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Chapter 491
ER – Chapter 491: No . 1 Demon General
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Body refinement arts paid particular attention to break the laws with physical power .

But this power wasn’t brute strength, it was the law of power .

The so-called law of power was separated into power and skill .

A body refinement martial artist must not just have power or skill .

Only by coordinating both power and skill, the body refinement martial artist would be able to burst out with lethal power that was beyond the limit of the body .

When power and skill were fused at deep levels, the power of law which was also the body refinement art intent would be born .

With the completed Vicious Dragon Fist Intent, each of Li Fuchen’s fist would contain deep levels of power and could destroy things at extremely detailed levels .

“It is truly terrifying . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

After comprehending the Vicious Dragon Intent, Li Fuchen was rather restless and headed to the Demon Ring Continent for the third time .

This time, the Ancient Demon Tree hid even further and Li Fuchen wasn’t able to find it after five days .

“Could it be at the first ring?” Li Fuchen’s brows lifted as he flew to the first ring without hesitation .

“As expected . ” After arriving at the first ring, Li Fuchen could sense a much more concentrated qi presence of the Ancient Demon Tree .

Following the qi presence, Li Fuchen flew at rapid speed .

“Human, you are too arrogant and actually barge into the first ring . Time to die . ” A Horn Demon General discovered Li Fuchen and lunged at him .

Li Fuchen didn’t even want to waste time talking and simply blasted his fist with the vicious dragon spirit at the Horn Demon General .


A faint blood mist scattered and the Horn Demon General died without a corpse .

The Vicious Dragon Fist Intent was much more terrifying than Li Fuchen imagined . After the Horn Demon General’s massive body exploded, there should be a huge blood mist or flesh and blood splattering all over . But when struck by the Vicious Dragon Fist Intent, the Horn Demon General was destroyed at such detailed levels that there was only a faint blood mist left .

After killing the Horn Demon General, Li Fuchen continued tracking the Ancient Demon Tree .

Finally, in the depths of the first ring, Li Fuchen found the Ancient Demon Tree .

But under the Ancient Demon Tree, there was a large group of demon generals gathered .

All of the seven demon generals that pursued Li Fuchen back then were around and there were five other unfamiliar demon generals .

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“Human, you still dare to come?” The blood-scaled demon was both surprised and angry .

He originally thought that Li Fuchen wouldn’t return . If Li Fuchen didn’t return after a few months, they would then go their separate ways .

But it had just been over a month and Li Fuchen had actually returned .

Li Fuchen had simply treated the Demon Ring Continent as his own backyard garden and would come whenever he wished .

“Blood General, don’t make a move first . I will try his skills . ” A pitch-black demon general flew over and stood a few hundred meters away from Li Fuchen in the air .

“Yes, Black Demon General . ” The Blood General glared at Li Fuchen before responding with respect .

The Black Demon General was the no . 7 demon general of the Demon Ring Continent . His strength was enough to severely injure the Blood General in a single move .

In the Blood General’s opinion, the Black Demon General’s strength was superior to Li Fuchen .

With the Black Demon General here, they would surely be able to kill Li Fuchen .

When thinking like this, the Blood General had a delighted sensation .

Li Fuchen sized up the opponent that was a Black Demon .

A pure-blooded Black Demon had the growth limit of a demon king and was inferior to pure-blood Blood Demons and Bone Demons .

The Black Demon in front of him might be a pure-blooded Black Demon .

But that Blood General was a Blood Demon that had a slightly purer blood but wasn’t a pure-blooded Blood Demon .

Of course, there wasn’t anything absolute in this world . A demon with a weaker bloodline might still have the chance to become an expert, just that the chances were slimmer .

“Human, leave your name behind and die . ”

The Black Demon General didn’t have scales but had pitch-black cowhide . No, it looked thousands or ten thousand times tougher than cowhide . It gave off a feeling that it was indestructible .

“You are not qualified to know my name . ” Li Fuchen replied indifferently .

“Originally, I wish for you to have a straightforward death . It seems like it isn’t necessary now . Die!”

The Black Demon General roared with rage and burst out with massive black light .

The black light gathered on the right fist before blasting at Li Fuchen .

This fist contained power that was boundless and concentrated . Before the fist force arrived, the entire void had been locked down . The space distorted like there were ripples .

“Good timing . ” 

Li Fuchen didn’t execute any fist . The sinister vicious dragon spirit soared and protected him .

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When earth class martial art intents were comprehended, the intent could be directly burst out without the use of the martial art . Because when the intent was comprehended, the practitioner had already grasped the essence of the martial art .


The Black Demon General’s fist was merely able to waver the vicious dragon spirit a little but the Black Demon General was repelled by the powerful aftershocks .

“What?” The black demon was stunned .

He was the no . 7 demon general and was the seventh strongest on the Demon Ring Continent . Even if the no . 2 demon general directly received his fist, the no . 2 demon general would still have to suffer injuries .

A mere human was actually able to block his attack with just qi spirit . Furthermore, he was repelled .

How was this possible?

“What is going on?” The Blood General and the other demon generals looked at each other with dismay and didn’t know what was happening .

“Courting death . ”

The Black Demon General was enraged as he forcefully stopped his body from flying before launching another fist at Li Fuchen frenziedly .


The heavier the fist, the heavier the aftershocks that the Black Demon General suffered . This time, he had also vomited fresh blood .

“Do it together!” The Black Demon General’s face changed as he yelled out sternly .

“The situation isn’t right . Attack together and don’t let him escape this time . ”

They might feel that Li Fuchen’s strength was bizarre, but all the demon generals including the Blood General had made their move and prepared to kill Li Fuchen in a single assault .

They didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would be able to block their coordinated attack .

“Feeble critters, all of you can die now . ”

After trying out the vicious dragon spirit’s marvel, Li Fuchen didn’t intend to waste anymore time . When he executed the fist, the vicious dragon spirit expanded and turned into a world extinguishing demon dragon . There was an extensive jolt as the void was frozen for a split moment before there was another jolt .

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…

All of the demon generals that made contact with the vicious dragon spirit had instantly exploded into blood mists . Only the Black Demon General was able to resist but had nearly been split into pieces and had suffered severe injuries .

“Damn it . The human must have concealed his strength over a month ago . The Blood General has framed me . ”

After experiencing Li Fuchen’s fist prowess, the Black Demon General’s heart had turned cold . How could Li Fuchen be inferior to him? Li Fuchen was obviously several times stronger than him . In the entire Demon Ring Continent, only the no . 1 demon general would be so formidable .


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There was a surge of black light before the Black Demon General’s figure shuddered and vanished .

“Are you able to flee?”

Li Fuchen had sharp awareness and the moment the Black Demon General vanished, Li Fuchen blasted his fist over .


The air exploded with large quantities of blood, flesh, and bones . Li Fuchen’s awareness was easily able to capture the Black Demon General’s movement trajectory . The Black Demon General’s body wasn’t able to resist Li Fuchen’s fist and had immediately exploded .

But different from others, the Black Demon General didn’t explode into a faint blood mist but a thick blood mist . Li Fuchen’s Vicious Dragon Fist Intent wasn’t able to destroy the Black Demon General at such detailed levels .

But the Black Demon General was a Black Demon and didn’t have survivability like the Blood Demons . Since his body exploded, it meant that the Black Demon General was completely dead .

Li Fuchen’s awareness locked onto the fleeing Ancient Demon Tree and started a pursuit .

Slowly, a human and a tree started to go deep into the core area of the first ring .

The core area of the first ring was always the place where the top ten demon generals would cultivate . This place had extremely concentrated demon qi . The herbs here were all like trees with great height . As for the trees, they were all gigantic like mountains while the tree tops would cover dozens of miles . The ponds, lakes, rivers, and all water bodies were all black in color . Dark clouds converged in the skies but it didn’t rain, there was no lightning either . Even Li Fuchen felt rather uncomfortable in this environment .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen caught up with the Ancient Demon Tree .

The Ancient Demon Tree didn’t resist and continued to escape .

Li Fuchen was overjoyed and started to roam around the edge of the Ancient Demon Tree to harvest the Ancient Demon Fruits .

100, 200 .

The Ancient Demon Tree had plenty of Ancient Demon Fruits . Even at the edge of the treetop, there were thousands of Ancient Demon Fruits .

When Li Fuchen harvested over 300 Ancient Demon Fruits, the Ancient Demon Tree stopped .

Li Fuchen was on guard when he saw the giant lake ahead .


There was a pillar of black water and a black-colored and translucent demon appeared .

“Water Demon race?”

The Water Demon was similar to the Fire Demon and had the growth limit of demon king . This Water Demon was undoubtedly a pure-blooded Water Demon . As for that Black Demon General, Li Fuchen reckoned that he was also a pure-blooded Black Demon but wasn’t sure .

This Water Demon General’s qi prowess was too horrific, it was even more fearsome than those low-level Battle Spirit Realm monarch-class disciples that Li Fuchen met .

Swish Swish Swish!

In all directions, several demon generals rushed over . All of them had qi prowess that were beyond the Black Demon General .

“Human, there is a path towards heaven but you didn’t take it . You just had to come to the doorless hell . ” The Water Demon General had indifferent eyes that contained murderous intent .

“Human, since you can come to the first ring, you should be rather powerful . If we devour your essence blood, we will surely progress to the next level . ” The rest of the demon generals were looking with covetous eyes .

Li Fuchen laughed indifferently and said, “Bring it on then . ”


As soon as Li Fuchen responded, the Water Demon General moved . His body was like a stream of water that traversed through the air . The Water Demon General arrived in front of Li Fuchen instantly before twisting behind Li Fuchen .

The Water Demon General was able to use his innate ability with perfection . He was the stream of water and the stream of water was him .

“Shatter!” Li Fuchen blasted his fist on the stream of water .


The stream of water exploded and splashed over dozens of meters .

But soon enough the stream of water gathered again and turned into the Water Demon General .

“Interesting . ” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

“He is actually able to repel the No . 1 Demon General . ” The other demon generals were silenced . The Water Demon General was the no . 1 demon general on the Demon Ring Continent and he had the innate ability, Water Transformation, allowing him to turn into a stream of water and reducing the enemy’s attack force by half . Once the enemy was wrapped by the Water Demon General, he would be able to enter the enemy’s body and absorb all of the enemy’s water content, before exploding the enemy from within .

“Receive another fist from me . ”

The vicious dragon spirit expanded and caught up to the Water Demon General .


The Water Demon General was sent flying but he wasn’t injured .


Splash Splash Splash!

The Water Demon General that was only a few dozen feet in size had suddenly turned into a river . The river engulfed everything like a dragon and was approaching Li Fuchen .

“I would like to see if you can remain unhurt . ”

Li Fuchen said softly and blasted the vicious dragon spirit at the river .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The battle between the duo was equivalent to a battle between Battle Spirit Realm masters . They had fought until the sky turned dark, the mountains had collapsed, the ground had split open . The rest of the demon generals were still in an observation state and didn’t make any moves .

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