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Chapter 504
ER – Chapter 504: Birth of True Spirit
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This demonic spirit was as tiny as a strand of hair . Without looking carefully, it was hard to even detect its existence .

After going inside of Li Fuchen’s mind, the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit saw Li Fuchen’s spirit soul .

“Pale purple spirit soul . When did spirit souls have color?”

The Black Flood Dragon was stunned and had been startled .

Even though he was a demonic tyrant, his spirit soul was still grey in color .
(TL note: I am changing demonic emperor to tyrant, just to differentiate between the demons, demonic beasts with the humans)

Of course, even if it was the same grey spirit soul, the demonic tyrant’s grey spirit soul was thousands of times stronger than regular demonic beasts’ grey spirit souls . A trace of the spirit soul power would be able to extinguish the spirit souls of regular demonic beasts .

Li Fuchen’s pale purple spirit soul wasn’t stronger than the Black Flood Dragon’s grey spirit soul . But the Black Flood Dragon could obviously feel that Li Fuchen’s spirit soul quality was far superior to his spirit soul . When demonic beasts evolved, their spirit soul would be significantly enhanced . Li Fuchen’s spirit soul had been transformed and didn’t just simply get enhanced .

“Such a high grade spirit soul . If I successfully seize it, my future accomplishment wouldn’t be weaker than my prime or even beyond my prime . ” The Black Flood Dragon was in ecstasy .

The Law Phase Realm emperor that set up the Spirit Refinement Array back then was only average for his array proficiency . As such, the Spirit Refinement Array that he set up was only a regular class 8 Spirit Refinement Array . The pure-blood Black Flood Dragon used its innate ability to escape with a trace of the purest and quintessence of the demonic spirit . Originally, the Black Flood Dragon thought that even if he successfully seized a body, it would be hard for it to go back to a demonic tyrant . There would only be a trace of hope if there was a heaven-defying opportunity .

But now, the Black Flood Dragon was confident that with the pale purple spirit soul, he would have a spirit soul innate ability that was far superior than before . Li Fuchen was only at the Reincarnation Realm and was equivalent to the class 5 sea beast . After he reformed Li Fuchen’s body and progressed to become a class 6 demonic king, his spirit soul would be absolutely terrifying . When he evolved into the demonic tyrant, his spirit soul would probably be comparable with demonic overlords and even beyond, reaching heaven-defying levels .
(TL note: I changed the demonic saint to overlord . I feel it suits demonic beasts and demons better . And it will be a clear distinction from human saints)

“Heavens didn’t let down me, the Black Flood Dragon Ruler . High Mist Martial Emperor . Once day, I, the Black Flood Dragon Ruler will return to my prime and take revenge . ” The Black Flood Dragon gritted his teeth .

He had been sealed by the Spirit Refinement Array for 500 years .

500 years!

As a demonic tyrant, his lifespan was several times more than the Law Phase Realm emperor, but 500 years also a truly long time .

“I must seize this body successfully!” The Black Flood Dragon lunged towards the pale purple spirit soul .


There was a burst of pale purple electric arc that repelled the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit .

Due to the intense pain in his head, Li Fuchen finally reacted .

“Get lost . ”

His consciousness took form as an illusory Li Fuchen appeared in his mind .

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The Black Flood Dragon sneered, “If your true spirit is born, it might be difficult to devour your spirit soul . But right now, you don’t even have a true spirit and you think you can resist me with your mere consciousness?”

The Black Flood Dragon’s eyes revealed an ominous glint before he lunged over again .


Li Fuchen’s consciousness turned into a sword and slashed at the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit .


The sword of consciousness had shattered but the Black Flood Dragon was unscathed .

The demonic tyrant’s demonic spirit was too powerful . Even if the demonic spirit was only a hundredth of the Black Flood Dragon’s prime, it was still a demonic tyrant’s demonic spirit . Furthermore, this was the purest and quintessence of the entire Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit . No matter how powerful Li Fuchen’s consciousness was, it would be hard to damage the Black Flood Dragon .

