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Chapter 541
ER – Chapter 541: Blaze Star Herb
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“Bastard, damn it . ”

Within the thunderous devastation and the radiance explosion, a massive figure flew out .

Over a ten miles away, the Fire Demon’s body was covered with wounds and there were two areas with the most lethal wounds . One of them was his shoulder that was half collapsed and it was caused by the thunderous hammer shadow . The other would be a sword hole at the position of the heart and it was pierced by the golden sword of light .

Without the ability to transform into flames, along with the damage to the demon spirit, the Fire Demon received the full brunt of the all-out attacks from the duo . It was a human at the great master level, the human would already be dead, unlike demons who were able to endure it .

The wounds were emitting flames and the injuries had regenerated .

The Fire Demon’s face was filled with murderous intent as he glared at Li Fuchen .

How could the Fire Demon not know that among the trio, Li Fuchen was the greatest threat to him? If Li Fuchen wasn’t around, the all-out attacks from Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye would only deal superficial damage to him . If they wanted to truly injure it, it would be as difficult as ascending to heaven .

“Fire Demon Armor . ”

The Fire Demon’s bloodline was flaring up as the surface of the Fire Demon’s body appeared with a layer of bright Fire Demon Armor .

It was also an innate ability but the Fire Demon Armor and the Fire Transformation was different . The Fire Demon Armor could be activated with the bloodline and didn’t need any concentration of spirit . While the Fire Transformation required a high concentration and once the demon spirit was affected, the Fire Transformation would end .

When facing the fully armored Fire Demon, Li Fuchen launched another Avian Thorn .

“Ahh!” The Fire Demon yelled miserably .

Li Fuchen’s Avian Thorn’s lethal power was overwhelming . The Fire Demon might be pure-blooded and the demon spirit was much stronger than the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit and even stronger than Huo Tiancheng’s true spirit, but when facing the horrific Avian Thorn, it was still hard to resist .

“Thunder Divine Hammer!”

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“Sword of Brightness . ”

Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye made use of the opportunity to combine their attacks on the Fire Demon .

They knew that the pure-blooded Fire Demon was extremely powerful and for today’s battle, their ultimate objective was to repel the Fire Demon and not to kill the Fire Demon .

It was too difficult to kill the Fire Demon .

Boom Boom!

The Fire Demon was forced to step back by the thunderous hammer shadow and golden sword of light . The Fire Demon Armor was covered with cracks .

“Die, die, all of you should die . ”

The Fire Demon was extremely furious, a fire dao demon qi surged frenziedly and swelled into a giant sphere of fire . The sphere of fire was starting to ravage in all directions .

“Quickly retreat . ” Lei Donghai informed Li Fuchen .

Before Lei Donghai gave the reminder, Li Fuchen had already rapidly retreated .

The Fire Demon was much harder to deal as compared to Huo Tiancheng . When facing Huo Tiancheng, Li Fuchen didn’t even give him the chance to make a move, but the Fire Demon was still able to execute an attack, although it was just a pure burst of demon qi .

The demon qi burst from a great master level demon had a lethal power that was equivalent to an all-out attack from a pinnacle master . Li Fuchen naturally wouldn’t want to forcefully endure the attack .

When retreating, Li Fuchen shot another Avian Thorn .

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15 minutes, 30 minutes…

This battle lasted for more than one hour .

After getting attacked by Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, the Fire Demon couldn’t even utilize 30% of his strength and had been constantly suppressed by Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye .

“The pure-blooded Fire Demon is indeed incredible . After dozens of Avian Thorns, he is still able to fight . ”

The Fire Demon’s demon spirit was unexpectedly resilient, even when it was only slightly superior to Huo Tiancheng’s true spirit .

Li Fuchen didn’t know that the pure-blooded Fire Demon had a natural growth limit of a demon king . It had a high innate potential, therefore, the demon spirit’s potential was also naturally high . Due to the current level, the Fire Demon was still unable to resist Li Fuchen’s Avian Thorn, but it wasn’t that easy for the Avian Thorn to pierce through the demon spirit too .

Over one hour later, the Fire Demon was covered in wounds while Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye were also rather tired .

The constant execution of divine abilities had put a toll on the duo, even at their strength level .

“Thorns of Brightness . ”

Gu Jiuye’s sword pierced through the Fire Demon’s body and immediately after, countless sword lights burst out from within the Fire Demon’s body .

However, the Fire Demon’s vitality was too terrifying . Even without the Fire Transformation, he could rely on his vitality to recover such severe wounds .

“Thunder Divine Hammer… Thunder Divine Jolt!”

Lei Donghai executed two consecutive thunder strikes, causing the air to vibrate . Within the ripples, there were countless thunder arcs that scuttled out and wrapped the Fire Demon .

At the same moment, Li Fuchen’s Avian Thorn damaged the Fire Demon’s demon spirit first before it was followed up by Lei Donghai’s thunder hammer divine ability .

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The Fire Demon’s body had signs that it was going to crumble and it was at this instant, the Fire Demon felt a death threat .

After constantly receiving damage, 70% of his vitality had already been exhausted . Once his vitality was exhausted completely, he would definitely perish .

Everything was because of Li Fuchen .

Without Li Fuchen, the Fire Demon would be able to transform into fire . Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye wouldn’t be able to hit his physical body .

“Just a little more, his vitality is almost fully used up . ” Lei Donghai yelled out .

Demonic beasts and demons had extremely dreadful vitality . But in comparison, demons were definitely more insane . Demons were only a few dozen feet in size but their vitality was comparable with demonic beasts that were a few thousand or tens of thousands of feet in size . It was imaginable, how vigorous and how concentrated the demons’ vitality was . Each drop of blood was probably the vitality of one ordinary human .

“Fire Puncture . ”

The Fire Demon had the intention to retreat, but before he left, he wanted to try and see if he could kill Li Fuchen .

The Fire Demon placed his hands together abruptly .


The Fire Demon Hidden Domain shook violently . In the next moment, dozens of fire spikes rose into the sky and several fire spikes were thrusting at Li Fuchen .

“Danger . ”

Li Fuchen’s scalp turned numb while he turned into a flaming light and constantly flickered .


Li Fuchen might have dodged with extreme speed, but he was still grazed by one of the fire spikes .

After vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, Li Fuchen felt half his body going numb before there was a burning pain .

The fire spikes were extremely powerful . Even a graze had the power of an all-out attack from an incredible pinnacle master .

Of course, this was mainly because Li Fuchen was complacent and didn’t shoot the Avian Thorn promptly . Otherwise, the Fire Demon wouldn’t even have the chance to execute this attack .

“Damn it . ”

After glaring at Li Fuchen resentfully, the Fire Demon turned and flew faraway .

Apart from wasting 70% of his vitality, the Fire Demon’s demon spirit was also greatly damaged . If the Fire Demon relied on his demon spirit to recuperate, it would take many years .

“Don’t bother about him, let’s look for the Blaze Star Herb, it should be underground . ”

The Blaze Star Herb was a heaven class herb and it could shift by itself . The previous time Lei Donghai saw the Blaze Star Herb, it was on the surface of the ground .

“I found it . ”

Li Fuchen scanned with his spiritual awareness and found a small underground space that was 6000 meters deep . He saw an extremely golden herb .

The golden herb was emitting a boundless heat and when Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness approached, it was melted by the heat . Therefore, Li Fuchen wasn’t even able to see the exact shape and only knew that the fire dao law on the surface of the herb was even more concentrated than the fire dao law in the Fire Demon Hidden Domain .

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