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Chapter 512
ER – Chapter 512: Conquering the Lookout Corner
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Red Rainbow Mountains, the base camp of Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison .

This place might not have a higher concentration of spirit qi than the other mountains, and the number of White Scale Herbs harvested might not be as many as the other mountains . But because of some special reasons, the White Scale Herbs would frequently mutate and produce mutated White Scale Herbs . The mutated White Scale Herbs were as valuable as the Black Scale Herbs .

On one of the mountain peaks within the Red Rainbow Mountains .


There was a surging qi flow that had the viscosity of liquid that soared into the sky and turned into a nine-headed dragon spirit .


The nine-headed dragon spirit swooped down and blasted on the opposite mountain peak .

The mountain peak looked as though it was struck by a giant ax and was split into ten portions .

“The Nine Dragons Claw is indeed incredible . Just 10% of my strength can already produce such destructive power . ”

In less than two weeks, Li Fuchen had cultivated the Nine Dragons Claw to the completion stage .

The completion stage of the Nine Dragons Claw contained powerful ripping laws . In terms of strength, it surpassed the trance stage of the Vicious Dragon Fist .

“As expected, now that the Nine Dragons Claw is at completion stage, the Mortal Calamity’s path ahead is much clearer . ”

Li Fuchen obviously felt that he had a deeper and much more elaborated understanding of his qi and blood .

The body refinement dao was all about the qi and blood .

The complicated combination of qi and blood had formed the humans, the demonic beasts, the demons, and every lifeform that had flesh and blood . By cultivating body refinement manuals, Li Fuchen gradually understood the ultimate mystery of the human body .

The Nine Dragons Claw contained an intent that was obviously the ripping law . The ripping law was also a kind of law power, and it was a kind of power that was developed by the high-grade qi power .

The Mortal Calamity was rather unique and it contained the calamity power . The calamity power was a kind of qi power from the product of natural selection . It eliminated the poor quality and reserved the exceptional quality . The power produced to the outside was a kind of destruction at the structural level . In terms of qi and blood quality, it was obviously superior to the Nine Dragons Claw .

With the detailed understanding, Li Fuchen was able to understand why demonic beasts and demons had tough bodies . It was due to the different structure in qi and blood . As compared to humans, the demonic beasts and demons had a firmer and more tyrannical qi and blood structure .

The human body might seem fragile, but it was like a piece of blank paper that was transformed .

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With similar perception and body refinement level, the demonic beasts and demons had a much harder time to progress as compared to humans . It was mainly due to their overly firm qi and blood structure, making it hard to change .

“Perhaps, there is a kind of horrific existence which has an innate qi and blood structure that is at the ultimatum!”

Once the qi and blood structure reached the ultimatum, it was needless to say that the existence would be invulnerable . With such qi and blood structure, not even the great dao could destroy the existence, let alone a human .

“When I have enough contribution coins, I can also redeem the three other earth class high-tier body refinement arts . ” Li Fuchen thought to himself .

Wuu Wuu Wuu…

The horn echoed and it meant that enemies were attacking .

“Are they unable to bear it anymore?”

Li Fuchen was quick-witted and immediately guessed that the various monarch-class factions in the lookout corner had set up an alliance . After all, the strength that Li Fuchen displayed was something none of the monarch-class disciples in the lookout corner could compare with .

Apart from the Red Rainbow Mountains, the nine other factions had distinct differences and each faction had around 1000 men .

Zhang Dajiang who had returned to the Red Rainbow Mountains to oversee everything had a pale expression . Even though he knew that Li Fuchen was formidable, but with so many enemies and in the face of overwhelming numbers, there were times that individual martial strength was useless .

“Damn it, even the Tyrant Saber Hall is here . Their Tyrant Saber Battle Formation can link up strength from 49 men . I wonder if the Supreme Commander can withstand it . ”

“The Fire Cloud Hall’s Fire Cloud Battle Formation must not be underestimated either . They can link up strength from 42 men . ”

The Red Rainbow Mountains only had 300 men and they didn’t even have enough to face a single faction, therefore, they were all scared witless .

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen was here, or they should simply surrender .

In just a short moment, the indifferent Li Fuchen flew over from a distant mountain peak and stood in front of everyone .

“You are Li Fuchen?”

The Tyrant Saber Hall Master, Qin Ming looked at Li Fuchen with biting cold eyes .

After taking a glance at the nine factions’ army, Li Fuchen disregarded Qin Ming and said indifferently, “You simply have the advantage in numbers and are nothing but a bunch of chickens and dogs . Leave now while you still have the chance . ”

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“Shameless boasting . Form the Tyrant Saber Battle Formation and let them have a taste of it!”

Qin Ming swung his hand and 49 outer sect disciples from the Tyrant Saber Sect flew out and instantly formed a battle formation that had a shape of a saber . An extremely tyrannical saber qi was emitted . In terms of pure qi prowess, it was much stronger than Qin Ming .

When the same battle formation was formed by different people, the power would be different .

If everyone in the battle formation had already comprehended the battle formation, it would definitely bring out the most power in the formation .

“Form the Fire Cloud Battle Formation . ”

The Fire Cloud Hall Master also wanted to test if the Fire Cloud Battle Formation would be a threat to Li Fuchen . He ordered 42 outer sect disciples to form the Fire Cloud Battle Formation and a fire cloud was born . The figures of the people inside were basically invisible to the naked eye .



The Tyrant Saber Battle Formation shook before the battle formation power formed a massive saber qi and cleaved down .

The Fire Cloud Battle Formation was flowing with flames and looked like a cloud of fire as it constantly showered a rain of fire .

