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Chapter 514
ER – Chapter 514: Greenwood Undying Vines
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“No wonder he is an emperor-class disciple . ”

Li Fuchen felt his qi and blood turning cold . Peng Le’s saber qi contained extremely powerful withering and thriving laws, and also saber dao laws . It was able to affect his qi and blood vitality . If the mortal calamity power wasn’t able to block out the saber qi, Li Fuchen’s vitality might have already withered away .

“If I didn’t have the Power Devil Gloves, I can only use my blazing flame divine ability . ”

Li Fuchen retreated and during the retreat, his hands were covered with black-scaled gloves .

Power Devil Gloves, earth class mid-tier body refinement gloves .

After Li Fuchen became a monarch-class disciple, he made a request for the gloves from Grandmaster Hundred Smelt, one of the five great Smithing Grandmasters of the Violet Flower Kingdom .

In order to make the gloves, Li Fuchen spent a few million low-grade spirit stones to collect the materials . After all, body refinement materials were extremely hard to find and high-grade body refinement materials were harder to find . If Li Fuchen wasn’t a monarch-class disciple that had extensive connections, it was impossible to gather all the materials .

To be honest, this set of gloves wasn’t considered a true earth class mid-tier body refinement gloves as it still had flaws . It was mainly because Grandmaster Hundred Smelt was only able to create flawless earth class low-tier body refinement equipment . He was capable enough to produce earth class mid-tier body refinement equipment but it was fortunate that Li Fuchen had provided materials of extremely high grade and there was also one earth class high-tier material . Otherwise, the Power Devil Gloves would be one tier weaker .

The process of the creation took one year and was finally completed by Grandmaster Hundred Smelt just one month ago .

Right now, it was finally the moment to use it .

After wearing the Power Devil Gloves, Li Fuchen struck with his fist again . This time, the red light was flourishing like a splendid sun and was emitting a hazy red halo .

Boom Bang!

Peng Le’s saber qi was extinguished again .

“Tree World’s Descent!”

Peng Le yelled and burst out with the Plant Wither Thrive Saber Art’s finishing move . When the saber was brandished, all of Peng Le’s qi was drawn out instantly . Within a few dozen miles, the plant shadow was rapidly growing from small stalks of grass into massive trees, malevolent green vines, unending shrubs . When inside the range of the saber field, Li Fuchen felt that everything outside was isolated and he was imprisoned in a world of plants . The malevolent vines were wrapping towards him and trying to bind him . The massive trees were extracting the surrounding vitality and attempting to extract his vitality . Those unending shrubs were like unending saber moves that were suppressing and didn’t give Li Fuchen a chance to breathe .

Everything was false and also true

The saber field caused an anomaly to the heaven and earth laws, while the deepest level of murderous intent was concealed in the anomaly .

“His earth class peak-tier saber art proficiency is even above my Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration!”

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The earth class peak-tier martial arts might both be at the trance stage, but the difference with cultivation level and cultivation technique rank would affect the proficiency of the martial arts .

“In the fact of the Mortal Calamity, everything will be turned into ashes!”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and released the red light to the extremity, making it look like a small red sun .


Inside the sky-covering plant shadows, the red light burst out from the narrow gaps . Immediately after, the plant shadows were turned into ashes and scattered into nothingness .

“Decay of All Lives!” Peng Le immediately followed up with his kill move .

This move was an indescribable desolution and chill .

When the saber was swung, the plant shadows were gone . They were replaced with boundless dark and withered falling leaves .

The falling leaves were assaulting Li Fuchen frenziedly with murderous intent .

Every living thing would stay to decline after reaching its extreme prime . When the plants were at the peak of its thriving life, it would start to decay . That moment of decay was extremely cruel and the cruelty was exhibited from the saber moves and would naturally enhance the saber intent and the murderous intent .

Li Fuchen’s eyes were filled with admiration and he could see that Peng Le had already cultivated the earth class peak-tier to the extremity, allowing it to advance by another level, making it extremely close to a heaven class saber art .

It was a pity that Peng Le didn’t understand the Mortal Calamity .

The Mortal Calamity was originally the calamity power that was developed after all living things reached its prime . Peng Le’s saber art was only the decay of all plants after reaching its prime . The two martial arts were on fundamentally different levels .

As such, when Peng Le’s kill move made contact with Li Fuchen’s Mortal Calamity, the falling leaves started to combust and had a worse effect than the previous exchange .

Peng Le’s face turned dark as Li Fuchen’s body refinement fist art was too eccentric and seemingly restrained his Plant Wither Thrive Saber Art .

“It has been a long time since I used my greenwood divine ability . Within the same realm, no one has forced me to use my greenwood divine ability . ” Peng Le sheathed his narrow and long battle saber while his body flourished with dark green radiance . Thin and green vines started to grow on his body and they were like small green snakes that were filled with spirituality .

“Greenwood Undying Vines!”

Peng Le yelled out and one of the green vines extended out and flew at Li Fuchen .

During the attack, the vine rapidly thickened into a green flood dragon and lashed at Li Fuchen,

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Li Fuchen’s fist struck at the green vine’s tip .

The red light extended and withered the green vine .

However, Li Fuchen who possessed astounding spiritual awareness had frowned at this moment .

The green vine didn’t wither completely and there was a trace of vitality that still remained in the depths . The vitality was extremely horrifying and could instantly revive the green vine before it continued to lash at Li Fuchen .

