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Published at 26th of May 2020 10:40:22 AM
Chapter 506
ER – Chapter 506: Safe Return
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“Black Fish King, Silver Loach King, are you guys still not coming out?”

When facing a group of high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs from the Red Rainbow Sect, the Red Flood Dragon King felt a lot of pressure .


The sea water burst open and a giant black fish and a giant silver loach emerged from below .

The Black Fish King was a class 7 high-tier sea beast, Ink Marrow Black Fish . Its body contained the Darkness Python Ruler’s bloodline .

The Silver Loach King was a class 7 high-tier sea beast, Silver Loach . Its body contained the Silver Flood Dragon’s bloodline .

These two were the Red Flood Dragon King’s right and left hand subordinates . Their strength surpassed regular high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

But the duo didn’t have a higher bloodline concentration than the Red Flood Dragon King .

While looking at the Black Fish King and Silver Loach King who were both a few dozen miles long, the Red Rainbow Monarch didn’t really bother and said, “Red Flood Dragon King, with the likes of the three of you, it still isn’t possible for you to obtain the demonic ruler’s essence blood . ”

The five of them might not be able to defeat the three demonic kings, but it was also impossible for the three demonic kings to defeat the five of them .

“After including me?”

A 100-mile long, purple, and fearsome swordfish emerged .

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“Purple Sword King!” Red Rainbow Monarch’s eyes contracted .

Purple Sword King was the sovereign of the Purple Sea . Its body contained the Sword Dragon’s bloodline . The Sword Dragon might only be a regular overlord beast, but it was still an overlord beast and its bloodline was extremely powerful . It was fortunate that the Purple Sword King only contained miniscule traces of the Sword Dragon’s bloodline, otherwise, it would be unmatched in the entire Seven Color Continent .

“This is bad . ”

A bearded Red Rainbow Sect’s Supreme Elder frowned and had an awful expression .

It was already difficult to deal with the Red Flood Dragon and his right and left hand subordinates . With the addition of the overbearing Purple Sword King, they were definitely going to lose .

“And me . ”

A golden lobster a few dozen miles long had torn through the sea water,

“Golden Pincer King!” The Red Rainbow Monarch had an agonized expression .

The Golden Pincer King was the sovereign of the Yellow Sea and it possessed the Golden Dragon’s bloodline . Different from the Sword Dragon, the Golden Dragon was also an extremely powerful existence among the overlord beasts . Of course, the Golden Pincer King also possessed extremely little Golden Dragon bloodline and wasn’t even comparable to the Purple Sword King’s Sword Dragon bloodline .

Among the seven seas’ demonic kings, all those that possessed the bloodlines of flood dragons and true dragons were all here .

This had placed an immense pressure on the Red Rainbow Monarch and the others, causing them to lose their intent to battle .

The Red Rainbow Monarch said, “Red Flood Dragon King, you win . I didn’t think you were actually willing to share the demonic ruler’s essence blood . ”

It was obvious that the Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s essence blood wasn’t merely useful to the Red Flood Dragon King, it was also useful to the Silver Loach King, the Purple Sword King, and the Golden Pincer King . It was also useful to the Black Fish King, as he possessed the Darkness Python Ruler’s bloodline and the Darkness Python Ruler’s origins was also a true dragon .

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It was said that all sea beasts originated from the dragon race .

Most of the sea beasts contained traces of true dragon bloodlines, but due to the low concentration level of the bloodlines, it had been in hibernation .

The Red Flood Dragon King said, “The demonic ruler has plenty of essence blood and I only need 40% . ”

The sea beasts’ evolution was the same as the martial dao progression . At the later realms, it would be harder to compensate for the gap between each realm . The Red Flood Dragon King was a pinnacle demonic king and was only one step away from evolving into a demonic ruler, but even the weakest demonic ruler would be able to swallow him easily . Even if all the sovereigns of the seven seas came together, they wouldn’t be enough for a single bite from a demonic ruler . 40% of the demonic ruler’s essence blood was already enough for the Red Flood Dragon King, furthermore, there were other materials on the demonic ruler’s body that were beneficial too .

Of course, if the Red Flood Dragon King could seize the entire demonic ruler’s corpse alone, he wouldn’t be so foolish to share it .

