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Published at 25th of June 2020 11:46:06 AM
Chapter 535
ER – Chapter 535: Great Battle With Fire Feather Wolf
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The Fire Feather Wolf spread his fiery wings and flew in front of Li Fuchen .

“Human, it is useless to regret now . Die!”

A violent flaming qi current exploded as fire feathers scattered in the sky .

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to let the fire feathers come near him as he brandished his sword and blasted them with the grand wind .

The Grand Wind Sword Art was a wind dao sword art and the sword qi was sweeping everything like violent winds . Before the fire feathers could get near to Li Fuchen, they had already exploded .

With the exquisite and grand sword art, Li Fuchen’s body merely shook a little but he didn’t step back at all .

“Such exquisite sword art!” Lu Wan’s eyes lit up a little .

Li Fuchen’s sword art might not be as powerful as the top few individuals, but in terms of exquisiteness, his sword art wasn’t inferior at all . Purely based on the exquisiteness of the sword art, Li Fuchen would be at least top three .

“So what if his sword art is exquisite . His power is only at normal pinnacle master level . ” Gao Hang sneered .

“Fire Wings Split . ”

The Fire Feather Wolf didn’t bother as the qi prowess on his body flourished and a pair of giant illusory fire wings appeared . Instantly, the fire wings split apart and turned into countless tiny fire wings that were shot at Li Fuchen .

As compared to the fire feathers, the fire wings had power that were at least 40% stronger . Each fire wing felt like a condensed demonic qi bullet that was especially fatal . Li Fuchen might have executed his Flowing Flame Sword Art, it was still hard to defend and he started to stagger backwards while his qi blood flared up .
(TL note: There is a term that I have been translating at qi and blood . I am now using qi blood instead as it is a kind of combination with qi and blood in the body, like an energy flow)

“Strange, why isn’t he injured?”

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Gao Hang felt rather astonished . According to logic, the Fire Feather Wolf’s first move should have inflicted light injuries to Li Fuchen but Li Fuchen’s body merely shook a little and didn’t even take half a step back . Now that the Fire Feather Wolf had used his finishing move, Li Fuchen merely suffered a little more .

How could Gao Hang know that Li Fuchen was on the path of dual cultivation? Unless the opponent was excessively superior to Li Fuchen, it wouldn’t be so easy to injure Li Fuchen .

If not, Li Fuchen wouldn’t dare to challenge the Fire Feather Wolf alone . His confidence didn’t come just from his Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Illusion Eyes .

“Interesting, your body is rather tough . ” The Fire Feather Wolf took a glance at Li Fuchen’s body .

Li Fuchen’s physical body was naturally incomparable with the Fire Feather Wolf, but when the Fire Feather Wolf’s attack broke through the sword art and the qi protection, the remaining force was only 10% or 20% . The remaining force was then blocked by a layer of golden qi .

“His dual cultivation isn’t just for show . ” Lu Wan praised silently .

In her opinion, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level should be at the Battle Spirit Realm, otherwise, the physical defense wouldn’t be so tough .

“Bloodthirsty Fire Feather . ”

Finally, the Fire Feather Wolf burst out with his kill move .

He possessed two innate abilities, the Fire Wings Split and the Bloodthirsty Fire Feather .

The former had a higher attack density while the latter was for close combat and had the ability to absorb blood .

The Fire Feather Wolf’s feathers turned blood red while the Fire Feather Wolf’s qi prowess increased significantly again . There was a flash of blood light while the Fire Feather Wolf’s body turned a little hazy .

“It is about time . ” 

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After testing the limit of his strength, Li Fuchen didn’t hold back anymore . A spiritual awareness thorn shot out from his forehead and struck accurately at the Fire Feather Wolf who was moving at rapid speed .


The Fire Feather Wolf let out a miserable howl as the blood red feathers faded and was turning back to the fiery red color .

“Eh? Spiritual awareness attack secret technique?

Lu Wan was preparing to assist and didn’t expect for Li Fuchen’s surprise attack .

“His spiritual awareness attack is so powerful?” Gao Hang’s expression turned gloomy .

