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Published at 18th of June 2020 10:29:22 AM
Chapter 530
ER – Chapter 530: As Easy as Blowing Dust Off
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The pale green crescent wind blade slashed on the ice and instantly split open a large seam . The crescent wind blade was just like the wind that entered the ice .

In the next moment, there was a pale green radiance that pervaded out from the cracks and was accompanied with countless fresh blood .

“Nine Dragons Claw!”

Wu Tianlang’s attack followed up closely . His right hand raised up high and swung down . The tyrannic nine-headed dragon spirit shattered the ice into pieces .


Blood red flames rushed into the sky . The Fire Feather Wolf’s entire body was soaked in blood and its eyes were icy cold and violent .

The wolf didn’t suffer injuries for a long time and he never expected for three inferior humans to actually inflict injuries to him when they worked together .

“Bloodthirsty Fire Feather . ”

The Fire Feather Wolf’s fiery red feathers had turned blood red suddenly .

There was a flash of blood light and the Fire Feather Wolf appeared in front of the unattractive youth before clawing at the youth .

The unattractive youth quickly brought his saber up to block .


As sparks burst out, the unattractive youth was sent flying .


As the unattractive youth was sent flying, a dried up wound was suddenly opened up on the youth’s shoulder and there wasn’t a trace of blood .

“Be careful, his claws can absorb blood and he is faster now . ” The unattractive youth was appalled .

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“Icebound Hundred Miles . ”

The sallow youth executed his icy cold divine ability again . Inexhaustible cold qi enveloped the Fire Feather Wolf .


The ice burst open and a bundle of blood-colored fire rushed at the sallow youth .

The sallow youth’s icy cold divine ability had failed . The current Fire Feather Wolf had stronger demonic qi and faster speed than before . The cold qi wasn’t able to freeze him and was blasted open by the blood-colored fire .

From a few miles away, the nine-headed dragon spirit interrupted the blood-colored fire .

Among the trio, only Wu Tianlang was able to contest with the Fire Feather Wolf, the two others were far from competent .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

After dozens of exchanges, Wu Tianlang was sent flying with a claw attack . It was fortunate that the Fire Feather Wolf’s claw didn’t have any penetrative power . Half of the claw power was shaved off by the qi spirit and the rest of the power wasn’t enough to rip Wu Tianlang’s flesh .

But Wu Tianlang felt that the spot that received the attack felt rather dry .

The Fire Feather Wolf’s claw didn’t need to open any wound to absorb the blood .

“Such a strange innate ability . ” Wu Tianlang frowned .

“This isn’t good!”

From one thousand miles away, Li Fuchen shook his head .

He could see that the trio wasn’t a match for the Fire Feather Wolf .

After activating the special innate ability, the Fire Feather Wolf was getting stronger as it fought at close quarters and the trio wasn’t able to withstand the attacks .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t plan to rush over and help . His strength was only at the elite master level and if he went over, he would only be tormented . In terms of defense, Li Fuchen was inferior to Wu Tianlang .

He could only use the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and the Thousand Illusion Eyes to help .

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“It doesn’t matter . I shall give a helping hand . Don’t blame me if it isn’t effective . ”

From over a thousand miles away, Li Fuchen’s shot out the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness from his forehead .

To others, shooting a spiritual awareness attack from over 1000 miles was like a fantasy story . However, to Li Fuchen, an attack from over 1000 miles was still within his range .


The spiritual awareness attack was extremely fast and had pierced into the Fire Feather Wolf’s head .


The Fire Feather Wolf felt a splitting pain in his head and its blood red feathers reverted into the fiery red color .

It was very obvious that maintaining the innate ability required a lot of mental concentration .

When the demonic spirit was attacked, the innate ability would be automatically deactivated .

The trio didn’t know that it was Li Fuchen who helped as they thought it was the backlash from the Fire Feather Wolf’s bloodline .


A rain of attacks poured out .

“Damn it, who is it?”

The Fire Feather Wolf’s body was filled with wounds as he extended his spiritual awareness .

