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Published at 26th of May 2020 10:22:45 AM
Chapter 505
ER – Chapter 505: Red Flood Dragon King
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1000 miles… 1500 miles…

Soon enough, the spiritual awareness’s scouting range had already exceeded Li Fuchen’s previous prime and had reached 1500 miles .

2000 miles… 3000 miles… 5000 miles… 10,000 miles…

After Li Fuchen’s awareness transformed into spiritual awareness, his scouting range was far beyond his expectation .

From what he knew, newly progressed Primary Sea Realm monarchs’ spiritual awareness was only able to scout for a few thousand miles . There wasn’t any doubt that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness had already exceeded the regular Primary Sea Realm monarch .

Li Fuchen wasn’t too surprised by this .

Previously, his awareness was already able to scout to the range of about 1000 miles . After the birth of the true spirit, it should be normal for the spiritual awareness’s scouting range to be a few times more than regular Primary Sea Realm monarchs

15,000 miles… 20,000 miles… 25,000 miles… 30,000 miles .

When his spiritual awareness’s range extended to 30,000 miles, Li Fuchen was shocked .

This obviously wasn’t a regular Primary Sea Realm’s capability anymore . Only high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs would have such a far spiritual awareness range .

40,000… 50,000…

When the spiritual awareness reached the 50,000 miles mark, it had finally reached the limit .

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“50,000 miles huh?” Li Fuchen exhaled forcefully .

He had yet to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm, once he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, his true spirit would continue to get stronger . 。

After all, an increase in the cultivation realm would provide a significant enhancement to all aspects .

“Has the array vanished?”

Suddenly, Li Fuchen realized that the blood light from the array had already vanished .

No wonder he wasn’t able to release his awareness earlier but could do so now .

Of course, this might also be due to the birth of his true spirit .

Li Fuchen wasn’t able to see the entire demonic ruler’s body previously . Now that he had spiritual awareness, he was able to see the entire demonic ruler’s in a single glance .

It was a black flood dragon that was a few hundred miles in length . It had a black horn and four claws below its abdomen .

The demonic spirit might have been extinguished, but just the mere prowess from the body was enough to suffocate Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen had a feeling if he got too close, he would be turned into a blood mist by the qi presence of the corpse .

“A complete demonic ruler’s corpse . What a pity!” Li Fuchen shook his head and smiled bitterly .

The entire demonic ruler’s corpse was a treasure .

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Let alone the essence blood, even the normal blood was extremely rare body refinement materials . It wasn’t exaggerating to say that if a complete demonic ruler’s corpse was turned into various resources, it would be enough for a monarch-class sect to thrive and flourish for a hundred years or even hundreds of years . If Li Fuchen could obtain this demonic ruler’s corpse, he wouldn’t need to worry about body refinement resources when his Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters had been cultivated to the extreme . No, even a hundred of him would be able to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters to the limit .

When a demonic beast evolved into a demonic ruler, its body would have plundered countless natural resources and those resources didn’t vanish . Instead, they continued to exist in a different form within the body .

“Demonic ruler’s corpse is something I would never be able to obtain . In order to strive for resources, one would need strength too . Right now, I can’t even get near the demonic ruler’s corpse . Furthermore, now that the array is gone, the mastermind would probably arrive . Their objective is probably the demonic ruler’s corpse!”

Clearly knowing the imminent danger, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to stay here anymore . He flew far away while using his spirit soul talent to conceal his qi presence without leaking anything .

Soon after Li Fuchen left, in the vicinity of the Black Flood Dragon Ruler, a massive red skull emerged from the sea .

The shape of the skull was extremely similar to the Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s skull and there was also a horn .

But there was a huge difference in size .

The Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s skull was around a few dozen miles in size, while the red skull was only ten miles in size . As compared to the Black Flood Dragon Ruler, it was like a snake’s skull .

The Red Flood Dragon King was the king of the Red Sea and its body contained extremely concentrated Red Flood Dragon bloodline .

Due to an incident, the Red Flood Dragon King found out that a Black Flood Dragon that was a demonic ruler was sealed in this sea region .

