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Chapter 507
ER – Chapter 507: White Scale Continent
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Li Fuchen already had astounding perception, after consuming the Perception Dao Elixir, there was a short burst in his perception allowing him to comprehend the Mortal Calamity with unending inspiration .

One, two, three elixirs…

In just one month, Li Fuchen had consumed five Perception Dao Elixirs and forcefully comprehended the Mortal Calamity to the perfection stage .

The current Mortal Calamity had indescribable power . A single fist could simply destroy an earth class mid-tier equipment .

In terms of material destruction, Li Fuchen was even stronger than high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters .

With a great increase in mortal calamity power, the impurities in Li Fuchen’s body were all gradually eliminated . Even some of the impurities that were concealed deep inside the body weren’t able to escape the purification of the mortal calamity power . When Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness couldn’t see any impurities in his body, he knew that his bodily limits had a breakthrough .

“I hope that this trip to the Dragon Pool will allow me to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the perfection rank . ”

Li Fuchen headed for the Dragon Pool .

The Dragon Pool had extremely pure dragon qi and extremely little impurities . As days passed, the miniature elephant formed by the dragon elephant power constantly condensed and expanded, gradually developing into a giant elephant .

At the same moment, a mighty and surging power was being created .

Ten days, twenty days, one month, one and a half months .

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With 50,000 contribution coins, Li Fuchen could stay in the Dragon Pool for 100 days, thus, he didn’t have to worry about insufficient contribution coins .

With a great mental state and sufficient resources, Li Fuchen was finally able to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the perfection rank in two months .

Right now, the miniature elephant at Li Fuchen’s heart had already grown into a giant elephant . The originally pale golden luster had turned into a pure golden luster . When the golden giant elephant trumpeted, the horrific giant elephant spirit rose up and nearly froze the air above the Dragon Pool . The prowess was truly shocking .

“Just with the power of my body refinement strength, I should be able to suppress regular demon generals on the Demon Ring Continent . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smirk .

The Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter was an earth class high-tier body refinement technique . In terms of pure strength, it was even stronger than earth class peak-tier qi cultivation techniques and would be close to heaven class low-tier qi cultivation techniques . By cultivating the Fifth Chapter to the perfection rank, it meant that Li Fuchen had reached the peak-level of Reincarnation Realm as a body refinement martial artist . Furthermore, he was far superior to regular Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artists .

Those regular peak level Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artists would probably die of explosion without any chance of survival when pressured by Li Fuchen’s giant elephant spirit .

“The first half of the Nine Dragons Claw requires 40,000 contribution coins . I only have 30,000 left and still lack 10,000 . ”

In two months, Li Fuchen had spent 30,000 contribution coins, turning his 50,000 contribution coins into 20,000 . Even after including the second year’s sect distribution, Li Fuchen merely had 30,000 contribution coins and it was just enough to redeem the first half of the earth class high-tier body refinement art, Star Shatter Leg .

 But Li Fuchen didn’t plan to redeem the Star Shatter Leg as he was more interested in the Nine Dragons Claw .

After all, the Nine Dragons Claw could produce the nine dragons spirit . His vicious dragon spirit was already very formidable, thus, the nine dragons spirit must be even more horrific .

The Mortal Calamity might be powerful but in terms of attack range, it was inferior to qi spirits .

Why would Li Fuchen choose another earth class high-tier body refinement art? It was to improve the Mortal Calamity .

The Mortal Calamity was an incomplete body refinement art and had an extremely high cultivation difficulty . If he wanted to cultivate the Mortal Calamity to the trance stage, he would need to have a great body refinement foundation .

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As such, it was necessary for him to cultivate a second earth class high-tier body refinement art .

“There is no need to rush . Body refinement might be important but when looking at the long term, qi cultivation has the highest priority . ”

In this world, the mainstream was ultimately qi cultivation .

Body refinement might be overbearing but there weren’t a lot to inherit . Even the monarch-class sect, Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have earth class high-tier body refinement techniques . It was obvious that it was extremely hard to climb to the pinnacle of the body refinement path .

Li Fuchen didn’t want to neglect his qi cultivation just because of his body refinement .

The faster he broke through in his qi cultivation, the greater his future potential . A martial artist breaking through to the Battle Spirit Realm before forty and before fifty might not have much difference, but difference would become significant as time elapsed . By the next cultivation realm breakthrough, the difference might be 20 years, 30 years, or even 100 years .