This was the difference between overwhelming quantity and quality .

After shattering Li Fuchen’s consciousness form, the Black Flood Dragon clawed at the pale purple spirit soul .

Tss Bang!

A pale purple electric arc exploded and the Black Flood Dragon was repelled again .

“I don’t believe it . ”

The Black Flood Dragon lunged again and again .

“Damn it, get lost!”

After gathering his consciousness, Li Fuchen continued to obstruct the Black Flood Dragon .

It was different from before .

Back at the tomb in the Land of Fog, he had also been possessed by a Primary Sea Realm monarch’s true spirit . But that time, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was only the pale blue spirit soul and his consciousness was far inferior .

Right now, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul had already evolved into the pale purple spirit soul, while his consciousness was 100 times stronger after devouring the essence of that Primary Sea Realm monarch’s true spirit .

The demonic tyrant’s demonic spirit might be 100 times stronger than the Primary Sea Realm monarch’s true spirit, but Li Fuchen wasn’t just 100 times stronger than his previous self .

As such, even if his consciousness was destroyed, he could still gather it again .

“I want to see how long you can . ”

The Black Flood Dragon wasn’t angry either . In order to devour Li Fuchen’s spirit soul, he would need to destroy Li Fuchen’s consciousness . Once Li Fuchen’s consciousness was destroyed, the pale purple spirit soul wouldn’t have Li Fuchen’s brand .

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With another claw strike, Li Fuchen’s consciousness was destroyed the second time .

Then it was the third and fourth time .

At the fourth time, Li Fuchen felt his consciousness was gathering at a much slower speed . His ability to think was also getting sluggish .

It was his unyielding willpower that allowed him to gather his consciousness repeatedly and to contest with the Black Flood Dragon .

Li Fuchen didn’t give up just because of the golden amulet’s existence .

If he always relied on the golden amulet, then what was the use of him existing?

If he always relied on the golden amulet, then he, Li Fuchen, wasn’t worthy for the golden amulet .

In his opinion, the golden amulet was a tool and he wanted to be the person wielding the tool instead of being controlled by the tool .

Even though his resistance was futile, he must not give up . This was his final dignity and also his determination to reach the pinnacle of sword dao .

“Get lost!”

Li Fuchen let out an angry roar while his consciousness form released a radiance .

The brilliance was very condensed and had traces of eternal immortality .

“This child actually produced the true spirit radiance in advance . It is rather interesting . ”

The Black Flood Dragon grinned and brandished its claw . Li Fuchen’s consciousness form was like a paste of paper that was constantly getting destroyed .

The demonic tyrant’s demonic spirit was too powerful . Even if Li Fuchen could produce the true spirit radiance in advance, even if he could condense the true spirit, he still wouldn’t be a match for the Black Flood Dragon .

It was just like a small child, no matter how the child desperately cultivated, a child would still be a child . A random adult would be able defeat the child with a single punch .

Ten times, twenty times, thirty times .

Li Fuchen’s consciousness form had been destroyed numerous times .

At the end, Li Fuchen’s consciousness was already fuzzy . He was relying completely on his instincts to gather his consciousness .

“This child is indeed worthy of getting picked by me . ”

An illusory voice echoed and Li Fuchen’s consciousness was frozen .

“What voice is that?” The Black Flood Dragon was shocked and was scanning around .

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“A demonic tyrant’s demonic spirit is indeed a great tonic . ”

The golden amulet flew out of the pale purple spirit soul and appeared in front of the Black Flood Dragon .

“What are you?” The Black Flood Dragon quickly withdrew .

When facing the golden amulet, the Black Flood Dragon couldn’t help but feel a horrid fear .

He didn’t think that Li Fuchen’s spirit soul wasn’t just special, but there was actually a golden amulet inside .

