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Chapter 522
ER – Chapter 522: Defeating Peng Le Again
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Another half a month had passed by and Li Fuchen’s Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had finally broken through to the 30th rank . At the same moment, his qi cultivation had also reached the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm .

After coordinating with the 6-star secret technique, Perfect Circle Dipper Qi, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength was already comparable to his body refinement strength .

If he was to stack with the Bronze Sword Essence, his qi cultivation strength would be superior to his body refinement strength .

But it was rather regretful that even though the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi could stack with the Bronze Sword Essence, the power after stacking wasn’t as he had expected .

Li Fuchen reckoned that the gap between 6-star secret techniques was small, therefore, stacking them would only increase the power by a little . It was impossible to increase the strength significantly .

Li Fuchen reckoned that even if he stacked the Bronze Sword Essence with a 5-star qi cultivation secret technique, the power wouldn’t be overly inferior to the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi stacking with the Bronze Sword Essence .

The Bronze Sword Essence was considered a transmutation array, while the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi was the natural qi . If the natural qi was already at a high grade, then even after transmutation, there would only be a small increase in power . But if the natural qi was of a lower grade like a 5-star qi cultivation secret technique, then the transmutation array would allow the grade of the natural qi to increase drastically . Therefore, the comparison between the two enhanced secret techniques wouldn’t be significantly different .

Despite the case, when the two secret techniques were stacked, the power that burst out was already comparable or slightly stronger than some 7-star secret techniques .

Otherwise, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength wouldn’t even be a match for his body refinement strength .

While flying in the sea of clouds, Li Fuchen’s divine flame red rainbow qi was instantly transmuted into the perfect circle dipper qi before turning into the bronze sword qi through the Bronze Sword Essence .


When slashing with his sword, a scorching sword qi that was a few miles long swept out and severed a few dozen miles of clouds .

“Only qi cultivation martial arts can have such a massive attack range . ” Li Fuchen clicked his tongue .

After conquering the lookout corner and the Silver Sand Region, Li Fuchen thought through and decided to give up the idea to conquer the third region .

Just by conquering two regions, he had already invited the three emperor-class factions to dispatch their battle formations . If he was to conquer three regions, he would probably provoke 90% of the monarch-class factions’ garrisons .

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They simply had to send three to five emperor-class disciples or a 300 or 400-men battle formation and Li Fuchen wouldn’t be a match for them . By then, the current favorable circumstances would collapse .

Without absolute strength, Li Fuchen didn’t plan to challenge the bottom line of those people .

Furthermore, he had a monthly reward of a few hundred thousand contribution coins and he was already very satisfied .

It was the sixth month and Li Fuchen’s contribution coins suddenly reached 350,000 coins . After adding the fifth month’s reward and the previous remaining 72,000 coins, he now had 800,000 contribution coins and he never had so much before .

After spending 60,000 contribution coins, Li Fuchen redeemed an earth class peak-tier sword art, Flowing Flame Sword Art .

If the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration pursued the extremity of lethality, then the Flowing Flame Sword Art pursued the extremity of speed .

But in terms of power, the Flowing Flame Sword Art was actually not inferior to the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration .

After all, the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration’s total cost was 45,000 contribution coins, while the Flowing Flame Sword Art’s total cost was 60,000 contribution coins .

When Li Fuchen cultivated the Flowing Flame Sword Art to the perfection stage, the first emperor-class disciple that Li Fuchen crossed moves with, Peng Le had come over .

“Li Fuchen, this shall be our final battle in the Reincarnation Realm . ”

Peng Le was actually able to break through to the Battle Spirit Realm a few months ago, but he was forcefully suppressing his qi cultivation and wanted to remain in Reincarnation Realm to defeat Li Fuchen .

“Why? Did you break through again?” Li Fuchen revealed an indistinct smile .

Peng Le replied, “You will know once you try . This time, let’s compete with our regular strength instead of divine abilities . ”

“Sure . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

“Heaven Wood Divine Dipper . ”

Peng Le didn’t plan to waste time and immediately activated the 6-star secret technique, Heaven Wood Divine Dipper . The eight desolation divine wood qi in his body rapidly transmuted into heaven wood divine dipper qi .