Li Fuchen stood with his hands behind his back as he faced the incoming saber qi and rain of fire .

“I shall let you witness my new body refinement art that reached the completion stage . ”

Li Fuchen’s right hand formed a claw and he ripped down .


A viscous nine-headed dragon spirit surged and expanded before clashing with the saber qi and rain of fire .

Boom Bang!

The saber qi and rain of fire were immediately scattered as they couldn’t put up any resistance against the nine-headed dragon spirit .

The nine-headed dragon spirit was still expanding . Five of the heads blasted at the Tyrant Saber Battle Formation while the four other heads blasted at the Fire Cloud Battle Formation .


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The Tyrant Saber Battle Formation was ripped into six portions while the Fire Cloud Battle Formation was ripped into five portions . Close to 100 men were severely injured in an instant and this was when Li Fuchen was being merciful . Otherwise, none of them would have survived after a single claw .

Looking at what happened, Qin Ming’s face turned gloomy . 49 severely injured outer sect disciples and they were all proficient in the Tyrant Saber Battle Formation . He wouldn’t even last three blades when fighting against their Tyrant Saber Battle Formation .

“48 men, come!”

Qin Ming yelled out and personally formed the core of the formation . He formed an even stronger Tyrant Saber Battle Formation .

This Tyrant Saber Battle Formation was like an unstoppable silver saber . It didn’t even burst out the saber qi and simply cleaved at Li Fuchen .

On the other side, the Fire Cloud Hall Master acted as the core of the formation and formed a denser fire cloud engulfed towards Li Fuchen .

“Good timing . ”

Li Fuchen laughed heartily and brandished the nine-headed dragon spirit to clash with the Tyrant Saber Battle Formation and the Fire Cloud Battle Formation .

The battle formations collapsed . Even though the core of the battle formations were both monarch-class disciples, but in the face of Li Fuchen’s Nine Dragons Claw, there wasn’t any difference as they were simply ripped apart . If Li Fuchen wanted, he could turn all the people in the battle formations into an explosion of blood mist .

After cultivating the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the perfection rank and combining it with the completion stage of the Nine Dragons Claw, and also with Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness that could see the flaws of the battle formations, it was just too difficult to withstand his attacks .

Unless the battle formation power was enough to suppress Li Fuchen, otherwise, it would never be a threat to him .

“Attack together . ”

Li Fuchen’s strength had shocked everyone .

But it was impossible for them to retreat without putting up a fight . After all, they had close to 10,000 men and they could form more than a hundred battle formations .

The battle formations were formed before they charged at Li Fuchen .

If one had to describe it, each of the battle formations was like monarch-class disciples and they weren’t regular monarch-class disciples .

When over 100 monarch-class disciples worked together, the situation wasn’t just slightly significant, no one could interfere .

“Haha, I just happened to lack some training partners . Good timing . ”

The Nine Dragons Claw had just reached the completion stage and there were plenty of things that weren’t perfect yet . Li Fuchen was delighted to have opponents .

In this massive area, more than 100 battle formations were surrounding Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen stood in the center while enveloped in the nine-headed dragon spirit . With every brandish of the claw, the nine-headed dragon spirit would expand and roar before sweeping a group of battle formations .

Five, ten, twenty, forty .

More battle formations collapsed and Li Fuchen was like an unmatched god of war . His prowess was growing stronger and formlessly suppressed everyone’s qi and blood .

“Nine Dragons Wild Dance!”

When fighting into an unrestrained state, Li Fuchen extended his claw-like hands and ripped in a criss-crossed manner .


The nine-headed dragon spirit split up into nine giant dragon spirits that danced wildly in the sky, ripping apart more than ten battle formations .

“It is too overwhelming . How can he still be a Reincarnation Realm expert? Not even low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters could be so tyrannical and imposing . ” Zhang Dajiang took a deep breath and murmured .

“Is this the world of the heavenly prodigies? Numbers are basically useless!”

“A single heavenly prodigy can fight against a hundred or even a thousand regular martial artists . No wonder the Red Rainbow Sect adopts the elite system, and would only accept elite prodigies . Because 1000 normal martial artists wouldn’t be a match for 1 elite prodigy . To the Red Rainbow Sect, they only require one absolute expert and didn’t require so many mediocre people . ”

During the discussions, Li Fuchen had ripped open the last battle formation . Suddenly, the world was in utter silence .

Li Fuchen’s combat strength was already on an entirely different level . Unless it was the most elite monarch-class disciples or an emperor-class disciple, no one could do anything to him .

In the face of an adult, no numbers of children would be useless . It was the same as having a deathwish . Unless they could break Li Fuchen’s defenses, otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective .

It was a pity that with the protection of the nine-headed dragon spirit, Li Fuchen’s defenses were overwhelmingly tough . Even if Li Fuchen stood still and allowed them to attack him, it would take a moment before the nine-headed dragon spirit would be broken .

Body refinement martial artists were never afraid of a mass battle . The only way to defeat them was to use a frontal confrontation or to exhaust their qi power .

It was already possible to consider Li Fuchen as a middle-level Battle Spirit Realm master .

Be it offense or defense, Li Fuchen was already comparable to a regular middle-level Battle Spirit Realm master . In terms of spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was superior to middle-level Battle Spirit Realm masters and would be comparable with high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

The nine monarch-class factions came with an imposing manner but left in a pathetic manner . One week later, apart from their nine main mountain ranges, the rest of the lookout corner belonged to the Red Rainbow Sect . At this moment, 20,000 men were dispatched to the White Scale Continent by the Red Rainbow Sect . Under Zhang Dajiang’s arrangement, they were all allocated to different mountain ranges .

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