A spirit soul could actually merge with an object . This was simply defying all logic and defying heaven dao .

“It isn’t important what I am . The important thing is that you shouldn’t have barged in . ”

When speaking, the golden amulet released a golden light of eternal immortality .


The Black Flood Dragon was screaming miserably . His demonic spirit was extremely condensed and was near immortal, but it was still melted like a candle .

“No, I am a demonic tyrant, I cannot die, I am not willing to resign to this fate!” The Black Flood Dragon struggled desperately .

“You are just a demonic tyrant’s demonic spirit . Even if you are a demonic overlord’s demonic spirit, you will still be an insect in my eyes . ” The golden amulet released even more golden light .


The Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit couldn’t withstand anymore and had instantly been refined into a drop of resplendent liquid .

This drop of liquid floated and flew towards Li Fuchen’s consciousness form .

The originally fuzzy consciousness form was getting rapidly condensed at a speed visible to the eye . When it was at the extremity of density, the consciousness form continued to condense and the resplendent radiance had illuminated the entire mind .

It wasn’t done yet . The consciousness form was nourished and enhanced by the liquid and started to collapse . It collapsed into the size of a fist, then into a size of a sesame seed, and into the size of a dust . A spiritual light was being born .

True spirit!

Before progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen had given birth to the true spirit first .

Once the true spirit was born, Li Fuchen’s awareness turned into spiritual awareness .

The difference between an awareness and spiritual awareness wasn’t just a simple enhancement, it was a transformation .

Even though Li Fuchen’s awareness was powerful, it still wasn’t comparable to spiritual awareness in some aspects .

The spiritual light was getting increasingly powerful . If a Battle Spirit Realm master was here, they would know that Li Fuchen’s true spirit was thousands of times more formidable than regular Battle Spirit Realm masters’ true spirits .

Regular Battle Spirit Realm master’s true spirit was only the size of a soybean and the spiritual light was far inferior to Li Fuchen .

It was a known fact that the smaller the true spirit, the better . Getting smaller would mean it was more condensed . Li Fuchen’s true spirit was already on the same level as a Primary Sea Realm monarch or even beyond .

Part of the reason was due to the combination of the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit and Li Fuchen’s spirit soul .

When the two were combined, it created an extremely heaven-defying true spirit .

When the true spirit stopped condensing, it was already invisible to the eye . One could only see the resplendent radiance .

It was unknown when the golden amulet had returned into the pale purple spirit soul . Li Fuchen’s consciousness had also recovered .

“Is it the golden amulet again?” Li Fuchen was no longer surprised .

The Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit was extremely powerful but as compared to the golden amulet, it was nothing .

The true spirit shivered and the spiritual consciousness formed into Li Fuchen’s figure .

The spiritual consciousness form dispersed into a protective membrane that protected the pale purple spirit soul .

Li Fuchen felt that this layer of protective membrane was indestructible . He believed that with this layer of protective membrane, even if the blood light was ten times or a hundred times more concentrated, it wouldn’t be able to evaporate his spirit soul .

“Is this the true spirit?” Li Fuchen took a deep breath .

The true spirit had a great significance .

The existence of the true spirit meant Li Fuchen had an extra life . In the future, even if his body was destroyed, his true spirit would be able to reincarnate in another body .

Of course, it was best if such things didn’t happen . Another person’s body would never be as comfortable as his own body .

“The true spirit is branded in heaven and earth . As long as the true spirit doesn’t disperse, it would be able to reincarnate repeatedly . There are rumors if the true spirit reaches the extremity, it would be eternally immortal . Unless this world was destroyed, otherwise, it would never die . ”

“I wonder what level has my true spirit reached?”

Li Fuchen opened his eyes to release his spiritual awareness .

To test the true spirit’s level, the easiest method was to test the scouting range of the spiritual awareness .

The larger the range, the stronger the spiritual awareness .

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