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Published at 11th of June 2020 11:02:47 AM
Chapter 523
ER – Chapter 523: Continent Willpower
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Before the Nine Dragons Claw and Wind Cloud Tyrant Body reached the trance stage, his qi cultivation strength would be comparable with his body refinement strength, but if both the body refinement arts reached the trance stage, his qi cultivation strength would be surpassed significantly .

The perfected Nine Dragons Claw Intent was extremely tyrannical and a single claw would even rip heaven and earth .

The perfected Wind Cloud Tyrant Body Intent would have an enhanced repulsion effect . If it was only able to repel 30% to 40% of the forces previously, then the trance stage would be able to repel at least 50% now .

If Li Fuchen was to stand and allow Peng Le and Xun Tianyi to hit him now, they might not be able to break his defense within a short period of time .

“My body refinement strength has reached the pinnacle for now . If I wish to continue the progression, I have to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter to the sixth chapter, or obtain an earth class peak-tier body refinement technique . ”

For the progress in body refinement, each major realm progress was extremely difficult . At least with Li Fuchen’s body refinement realm, there still wasn’t any signs of breaking through to the Battle Spirit Realm .

As for earth class peak-tier body refinement techniques, the monarch-class Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have any . Li Fuchen reckoned that only emperor-class factions possessed them .

“Next, I shall concentrate all my energy to cultivate my qi!”

Li Fuchen had a very high perception and having to multitask wasn’t a problem for Li Fuchen .

But if Li Fuchen was multitasking, it meant that Li Fuchen wasn’t concentrating enough .

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Sometimes, concentration was more important than perception .

Days passed by .

This was already the seventh month since Li Fuchen arrived at the White Scale Continent . Sikong Zhan had also progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm .

Right now, Li Fuchem’s cultivation had reached the later phase of the 9th level Reincarnation Realm .

He was making quick progress because he had redeemed a massive number of Red Rainbow Elixirs .

In the Red Rainbow Sect, the Red Rainbow Elixirs and the Perception Dao Elixirs could be exchanged with contribution coins .

Each Red Rainbow Elixir was 2000 contribution coins and each Perception Dao Elixir was 3000 contribution coins .

With a large number of contribution coins, Li Fuchen had redeemed 50 Red Rainbow Elixirs at one go . Right now, he had only used up nine of them .

When consuming the Red Rainbow Elixirs, the amount of elixir impurities wasn’t too much .

Firstly, the Red Rainbow Elixir’s original function was to purify qi and had very little impurities, otherwise, it wouldn’t become the Red Rainbow Sect’s exclusive elixir .

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Secondly, the Red Rainbow Elixir’s impurities wouldn’t mix into the qi but would settle in the blood . It just so happened that the mortal calamity power could eliminate impurities in the blood, saving a lot of trouble .

With a higher technique rank, plenty of Red Rainbow Elixirs, and with the spiritual awareness that was condensed in advance, Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed was comparable to 7-star bone frames and might be even slightly superior .

In the eighth month, Li Fuchen reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm and was just one step away from reaching the Battle Spirit Realm .

But this one step wasn’t that easy to cross over .

It was said that the 7-star bone frames wouldn’t face any obstructions when breaking through to the Battle Spirit Realm, but they would still be stuck for a few months .

Only 8-star bone frames would truly have no obstructions and it would feel the same as breaking through a cultivation level and would be over briefly .

Just as expected, in the ninth month, Li Fuchen was still at the peak phase of the 9th level Reincarnation Realm and the qi within his body was already compressed to the extremity . Once he broke through, his qi would have a change in quality .

“Once my qi transforms into the Battle Spirit Realm’s qi, all qi cultivation martial arts will probably become much more mystical when executed!”

Li Fuchen naturally knew that the change in qi quality would also increase the martial arts’ power greatly . Apart from that, the powerful qi would cause the martial arts to have subtle changes .

If a child was to execute a sword art, even if the moves were properly executed, it wouldn’t be comparable to an adult’s execution of the sword art . It was because martial arts required sufficient strength to support the moves . Without sufficient strength, it would just be attractive but without substance, it would be nice but useless . It might sound a little exaggerated, but this was the logic .

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“But before I progress, I shall make a trip back to the East Unicorn Continent first . Otherwise, I will not be able to return in the future . ”

Li Fuchen laughed bitterly . Once a continent awakened the continent willpower, it was a great thing for the continent, but it would be troublesome for martial artists at a higher cultivation realm . Once he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, the East Unicorn Continent wouldn’t welcome him anymore .

After some considerations, Li Fuchen felt that he should find out more about this matter .

Outer sect grand hall…

Wang Kui explained, “When your cultivation realm exceeds the continent willpower permitted range, you can still stay in the continent . The higher the cultivation, the longer the stay period . Of course, your strength would be severely restrained and you will not be able to resonate with heaven and earth’s laws and it isn’t beneficial for cultivation . If you progress to the Battle Spirit Realm, you will only be able to stay in the White Scale Continent for a single day . After a single day, the heaven and earth laws will produce a destructive law to destroy you . Once you reach the Primary Sea Realm, you can stay in the White Scale Continent for at least one month . If you reach the Law Phase Realm, the low-tier continent wouldn’t be able to restrict you . Because the destructive law required to destroy a Law Phase Realm emperor is too terrifying and would hurt the foundation of the low-tier continent and it might cause the low-tier continent to sink and turn into an abandoned continent . Unless absolutely necessary, the continent willpower will not do it instinctively . ”

“A Battle Spirit Realm master can stay for a day and a Primary Sea Realm monarch can stay for one month?”

Li Fuchen nodded silently and felt that it was acceptable .

Wang Kui continued, “Of course, there are some artifacts that can conceal your cultivation realm’s qi presence and deceive the continent willpower . However, you cannot fight, once you fight, you would expose your qi presence and would invite the destructive laws . Such artifacts are too rare and they are generally used to hide from powerful enemies . No one would use it to deceive the continent willpower . Therefore, you don’t have to consider this method for now . ”

“Concealing the qi presence of one’s cultivation realm?”

Li Fuchen suddenly recalled his spirit soul talent .

A long time ago, he was able to use his spirit soul talent to conceal his qi presence .

Of course, he knew that there wasn’t a standard to the so-called concealing of qi presence .

Li Fuchen might be able to conceal his qi presence and it would stop the enemy from sensing his presence, but it wouldn’t be that easy to deceive the continent willpower .

But Li Fuchen felt that he could try this method .

With his pale purple spirit soul, he might be able to deceive a low-tier continent willpower .

“Alright, do you have other questions?” Wang Kui asked Li Fuchen in a gentle tone .

Li Fuchen frowned and said, “How severe is the strength restriction of the continent willpower?”

Li Fuchen was speaking about the martial artists that exceeded the permitted range of the continent willpower .

Wang Kui said, “There isn’t a standard, it is up to the individual . Body refinement martial artists aren’t restricted as much, as a body refinement martial artist’s qi power is already very formidable, even if the moves, laws, and mystics are lost, it still has sufficient power . The Red Rainbow Sect is able to repel a Law Phase Realm emperor because of the protection of the continent willpower, otherwise, it is impossible for any monarch-class factions to contest with a Law Phase Realm emperor unless there is a class 8 array or class 8 battleship . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t know about the strength of Law Phase Realm emperors, but from the tone of the Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui, it seemed like even the most powerful Primary Sea Realm monarch wouldn’t be able to contest with a Law Phase Realm emperor . After all, there were plenty of monarch-class factions and there must be some extremely heaven-defying Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

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