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Chapter 499

“He is one of the top three direct monarch-class disciples, Senior Lei Donghai . ”

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“Great, Senior Lei Donghai is back . With him around, the Dragon Whale Demonic General wouldn’t be able to take another step no matter what . ”

The Red Rainbow Sect’s elders and disciples were overjoyed .

Lei Donghai was one of the top three direct monarch-class disciples who had the same status as Yuan Long .

He possessed the 7-star thunder hammer bone frame and his strength could be said to be invincible within the Battle Spirit Realm . Once he burst out with the thunder hammer divine ability, he could even contest with low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Among the Red Rainbow Sect’s disciples, the only ones that were superior to the top three direct monarch-class disciples were the two emperor-class disciples .

But the two emperor-class disciples were very enigmatic and there were only a handful of people who saw them before . It was reckoned that only the upper echelons had seen them .

“7-star thunder hammer bone frame huh?” Towards the top three direct monarch-class disciples, Li Fuchen naturally knew about them .

Yuan Long possessed the 7-star arhat bone frame and was a peak-level Battle Spirit Realm body refinement master . He was considered to be the strongest among the top three direct monarch-class disciples .

Lei Donghai possessed the 7-star thunder hammer bone frame and the thunder hammer bone frame was a variant of the special bone frame . In terms of pure offensive power, it was beyond the hammer dao bone frame .

The last top three direct monarch-class disciple was a female disciple named Gu Jiuye and she had the 7-star brightness bone frame .

The trio’s strength was a huge different level as compared to the other direct monarch-class disciples . Be it their bone frames, perceptions, or fate, they were all at the absolute peak .

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After using a single hammer smash to send the Dragon Whale Demonic General flying, Lei Donghai raised his brows and said, “So you are one of the Red Sea’s Five Unequaled Demon Generals? You don’t seem to be anything incredible . ”

“I am going to swallow you alive . ”。

The Dragon Whale Demonic General wasn’t injured but he didn’t have a pleasant expression . He opened his giant mouth and black whirlpool appeared that tried to swallow Lei Donghai .

“Thunder Divine Hammer!”

Lei Donghai was mocking the Dragon Whale Demonic General but he wasn’t complacent in his moves .

The thunder hammer power surged before Lei Donghai burst out with the thunder hammer divine ability, Thunder Divine Hammer .


From the void, a mountain-like thunder hammer shadow flew out and suddenly smashed on the black whirlpool .

In that split moment, there were thunder dragons dancing while thunder snakes covered the entire sky . The thunder hammer shadow and the black whirlpool had burst out with intense lights in colors of blue and black that had caused the sun to be overshadowed . A horrific black crack flashed by .

Li Fuchen’s awareness was extremely exceptional and even though the black crack appeared and vanished rapidly, he still saw it .

“Spatial crack?” Li Fuchen’s heart tensed up .

If a spatial crack appeared, it meant that the clash between Lei Donghai and the Dragon Whale Demonic General was already enough to destroy this region’s heaven and earth law . Spatial cracks would only appear when heaven and earth laws were damaged .

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The spatial crack might just be as thin as a hair, but it could easily sever earth class high-tier equipment . Without any defense, even a Primary Sea Realm monarch would be severely injured .

There was a shockingly loud sound as Lei Donghai and the Dragon Whale Demonic General were both sent flying .

One was an unequaled demonic general while the other was an unequaled master . It was impossible to decide a victor without exchanging a few hundred or a thousand moves .

When Lei Donghai restrained the Dragon Whale Demonic General and drew him a few thousand miles away, everyone rushed out of the lookout island and continued the massacre with the sea beasts .

This battle lasted for one day and one night . There were so many killings that the surrounding 10,000 miles of sea had turned red . It had only stopped until it was truly the ‘Red Sea’ .

After the final calculation, the no . 5 lookout island had lost a total of 72 elders and disciples . It might not seem like a lot but it was enough to silence them .

Those that could enter the Red Rainbow Sect were all the elites among the elites . A single individual was enough to fight 100 martial artists on the others .

Among the 72 individuals, there might be 1 future Primary Sea Realm monarch .

