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Chapter 496
ER – Chapter 496: Reaching the Top
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The no . 5 lookout island was a butterfly-shaped island and was a few hundred miles in size .

In the center of the lookout island, there was an iron tower that was a few thousand meters tall .

It was actually more like an iron pillar with a pavilion . Probably only monarch-class factions could afford such a structure . After all, to smelt an iron pillar that was a few thousand meters in length couldn’t be an easy task .

A large scale teleportation platform on the lookout island had lit up with radiance and close to a thousand individuals appeared at the same time .

“This is a lookout island?” Li Fuchen’s awareness could cover over 1000 miles and with a single sweep, he could see the entire lookout island vividly in his mind .

“There is nothing special on the lookout island, except that iron tower and the astonishing array that envelops the entire lookout island . ” Li Fuchen was certain that the iron tower in the center of the lookout island must be a killer weapon with overwhelming power . It was possibly as powerful as Primary Sea Realm monarchs . As for the array that enveloped the lookout island, it should be a class 7 array, otherwise, it was hard to protect the lookout island . This place was the vast sea and it was the domain of the sea beasts .


Outside the lookout island, there were raging waves . The sea water that should be lower than the lookout island had surged a few hundred meters to a thousand meters tall . The waves constantly smashed on the array and in those waves, there were innumerable sea beasts .

There were class 4 sea beasts, class 5 sea beasts, and class 6 sea beasts . There was a giant shadow at the back of the sea beasts that was as massive as an island . Even if everyone were fools, they knew it was a demonic king .

The demonic king might not be participating in the battle, but when the sea beasts fought, they required his commands .

At the top of the iron tower, an imposing figure appeared . It was a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

With a wave of the hand, the array surged and two giant screens appeared above the lookout island .

“The tokens on you will react to how many sea beasts you have slain and how many contribution points you have obtained in real time . Those with the most contribution points shall appear on the Beast Slaying Rankings . Activate your token’s power and fuse it into the Beast Slaying Rankings . ”
(TL note: I changed Beast Slaying Ranking to Beast Slaying Rankings)

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The imposing figure’s voice echoed throughout the island .


Be it the disciples or the elders, all of them used a drop of blood to refine the tokens and poured their qi into the token . Their illusory tokens flew into the two Beast Slaying Rankings .

In the next moment, numerous names appeared on the Beast Slaying Rankings . Behind the names were numbers, but now, everyone’s number was 0 .

Right at this moment, the rankings of the two Beast Slaying Rankings started to change .

On the Major Beast Slaying Rankings, ranked no . 1 was a person called Yuan Long and his number at the back was 189 .

On the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings, ranked no . 1 was Tie Chunqiu, and the number at the back was 18 .

It meant that these two individuals had obtained 189 contribution coins and 18 contribution coins respectively .

“It is Senior Yuan Long . Such fearsome strength to instantly obtain 189 contribution coins . How many sea beasts has he killed?!”

“It is normal . Senior Yuan Long is one of the three greatest direct monarch-class disciples . Apart from those two emperor-class disciples, no one is comparable to him . ”

“Who is Tie Chunqiu? If he is on the no . 1 of the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings, he must not be underestimated after he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm . ”

“Senior, Tie Chunqiu is my Spring Autumn Kingdom’s 7-star prodigy with a perception of 72 points . ”

“Perception of 72 points? That is indeed incredible . Monarch-class disciples’ perceptions are normally around 65 points, those beyond the 70 points mark are all well-known people . ” Some of the inner sect disciples nodded .

“Have the other lookout islands started fighting?” While observing the Beast Slaying Rankings, Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

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The top ten ranks of the Major Beast Slaying Rankings were basically occupied by direct monarch-class disciples, apart from the Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui .

Outer sect elders were positions assumed by inner sect disciples and direct disciples who had reached the age of 100 .

Direct monarch-class disciples wouldn’t assume positions of outer sect elders . They would only be appointed as inner sect elders after they progressed to the Primary Sea Realm .

