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Chapter 542
ER – Chapter 542: Emperor Sky Continent
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After finding the Blaze Star Herb, the next part was easier .

15 minutes later, the trio followed the crack underground and arrived at the underground space where the Blaze Star Herb was .

This underground space was extremely scorching and the temperature was at least 10 times higher than the Fire Demon Hidden Domain and 1000 times higher than the outside world . Regular Reincarnation Realm experts would probably be incinerated into ashes in an instant .

“Such powerful fire dao laws . ” Li Fuchen was amazed .

Li Fuchen’s comprehension of the fire dao laws were considered rather good, but when compared with the Blaze Star Herb, it was pale in comparison . If the Blaze Star Herb was able to use fire dao law attacks, it would already be a Primary Sea Realm lifeform .

Forcefully resisting the horrific fire dao qi, Lei Donghai walked over and plucked the Blaze Star Herb .

“Junior Gu, here are two pieces of leaves that I promised you . ”

The Blaze Star Herb had a total of five pieces of leaves and Lei Donghai picked two of them for Gu Jiuye .

“Junior Fuchen, without you, I probably wouldn’t have been able to obtain the Blaze Star Herb . This piece of leaf is for you along with 3000 mid-grade spirit stones which you deserve too . ” The Fire Demon’s strength was much stronger than Lei Donghai imagined . He was certain that if Li Fuchen wasn’t here, even with Yuan Long, they wouldn’t be able to repel the Fire Demon and would only be able to suppress the Fire Demon .

As such, the original agreement of one piece of leaf was obviously insufficient . If Lei Donghai gave two pieces of leaves to Li Fuchen, he wouldn’t have enough for himself, therefore, he could only compensate with mid-grade spirit stones .

“Thank you, Senior Lei . ” Li Fuchen received it gladly .

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A long time ago, he had already started using mid-grade spirit stones to cultivate and he just happened to be lacking mid-grade spirit stones .

During the return trip, Lei Donghai and Li Fuchen were having casual conversations while Gu Jiuye was keeping her silence . The uncommunicative personality was seemingly unsuitable for a person who possessed the brightness bone frame .

“Junior Fuchen, with your current strength and methods, you can actually head for the Emperor Sky Continent to cultivate . ” Lei Donghai suddenly said .

“Mid-class continent, Emperor Sky Continent . ” Li Fuchen raised his brows .
(TL note: I changed low-tier, mid-tier, and high-tier to low-class, mid-class, and high-class when referring to continents)

Continents were separated into low, mid, and high classes .

The East Unicorn Continent, Demon Ring Continent, White Scale Continent, and Red Copper Continent were low-class continents, while the Seven Color Continent was a mid-class continent .

But the Seven Color Continent could only be considered a regular mid-class continent . If a Law Phase Realm emperor visited the Seven Color Continent, the continent willpower would suppress the emperor .

The Emperor Sky Continent was superior to the Seven Color Continent and the continent willpower wouldn’t suppress the Law Phase Realm emperor .


Lei Donghai carried on saying, “The Emperor Sky Continent is 100 times bigger than the Seven Color Continent . Due to the abnormally concentrated laws and qi, the effects of cultivation was several times better than the Seven Color Continent . Furthermore, it is filled with rich resources and the rare heaven class herbs in the Seven Color Continent aren’t considered rare in the Emperor Sky Continent . During auctions in the city, heaven class herbs regularly appear . The only thing that isn’t good is that the Emperor Sky Continent is ruled by the emperor-class factions, like the different empires and emperor sects . In comparison, monarch-class factions could only be considered a normal faction and there are plenty of monarch-class factions . Our Red Rainbow Sect is only considered an average monarch-class faction and we are a vassal to the Red Moon Empire . ”

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The Seven Color Continent was only a place to rest and recuperate for the Red Rainbow Sect . The Emperor Sky Continent was excessively dangerous and if the Red Rainbow Sect encountered any extinguishing disaster, they would still be able to retreat to the Seven Color Continent .