In fact, the Red Rainbow Sect could have avoided casualties as long as they mobilized the battleship fleets, they would be able to suppress the sea beasts in this war .

But the Red Rainbow Sect didn’t do so . Flowers in the greenhouse were destined not to tolerate wind and rain . In war, death was inevitable and it would be called a war without deaths .

Furthermore, the Red Rainbow Sect had inside information that the sea beasts didn’t fight at full strength either .

If both sides had used all their trump cards, it was probably soon for the demonic kings and monarchs to participate in the battle .

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“A total of 24,000 contribution points . After another battle, I will have enough to exchange for the second half of the Mortal Calamity . ”

Li Fuchen was ranked at the top of the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings, with twice as many contribution points as the no . 2 Tie Chunqiu . This amount of contribution points would be just below the average points on the Major Beast Slaying Rankings .

After this battle, it was enough to confirm that Li Fuchen was invincible within the Reincarnation Realm .

Most importantly, Li Fuchen was only at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm . If his cultivation reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm, his strength would be even stronger .

There wasn’t any battle for the subsequent week . Li Fuchen and the others went to look for their own cultivation places on the no . 5 lookout island . Feeling that he didn’t have enough strength, Li Fuchen had put in all his energy into the Mortal Calamity for the entire week .

If the Mortal Calamity reached the completion stage, its strength wouldn’t just be superior to the Vicious Dragon Fist, the purification effect would be significantly better .

When coordinating with the dragon elephant power and executing both at the same time, Li Fuchen would be able to increase his physical limits to a higher level within a short period of time and could also continue to increase his body refinement level .

“Mortals in a chaotic world should use their body to respond to the calamity . It seems like the Mortal Calamity requires a certain mental state . ”

The incomplete Mortal Calamity was much harder to cultivate than Li Fuchen imagined . There were cultivation contents that were extremely mysterious and mystical . One could only comprehend it and it was impossible to impart it verbally . It seemed to be connected with the spirit soul too .

“No need to hurry . Even if I hurry, it will be useless . There are times when a person’s mental state will affect the cultivation of martial arts . ”

On a short mountain, Li Fuchen flew out of the island .

This sea region belonged to the Red Soil Continent’s coastal waters that had ample resources . There were plenty of resources under the sea that wasn’t available on the Red Soil Continent .

After flying over one thousand miles away from the lookout island, Li Fuchen flashed and dove into the sea .

There were extreme pressures in the sea . The water pressure at ten thousand meters was enough to crush Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists .

Water pressure at 100,000 meters would crush Reincarnation Realm experts .

But in the coastal water regions, 100,000 meters was already almost the bottom . At least in the region where Li Fuchen was diving in, the depth of the sea was only 60 to 70 thousand meters . To Li Fuchen, the pressure was only like a light rain and wasn’t worth mentioning .

It was extremely quiet at the bottom of the sea and it was a like world that was isolated from sound .

When Li Fuchen’s feet stepped on the soil, his heart was still like water . Various experiences were ephemeral and had emerged and vanished within his mind .

There was a mysterious and mystical spiritual state that pervaded into his mind .

Gradually, Li Fuchen’s body glowed with red light .

The red light was extremely tyrannical and had extinguished a large volume of seawater into nothingness . Li Fuchen stood in a place that was like a vacuum black hole .

Li Fuchen didn’t expect to enter a heaven-man connection state when he was only planning to search for resources at the bottom of the sea . The Mortal Calamity had smoothly entered the completion stage . It was really like a feeling as though he had been searching high and low, only to encounter it by chance .

Li Fuchen didn’t know that when he cultivated the Mortal Calamity for a week, he was always in such an atmosphere . But in the bottom of the sea, there was eternal silence and since he was already in such a state of law, when the conditions were met, it was like the thunder sparking the fire on the ground . It was hard not to achieve a breakthrough .

Of course, it was mainly because Li Fuchen had the pale purple spirit soul and had exceptional perception, allowing him to enter the heaven-man connection state easily . If it was someone else, even if they had the best cultivation environment, it would be a waste of time and resources .

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