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Chapter 510
ER – Chapter 510: Thirteen Mountain Ranges
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Two hours later, the Purple Sunset Guild’s garrison members had all withdrawn from the Red Cloud Mountains .

The 500 men that Li Fuchen led here were all arranged to remain here, so were Zhang Dajiang and Wang Mingli .

As for Li Fuchen, he returned to the Red Rainbow Mountains as he had to wait for the news from Bai Lingshuang and Sikong Zhan .

Half a day later, Bai Lingshuang and Sikong Zhan returned .

The duo suffered injuries and had worn-out qi presence .

Bai Lingshuang smiled bitterly and said, “We are fortunate enough to not be humiliated . The Red Sea Mountains have been taken back . ”

The duo’s strength was almost on par with the two monarch-class disciples from the Black Saber Sect . It was fortunate that the opposition’s battle formation could only link up strength from 18 men while the Red Rainbow Sect’s battle formation could link up 20 men . They were slightly superior and after a bitter battle, they finally took back the Red Sea Mountains .

“Good . We have restored the Red Rainbow Sect’s original territories . Next is to seize the next mountain range and our White Scale Herbs’ monthly harvest will increase significantly . ” Li Fuchen smiled and stated .

“The Red Cloud Mountains have been taken back?” Sikong Zhan looked at Li Fuchen with hesitant eyes .

Li Fuchen replied, “What do you think?”

Sikong Zhan didn’t say anything but his heart had an additional recognition towards Li Fuchen’s immeasurable strength .

They took just a single day to take back the Red Cloud Mountains and the Red Sea Mountains . Such a tremendous pace had flabbergasted the garrison members of the Red Rainbow Sect .

What did it mean to be monarch-class disciples?This was what it meant to be monarch-class disciples .

Things that normal people couldn’t do would be accomplished by them in a swift and efficient manner .

The disparity between humans was truly immense sometimes .

It was basically impossible to bridge the gap .

On the second day, Li Fuchen led 300 men and headed for the Purple Wind Mountains .

The Purple Wind Mountains were one of the territories that belonged to the Purple Sunset Guild .

When facing the overpowering Li Fuchen, Teng Long couldn’t do anything and gritted his teeth while withdrawing out of the Purple Wind Mountains .

On the third day, Teng Long gave up the Purple Lake Mountains .

As such, the Purple Sunset Guild which originally had four mountain ranges, was only left with the Purple Sunset Mountains .

As for the Purple Sunset Mountains, Li Fuchen must not seize it .

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The White Scale Continent had its own rules . No matter how powerful you were, one must always leave a bottom line . If the last mountain range was also seized and if one did things without leaving a leeway, then others wouldn’t leave any leeway for you either . Ultimately, it would end with a miserable battle . It was a situation that none of the monarch-class factions would like to see .

“Powerful, indeed very powerful . ”

In just three days, the garrison which originally had one mountain range, now had five mountain ranges . Such speed made everyone speechless and dumbstruck .

“It is truly admirable . This world has always been a world for these heavenly prodigies . ” One of the elite Reincarnation Realm experts from the seven kingdoms lamented with envy .

“The heavenly prodigies would contend for the world and would stand above all others . We better not have such dreams . It is more practical for us to put down each footstep firmly . ”

“That’s right, the path of a heavenly prodigy is very cruel . One moment, they might have unbounded prospects, the next moment, they might turn into stepping stones for others . As the saying goes, ‘there is always a taller mountain and a stronger person’ . They are striving for the world and fate, while we are striving for the next step on the path . ”

Everyone was deeply moved and also excited .

There were plenty of benefits for them to be garrisoned at the White Scale Continent . Apart from the important resources to the sect, they were able to redeem other resources .

The White Scale Continent’s natural environment might lack variety, but it was only when compared to other continents . There were still plenty of other resources and there were some that were very helpful for their progression to the Battle Spirit Realm .

A single mountain range already provided a good amount of resources, they couldn’t imagine how much resources would be harvested from five mountain ranges .

