mountain had a total of less than eight peaks .

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Subsequently, Elder Han informed Li Fuchen about things regarding the Emperor Sky Continent and the situation of the Red Moon Empire and also the Purple Mist Mountain .

The Emperor Sky Continent was 100 times bigger than the Seven Color Continent and this was merely in surface area . Due to the extreme heaven and earth suppression, 100 times of surface area was actually equivalent to thousands of times of surface area for Li Fuchen . After all, it was very exhausting to traverse across the land in this place as one’s speed would be less than 10% of their original speed on the Seven Color Continent, and it was similar for the destructive power . With Li Fuchen’s current cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to travel throughout the entire Emperor Sky Continent, in fact, it would be difficult for him to travel throughout the Red Moon Empire .

The Emperor Sky Continent had seven great emperor-class factions . They were the three empires and four emperor sects .
(TL note: There is a lack of information here . I am not sure if it is emperor sects or emperors . I will update it again)

The Red Moon Empire was situated in the northwest region of the Emperor Sky Continent and it was in control of 9 provinces, 49 counties, and 660 cities .

The Purple Mist Mountain was situated in South Sun County and it was a famous mountain between South Mountain City and Red Lake City .

Each of the cities under the Red Moon Empire wasn’t inferior to a monarch-class faction . The city lords were at least at the mid-levels of Primary Sea Realm . Some of the important cities were governed by high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

All of the provincial officials were elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs and there were even some who had the strength of a half-emperor .
(TL note: Half-emperors are those Primary Sea Realm monarchs who are almost reaching the Law Phase Realm)

Those who could become province governors were obviously Law Phase Realm emperors .

The Red Moon Empire didn’t just have one Law Phase Realm emperor, who was the Red Moon Emperor . He had subordinates who were also Law Phase Realm emperors and it was rumored that there were more than 20 .

As compared to the Red Moon Empire, let alone a single Red Rainbow Sect, not even 1000 or 10,000 Red Rainbow Sects would be comparable .

As for the Purple Mist Mountain which was situated in the South Sun County was considered an extremely powerful monarch-class faction, but the South Sun County was far from being in the same leagues as the Red Moon Empire . There were also countless monarch-class factions that were stronger than the Red Rainbow Sect .

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“Remember, when venturing the Red Moon Empire… Firstly, you must not offend the Red Moon Empire . Secondly, you must not offend any monarch-class faction which possesses a half-emperor . Thirdly, you must not offend a General . ” Elder Han instructed .

“General?” Li Fuchen looked at Elder Han and asked with a confused expression .

Elder Han explained, “General is an honorary position that is set up in the Red Moon Empire for the Battle Spirit Realm . After becoming a General, one would be able to enjoy some resources from the empire . The conditions are to carry out the missions issued by the empire . The Generals have a total of three grades, 1-star General, 2-star General, and 3-star General . All those who could become 1-star Generals would have the strength of a great master and it is a very powerful great master . Those who could become 2-star Generals were monarch-class masters . As for 3-star Generals, there are just a few in the entire Red Moon Empire . With your current strength, offending a General is the same as offending a Primary Sea Realm monarch . ”

“This disciple shall bear it in mind . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

It was true . With Li Fuchen’s current strength, offending a General was the same as seeking death .

A great master was already able to contest with weaker low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Monarch-class masters would be able to fight normally with low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Therefore, it wasn’t exaggerating to treat a monarch-class master as a low-level Primary Sea Realm monarch .

As for the 3-star Generals, they were probably at the top of monarch-class masters .

These powerful 3-star Generals were probably able to kill low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs with ease .

After informing everything, Elder Han drifted away .

“Let me find a place to construct my courtyard first . ”

Li Fuchen scanned with his spiritual awareness and quickly found an empty spot in the Purple Mist Mountain .

In just one day, Li Fuchen constructed a courtyard that was around half a hectare in size .

“I can now cultivate properly . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to venture out so soon . With his current strength, it was best for him to cultivate first .

Days passed by quickly and in a flash, Li Fuchen had already resided in the Purple Mist Mountain for over one month .

“The Emperor Sky Continent is indeed incredible . The heaven and earth qi isn’t just several times more concentrated than the Seven Color Continent, the heaven and earth laws are also more comprehensive than the Seven Color Continent . Different kinds of qi are striving for an equilibrium . Furthermore, the sword dao laws here are much more intense than on the Seven Color Continent . ”

The sword dao, saber dao, and other weapon daos were illusory and imaginary martial daos .

These martial daos originally didn’t exist .

But as more people walked on these daos, the path of the dao naturally became wider .

When a dao reached the extremity, it would be enough to influence the heaven and earth laws .

With more people walking on the path of the dao, it would also be enough to influence the heaven and earth laws .

Legends foretold that a sword dao saint would be able to break laws and daos in a single sword . It was only possible because the sword dao saint was already close to the extremity and allowed the sword dao to be branded into the great dao, becoming part of the great dao .

After being on the Emperor Sky Continent for over one month, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had successfully broken through to the 4th level of Battle Spirit Realm . Li Fuchen realized that his cultivation in the Emperor Sky Continent was so smooth and compatible like fish in water . His perception was also utilized by him to the limits .

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