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Chapter 515
ER – Chapter 515: Revolution
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In the third month, the second batch of the White Scale Herbs were delivered back to the Red Rainbow Sect .

This batch of White Scale Herbs was particularly high in quantity and had reached 52,000 stalks . It was 25 times more than before .

The reward was supposed to be 7500 contribution coins for each multiple of 2000 stalks . 25 times would be 187,500 contribution coins . With the addition of Li Fuchen’s remaining 17,000 coins, he now had a total of 204,500 coins .

The redemption for the second half of the Nine Dragons Claw only required 120,000 coins .

After considerations, Li Fuchen had redeemed another earth class high-tier body refinement art, the first half of the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body, using up 35,000 coins .

“When the strength level is excessively beyond the average, earning contribution coins wouldn’t be a problem . ”

Li Fuchen believed that if it was another regular monarch-class disciple, it would be difficult to earn a few tens of thousands of contribution coins, let alone hundreds of thousands of contribution coins . Right now, as long as it was a low-tier continent, he would be able to dominate it . Only the White Scale Continent was a little special as there were too many monarch-class factions in there and emperor-class disciples would also appear . Apart from that, powerful battle formations also held a lot of threat . Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid of battle formations that consisted of a few dozen individuals . But if it was a 100-men or a few hundred men battle formation, he reckoned that he wouldn’t have such an easy time to deal with them .

Without thinking too much, Li Fuchen exited the secret manual tower and rushed back to White Scale Continent .

After fulfilling the target to conquer the lookout corner, Li Fuchen’s next objective was to seize the nearby major regions too .

The White Scale Continent was separated into 18 major regions and the three central regions belonged to the three emperor-class factions . Excluding the three central regions that were practically the same as four or five of the other major regions, the remaining 15 regions belonged to the rest of the monarch-class factions .

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The lookout corner was only one of the 15 major regions .

“Let’s go to the Silver Sand Region!” Li Fuchen set his target as the Silver Sand Region .

The Silver Sand Region was garrisoned with seven monarch-class factions and difficulty to conquer it was much harder than the lookout corner .

To a certain degree, if a major region contained more monarch-class factions, it meant that the major region was weaker .

“But manpower is a problem . If the lookout corner requires 30,000 men, the Silver Sand Region will need at least 30,000 men too . If we use high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, the number of men would need to be doubled!”

Reincarnation Realm experts’ awareness was able to extend to a range of a few dozen miles . It was already praiseworthy for high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists’ awareness to envelop a range of a few miles . As such, Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists would have a much harder time to search for White Scale Herbs .

If it was Li Fuchen, he would be able to scan the entire mountain range with his spiritual awareness . In a single glance, he would be able to know the locations of the White Scale Herbs and which ones were matured . He reckoned that he would only need a few hours to harvest all of the matured White Scale Herbs in the mountain range and his efficiency would be a few hundred times more than others .

“It doesn’t matter, 80 or 100 thousand high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists should be a small problem . ” Li Fuchen didn’t put the matter on his heart .

The Seven Color Continent was a mid-tier continent and there should be tens of millions of Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists . If the Red Rainbow Sect couldn’t gather 80 or 100 thousand high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, they would be unworthy for their status as the ruler of the Red Soil Continent .

However, Li Fuchen neglected the cost of teleportation .

The cost of low-grade spirit stones to teleport 100 thousand men wasn’t just a few million or tens of million, it was calculated in hundreds of million . If a single person would need 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, then the total cost would be at least one billion . To the Red Rainbow Sect, it wasn’t a small sum .

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It was fortunate that as compared to the White Scale Herbs, one billion low-grade spirit stones was still within an acceptable range for the Red Rainbow Sect . After all, the teleportation count would be minimal but each month’s harvest of White Scale Herbs would be a few tens of thousands, meaning it would be a few hundred thousand annually . After including other precious resources, this deal was still worthwhile .

