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Chapter 519
ER – Chapter 519: Sword Skills Contest
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Li Fuchen had formed the nine-headed dragon spirit again . The qi spirit expanded and clashed with the multiple Xun Tianyi .


There were ripping sounds in the air . Li Fuchen’s nine-headed dragon spirit might contain valiant body refinement laws but it wasn’t at the trance stage yet and the intent wasn’t complete . Therefore, the nine-headed dragon spirit was split by Xun Tianyi and turned into nothingness .

“Heart of Blazing Flame!”

There was a surging heat energy that was like the sunrise that radiated everywhere . The multiple Xun Tianyi that clashed with the nine-headed dragon spirit were instantly dispersed .

“Such powerful blazing flame laws . ” Xun Tianyi’s eyes contracted .

This place was originally filled with sword dao laws and had suppressed all other laws . But now, the powerful blazing flame laws appeared out of nowhere and were flourishing frantically . Xu Tianyi’s sword dao laws weren’t able to suppress the blazing flame laws and a portion of it was actually destroyed .

Xun Tianyi looked at Li Fuchen while his eyes contracted again .

The current Li Fuchen was like a flaming man and at his chest, there was an extremely condensed flame seed that was burning . At the surface of the flame seed, there were scarlet patterns . When Xun Tianyi saw the scarlet patterns, he knew that Li Fuchen’s blazing flame laws’ comprehension was already significantly superior to his sword dao laws . It was probably at five segments of the bone frame .

As each segment of the bone frame pattern was comprehended, the divine ability would increase in power .

4 . 9 segments and 5 segments might only have a difference of 0 . 1, but the latter would be able to suppress the former .

Xun Tianyi’s guesses were correct . Li Fuchen’s blazing flame bone frame pattern had been comprehended to the fifth segment .

During the combat with Peng Le, his blazing flame bone frame pattern was stuck in between the 4 . 9 and 5th segment . It was already boundlessly close to the fifth segment but it was already several days after that battle . With Li Fuchen’s perception, he had ultimately broken through .

When the blazing flame bone frame pattern was comprehended to the fifth segment, Li Fuchen felt that the blazing flame laws and the blazing flame qi in the world was much more intimate with him . A single thought was enough for the blazing flame laws to burst and break the restraints of the sword dao laws .

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The multicolored world pulled back while Xun Tianyi personally charged at Li Fuchen while his body was covered in sharp sword dao laws .

“Good timing . ”

When executing his divine ability, Li Fuchen was finally able to contest with Xun Tianyi using his sword skills .

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

Wielding the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen constantly blocked Xun Tianyi’s attack . The two longswords were clashing at a speed that was like a heavy rain and there weren’t any gaps .

After dozens of sword clashes, Xun Tianyi frowned . He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen to be so proficient with the sword too .

This person wasn’t a body refinement martial artist, he was obviously an extremely formidable swordsman .

In terms of sword skill proficiency, Li Fuchen wasn’t inferior to Xun Tianyi at all .

The ground was split open, the mountains were severed . The fight between the duo could only be described as thrilling .

After abandoning the restraints of sword art, pure sword skills were undoubtedly more nimble and flexible, making it hard to defend against .

In terms of power, with the support from the divine ability, earth class peak-tier sword arts wouldn’t be comparable with the pure sword skills that were executed by the duo right now .

50 moves, 100 moves .

The duo’s blazing flame power and sword dao power were rapidly consumed .

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Li Fuchen reckoned that his blazing flame power wasn’t as ample as Xun Tianyi’s sword dao power .

After all, special bone frames were able to activate the special power at the Earth Shatter Realm .

But the regular extraordinary bone frames were only able to activate the extraordinary power at the Reincarnation Realm . Li Fuchen was slightly special .

Li Fuchen’s blazing flame bone frame pattern might have been comprehended to the fifth segment and was able to extract blazing flame power at an extreme speed, but it wasn’t enough to surpass the emperor-class disciples .

“I have to end this fight quickly . ”

The scarlet pattern at Li Fuchen’s flame seed had extended a little and more blazing flame power surged into the flame seed .


With the slash of the sword, surging blazing flame power caused the Joint-Heaven Sword to turn completely red . It was like a sword of magma and when brandished, the scarlet sword lights interweaved and produced extreme burst power .

Sparks burst out and accompanied with ear-piercing metallic clashes .

Li Fuchen’s sword speed was too fast and Xun Tianyi was only able to barely block, it was too difficult for him to counterattack .

He wasn’t in a hurry to counterattack either as he could see that Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power wasn’t going to last longer than his sword dao power .

When Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power was exhausted, Xun Tianyi would be able to defeat Li Fuchen in a single attack .

Li Fuchen naturally wasn’t going to squander his time with Xun Tianyi .

Xun Tianyi was different from Peng Le, as Peng Le possessed the Greenwood Undying Vines that was merely incredible in the undying laws while having a weak offensive power . Xun Tianyi’s Transient Splendor had incredible sword dao laws and was abnormally powerful . Once Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power was exhausted, he wouldn’t be a match for Xun Tianyi .

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“Spiritual awareness is also my advantage . Apologies . ”

Li Fuchen spoke silently while his Joint-Heaven Sword suddenly thrust at Xun Tianyi’s throat at an unimaginable angle .

“What?” Xun Tianyi was appalled .

The angle of attack was too crafty and no matter how he blocked, there would be a trace of flaw .


Even though Xun Tianyi had a bad premonition, he still used the best angle to block . He hoped that Li Fuchen’s sword coincidentally found the best attack trajectory .

But the facts proved that he was overly optimistic .

Li Fuchen’s second sword was still targeting his ‘blind spot’ .

Of course, for a swordsman like Xun Tianyi, there were basically no blind spots . Even if there was a blind spot, with Li Fuchen’s current sword speed, it was impossible to catch the timing that flashed by . No matter how incredible the spiritual awareness was, it was useless if the body couldn’t keep up .


There was a burst of sparks as Xun Tianyi blocked Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword again . But this time, his center of gravity shifted subtly .

“Time to be defeated!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with dazzling radiance as his sword scrapped across the silver sword and thrust at the left shoulder .

Xun Tianyi wore the earth class mid-tier armor and the sword wasn’t able to pierce his left shoulder . But the Joint-Heaven Sword contained a powerful blazing flame sword qi that the earth class mid-tier armor couldn’t fully isolate, causing serious injuries .

“Not good . ” Xun Tianyi burst in retreat while attempting to pull away .

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to let Xun Tianyi do as he pleases as he brandished his sword consecutively .


A mouthful of fresh blood was vomited as Xun Tianyi flew backwards .

“I didn’t expect your spiritual awareness to be so incredible . ”

Xun Tianyi believed that his awareness was comparable with Battle Spirit Realm masters’ spiritual awareness, but Li Fuchen’s awareness was obviously better . Otherwise, it was impossible for him to continuously attack at the blind spots .

Therefore, Xun Tianyi didn’t lose to Li Fuchen in sword skills but in awareness .

“Your awareness isn’t bad either . ” 

If monarch-class disciples were to contest with Li Fuchen with sword skills, Li Fuchen would only need one sword move to severely injure them .

Emperor-class disciples would ultimately be emperor-class disciples as their awareness was far beyond martial artists in the same realm .

“You won, we shall meet again . ”

Having the pride as an emperor-class disciple and an elite swordsman, Xun Tianyi didn’t want to continue dragging on . A loss was a loss, he simply had to win next time .

After taking a deep glance at Li Fuchen, Xun Tianyi turned and left .

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