However, he alone couldn’t hog the entire demonic ruler’s corpse .

“Let’s go . ”

The Red Rainbow Monarch was very decisive and immediately left with the four other Red Rainbow Sect’s Supreme Elders .

After watching the Red Rainbow Monarch and the others leaving, the Red Flood Dragon King sneered and said to the Purple Sword King and the Golden Pincer King, “According to what we mentioned before, the two of you will each get 20% of this demonic ruler’s essence blood and other materials . I will get 40%, Black Fish King and Silver Loach King will each obtain 10% . Are there any opinions?”

The Purple Sword King laughed and said, “No objections . Our body contains the true dragon bloodlines and the flood dragon’s essence blood isn’t as useful to us than to you . It is good enough for us to have 20% . ”

“Red Flood Dragon King, I, Golden Pincer King will wait for the moment you become a demonic ruler . By then, don’t forget to lead us out of the Seven Color Continent . ” The Golden Pincer King chuckled .

The Golden Pincer King and the Purple Sword King might possess the true dragon bloodlines, but in terms of strength, they were inferior to the Red Flood Dragon King . After all, the true dragon bloodline in their bodies were too miniscule while the Red Flood Dragon King possessed a very concentrated Red Flood Dragon bloodline .

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“Don’t worry, once I evolve into a demonic ruler, there will definitely be benefits for all of you . ”

The Red Flood Dragon King was extremely confident that with sufficient Black Flood Dragon essence blood, he would evolve into a demonic ruler within ten years . Of course, if he couldn’t evolve, it would mean that he wouldn’t evolve no matter how much time he had .

With the teamwork of the five demonic kings, the Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s corpse was ripped apart quickly .

With spiritual awareness that was comparable to high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs, Li Fuchen made it back to the Red Soil Continent after going through a daunting experience and returned to the Red Rainbow Sect .

“More than 1800 are dead?” There was a grave atmosphere in the Red Rainbow Sect .

7800 elders and disciples had set off to the lookout islands but less than 6000 had returned .

These people were all 6-star and 7-star bone frames with elite perception . They weren’t of the same level as regular 6-star bone frames . In normal situations, a single elite 6-star bone frame individual would be equivalent to one hundred, regular 6-star bone frames . A single 7-star bone frame individual would be equivalent to a few thousand, regular 6-star bone frames .

The cruelty of war had deeply stimulated everyone .

Be it the elders or the disciples, all of them felt they were too weak and they didn’t have any ability to protect themselves in a large-scale war and were only able to follow the crowd blindly .

With the intense insecurity, everyone started to cultivate desperately after returning .

Seeing the situation, the upper echelons of the Red Rainbow Sect were rather satisfied . This was the significance of a war and it would stimulate everyone’s potential . If they continued living in a safe zone, their future would be restricted and they would be destined to be unable to surpass their limits .

Deaths and injuries were inevitable . It was the law of natural selection and the survival of the fittest .

“Li Fuchen, you aren’t dead yet . ” Bai Lingshuang saw Li Fuchen and was surprised .

The Red Rainbow Sect had suffered too many casualties . They were eight monarch-class disciples that had fallen . There were plenty of outer sect monarch-class disciples, inner sect monarch-class disciples, and Li Fuchen that had gone missing for many days . Most of them assumed that they had already perished but Li Fuchen had suddenly returned .

Li Fuchen replied, “I am lucky and managed to escape . ”

“Then your luck must be truly great . ”

Bai Lingshuang smiled and was convinced by Li Fuchen’s survivability .

If she was in Li Fuchen’s situation, without any teleportation array, it was impossible for her to return alive .

The two had a short conversation before splitting up .

Three days after returning to Fuchen Peak, Li Fuchen’s reward for reaching the no . 1 of the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings had arrived .

The rewards were very generous . Apart from the 50,000 contribution coins, there were also 10 Red Rainbow Elixirs and 10 Perception Dao Elixirs .

For the next year or two, Li Fuchen basically didn’t need to worry that he didn’t have enough Red Rainbow Elixirs and Perception Dao Elixirs . He could even consume a single elixir every month .

“Let me cultivate the Mortal Calamity to the perfection stage first . ”

After consuming one Perception Dao Elixir, Li Fuchen started to comprehend the Mortal Calamity .

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