The Black Flood Dragon and the Red Flood Dragon were both flood dragons . The Black Flood Dragon’s essence blood was extremely important to the Red Flood Dragon King .

With the essence blood of the Black Flood Dragon, the Red Flood Dragon King had a huge chance to purify his Red Flood Dragon bloodline, allowing it to evolve into a true Red Flood Dragon . By then, no one would be able to stop him from ruling the boundless ocean .

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He didn’t wish to stay in the Red Sea for his entire life as the Red Sea was too small .

The ocean on the outside was the true ocean .

There were countless resources and also large numbers of demonic rulers . With his current strength, he might be able to achieve something but it was impossible for him to rule a large ocean . He had once left the Red Sea but during a conflict, he was chased down by a demonic ruler and had to flee back to the Red Sea . Since then, he had never left the Red Sea .

Looking at the corpse of the Black Flood Dragon Ruler, the Red Flood Dragon King’s eyes burst out with boundless thirst .

“It might only be a low-tier demonic ruler, the essence blood will be enough for me to significantly purify my Red Flood Dragon bloodline . ”

The Red Flood Dragon King brandished his claw and made a deep claw mark on the Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s body .

When the demonic ruler was alive, just the qi presence would be able to make him suffer serious injuries . But a dead demonic ruler wouldn’t be able to stop him with just the qi presence .

“Red Flood Dragon King, you are truly willing to give up everything just for this demonic ruler’s corpse . You have even sacrificed countless sea beasts’ lives . ”

Multiple fearsome figures arrived . The one leading was the Red Rainbow Sect Patriarch, Red Rainbow Monarch .

The Red Flood Dragon King lifted its head and said, “Red Rainbow Monarch, are you going to stop me? Are you not afraid I will start an all-out war?”

The lives of countless sea beasts didn’t matter as long as the Red Flood Dragon King could evolve into a demonic ruler, he wouldn’t mind even if he had to sacrifice all of the sea beasts in the Red Sea .

In this world, the strong ruled supreme and when he evolved into a demonic ruler, let alone the Red Sea, all the inland seas within the Seven Color Continent and some sea regions behind the Seven Color Continent would all be ruled by him . By then, he would have plenty of subordinates .

“If you obtain the demonic ruler’s essence blood, will you spare my Red Rainbow Sect?” The Red Rainbow Monarch sneered . After the ‘clang’ sound, a red light appeared in his hand . When taking a closer look, it was obvious a scarlet red artifact sword that was like lava .

Red Rainbow Sword, a quasi-heaven class artifact sword .

It contained the blazing flame sword intent that could enhance his strength greatly . Only with the Red Rainbow Sword, the Red Rainbow Monarch would then be able to suppress the Red Flood Dragon King .

Otherwise, the Red Flood Dragon King that had the concentrated Red Flood Dragon bloodline was too horrific . A regular high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch would have difficulty injuring the Red Flood Dragon King, let alone contesting with it .

“Red Rainbow Monarch, do you think after my many years of meticulous preparation, I didn’t expect for you to thwart my plans?” The Red Flood Dragon King had a disdainful expression and killing intent .

“Red Flood Dragon King, just use everything you have . My Red Rainbow Sect will not allow you to obtain the demonic ruler’s essence blood . ”

The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch had also drawn his artifact saber . It was black artifact saber and on the hilt of the saber, there was a pattern of an eye .

Celestial Eye Saber, earth class peak-tier artifact saber .

“Red Flood Dragon King, withdraw from this place now . ”

The other Red Rainbow Sect’s supreme elders had also drawn their weapons .

As high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs, they might not be a threat to the Red Flood Dragon King, but with the Red Rainbow Monarch around, they merely had to restrict the Red Flood Dragon King’s movements . It was an easy task to defeat the Red Flood Dragon King .

As for the robust middle-aged man, he didn’t follow .

He was only at the 4th level of Primary Sea Realm and wouldn’t be of any assistance, instead, he would be a burden .

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