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Chapter 516
ER – Chapter 516: Breaking the Formation With a Single Strike
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Now that the Nine Dragons Claw was cultivated to the perfection stage and the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body was cultivated to the completion stage, Li Fuchen had a deeper understanding towards qi and blood . But it still wasn’t enough for him to breakthrough to the trance stage for the Mortal Calamity .

Li Fuchen was doubtful if the Mortal Calamity could reach the trance stage .

After all, the Mortal Calamity wasn’t a complete martial art, therefore, it was hard to comprehend a completed Mortal Calamity Intent .

The Perception Dao Elixirs were all used up and there were only a few Red Rainbow Elixirs left .

As such, Li Fuchen placed all his effort into his qi cultivation .

He had a premonition that his qi cultivation would be the first to breakthrough to the Battle Spirit Realm .

The body refinement dao didn’t have levels and were differentiated by the body refinement technique ranks . There were only sub-completion, completion, and perfection ranks .

Different body refinement techniques would have a great difference even at the same rank .

Li Fuchen’s Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter might be at the perfection rank, but to break through to the Sixth Chapter, it wasn’t possible to simply rely on resources . He would need to comprehend it and to accumulate his body refinement foundation .

This was a watermill process .

In comparison, it was much easier for the qi cultivation dao to make a breakthrough in the realm . After all, the body refinement dao was to refine one’s own body while the qi cultivation dao was to comprehend the heaven and earth nature and to pursue for the Union of Heaven and Man . During the progress, one simply required comprehension or an improvement in mental state to make a breakthrough .

After the Red Rainbow Elixirs were used up, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation was stabilized at the later state of the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm .

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“It is harder to make progress at the later levels!”

Li Fuchen was sighing emotionally . If he didn’t have the Red Rainbow Elixirs and the Perception Dao Elixirs, even if his astounding perception, he would still need to spend a lot of time to reach this current state .

Days passed by and it was already ten days since Li Fuchen conquered the Silver Sand Region .

Ten days was enough for others to seek reinforcements .

On this day, the Supreme Commander of the Cloud Sea Pavilion’s garrison, Lin Peng led 120 men to the Red Rainbow Mountains .

The 120 men weren’t the garrison members of the Cloud Sea Pavilion . They came from one of the three emperor-class factions’ garrison, they were the garrison members from the Floating Sky Mountain .

The 120 men didn’t have high cultivation levels . They were all around 7th or 8th level of Reincarnation Realm, but all of them looked arrogant and were overbearing . Lin Peng who was the Supreme Commander of the Cloud Sea Pavilion’s garrison had to laugh and smile along the way . To be honest, Lin Peng was already very surprised that the Floating Sky Mountain’s garrison was willing to send a 120-men battle formation here . Perhaps even the three emperor-class factions didn’t approve of Li Fuchen .

When the 121 men approached the Red Rainbow Mountains, Li Fuchen had detected them .

Li Fuchen flew out and stood in the air while watching Ling Peng and the others .

“Why, you found external help?” Li Fuchen grinned .

Before Lin Peng spoke, a stalwart youth at the side spoke first, “Admit defeat and pay 100 million low-grade spirit stones as compensation to settle this matter . Otherwise, we will not mind loosening your bones . ”

He didn’t think that Li Fuchen had 100 million low-grade spirit stones but the Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison had plenty of people . They should be able to gather enough and all 120 of them would get an average of almost one million low-grade spirit stones and they wouldn’t have come in vain .

“Form your battle formation! I wish to try it . ”

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Li Fuchen truly wanted to find out how powerful a 120-men battle formation was and if it could reach the level of an emperor-class disciple .

“Since you want to taste the consequence, then don’t blame us . Form the Floating Pot Battle Formation!” The stalwart youth yelled out and formed a 120-men battle formation that was like a floating pot .

The Floating Pot Battle Formation was an ordinary battle formation that belonged to the Floating Sky Mountain . As an emperor-class faction, the Floating Sky Mountain’s foundation wasn’t something that a monarch-class faction could imagine . These battle formations that consisted of a few dozen people wasn’t even a proper battle formation to the Floating Sky Mountain .