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“Spring After Wither!”

Yelling loudly, Peng Le wielded his battle saber and cleaved violently . The inexhaustible saber qi was very weak at first, like a breeze across the face and very unassuming . But in an instant, the saber qi surged like a withered tree that suddenly burst out with unprecedented vitality .

“You are indeed stronger, but it is still not enough . ”

Li Fuchen could see that Peng Le had either broken through in his cultivation technique rank or reached the perfection rank for the 6-star secret technique . Otherwise, his saber’s power would be so imposing and so violent .

It was a pity… Peng Le made great progress for the last few months but Li Fuchen’s progress was greater .

Li Fuchen didn’t burst out with his body refinement strength, he drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and poured the bronze sword qi inside and executed the Cloud Incineration .

The sword light was like a cloud of flame that rushed out and clashed with the saber qi that was like a violent wind .

Clang Clang!

The saber qi and sword qi were just like steel that would actually emit metallic sounds when clashing . This was the moment to see whose moves were stronger and whose offense was more powerful . If the move wasn’t strong enough, there would be flaws . If the offensive power wasn’t powerful enough, the qi force would instantly crumble .

But it was very obvious that Li Fuchen’s sword qi was a little bit stronger than Peng Le’s saber qi . When the sky-covering saber qi was eliminated, there were at least a few dozen sword qi that continued to slash at Peng Le .


Peng Le had an abnormally serious expression .

He knew that Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was powerful but he didn’t expect for Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength to be comparable too .

When facing the body refinement martial artist, Peng Le’s saber move would naturally be comparably mystical . But when facing an elite swordsman, his saber moves might not be as mystical or valiant .

“Overgrown Vegetation!”

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“Ten Incineration . ”

“Tree World’s Descent . ”

“Hundred Incineration . ”

“Decay of All Lives!”

“Thousand Incineration . ”

When the duo exchanged move for move, every move contained complex saber and sword stances . Each move contained limitless variations and were extremely ruthless . It definitely wasn’t something body refinement martial artists could experience .

From start to end, Li Fuchen had been suppressing Peng Le and didn’t allow Peng Le’s saber move to be utilized to the greatest extent . It caused Peng Le’s qi to become rather chaotic .

“Not good . ”

Peng Le had also detected that his qi was getting chaotic . If his qi was chaotic, his saber move would naturally have flaws .

To a regular person, such subtle flaws wouldn’t be considered a flaw .

But to an elite swordsman like Li Fuchen, a flaw was a flaw and it was unconcealable .

With a quick flash, Li Fuchen approached Peng Le rapidly . Immediately after, thousands of greenish red sword lights were rained down on Peng Le . Each of the greenish-red sword lights felt that they were spiritual and were slashing and thrusting at Peng Le’s most uncomfortable areas .

Clang Clang .

Peng Le’s battle saber turned into a layer of saber screen that blocked the thousands of greenish red sword lights . There were resplendent sparks that were like a rain of light that sprayed in all directions .


The saber screen appeared with a subtle crack, then a second crack and a third crack…

In the blink of the eye, the saber screen was covered in cracks and shattered .


Peng Le vomited a mouthful of blood and flew backwards .

He lost again and there was nothing more to say .

“It seems like I will not be able to win you in the Reincarnation Realm . Why didn’t you use your sword art previously?” Peng Le said in a gloomy tone .

Li Fuchen said, “Previously, my sword art wasn’t as good yet . ”

“You are truly a monster . I hope I will still meet you again . ”

Peng Le left . In order to fight with Li Fuchen again, he had already delayed a few months of his progression . To an emperor-class disciple, a few months was a lot of time, especially when it was supposed to be time to break through a cultivation realm .

Peng Le didn’t know when the next time they would meet again, after all, they were from different continents .


After Peng Le left, Li Fuchen exhaled a turbid breath .

Li Fuchen didn’t estimate wrongly . His current qi cultivation strength was already comparable with his body refinement strength .

As compared to body refinement arts, Li Fuchen definitely preferred sword arts more .

When executing sword arts, he felt that his spirit soul was being refined .

“Next is to strive to break through to the Battle Spirit Realm as quickly as possible!”

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