As a pinnacle existence among the class 6 high-tier demonic beasts, the Fire Feather Beast’s spiritual awareness was more than 1000 miles, but when his spiritual awareness scanned over Li Fuchen’s position, he couldn’t detect Li Fuchen .

“No one?” The Fire Feather Wolf was bewildered .

If the spiritual awareness wasn’t able to detect the enemy, there were only three possible reasons .

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First possible reason, the enemy wasn’t within the Fire Feather Wolf’s spiritual awareness range .

Second possible reason, the enemy was able to perfectly conceal the qi presence and it was impossible to sense the enemy with spiritual awareness except by using the naked eye .

Third possible reason, the enemy’s spiritual awareness was extremely powerful and could isolate other spiritual awareness, without allowing the Fire Feather Wolf to detect any anomaly .

It didn’t matter which reason, they were extremely horrific .

If the enemy was beyond his spiritual awareness range and was still able to injure his demonic spirit . What kind of spiritual awareness attack could do that?

If the enemy was able to perfectly conceal the qi presence, the enemy wasn’t worth provoking too .

It would be the most horrific if it was the final reason . It meant that the enemy’s spiritual awareness was already at the Primary Sea Realm .

“The three of you should count yourselves lucky . ”

The Fire Feather Wolf turned and flew towards the Beehive Peak and entered it .

“Damn it, he escaped . ” The unattractive youth was rather unhappy .

The sallow youth said, “The Fire Feather Wolf is harder to deal with than we imagined . If his bloodline didn’t backlash, it would be hard for us to retreat unscathed . ”

Wu Tianlang nodded . “It will be hard to kill the Fire Feather Wolf unless we have five pinnacle masters or one great master . ”

The unattractive youth said helplessly, “No wonder the reward to slay the Fire Feather Wolf is 120,000 contribution coins . Furthermore, there was a remark to have at least three pinnacle masters . ”

Missions were split into solo missions or group missions .

The rewards for solo missions were mostly around 30,000 contribution coins . If a group was formed, each individual would only have a small share of contribution coins .

The rewards for group missions were generally three times higher than solo missions .

Of course, if you felt that your individual strength was sufficient, you could also take one group mission alone but you wouldn’t be able to blame anyone if you perished .

“The effects of the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness isn’t bad . But mainly it is because my Thorn of Spiritual Awareness is at the perfection rank . ” Li Fuchen nodded with satisfaction .

With the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness, even if Li Fuchen encountered a pinnacle master, he would be able to contest, unless the opponent had also cultivated a spiritual awareness secret technique .

“I am still short of one Flame Snake . I shall use the Flame Snake to test the effects of the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and the Thousand Illusion Eyes in combat!”

Li Fuchen left the place and started to search for the second Flame Snake .

Half a day later, Li Fuchen discovered the second Flame Snake that was 10,000 meters underground .

The Flame Snake had a human-form and the skin was covered with red scales . It seemed to be stronger than the first Flame Snake .

Ss Ss…

After seeing Li Fuchen, the Flame Snake didn’t escape and extended the long and slender tongue to lick the lips and said, “It has been a long time since I tasted humans . I wonder what your blood and flesh tastes like?”

“Is that so?”

Li Fuchen activated the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and shot out a thorn from his forehead .


The Flame Snake looked like it was in agony as it burst out with demonic qi .

“Thousand Illusion Eyes!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes turned into a kaleidoscope with complicated colors before he swept a glance at the Flame Snake .

Immediately after, the Flame Snake’s eyes were mesmerized and were immobilized .

“Flowing Flame Edge . ”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and a streak of blazing sword light wrapped around the Flame Snake’s neck . After a ‘pfff’, a massive skull flew off and right at this moment, the Flame Snake regained consciousness . The demonic spirit flew out from the skull and wanted to escape . It was a pity that the demonic spirit was slashed by the blazing sword light and instantly vanished .

As compared to the killing of the first Flame Snake, it was at least two times as easy for this kill . It was simply as easy as blowing dust off .

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