After seven consecutive fists, Li Fuchen finally destroyed this green vine .

“Undying trait?” A trace of suspicion emerged in Li Fuchen’s heart .

Peng Le grinned and said, “This is divine ability, my Greenwood Undying Vines . It contains the undying law . It might only be a trace but it is enough to make a low-level Battle Spirit Realm master helpless . I am already very shocked that you can destroy one of the vines . But what about two, three or dozens of vines?”

While talking, Peng Le sent out over ten green vines .

The green vines intertwined and sealed off all of Li Fuchen’s routes of retreat .

“Undying law huh?”

Li Fuchen was rather surprised at Peng Le’s divine ability .

It was a divine ability that contained the undying law and it was extremely high grade .

The strength of one’s awakened divine ability mainly depended on three aspects . Luck, individual trait, and most importantly, bone frame .

The higher the star grade of the bone frame, the stronger the awakened divine ability . It was very obvious .

 Bai Lingshuang possessed the 7-star bone frame and obviously awakened the Ice Mirror that was crafty and powerful . Murong Tianxing’s Heart of Stars was also extremely dominant and was considered an all-round divine ability .

As for Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame, it was an anomaly .

Back when Li Fuchen awakened the Heart of Blazing Flame, he was only a 4-star bone frame, but the Heart of Blazing Flame was obviously of a rather high grade . It was definitely inferior to Murong Tianxing’s Heart of Stars, but on a certain degree, it was able to produce a similar outcome .

Li Fuchen reckoned that it was probably his individual trait that took effect .

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Li Fuchen wasn’t able to deal with so many undying vines with just his Mortal Calamity .


Blazing flame power surged out and turned Li Fuchen into a flaming person while there was a dazzling and burning flame seed at his chest .

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed at the green vines .


The blazing flame sword light had illuminated the entire place and severed over a dozen vines while the vines combusted .

“Mm!?” The strength of Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability had surprised Peng Le .

The flames were extinguished while the vines started to grow frenziedly and wrapped around Li Fuchen and continued to lash at him .

Crash! Crash!

The blazing flame sword lights weaved into a net and was scattered around Li Fuchen . The green vines were constantly severed and couldn’t approach Li Fuchen .


All of the green vines on Peng Le’s body were shot out like countless green snakes that covered the entire place .

Some of the green vines dug into the ground and emerged from the ground to attack Li Fuchen’s lower body . Some of the vines tangled together to form green whips that had extreme offensive power . Some of the vines grew branches and leaves to cover Li Fuchen’s vision .

In an instant, the radius within a few miles had been turned into a world of vines .

While being wrapped in the vines, Li Fuchen didn’t panic or get impatient . The Joint-Heaven Sword in his hand seemed to turn alive as the brandish speed was excessively fast and had wrapped Li Fuchen in a barrier that was formed by the blazing flame sword lights . The vines that made contact with the barrier would be immediately severed and would start burning . It was hard to get any nearer .

Peng Le’s face turned dark as he could see that Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability was obviously comprehended to an extremely profound level . His Greenwood Undying Vines might be superior in grade and he had also comprehended the bone frame pattern to four and a half segments . He was already considered the elite among the elites .

Peng Le couldn’t imagine how many segments of the blazing flame bone frame patterns have Li Fuchen comprehended .

The battle entered the climax and gradually entered a deadlock .

Peng Le’s Greenwood Undying Vines contained the undying law and even if it was severed and burned, it would still revive repeatedly .

Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame contained extremely profound blazing flame law . When he brandished his sword, there wasn’t nothing he couldn’t sever and nothing he could burn .

As time elapsed, Zhang Dajiang and the others had also arrived .

They were all shocked by this scene .

It was fine if Li Fuchen was powerful . When did another person that was as formidable as Li Fuchen appear?

“Is that an emperor-class disciple?” Zhang Dajiang thought of something .

“So these are emperor-class disciples?” Qin Ming originally wanted to seize more mountain ranges after Peng Le to defeat Li Fuchen . But now, he didn’t have such ideas anymore .

As a monarch-class disciple, Qin Ming felt disappointed .

It was truly infuriating to compare with others .

Even as a monarch-class disciple, he was no different from a passerby when facing an emperor-class disciple . The residual shockwaves from the duo’s exchanges were so dreadful that he felt he would die once he got within the range of a few miles .

A long time later, Peng Le said, “I cannot win you . Let’s consider this a draw!”

There would naturally be a victor if they fought till the end . But it wasn’t necessary as this wasn’t a life and death battle . It would be a huge loss if he had to exhaust all of his greenwood power .

“Sure . ” Li Fuchen didn’t desire to continue the battle too .

Although he had 70% confidence to defeat Peng Le if they fought to the end .

Apart from his blazing flame divine ability, his body refinement strength was extremely powerful and wasn’t any weaker than his blazing flame divine ability . If they fight with their lives, Peng Le wouldn’t be able to break his defenses within a short moment .

“Give me some face and return all the mountain ranges that originally belonged to the Tyrant Saber Sect . ” Peng Le said .

Li Fuchen shook his head, “At most half . Otherwise, I cannot agree . ”

“Alright, we shall fight again next time . ”

Peng Le wasn’t angry . As long as he could defeat Li Fuchen next time, everything would be up to him .

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