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Chapter 518
ER – Chapter 518: Emperor-Class Disciple, Xun Tianyi
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“Nine Dragons Wild Dance . ”

The two battle formations were on the verge of collapse, but Li Fuchen knew if he gave them a chance to catch a breath, the battle formations would recover quickly . After all, the casualties inside the battle formation merely suffered minor injuries and had a slight disruption of qi .

The nine-headed dragon spirit split apart and turned into nine giant dragon spirits that were a few miles long . They then turned into dough twists that wrapped around the two battle formations and wrang them forcefully .

Boom Bang!

The two battle formations were already very weak and couldn’t withstand the twisting forces and had instantly crumbled . Including two monarch-class disciples, everyone inside the battle formations vomited blood and was flung far away .

“No wonder you are an emperor-class disciple . You are the first 8-star body refinement bone frame I encountered . ”

Suddenly, a youth with a rather thin body and sharp eyes had appeared a few miles away .

He wore silver clothes and was armed with a silver longsword . He didn’t release any qi presence but he emitted a dreadful feeling as though the sword qi was everywhere .

“Emperor-class disciple?” Li Fuchen turned his head and looked .

Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised to encounter the second emperor-class disciple on the White Scale Continent that was at the Reincarnation Realm .

There were close to 100 monarch-class factions on the White Scale Continent and three emperor-class factions . There must be some emperor-class disciples that had yet to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm .

The strength of an emperor-class disciple was superior to the Void Shadow Battle Formation and the Minor Constellation Battle Formation .

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The Void Shadow Battle Formation and the Minor Constellation Battle Formation might be able to contest with emperor-class disciples and could even defeat the weaker emperor-class disciples, but the battle formations were far inferior to those formidable emperor-class disciples .

The difference wasn’t in attack power, but methods and combat skills .

The people who formed the formations had varied strength levels and didn’t have the same level of comprehension of the battle formations . Without any mental connection, it was bound for flaws to exist .

The battle formation’s most important factor was coordination . With great coordination, even if every individual was weak, when they linked up, they would be able to burst out with extremely fearsome power .

Li Fuchen was certain that if even five of the people within the Void Shadow Battle Formation or the Minor Constellation Battle Formation were mentally connected and understood the quintessence of the battle formations, he would probably be swept .

It was a pity that it was too difficult to fulfil such conditions .

It was basically impossible to achieve it at the Reincarnation Realm . It might be possible to comprehend the quintessence of the battle formation at the Battle Spirit Realm, but to be mental connected, it was still a difficult task .

Emperor-class disciples were different, they were individual entities and their strength came from their own body, allowing them to make use of every portion of strength with perfection .

Therefore, with similar combat strength, a battle formation would never be a threat to emperor-class disciples .

“Silver Sword Guild, Xun Tianyi . ” The silver-clothed youth said .

“Red Rainbow Sect, Li Fuchen . ” Li Fuchen knew that the Silver Sword Guild was a monarch-class faction in the Silver Sand Region .

“We are both emperor-class disciples, I hope that I can enjoy myself to the fullest for this fight . Receive my sword!” The silver sword was drawn out of the sheathe . Xun Tianyi had achieved the Union of Man and Sword, as he turned into a resplendent sword radiance and thrust at Li Fuchen .

There wasn’t a way to describe the sharpness and the unstoppable power of this sword .

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It seemed like the entire void was thrusting together with the sword .

In terms of power, Xun Tianyu’s sword art was stronger than the Minor Constellation Battle Formation and it was no longer at the same level of comparison .


The nine-headed dragon spirit clashed with the sword radiance, causing the weather to change .

Boom Boom Boom…

In just the blink of the eye, the duo had exchanged a dozen moves . Each move was extremely fast and ferocious . When the dreadful sword qi and qi spirit burst in all directions, the garrison members of the Constellation Tower and the Umbra Palace had to flee frantically . They no longer had those imposing expressions anymore .