The Floating Pot Battle Formation attacked Li Fuchen like a stream of water . The stream of water was like a flood dragon and charged over .

“It does have a rather imposing prowess but it isn’t at the level of an emperor-class disciple!”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was extremely sharp and a simple scan allowed him to understand the prowess of the Floating Pot Battle Formation .


A nine-headed dragon spirit soared into the air as Li Fuchen clawed at the Floating Pot Battle Formation .


The imposing-looking Floating Pot Battle Formation didn’t even last for a single breath and instantly crumbled . All 120 men of the battle formation were vomiting fresh blood .

The stalwart youth was appalled and looked as though he saw a ghost .

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Lin Peng was also similarly appalled .

“The next time you come, you better bring a 200-men battle formation, otherwise, it wouldn’t be enough . ” Li Fuchen turned back to the Red Rainbow Mountains .

“Damn it, he must be an emperor-class disciple, I have misjudged . ” The stalwart youth had an extremely pale expression .

Emperor-class disciple? Lin Peng didn’t want to be involved in this matter anymore . To contest with an emperor-class disciple was the same as inviting humiliation .

The stalwart youth and Lin Peng didn’t know that before Li Fuchen’s Nine Dragons Claw reached the perfection stage, he was already able to fight with the emperor-class disciple, Peng Le . Now that Li Fuchen’s Nine Dragons Claw was at the perfection stage, a mere 120-men battle formation was simply cannon fodder to him .

This fight was still made known .

The various factions on the White Scale Continent were speechless .

If even a 120-men battle formation wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, it meant that only emperor-class disciples and battle formations consisting of a few hundred men could defeat Li Fuchen .

Floating Sky Mountain’s garrison .

“Since he is an emperor-class disciple, battle formations that consist of fewer than 200 men wouldn’t work . Only the Floating Sky Battle Formation can deal with him . ”

“No hurry, if the Floating Sky Battle Formation couldn’t deal with him, then our Floating Sky Mountain will be humiliated . Wait for the two other emperor-class factions to make their moves first . ”

The Floating Sky Mountain’s garrison maintained an observation state but the two other emperor-class factions had the intention to contest .

To them, no matter how powerful was Li Fuchen, he was merely stronger than an insect . They had only revealed the tip of the iceberg of an emperor-class faction’s foundation . They could actually deal with formidable emperor-class disciples .

“What? Even the Silver Sand Region is conquered?”

In the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect grand hall, Wang Kui and the other outer sect elders were looking at each other with dismay .

It was already incredible to conquer the lookout corner . To also conquer the Silver Sand Region, this was already the work of an emperor-class disciple .

It didn’t mean that the Silver Sand Region was stronger than the lookout corner . But conquering two major regions had a huge impact . The others weren’t fools and would definitely seek external help . They would ask the sect to send emperor-class disciples or incite the three emperor-class factions to interfere .

It didn’t matter which option was chosen, they were all hard to deal with .

Li Fuchen’s appearance had broken the balance and stability of the White Scale Continent . If they couldn’t maintain this revolution, the great circumstances for the current Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison might vanish in just a single night .

“This is the same as walking on a tightrope!” Wang Kui rubbed his temples .

The Dragon Pool and the Tiger Pool required massive quantities of White Scale Herbs, while the Red Rainbow Sect required a large reserve of the other precious resources on the White Scale Continent . As such, the Red Rainbow Sect valued the White Scale Continent greatly, otherwise, they wouldn’t dispatch over 100,000 people there .

“Let’s wait and see if the circumstances on the White Scale Continent would stabilize before agreeing to his request to send more manpower . ” Wang Kui didn’t immediately approve of Li Fuchen’s request . A single teleportation would need one billion low-grade spirit stones and even if the Red Rainbow Sect had plenty of low-grade spirit stones, they wouldn’t squander it like that .

Of course, if Li Fuchen was formidable enough to maintain this revolution, then it was fine to send in more manpower .

After all, they had to prepare for the moment when Li Fuchen progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm . By then, the Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison wouldn’t have anyone to oversee it and they would return back to the previous embarrassing circumstances . It was better for them to store up more of the White Scale Continent’s resources to prevent insufficient resources in the future .

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