“Empires and emperor sects . ” Li Fuchen’s heart felt a chill .

A kingdom’s dictator was the Primary Sea Realm monarch, while an empire’s dictator was naturally the Law Phase Realm emperor .

The Red Rainbow Sect seemed powerful and had plenty of Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but in the face of empires and emperor sects, they were no different from an insect . Any Law Phase Realm emperor would be able to exterminate the Red Rainbow Sect . If it wasn’t for the sect’s array, there were plenty of other monarch-class factions that could extinguish the Red Rainbow Sect .

Li Fuchen merely knew the existence of the Emperor Sky Continent and didn’t know anything about the situation there . After hearing Lei Donghai’s description, he had a vague idea in his heart .

In the massive Emperor Sky Continent, it was needless to say that the emperor-class factions were the rulers and below them were plenty of monarch-class factions .

If a monarch-class faction wanted to survive in the Emperor Sky Continent, they would need to adhere to an emperor-class faction .

If they didn’t, they might just be extinguished one day .

Even after becoming a vassal to an emperor-class faction, the competition within the emperor-class faction would still be extremely intensive .

After all, no matter how superior a continent was, the resources were also limited . The emperor-class factions had taken most of the resources while the rest of the scarce resources would be fought for among the countless monarch-class factions . During the fight, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be polite and amiable .

“I will go if there is an opportunity . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

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He originally had plans to cultivate in the Emperor Sky Continent .

After all, he could only progress faster over there .

Li Fuchen didn’t visit there yet because he wasn’t a pinnacle master previously .

The Red Rainbow Sect had a rule that only pinnacle masters could apply to travel to the Emperor Sky Continent .

Back at the Red Rainbow Sect, the trio split up .

“I wonder if this leaf can help me break through to the 4th level of Battle Spirit Realm . ”

In the secret room, Li Fuchen looked at the golden leaf of the Blaze Star Herb and thought to himself .

After his cultivation reached the Battle Spirit Realm, each increase in level had an increase in difficulty too . If he wasn’t on the Seven Color Continent, if his Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique wasn’t at the 32nd rank, if he didn’t constantly use mid-grade spirit stones to cultivate, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have been able to reach the 2nd level of Battle Spirit Realm, let alone the 3rd level .

On the Red Soil Continent, those Battle Spirit Realm masters with 5-star bone frames wouldn’t be able to reach the 2nd or 3rd level of Battle Spirit Realm even as they struggled until death .

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to consume the leaf directly . He circulated his qi and gradually absorbed the fire dao qi within the leaf .

Half a day later, when all the fire dao qi had been absorbed from the leaf, Li Fuchen shook his head .

He was still unable to break through to the 4th level Battle Spirit Realm and was at the peak state of the 3rd level Battle Spirit Realm .

The Blaze Star Herb might be a heaven class herb but it had the five leaves, the stamen and also the stolon . A single leaf would only have 10% of the Blaze Star Herb’s fire dao qi .

However, apart from the progress in cultivation, Li Fuchen could feel his qi blood and dantian becoming stronger significantly . The improvement in qi blood was great for body refinement, while the improvement in dantain was great for qi cultivation .

“It is time for me to head to the Emperor Sky Continent . ”

Forcefully exhaling a turbid breath, Li Fuchen’s heart developed a trace of expectation .

The Seven Color Continent was good, but it was overly peaceful and it didn’t have any pressure for survival .

Li Fuchen might be able to use the teleportation arrays in the Red Rainbow Sect and travel to low-class continents, but they didn’t have much pressure for survival too .

The Emperor Sky Continent was different, that place was similar to the East Unicorn Continent where there were constant conflicts among factions and only the strong would stand on the top . If one was able to survive in such an environment, one would be able to advance much faster and reach the peak of the martial dao and extremity of the sword dao .

The application was quickly approved .

On the next day, Li Fuchen spent one million low-grade spirit stones and used the largest teleportation platform in the Red Rainbow Sect to teleport to the Seven Color Continent .

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