Furthermore, looking at Li Fuchen’s attitude, it was obvious that five mountain ranges weren’t going to satisfy him .

It was true, Li Fuchen wasn’t satisfied with just five mountain ranges .

His objective was to take down the entire lookout corner .

But he didn’t have enough manpower now .

The Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison had five mountain ranges now and the allocation of 400 men for each mountain range was rather strenuous . After all, each mountain range was massive and it wasn’t possible for him to seize the mountain ranges and didn’t have people to harvest the White Scale Herbs and other resources, right?

“Wait for the sect to dispatch a batch of Reincarnation Realm experts before we take down other mountains . ” Li Fuchen thought to himself .

The Red Rainbow Sect acted quickly and in just one week, another group of 2000 men arrived at the White Scale Continent .

90% of the people were elite Reincarnation Realm experts from the seven kingdoms . Their individual strengths weren’t very competent and the Red Rainbow Sect didn’t intend to impart the Red Rainbow Battle Formation to them either . They were sent over purely to harvest the resources and to put up a front .

With sufficient people, Li Fuchen started to advance another monarch-class faction .

Southern Wild Mountains was one of the mountain ranges that belonged to the Southern Cloud Guild’s garrison .

The Southern Cloud Guild was very influential in this lookout corner . They had six monarch-class disciples and two of them were this lookout corner’s top ten experts . They controlled a total of nine mountain ranges .

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“This is our Southern Cloud Guild’s territory, hurry up and get lost!”

At the borders of the Southern Wild Mountains, a few of the Reincarnation Realm experts that were harvesting the White Scale Herbs had yelled out .

“From now on, this mountain range shall be named Red Wild Mountains . ” Li Fuchen said indifferently .

“Courting death . Go, let’s go and inform the hall master and the others .

A few of the people took a cold glance at Li Fuchen before leaving .

The Southern Cloud Guild’s garrison in the White Scale Continent was called the Southern Cloud Hall . They were treating this place as an official foothold .

In less than one hour, a few hundred Southern Cloud Hall members rushed over . There were two individuals leading them, one of them was a bald youth saber wielder and the other was a beautiful young lady wearing a feathered robe .

Bai Heng, Southern Cloud Hall’s Vice Hall Master .

Lian Yu, Southern Cloud Hall’s Vice Hall Master .

Both of them were monarch-class disciples and had imposing qi prowess .

“You are rather bold to provoke our Southern Cloud Hall . ” Bai Heng had a fierce-looking face .

“The two of you can come together, I don’t wish to waste time . ”

Li Fuchen put Bai Heng in his eyes and simply stated .

“There are times when you have to suffer the consequences of your actions . Senior Bai, leave this person to me . ” Lian Yu drew her sharp sword and had an icy cold face .

“Alright . ” Bai Heng nodded .


There was a flash of red light and a giant flaming bird fluttered and dove at Li Fuchen .

After taking a closer look, it wasn’t any flaming bird, it was actually formed by sword lights .

The flaming bird sword lights were vivid and lifelike as it contained an astounding sword field and sword intent .

It was obvious that Lian Yu’s sword art was similar to the Green Sun Sword Intent . All the sword qi, sword field, and sword intent were all fused together . It then turned into a flaming bird to attack enemies .

When facing this valiant sword art, Li Fuchen merely countered with a fist .


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The flaming bird sword light collapsed while Lian Yu was sent flying .

With Li Fuchen’s current strength, monarch-class disciples weren’t even qualified to block a fist from him . It was unlike before when Li Fuchen had to go through a bitter battle before defeating Murong Tianxing .

“What?” Bai Heng’s eyes contracted .

Lian Yu’s strength was only slightly inferior to him . With his current strength, it was impossible for him to defeat Lian Yu in a single fist .

“Damn it, Fire Feather!”

Lian Yu was furious as her body was steaming with flames . A large patch for fire feathers rained down from above and enveloped Li Fuchen .