In terms of status, be it direct monarch-class disciples or inner sect monarch-class disciples, they were superior to outer sect elders .

After all, monarch-class disciples were future Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

While there might not even be a single outer sect elder among 100 outer sect elders that would progress to the Primary Sea Realm .

The Major Beast Slaying Rankings had closed to 7000 individuals while the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings had less than 1000 individuals .

Those who could enter the Red Rainbow Sect were basically 6-star bone frames . After entering the Red Rainbow Sect, 6-star bone frames would normally progress to the Battle Spirit Realm within ten or twenty years . Hence, the number of Reincarnation Realm disciples were several times lesser than Battle Spirit Realm disciples .

The changes in the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings were very drastic . In just a short moment, the top ten ranks had also been occupied by outer sect monarch-class disciples .

The Violet Flower Kingdom’s Bai Lingshuang and Hai Wuya were also in the rankings .

“Go out and fight then!”

After everyone activated the token’s power and fused it into the Beast Slaying Rankings, the imposing figure on the iron tower said in a loud voice .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

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Close to 1000 individuals, including Li Fuchen, flew to the beach of the no . 5 lookout island .

After exiting the array, everyone started to kill .

“White Rainbow Saber Art . ”

Sikong Zhan drew a snow-white long saber and cleaved with the saber . The sea split open and at least a dozen class 5 sea beasts were slain by the saber light . In an instant, Sikong Zhan’s ranking rose to the top 100 .

“Green Cloud Net!”

Ling Yijian had also unsheathed his sword . When the green longsword was brandished, a net-like sword light had slain eight class 4 sea beasts .


Ling Yijian’s ranking had risen to the top 200 .

“It is truly infuriating to be compared with others . These people are killing the sea beasts at an extremely fast speed . Only the top ten individuals on the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings would be rewarded with contribution coins . Only the top hundred Major Beast Slaying Rankings would be rewarded with contribution coins . We better stick to killing sea beasts to earn contribution coins instead! Don’t even think about the rewards . ”

When some of the outer sect disciples saw how fast Sikong Zhan and others were killing sea beasts, they felt agonized .

The no . 5 lookout island was a few hundred miles in size . Everyone split up to prevent situations where they have to fight over the sea beasts .

At the sky above a spacious beach, Li Fuchen brandished his sword .

Li Fuchen didn’t execute the Thousand Incineration and had executed the first move of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration, Cloud Incineration instead .

After all, the Thousand Incineration used up too much qi and in a war, conservation of qi was the most important .

A flame cloud-shaped sword light, scattered in all directions .

Boom Boom Boom…

The sea wave exploded and the water evaporated into steam . All of the sea beasts had ruptured while their flesh were charred .

A single brandish of the sword had killed nearly forty class 4 sea beasts .

“The sea beasts are massive in size . It isn’t as fast as when I killed class 4 demons . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

Class 4 demons might be stronger than class 4 sea beasts . Only elite class 4 sea beasts would be comparable with class 4 demons . But sea beasts were massive in size and occupied a large space, while class 4 demons were normally only ten or twenty feet in size .

Li Fuchen’s sword art didn’t envelop such a large range .

Of course, it was mainly due to the sea water’s isolation, causing the sword art’s power to be reduced greatly .

After all, the sea was the sea beasts’ home ground and humans were surely at the disadvantage .

Despite the case, Li Fuchen still killed around 40 sea beasts in a single sword slash, causing his ranking to rise to the top 30 .

There might be countless sea beasts, but not every region would have a large concentration of sea beasts . There were some regions that were very broad and only had a few sea beasts active . Hence, to kill a group of sea beasts would also depend on opportunities .

But to Li Fuchen, it didn’t matter if there were any opportunities . With the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration at the trance stage and with the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration Sword intent, a single brandish of the sword would instantly kill everything, be it class 4 sea beasts or class 5 sea beasts . None would survive .

In just 15 minutes, Li Fuchen reached the top .

His contribution points was at 250 and the second place was none other than Tie Chunqiu who was at 242 .

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