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Chapter 511

The Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect was in an uproar .

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In just half a month, Li Fuchen had actually seized twelve mountain ranges and it was something that they never expected .

“A little over a century ago, my Red Rainbow Sect had once occupied half the lookout corner on the White Scale Continent . But it was because we had Elder Yuan, he is our most outstanding 7-star bone frame in the last two centuries . He made it to the Battle Spirit Realm before 30 years old and he made it to the Primary Sea Realm before 50 years old . But most importantly, Li Fuchen had only arrived in the White Scale Continent for slightly more than two weeks . I wonder how much further our Red Rainbow Sect’s territory would expand after a few months . ”

“It is still too early to compare Li Fuchen with Elder Yuan as he is only at the Reincarnation Realm . However, Li Fuchen’s strength is indeed top ten in the history of the Red Rainbow Sect . ”

“Since he has such strength, why don’t we just send 5000 men there this time? Since they are just Reincarnation Realm experts and there are plenty of Reincarnation Realm experts in the seven kingdoms . ”

“That’s right, it will save the trouble . If we need more, we just need to lower the requirements and can send over low-level Reincarnation Realm experts too . ”

“I am more concerned about the calculation for the follow-up reward . Originally, our Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison had three mountain ranges . If he continues to seize dozens of mountain ranges, the reward of the contribution coins would be rather overwhelming . Obtaining so much contribution coins might not be beneficial for his development and it wouldn’t suit our Red Rainbow Sect’s reward system . ”

“Indeed, it is a little troublesome . ”

“It is troublesome but there isn’t a need to be overly concerned . Our Red Rainbow Sect is always paying particular attention to the survival of the fittest and that the strong will get stronger . Since he is capable, so what even if he can earn 100,000 contribution coins in a month? Let him earn it . We cannot be concerned that he will have too many contribution coins just because he is capable and say that it might not be beneficial to his development . Such an argument shouldn’t be coming from our mouths, otherwise, if the inner sect elders hear it, we will all have to be punished . ” The Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui took a glance at everyone and spoke indifferently .

After hearing the response, the other outer sect elders immediately shut their mouths .

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In fact, they were all rather jealous as Li Fuchen was earning contribution coins too easily . They were the core elders of the outer sect and if they wanted to earn a few tens of thousands of contribution coins, it was also extremely difficult and they would need to spend a lot of time and effort .

“What about the other two monarch-class disciples? Their impact obviously isn’t significant . If we follow the previous distribution method, it would be too advantageous for them . ”

“Then cancel the previous distribution method . For the follow-up reward, give them a fixed 2000 contribution coins every month and it is already a great deal for them . As monarch-class disciples, they should understand such things . They shouldn’t complain about this problem . ”

In the outer sect grand hall, the outer sect elders finished up the discussion and resolved the problems .

One week later, a batch of 5000 Reincarnation Realm experts entered the White Scale Continent .

With sufficient manpower, Li Fuchen started to conquer in all directions without restraints . One and a half months later, he had occupied half the lookout corner, controlling 32 mountain ranges . This feat was already on par with Elder Yuan’s achievement from over one century ago .

Of course, this didn’t mean that Li Fuchen was stronger than Elder Yuan when they were in the same cultivation realm .

After all, it was a different generation and the opponents were different too . What if the heavenly prodigies in Elder Yuan’s generation were stronger?

But until now, Li Fuchen had yet to use his full strength . Be it his blazing flame divine ability or the Mortal Calamity, he had yet to execute them even once . Just by relying on the Vicious Dragon Fist, he was already unmatched .

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Holding onto the first batch of White Scale Herbs, Li Fuchen, Bai Lingshuang, and Sikong Zhan returned to the Red Rainbow Sect .

“A total of 9800 stalks, it is four times more than before . The reward will be 30,000 contribution coins . According to the new distribution method, the two of you will be getting a fixed reward of 2000 contribution coins a month . Li Fuchen shall obtain 26,000 contribution coins . Does anyone have any opinions?” Wang Kui stated .