As such, the Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui promised that he would send 100,000 men over in one month . There would be 20,000 Reincarnation Realm experts and 80,000 high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists .

“One month huh? Then I shall make a move twenty days later . ”

Li Fuchen predicted that he would need at most half a month to conquer the Silver Sand Region .

Twenty days passed by quickly and Li Fuchen had easily cultivated the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body to the completion stage .

The completion stage of the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body allowed Li Fuchen’s defenses to reach a new level .

When Li Fuchen circulated the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body, his body would be wrapped in a layer of ink-like tyrant qi .

The wind cloud tyrant qi contained intensive repelling force . Be it when attacking the enemy or receiving enemy attacks, the repelling force would be transmitted out . It was the same as stacking another layer of attack, making it extremely dominant .

Apart from the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body, Li Fuchen’s Nine Dragons Claw had been forcefully raised to the perfection stage after consuming multiple Perception Dao Elixirs . In terms of pure strength, it was already comparable with the Mortal Calamity but in terms of attack range, it was far superior to the Mortal Calamity .

“It is time for me to workout my body . ”

Perhaps it was the influence of the body refinement technique and the body refinement arts, Li Fuchen realized that he became very fond of battle .

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Battles could make his blood boil and would be able to clear out his thoughts .

In a single day, Li Fuchen took down the Silver Sword Guild’s garrison .

In another three more days, Li Fuchen took down three other monarch-class factions’ garrisons .

One week later, the entire Silver Sand Region was left with the strongest Cloud Sea Pavilion’s garrison .

In front of the Cloud Mist Mountains…

The single-handed Li Fuchen was facing a thousand of the Cloud Sea Pavilion’s garrison members alone .

“Form the battle formation . ”

The Cloud Sea Pavilion’s Supreme Commander, Lin Peng waved his hand . A total of 24 square-shaped battle formations were formed with 54 men in each formation .

Cloud Sea Battle Formation, 54-men battle formation .

Lin Peng wasn’t afraid even if they had to face the most formidable monarch-class disciple . In the massive White Scale Continent, apart from the three emperor-class factions, the Cloud Sea Battle Formation was one of the strongest battle formations . There were only a few other battle formations that were superior .

“54-men battle formation huh?”

Li Fuchen grinned and activated the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body, wrapping his body with ink-like wind cloud tyrant qi .


24 Cloud Sea Battle Formations turned into a sea of clouds and rushed at Li Fuchen .


One battle formation collapsed, then the second and the third .

In just a few breaths, half the Cloud Sea Battle Formations had collapsed and Li Fuchen didn’t even make a move . He merely rushed with his body and scattered the Cloud Sea Battle Formations .

Lin Peng was appalled as Li Fuchen didn’t even need to make a move to smash the Cloud Sea Battle Formations . Was there even a need to fight?

Ultimately, the entire Silver Sand Region belonged to the Red Rainbow Sect and the 100,000 men that came from the Red Rainbow Sect were evenly allocated to each of the mountain ranges .

After Li Fuchen conquered the lookout corner and the Silver Sand Region, he finally attracted the attention of the various monarch-class factions in the White Scale Continent . Even the three emperor-class factions’ attention were drawn over .

For many years, the White Scale Continent’s disputes were only small-scaled battles . No one was like Li Fuchen who had conquered two major regions within such a short period of time . This was truly a revolution .

Factions from a major region that was close to the lookout corner and the Silver Sand Region started to move . They would either return to the sect to request for reinforcements or to contact other major regions and prepared to give Li Fuchen a harsh lesson . There were some factions which even went to the three central regions to see if they could borrow a 100-men battle formation or even a battle formation that consisted of more than 100 men .

It seemed like the three central regions didn’t approve of Li Fuchen’s actions either as they each dispatched a battle formation that consisted of over 100 men and prepared to extinguish Li Fuchen’s prowess and for him to exercise restraint .

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