He had also cultivated the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness but his power was definitely weaker than Li Fuchen and wasn’t even 10% of Li Fuchen’s attack .

The Fire Feather Wolf possessed a concentrated bloodline of the Demonic King, Sky Fire Wolf . The demonic spirit was also protected by the bloodline power . Gao Hang’s Thorn of Spiritual Awareness was only able to make the Fire Feather Wolf suffer a little and it was absolutely impossible for the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic spirit to suffer any damage .

Gao Hang reckoned that even if his Thorn of Spiritual Awareness had reached the perfection rank, it would only be 20% of Li Fuchen’s power .

Spiritual awareness secret techniques were never meant to be the main offense and was only a support .

Unless the practitioner had extremely exceptional spirit soul aptitude, the practitioner would then be able to produce fatal power from spiritual awareness secret techniques .

In this world, if the bone frame was the tree trunk, then the other aptitudes were the branches .

The aptitudes like the spirit soul aptitude and the illusion technique aptitude, or other neglected aptitudes .

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“He actually possesses spirit soul aptitude . ” Gao Hang let out an unhappy comment .

The spirit soul aptitude was almost as important as the bone frame, while illusion technique aptitude was far inferior . If the spirit soul aptitude was exceptional, all other aspects would also be enhanced, just like the bone frame . Illusion technique aptitude would only allow the illusion arts to be powerful .

If Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was able to shock Gao Hang, then Li Fuchen’s ocular technique attack was going to make Gao Hang dumbfounded .

Li Fuchen’s eyes turned into a kaleidoscope and was filled with multiple complex colors . An overwhelming hallucinatory qi presence was emitted from Li Fuchen’s gaze and had enveloped the Fire Feather Wolf . In the next moment, the Fire Feather Wolf’s qi presence turned sluggish and wasn’t as violent anymore .

“Flowing Flame Edge . ”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and a flaming sword light slashed at the Fire Feather Wolf like a flow of water .


A deep sword wound appeared on the Fire Feather Wolf while blood sprayed out .

“Such a tough defense . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t able to kill the Fire Feather Wolf in a single slash even though the wolf was in an illusion realm . It was hard to imagine once the Fire Feather Wolf was sober, how much tougher its defense would be .

Due to the intense pain, the Fire Feather Wolf came back to his senses in advance .

“Are you the one that attacked me back then?”

The Fire Feather Wolf’s eyes revealed fear as he turned to flee .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was exactly the same as the spiritual awareness attack on that day . The Fire Feather Wolf could be a fool but would still know that this situation wasn’t good .

“Do you think you can flee?”

Li Fuchen shot out the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness again and immediately engulfed the wolf with the Thousand Illusion Eyes .

Perhaps the Fire Feather Wolf wasn’t looking directly at Li Fuchen this time and was able to struggle free from the illusion realm immediately .

“Meteor Fall . ”

Li Fuchen’s attack was only at the normal pinnacle master level . Executing the Meteor Fall allowed his strength to increase by 10% .

The dazzling stream of light seemingly neglected the distance between Li Fuchen and the Fire Feather Wolf as it instantly pierced through the Fire Feather Wolf’s body .


The place that was pierced through looked as though it was a melted candle . A punctured and charred hole of over ten meters appeared . The blood and flesh inside had all been incinerated by the Meteor Sword Intent .

The Fire Feather Wolf’s body might be a few thousand feet in size, which was around 1000 meters . But the charred hole of over ten meters was still considered a serious injury to the wolf . It was the same as a puncture wound that was two finger wide on a human’s body .


The Fire Feather Wolf’s howl had changed, his body started to glow and a desolate and scorching qi presence burst out . A burning and ferocious wolf shadow could be vaguely seen .

At the moment of life and death, the Fire Feather Wolf chose to burn its Sky Fire Wolf’s bloodline .

Not every demonic beast could burn their bloodline, it was only possible as the Fire Feather Wolf was a flame dao demonic beast and because of the thick concentration of Sky Fire Wolf’s bloodline .

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