Bai Lingshuang nodded . “I have no opinions . ”

She knew of her own capability and she knew that with her current strength, she should only be receiving the basic reward and shouldn’t even think about the follow-up reward . Therefore, she was already very satisfied to receive additional 2000 contribution coins . After including the basic 1000 contribution coins, she would have 3000 coins a month, which was already superior to some of the inner sect disciples .

“I don’t have any opinions too . ”

Sikong Zhan felt unhappy in his heart . As they had already said in the beginning that he and Bai Lingshuang would split the other half of the reward . The sudden change in distribution method made him unhappy, but it was useless even if he was unhappy . Everything was because of Li Fuchen’s contribution . Even if he had any contributions, it would only be hard work .

“Grand Elder, dispatch 20,000 men to the White Scale Continent this time . ” Li Fuchen suddenly said .

9000 men were evenly allocated to 32 mountain ranges, thus, each mountain range only had less than 300 men . The harvesting speed of the White Scale Herbs was too slow and each mountain range would at least be a few thousand miles . The bigger ones would be a few tens of thousands of miles . It was a little too taxing for 300 men to harvest the White Scale Herbs .

Of course, most importantly, 32 mountain ranges was just the beginning . Li Fuchen’s objective was to occupy the entire lookout corner . By then, the manpower required would obviously multiply and everything Li Fuchen asked for more men, another week would be wasted .

Wang Kui touched his forehead and smiled bitterly . “You don’t have to worry . One week, no, two weeks later, I will dispatch 20,000 men . ”

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20,000 men was truly too much . No every Reincarnation Realm expert would be willing to head to an unfamiliar continent .

As a result, they could only lower their requirements and allow low-level Reincarnation Realm experts and high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists to fit the criteria .

It was fortunate that the Red Rainbow Sect garrison didn’t rely on numbers to win, they relied on Li Fuchen’s individual martial strength . With Li Fuchen around, the cultivation level of the others didn’t really matter .

“Alright . ”

Li Fuchen knew that arranging a dispatch of 20,000 men to a foreign continent wasn’t an easy task .

After leaving the outer sect grand hall, Li Fuchen didn’t immediately return to the White Scale Continent . Instead, he headed to the secret manual tower .

Previously, he only had 30,000 contribution coins and lacked 10,000 coins to redeem the first half of the Nine Dragons Claw .

With an additional 27,000 contribution coins, he now had 57,000 contribution coins .

When Li Fuchen exited the secret manual tower, he had an additional manual of the first half of the Nine Dragons Claw .

“Half a month should be enough for me to cultivate the Nine Dragons Claw to the completion stage . It just so happens that I can constantly temper the Nine Dragons Claw during combat . ” Li Fuchen thought silently .

After returning to the White Scale Continent, Li Fuchen didn’t venture out and went into a seclusion to cultivate the Nine Dragons Claw .

The Nine Dragons Claw was extremely formidable . In terms of pure power, it was only slightly inferior to the Mortal Calamity, but it wasn’t as mystical and peculiar as the Mortal Calamity .

Furthermore, the Nine Dragons Claw was a completed art and some of the aspects would be superior to the Mortal Calamity .

When Li Fuchen was cultivating the Nine Dragons Claw, a conference was being held in the lookout corner .

The conference consisted of commanders of the various garrisons in the lookout corner .

In just one and a half months, Li Fuchen had already seized half the lookout corner . It was impossible for the rest of the garrisons to be at ease . Everyone was discussing how to deal with Li Fuchen .

“He is a mere monarch-class disciple, I don’t believe that he can deal with all of us . My Tyrant Saber Sect’s Tyrant Saber Battle Formation isn’t that easy to break . ”

The one speaking was the Tyrant Saber Hall Master, Qin Ming .

The Tyrant Saber Battle Formation could link up the strength of 49 men . If all 49 men coordinated properly, it would be enough to sweep aside most of the monarch-class disciples .

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