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Chapter 534
ER – Chapter 534: Bet
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“Has no one completed the Fire Feather Wolf mission yet?”

At one of the mission boards in the inner sect mission hall, Li Fuchen was rather surprised to see the mission slip .

Li Fuchen knew that pinnacle master missions were very hard to complete but he didn’t think it would be this difficult .

He then thought about it, ‘Perhaps no great master is able to take this mission!”

If only pinnacle masters would accept this mission, at least three to five pinnacle masters would be required to complete it . The Red Rainbow Sect only had 20 over pinnacle masters and each of them had their own plans . It wasn’t that easy to gather three to five pinnacle masters .

But why wouldn’t any great master accept this mission? Li Fuchen reckoned that it was a hidden rule in the Red Rainbow Sect . If all the lower level missions were completed by the higher level people, then people at the lower level wouldn’t be able to receive any missions that were worthwhile and they wouldn’t be able to temper themselves .

“Then let me accept it!” Li Fuchen tore off the mission slip .

With the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Illusion Eyes, Li Fuchen wasn’t considered a normal pinnacle master anymore .

The other pinnacle masters might have cultivated the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Illusion Eyes, but they might not have cultivated until the perfection rank .

Even if they cultivated them to the perfection rank, the power would surely be weaker than Li Fuchen . It would at most be able to slightly affect the target’s strength and it wouldn’t have a significant effect .

“Eh? Junior Fuchen is accepting the Fire Feather Wolf mission?”

“What? Did you see it wrongly!?”

“How can that be? The mission slip has already been torn off by him . ”

“Could it be that Junior Fuchen is already at the pinnacle master level?”

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“Are you a fool? If he can take the pinnacle master mission, then he must be a pinnacle master . ”

“Oh right, I nearly forgot about it . But it is still strange . The Fire Feather Wolf mission has already been set as a first-grade pinnacle master mission . Without three to five pinnacle masters working together, it is impossible to complete it . ”

“Perhaps, he already has a team . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t considered famous in the inner sect, but he wasn’t a nameless individual either . Plenty of people know him and when he tore off the Fire Feather Wolf mission slip, he had attracted a lot of attention . Many were shocked and Li Fuchen’s speed of progress and felt that Li Fuchen’s behavior was rather strange .

The Fire Feather Wolf mission wasn’t simple, it might be manageable with a team but going alone was the same as seeking trouble and there might be danger to his life .

Previously, Senior Brother Gao Hang who was ranked top five among the pinnacle masters and who was merely inferior to the top three direct monarch-class disciples, believed that he had exceptional strength and had set off to the Red Copper Continent’s Flame Iron Mountains alone . He planned to kill the Fire Feather Wolf but ultimately returned with severe injuries . When he returned in a pathetic state, he was the laughing stock of everyone for a moment .  

It was already incredible for Li Fuchen to improve so quickly and become a pinnacle master . But for Li Fuchen to defeat the Fire Feather Wolf alone, it was almost impossible .

As such, everyone unanimously assumed that Li Fuchen should have formed a team, but they didn’t know who was in the team as there weren’t a lot of pinnacle masters remaining in the Red Rainbow Sect .

“He is simply looking for trouble . ”

In the corner of the mission hall, a handsome youth sneered with traces of arrogance in his eyes .

“Senior Gao, you might not be able to do it, but it doesn’t mean that others can’t do it either . ”

Lu Wan giggled and mocked .

“Lu Wan, are you mocking at me?” Gao Hang looked at Lu Wan with dark eyes .

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Lu Wan said, “I am only stating the facts . How can it be considered as mocking?” She had some minor feuds with Gao Hang and the two of them were never on good terms .

The others might be afraid of Gao Han and didn’t dare to mock in front of him, but she dared .

In terms of strength, she was only a normal pinnacle master, but she was a body refinement martial artist and if Gao Hang wanted to defeat her, it wouldn’t be that easy .

