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Chapter 538
ER – Chapter 538: Battle With Huo Tiancheng
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Next day, at the monarch district’s martial contest stage .

Apart from monarch-class disciples, there were plenty of inner sect disciples who had come here intentionally to observe the match between Huo Tiancheng and Li Fuchen .

“It is hard to have even a single battle between pinnacle masters in years . Furthermore, this is a match between the ranked no . 2 pinnacle master, Senior Huo Tiancheng and Senior Li Fuchen who has astounding talent . ”

“Isn’t that right? Our Red Rainbow Sect only has twenty over pinnacle masters and every single one of them was close to the pinnacle of the Battle Spirit Realm . The battle between two pinnacle masters will definitely be intense and it might give us inspiration . ”

The audiences on the martial contest stage were having heated discussions and it was rather lively .

“Is he already at this stage?” Murong Tianxing had an agonized expression .

His improvement was considered significant . He was here in the Red Rainbow Sect for around three years and had already reached the peak state of the 2nd level Battle Spirit Realm . His strength had also reached the elite master level . But as compared to Li Fuchen, his achievements were pale in comparison, in fact, he wasn’t even comparable to Li Fuchen .

The other same generation 7-star prodigies from the other kingdoms were also having agonized expressions . If Li Fuchen wasn’t around, they were definitely the most dazzling among the younger disciples . Right now, all the limelight had been seized by Li Fuchen and they were only considered as supporting characters .

“Hurry up and see, Senior Brother Lei Donghai is here . It seems like Senior Lei Donghai is also interested in this match!”

In the eyes of everyone, Lei Donghai appeared in the audience of the martial contest stage with his hands on his back and with a thunderous qi presence .

Before everyone could react, there was a golden flash of radiance and a black-clothed lady appeared beside Lei Donghai .

“Ss! It is Senior Sister Gu Jiuye . ”

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Gu Jiuye was extremely mysterious and was much more mysterious than Yuan Long and Lei Donghai . Among the Red Rainbow Sect disciples, there were only a few individuals who had spoken with Gu Jiuye .

The Red Rainbow Sect’s three direct monarch-class disciples had their own distinguishing quality .

Yuan Long had unmatched close combat power .

Lei Donghai had unmatched attack power .

Gu Jiuye had unmatched speed .

The three of them were considered unmatched in their own field of expertise . Even the emperor-class disciples might not be superior to them in those fields .

Now that Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye appeared in the monarch district’s martial contest stage together, no one would believe it, if someone said that they weren’t here to observe the match between Li Fuchen and Huo Tiancheng . But everyone couldn’t understand as people of their strength shouldn’t be interested in the battle between pinnacle masters .

“Senior Lei, do you really think that this Junior Fuchen will be useful?” Gu Jiuye’s voice had an enchanting attractiveness .

Lei Donghai replied, “In terms of illusion art attack, Bai Qiuming is naturally no . 1, but if Bai Qiuming makes a move, we will not need to do anything else . This Junior Fuchen’s illusion art attack is naturally inferior to Bai Qiuming, but his spiritual awareness attack should be almost on par with Bai Qiuming . If he works together with us, even if we cannot kill that great master level demon, we will at least be able to reduce the demon’s combat power . ”

Lei Donghai had discovered a heaven class, Blaze Star Herb on the Red Copper Continent . The Blaze Star Herb was being protected by a great master level demon . Lei Donghai wasn’t a match for the demon and even after working together with Gu Jiuye, their combat strength was only even with the demon . They originally wanted to invite Yuan Long, but he wasn’t around recently . Therefore, Lei Donghai placed his interest in Li Fuchen if he was able to defeat Huo Tiancheng .

Li Fuchen couldn’t even defeat Huo Tiancheng, then he wouldn’t be able to offer any help .

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A great master level demon spirit was far beyond the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit .

“I know clearly about Senior Bai Qiuming’s illusion art attack . He is indeed able to eliminate the great master level demon in a short period of time . If we invite him, we will not have a share of the Blaze Star Herb . ” Gu Jiuye nodded .