Bang Bang!

The fire feathers had astounding power and when each of them landed on the ground, large pits were blasted up on the ground . The power was comparable to the all-out attack from a regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm expert .

But no matter how powerful the Fire Feather was, it was hard to break Li Fuchen’s qi spirit, it couldn’t even waver the qi spirit .

“Heart of Saber Dao . ”

Seeing how powerful Li Fuchen was, Bai Heng couldn’t be bothered about outnumbering the opponent . The saber dao power surged out as he cleaved at Li Fuchen .


The saber light was like the descent of the galaxy . The intense saber pressure blasted on the ground first and split open a ten mile long gash .

“I already told the two of you to attack together . ”

The giant elephant spirit and the vicious dragon spirit soared . Especially the vicious dragon spirit which was enhanced by the giant elephant spirit, it had expanded limitlessly until ten miles long and had engulfed both Bai Heng and Lian Yu .

There was a jolt that sounded horrific . Bai Heng and Lian Yu couldn’t even withstand a single breath and were sent flying while vomiting fresh blood due to the vicious dragon spirit .

A single fist and two monarch-class disciples were defeated .

The people who followed Li Fuchen watched as their hearts raced .

Up until now, they didn’t know how powerful Li Fuchen was and only knew that no one was able to withstand a single fist from Li Fuchen .

“Form the Southern Cloud Battle Formation . ”

Since the two vice hall masters were defeated, the Southern Cloud Hall was only left with their only trump card, the Southern Cloud Battle Formation .

The Southern Cloud Battle Formation could link up the strength of 32 men and was slightly superior to the Purple Sunset Battle Formation .

There were waves of clouds that came rushing in and gave off the pressure like the imminent storm .

One of the clouds had a pale blue color and was obviously more skilled and the other Southern Cloud Battle Formations .


Li Fuchen smashed with his fist and caused the void to distort a little . The fierce and tyrannical vicious dragon spirit felt like it was going to shake the void open . It then clashed with the pale blue cloud .


The cloud was shattered and all 32 Southern Cloud Guild’s outer sect disciples vomited blood and was flung in all directions .

Swiftly and decisively, all the Southern Cloud Battle Formations were shattered . None of them were a match for a single fist from Li Fuchen .

“How can there be someone so powerful?” Bai Heng and Lian Yu were despondent .

After seizing the Red Wild Mountains, Li Fuchen didn’t stop and turned the Southern Cloud Hall’s Southern River Mountains, Southern Stone Mountains, and Southern Forest Mountains into the Red River Mountains, the Red Stone Mountains, and the Red Forest Mountains . Until he encountered the Southern Cloud Hall Master, Chen Feng .

Chen Feng was very powerful and was the no . 3 expert in the lookout corner .

When facing Li Fuchen, it wasn’t useful even if Chen Feng was formidable as he also vomited blood from a single fist .

A few days later, the Southern Cloud Hall was only left with the Southern Cloud Mountains in their control . The eight other mountain ranges had all changed owners and belonged to the Red Rainbow Sect .

As such, the Red Rainbow Sect now had a total of thirteen mountain ranges and it was unprecedented .

“This is too exaggerating . He took only half a month to seize twelve mountain ranges . In a few more months, would he conquer the entire lookout corner?”

The five deacons who received the news were all excited and felt that they couldn’t catch their breath .

Wang Mingli was a little aggrieved as she had hinted at Li Fuchen multiple times but didn’t receive any response .

But after thinking about it, Wang Mingli understood .

Li Fuchen had astounding talents and unless she was a monarch-class disciple, she wouldn’t be worthy for him . Even so, she never wanted to monopolize Li Fuchen .

After seizing twelve mountain ranges, Li Fuchen finally paused .

4000 men were allocated equally to thirteen mountain ranges, each mountain range had around 300 men .

There was still insufficient manpower .

“Ask the Red Rainbow Sect to continue sending more people . ” Li Fuchen smiled bitterly .

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