“His regular combat strength is even above Peng Le . ”

After a dozen of exchanges, Li Fuchen wasn’t really at an advantage .

Back when Li Fuchen fought with Peng Le, he was able to suppress Peng Le . If Li Fuchen was to fight with Peng Le again now, he would be much stronger than before as Li Fuchen’s Nine Dragons Claw and Wind Cloud Tyrant Body was already at the perfection stage .

“He is probably an 8-star sword dao bone frame . ”

They were similarly 8-star bone frames, but the 8-star sword dao bone frame was naturally much stronger than the 8-star greenwood bone frame .

“My qi cultivation level and my qi cultivation technique rank are both too low . Otherwise, I might be able to spare with my sword skill . ” Li Fuchen was still a swordsman and even if his bone frame was inferior, it still didn’t affect his swordsman’s heart . Furthermore, with his perception, even if his bone frame was inferior, he believed that he wasn’t inferior to any Reincarnation Realm swordsman in a battle for sword skills . As for his body refinement, he merely treated it as a support as a swordsman was always superior in offense and weak in defense . He didn’t wish for himself to have any weak points .

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Nine Dragons Claw, Mortal Calamity, Wind Cloud Tyrant Body . After executing all three body refinement arts in turns, Li Fuchen gradually took the upper hand .

“Celestial Sword Dao . ”

Not wanting a prolonged battle, Xun Tianyi yelled and burst out with his kill move .

The resplendent silver sword radiance was like moonlight that spilled over the land . The extremely sword dao laws had permeated into all living things in nature .


The rocks, grass, water, wind were restrained by the invisible sword dao laws . They were then turned into sharp swords that swooped at Li Fuchen .

“Such a horrific sword attack . ”

A few dozen miles away, the two monarch-class disciples from the emperor-class factions were flabbergasted .

Xun Tianyi’s sword obviously had resonance with the heaven and earth laws . The sword dao laws replaced the heaven and earth laws to command all living things in nature and turn them into swords to attack the enemy . This attack method was simply unbelievable .

“Good timing . ”

Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength might not be comparable with Xun Tianyi, but Li Fuchen’s blood was flaring up as he was able to fight a sword dao expert . When he struck with his fist, the nine-headed dragon spirit soared towards the clouds and collided with the sharp swords .

The sharp swords that were formed by nature were increasing in number and at the later part, the sky had turned dark . Sharp swords were everywhere and Li Fuchen felt as though he was going against the heaven dao .

The nine-headed dragon spirit gradually dispersed and Li Fuchen’s advantage was gradually turned into disadvantage .


There was a blossom of red light as large numbers of sharp swords crumbled and disintegrated .

Within the 100 meter range, the Mortal Calamity’s power was beyond the Nine Dragons Claw .

But soon enough, the Mortal Calamity was also unable to withstand the outrageous sword art .

When the endless sharp swords were ten meters away from Li Fuchen, the ink-like wind cloud tyrant qi burst out . The repelling force destroyed each of the sharp swords .

In less than ten minutes, beads of sweat appeared on Xun Tianyi’s forehead .

The Celestial Sword Dao consumed his mental power greatly and it wasn’t able to maintain for a long time . Xun Tianyi originally thought that even if this move couldn’t severely injure Li Fuchen, it would still be able to cause minor injuries . He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen’s body refinement to be much stronger than his imagination . The three body refinement arts were all cultivated to a very high stage . If this carried on, before Xun Tianyi could injure Li Fuchen, his mental state would probably be affected first .

“Transient Splendor . ”

Finally, Xun Tianyi executed his sword dao divine ability .

A bright and multicolored world enveloped Li Fuchen .

Inside the multicolored world, there were multiple Xun Tianyi wielding swords and charging at Li Fuchen .

The higher the star grade of the bone frame, the stronger the awakened divine ability . Xun Tianyi awakened a sword dao divine ability that caused Li Fuchen’s heart to have a trace of fear . Each of those Xun Tianyi weren’t real existences but were formed by the sword dao laws .

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