Bai Qiuming’s strength was something that a great master like her was very apprehensive of . She reckoned that Bai Qiuming’s strength had already reached the monarch-class master level .

When the duo was speaking, Huo Tiancheng arrived .

Huo Tiancheng had the 7-star sun bone frame and it originated from the blazing flame bone frame, but was a far superior special bone frame .

Among the pinnacle masters, Huo Tiancheng certainly had the best chances to reach the great master level .

In the list of the special bone frames, the sun bone frame was considered one of the finest bone frames and wasn’t inferior to the brightness bone frame .

With the 7-star bone frame, Huo Tiancheng’s qi presence was tyrannical and positive . It was just like the scorching sun in the sky that had extreme radiance and was extremely dazzling .

After seeing Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye, Huo Tiancheng narrowed his eyes .

“Senior Li Fuchen is here . ”

In the Red Rainbow Sect, a disciple’s seniority was determined by strength . Even if a disciple was young, that disciple would still be addressed as a senior brother or sister .

With Li Fuchen’s current strength, he was worthy to be called as a senior .

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Lu Wan arrived together with Li Fuchen .

“Junior Fuchen, be careful . Senior Huo Tiancheng’s sun divine ability might not be superior to Senior Wang Zongchao’s saber dao divine ability, but the attack range is extremely wide . Don’t let him execute it . ”

Lu Wan knew clearly that Li Fuchen’s advantage was in his spiritual awareness attack and illusion art attack . She was only at the level of a normal pinnacle master while Huo Tiancheng’s strength was extremely formidable among the pinnacle masters . The only pinnacle master in the Red Rainbow Sect that could defeat Huo Tiancheng would be the no . 1 pinnacle master, Wang Zongchao .

“I know . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

He wasn’t planning to have a frontal confrontation with Huo Tiancheng . Huo Tiancheng’s strength might not be as powerful as the Fire Feather Wolf that had burned the Sky Fire Wolf bloodline, but he wasn’t that much weaker .

On the martial contest stage, Li Fuchen and Huo Tiancheng stood 100 meters apart from each other .

“Junior Li, I heard that your spiritual awareness attack is incredible . I would like to try it myself today . Fierce Sun Divine Fist . ”

Huo Tiancheng’s body glowed while a positive and tyrannical qi prowess rushed in the sky . Before the fist was blasted out, Li Fuchen felt the absolute pressure . Li Fuchen had a premonition that he would have a hard time to dodge when Huo Tiancheng executed his fist . The Fierce Sun Divine Fist was an earth class peak-tier martial that was extremely tyrannical . The attack range was rather wide and when the fist was executed, it felt like a fierce sun was launched out . The only thing Li Fuchen could do now was to endure it as he didn’t have enough speed to dodge it, at least not at his current level .

Huo Tiancheng’s attack speed was extremely fast and in less than a spark, the radiance on the fist had already condensed to the extremity .

But no matter how fast the attack was, it wasn’t comparable with the speed of the spiritual awareness attack .

The Thorn of Spiritual Awareness shot out from Li Fuchen’s forehead and instantly buried into Huo Tiancheng’s skull .


Huo Tiancheng let out a yell and the Fierce Sun Divine Fist that was going to be blasted out was dispersed .

To execute a martial art, concentration was required .

If one wasn’t able to concentrate, then it was obvious that the martial art couldn’t be executed successfully .

Of course, there were rumors that the martial art could be branded into the bloodline . That way, one would be able to execute the martial art instinctively . But to reach that level, one had to create the martial art and cultivate it to the perfection stage .

“Flowing Flame Edge . ”

The streak of sword radiance felt like it had its own spirituality and rapidly slashed at Huo Tiancheng .


At the crucial moment, Huo Tiancheng was finally able to concentrate and was barely able to blast his fist on the flaming sword radiance . The flaming sword radiance exploded and dispersed .

“Damn it . ”

Huo Tiancheng was so ashamed that he was angry . He knew that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was incredible but he didn’t think it was this incredible .

Huo Tiancheng possessed the 7-star sun bone frame and it didn’t just have incredible divine ability . The true spirit that was formed was also rather tough and had the sun’s characteristics .

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