“Then I shall see how he is going to complete this mission . Lu Wan, since you are so confident, why don’t we have a bet? The loser will pay 100,000 contribution coins and 2000 mid-grade spirit stones . ” Gao Hang grinned .

Lu Wan frowned in response .

She was ridiculing Gao Hang merely because she wasn’t on good terms with him . If she was to bet with him, wasn’t she going to lose for sure?

“Why? Scared? If you are scared, then don’t talk nonsense . ” Gao Hang spoke in a rude manner .

“How can I be scared? Let’s do it . ” Lu Wen clenched her teeth .

She decided to secretly follow Li Fuchen . If Li Fuchen wasn’t able to eliminate the Fire Feather Wolf, she would provide her assistance .

Gao Hang observed Lu Wan and said, “I know what you are thinking . It doesn’t matter, I allow you to help him . ”

He didn’t believe that the Fire Feather Wolf would be defeated even if Lu Wan helped Li Fuchen .

“Just wait and see . ” Lu Wan didn’t say anything more .

“You are overestimating yourself . ” Gao Hang gave a smirk .

Let alone the two of them, even three to five pinnacle masters would have a hard time to complete this mission together .

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Of course, he wasn’t going to allow three to five pinnacle masters to help Li Fuchen as it would be too risky .

‘I will personally observe the battle . I don’t believe the two of you can play any tricks . ’ Gao Hang thought to himself .

After tearing off the Fire Feather Wolf mission slip, Li Fuchen walked to the teleportation plaza .

Behind him, Lu Wan and Gao Hang were following behind .

Li Fuchen didn’t mind as he thought the duo were also heading to the teleportation plaza .

In the blink of the eye, Li Fuchen teleported to the Red Copper Continent’s Red Rainbow City .

Just as Li Fuchen walked down the teleportation platform, it lit up again and Lu Wan appeared .

Immediately after, Gao Hang appeared as well .

Li Fuchen raised his brows and felt something wrong .

Without thinking too much, Li Fuchen flew towards the Flame Iron Mountains .

“Why are the two of them following me?” Li Fuchen frowned along the way .

He originally thought that the duo were also coming to the Red Copper Continent and he shouldn’t be overly suspicious . However, even if he was a fool, he would know that the duo were following him .

“I wonder why the two seniors are following me?” Li Fuchen transmitted a message .

“You just have to complete your mission and don’t need to bother about me . ” Gao Hang said indifferently .

Lu Wan said, “I made a bet with him . We are betting if you can eliminate the Fire Feather Wolf . If you can’t, we will work together and eliminate it . It will still be my win . ”

“Using me as a bet?” Li Fuchen looked rather unhappy .

Was he any different from a monkey in the circus?

“What if I am not doing this mission for now?” Li Fuchen asked .

Lu Wan spoke apologetically, “It is indeed my fault for using you as a bet . If junior isn’t happy, I shall return immediately . It doesn’t matter even if I lose . ”

Lu Wan asked herself and realized that she wouldn’t be happy either if she exchanged positions with Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen replied, “Forget it, if senior sister is willing, then you may follow as you please!”

If Li Fuchen was to give up this mission for now, it would make him overly petty . Since he didn’t have any secret to hide either . The Bronze Sword Essence might be previous but the value was only equivalent to a 7-star secret technique, it didn’t matter if it was revealed . If it was in the past, Li Fuchen would never fight with all his strength in front of others .

Soon enough, the trio arrived at the vicinity of the Beehive Peak .

Li Fuchen was rather lucky as the Fire Feather Wolf was at the peak and absorbing the essence qi from the lava .

“Damn humans . They better not let me catch them or I will definitely devour all of them . ”

The Fire Feather Wolf was extremely furious . The humans might not be able to deal with him, but it was also very difficult for him to devour them . As of now, he had yet to devour any humans that came to look for trouble .

Previously, he was able to devour a human that walked past unintentionally . He was determined that even if he had to burn up his bloodline, he wanted to devour the trio .

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