With over a dozen Red Rainbow Elixirs, Li Fuchen cultivated without restraints . He would be consuming one Red Rainbow Elixir every two to three days and increasing his purified qi at an insane pace .

Middle stage of 7th level of Reincarnation Realm, later stage of 7th level of Reincarnation Realm .

Peak stage of 7th level of Reincarnation Realm .

Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation was increasingly step by step without any signs of bottlenecking .

“Li Fuchen, the outer sect has a mission for you . Follow me to the outer sect grand hall . ”

On this day, an outer sect elder arrived at the foot of Fuchen Peak .

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Li Fuchen released the array and allowed the outer sect elder to enter the mountain while he had a confused expression .

‘Aren’t missions accepted by the disciples? The sect can actually appoint missions to disciples too?’

This outer sect elder obviously understood what Li Fuchen was curious about and smiled, “The sect has two types of missions . One is for the disciples to choose and the other is appointed missions . The mission this time is extremely important and you have to do it personally to control the situation . ”

During the war with the sea beasts, Li Fuchen had proven that his strength was unmatched within the Reincarnation Realm . To be honest, Li Fuchen might be superior to some low-level Battle Spirit Realm inner sect disciples .

For this mission, other outer sect monarch-class disciples might only be able to maintain the situation . In order to control the situation, they would need someone like Li Fuchen .

“Alright, I will go to the outer sect grand hall . ”

Since it was an appointed mission by the sect, Li Fuchen couldn’t refuse . Furthermore, he was also curious as to what kind of mission would require him . He reckoned that the mission must have a restriction on cultivation and inner sect disciples probably wouldn’t fulfil the requirements .

After arriving at the outer sect grand hall, Li Fuchen saw Bai Lingshuang and Sikong Zhan .

Before Li Fuchen and Bai Lingshuang could exchange greetings, the outer sect grand elder, Wang Kui entered from the side hall .

“Since the three of you are here, I will explain about the mission to you . ” Wang Kui smiled and said, “The mission this time is to head for the White Scale Continent and to stabilize the situation for our Red Rainbow Sect . If possible, it will be best to expand the territory . ”

“White Scale Continent!” Sikong Zhan’s expression changed .

The White Scale Continent was a low-tier continent .

The so-called low-tier continent was a continent that had awakened the continent’s willpower .

Low-tier continents would only allow individuals below the Battle Spirit Realm to exist on the continent . Once a person’s cultivation reached the Battle Spirit Realm or above, they would be rejected by the continent’s willpower . It was fine for a short period of time, but for a long term, the Battle Spirit Realm master would definitely perish .

The Seven Color Continent was a mid-tier continent and only permitted people below the Law Phase Realm .

Of course, in the vast sea, there were countless other continents that didn’t awaken any continent willpower . Those continents, regardless of the size, didn’t have a restriction on cultivation . But those continents would be easily destroyed and would gradually lose their spirit qi and turn into an abandoned continent .

The White Scale Continent might be a low-tier continent but it had ample resources . The Red Rainbow Sect wasn’t the only sect stationed on the White Scale Continent, the six other monarch-class factions from the Seven Color Continent were also stationed at the White Scale Continent .

Apart from them, there were also plenty of other monarch-class factions from other mid-tier continents that were stationed at the White Scale Continent .

According to the information, there were more than 50 factions stationed in the White Scale Continent, meaning there were more than 50 monarch-class individuals in the White Scale Continent .

If there was a statement to describe the White Scale Continent it would be: Ample resources and prodigies .

Sikong Zhan might be a monarch-class disciple but he wasn’t confident he could dominate the White Scale Continent . There were too many monarch-class disciples there and there were some monarch-class factions that were much stronger than the Red Rainbow Sect . Any random monarch-class disciple from those formidable factions would be able to defeat a monarch-class disciple from a weaker faction .

“White Scale Continent huh?” Li Fuchen had heard of the White Scale Continent .

Due to the special heaven and earth laws on the continent, there were plenty of precious resources that were produced . Many of the resources were unavailable on the Seven Color Continent .

But this continent had plenty of teleportation arrays constructed by all the monarch-class factions . The Red Rainbow Sect was only one of them .

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