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Chapter 495

“Mortal Calamity . ”

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There was a flash of red light as a fist drew across the sky and struck a floating shield .

This shield was an earth class low-tier shield that would be hard for Reincarnation Realm experts to damage . Even a low-level Battle Spirit Realm master could only leave marks on it .

But when struck by the fist that was glowing with red light, the earth class low-tier shield had disintegrated .

“Mortal Calamity can extinguish all things . I didn’t think it could also turn earth class low-tier equipement into ashes . ”

The sub-completion stage of Mortal Calamity naturally couldn’t destroy earth class low-tier equipment with strength . But the Mortal Calamity power directly affected the equipment’s innate core and destroyed it from the inside out .

If the Mortal Calamity reached the completion stage, it would probably even destroy earth class mid-tier equipment .

When Li Fuchen’s body refinement level reached the Battle Spirit Realm, the Mortal Calamity’s calamity power would be even stronger .

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

On this day, there were sudden bursts of scarlet light waves in the sky above the Red Rainbow Sect . They were like red colored rainbows and looked gorgeous .

“This is a gathering order!”

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Li Fuchen squinted his eyes and soared into the sky before flying towards the outer sect’s plain plaza .

The plain plaza was already gathered with thousands of people and the number of people were drastically increasing . People were rushing over from all directions .

“What is happening?”

“What else? Another war with the sea beasts . ”

“The sea beasts at the Red Sea are acting up again? It seems like our opportunity to earn contribution points have arrived . ”

“Don’t be too happy yet . Everytime there is a war with the sea beasts, our Red Rainbow Sect would lose 10% of the disciples . Think about how many disciples are in that 10%!”

“That is exaggerating . Do the upper echelons of the Red Rainbow Sect not care?”

“Care? How? Soldiers train for thousands of days just for that one war . The Red Rainbow Sect doesn’t need flowers in the greenhouse, we need iron-blooded experts, true experts . Only then would the Red Rainbow Sect grow stronger . Even if we have a thousand or ten thousand mediocre people, it will only be a waste of the Red Rainbow Sect’s resources . ”

On the plain plaza, the old disciples and new disciples were in heated discussions .

“War with the sea beasts huh?” Li Fuchen overheard the conversation and understood clearly .

In the Seven Color Continent, apart from the seven pieces of continents, there were also the seven patches of inland seas .

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The seven inland seas were corresponding with the seven continents . They were called the Red Sea, Orange Sea, Yellow Sea, Green Sea, Blue Sea, Indigo Sea, and Purple Sea .

At the west of the Red Soil Continent was the Red Sea and at the east was the Purple Sea .

The seven inland seas had a vast quantity of sea beasts and they were governed by demonic kings . For countless years, the seven monarch-class factions had been in constant battle with them and it was said that they were contesting for the resources at the coastal waters .

The Red Sea’s strongest demonic king was called the Red Sea King and it was a class 7 peak-tier sea beast, the Red Flood Dragon . Only the Red Rainbow Sect’s strongest monarch, Red Rainbow Monarch could contest with the Red Sea King . But the two factions’ sovereign would basically never make a move . Once they made their move, it would become an all-out war and there would be countless casualties .

Not until the moment of survival, the kings and monarchs would only watch from behind the scenes .

Hence, elders and disciples below the Primary Sea Realm were the main forces .

Once the gathering order had been issued, half of the elders in the Red Rainbow Sect and all the disciples would have to participate in the war . No one could flee .

In just a short while, the plain plaza was filled with 7000 or 8000 individuals .

At this moment, a red-haired stalwart man around the age of 50 had flown to the plain plaza .

Li Fuchen found out from the conversations that this person was the Red Rainbow Sect’s Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui . He was at the peak level of Battle Spirit Realm and was definitely the top-class expert below the Primary Sea Realm .

“The sea beasts are invading and our Red Rainbow Sect will naturally confront them at full force . As usual, killing a class 4 demonic beast will reward you with 1 contribution coin . Killing a great demonic beast will reward you with 10 contribution coins . Killing a low-tier demonic general will reward you 100 contribution coins . Killing a mid-tier demonic general will reward you 300 contribution coins . Killing a high-tier demonic general will reward you 1000 contribution coins . Apart from all those, the Red Rainbow Sect will set up two ranking lists, Minor Beast Slaying Ranking and Major Beast Slaying Ranking . The Minor Beast Slaying Ranking is corresponding to the Reincarnation Realm, the Major Beast Slaying Ranking is corresponding to the Battle Spirit Realm . Those on the Beast Slaying Ranking will be rewarded with additional contribution coins . ”

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Once Wang Kui finished talking, everyone’s eyes were filled with fervor .

Contribution coins were extremely important to them . Many of the disciples weren’t able to exchange for higher tiered manuals because of insufficient contribution coins . It had made it difficult for them to make any progress but if they had sufficient contribution coins, their strength would certainly rise rapidly over a year or two .

After clearing his throat, Wang Kui continued talking, “Our Red Rainbow Sect has set up eight lookout islands . A thousand individuals will be allocated to each lookout island . Next will be the allocation . ”

Once Wang Kui finished talking, outer sect elders already started to allocate the teams .

Li Fuchen had been allocated to the no . 5 lookout island and there were plenty of direct disciples that were going along with him .

The so-called direct disciples had reached the high-levels of Battle Spirit Realm and had passed the Direct Tower of Tribulation .

It was very hard to judge the strength of the direct disciples .

Because even inner sect disciples at the mid-level of Battle Spirit Realm could easily defeat the top rankers in the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings . There wasn’t a need to even talk about the direct disciples .

Apart from the direct disciples, Li Fuchen’s team had plenty of familiar people .

Like the High Heaven Martial Institution’s Ling Yijian, and Wang Heilong who was also from the South Forest Martial Institution . Back when Li Fuchen traveled to the Red Rainbow Sect, there were 90 youths from the Violet Flower Kingdom . After an even allocation, each team had around ten individuals .

When seeing Li Fuchen, Ling Yijian’s eyes were filled with battle intent .

Li Fuchen might be a monarch-class disciple but Ling Yijian didn’t believe he would always be inferior to Li Fuchen in this lifetime .

“Li Fuchen, I heard that you defeated Murong Tianxing . But Murong Tianxing has progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm now and you are never going to be a match for him . In this war, let me, Sikong Zhan compete with you . ”

A youth over the height of two meters was sizing up Li Fuchen .

“As you wish . ” Li Fuchen immediately recognized the youth .

This person was the Ancient Moon Kingdom’s 7-star prodigy, Sikong Zhan . Similar to Li Fuchen, Sikong Zhan was also a monarch-class disciple but his cultivation had obviously reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm . He was probably not far before he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm .

Li Fuchen’s attitude didn’t please Sikong Zhan . Hearing from Li Fuchen’s tone, he didn’t even put Sikong Zhan in his eyes .

They were both monarch-class disciples, Sikong Zhan might envy Li Fuchen’s perception, but in Sikong Zhan’s opinion, perception wasn’t as important as bone frame . The 6-star bone frame would ultimately be a 6-star bone frame; he might have hopes of reaching the Primary Sea Realm but it wasn’t definite . But Sikong Zhan had the 7-star bone frame and would definitely progress to the Primary Sea Realm . After all, the Red Rainbow Sect’s resources were going to be used on better prospects, what rights did Li Fuchen have to put on airs? If he didn’t put down Li Fuchen’s arrogance, Li Fuchen might think that just because he was a monarch-class disciple he would be on par with the 7-star bone frames .

After sneering, Sikong Zhan didn’t say anything else .

After the team allocation was done, they started the teleportation .

Teleporting within the continent required far less spirit stones than when teleporting to foreign continents . But if a thousand individuals teleported at the same time, the spirit stones required would be at an astonishing number and would be counted in millions . The price for eight teams to teleport would probably need a few tens of millions of spirit stones . Only the Red Rainbow Sect would have such wealth .  

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